4013 Chapter 13.Yellow jacket

Chapter 13. Yellow jacket: The Escape. 2:00am.

Not able to get much rest at all! Just sitting back waiting for an opening just in front of us seem to be hours going by, Mike keep nodding on an off guess were both getting sleepy, Mike looked over at me with droopy eyes giving a nod to go check it out, slowly looking out not seeing anything moving around return to Mike.

“Mike’ Mike it’s clear”


“It’s all clear there gone”

“Good let me look”

Mike almost fell over his legs; they feel asleep’ num he stood there bouncing them back and forth walking slowly towards me.

“You Ok’ Mike?”

“Yea dam’ legs must have been resting to long”

“Seems like we’ve been waiting here for hours”

“Yea’ let’s see if we can get out of here”

Everyone was staying on the floor together, just looking up at me and Mike not saying anything but that lost look what now?. Josh and Chris look up but they stayed with the others as we walked to the opening, Mike was in front looking over the ledge back and forth standing right next to him without seeing anything moving below even the ships were gone no guards.

“Looks Clear Mike!”

“They seem to be gone, let’s get the others“

“I’ll go get them you watch out for anything new”

“Go hurry up”

Reaching the others sitting looking up and around.

” Where’s Mike?” Brian quickly said

“Were ready to go, let’s go and be quite, last thing we need is them to find us”

“We don’t want them to find us”

“No Josh, were getting out of this place”

“Who are you guys and what’s this place anyway?”

“I’ll fill you in later let’s just get out of here”

Josh rushed over holding me tight as we headed to the ledge, Brian and the girls following right behind. Mike was leaning back on the wall and with his smart month asked.

“Well what took you so long?”

“Ok’ we’re here was their anything moving down there or what?”

“No’ looks like we’re it”

“Good I’ve had enough of those things”

“Well I see Brian came around’ Hi Brian”

Brian just gave him a wave holding Chris waiting to go.

Carefully we all climbed down from the ledge, helping the others down one at a time the rocks were hard on their bare feet, every step was slow. Mike picked up Josh and carried him down while I carefully guided the girls down, Brian helping Chris just ahead of me to the bottom where the ground below was a sandy dirt mix.

“Wow, this is big” Josh said looking all over.

“Josh, stay with us” I said harshly.

Josh was just off exploring ahead of us not to far looking back to make sure we were still there, then he stopped turn and looked up his eyes almost were looking past us as if something was coming up just behind all of us’ Mike turned quickly looking back as I did. Josh kicking up the dust with his feet, then just stopped and rushes over to me, holding onto my waist, brushing the dirt off the jacket he must have seen something but what it was we could only wonder.

“Well, where do we go from here, Mike?” I asked.

Mike’ looked over and down then around at the girls’ shaking his head back and forth not sure, and then surprisingly to all of us, one girl spoke out.

“We can either follow or find some another way out”

We all stood still and dazzled, just looking at her.

“Well, we see you’re feeling better now” Mike quickly replied.

“Yes, I’m feeling much better’ Thank you for asking”

“Good, do you have any idea how you got here?”

“No!” with a big frown on her face looking around at all of us.

“Does anybody here know how they got here?” Mike asked looking at them one by one waiting for any responses’, Chris sat down just near a small rock wall leaning back, everyone started sitting down resting.

One of the girls was sitting with the other two and got back up and sat next to Mike and Chris, Mike looked at her his mouth dropped downward and eyes went a little squinting before he looked over to me, Just then Chris jump up from Brian then he just Blurted outward:

“Yes, they took us from our boat, while we were fishing – Me and Brian.”


“They’re not human!”

Now she has a mouth and using it, where was it when we needed it with that Kola thing?

“OK’ ok’ keep your voice low, we don’t what any of them to hear us” Mike said to her waving downward with his head to one side looking up at her.

“Yea who’s gon’na hear us’ there gone’ look around do you see any of them?”

She stood there looking around the area then back down at all of us and quickly turned away heading towards another opening that had some light was coming down from the walls.

“Where you going?”

“Out of here!”


“The way they went!”

“OK’ but we stay together”

Mike said out to her helping the first girl we came into contact with getting up, she was sore and legs were getting weak, we didn’t seem to be moving very fast but were getting very tired, yet we moved onward, Mike stayed with the girl holding her up with one arm as Brian was Carrying Chris and Josh was just to my side not letting go, following behind.

“What’s your name? Do you remember?” Mike asked her.

“It’s” she hesitated for a second.


“Hi’ Lisa” Mike replied with a big smile on his face.

When she responded to Mike’ I turned looking just catching that big smile on his face looking at her, he looked back with a smirk to me and keep walking, carefully we were heading down a long tunnel.

Mike and Lisa were now moving up past the others, taking the lead just behind the unspoken. It wasn’t too long before we stumbled across a set of old rail tracks; covered in rock and dirt seeing it hadn’t been use in a long time.

“Look, old mining tracks, Come on Quick! Inside!”

“They’re coming again’ hear them” Brian said.

Hurrying inside, trying not to step on small rocks mixed with the sand near the tracks. Mike let go of Lisa helping the other girl inside over the rocks looking up seeing the lights getting closer as me and josh quickly held up the rear rushing inside near the tracks. Everyone turn around seeing the lights of a ship and it quickly rushing by us in the tunnel.

Chris tripped on the tracks falling down with Brian falling down right on top of him, Just like dominos it was my turn with Josh stumbling in front of me right next to them, the hard metal on my side and hand hitting a spike head just over Josh, Brian stood helping Chris and Josh up, I didn’t want to move the pain was so much to my side and hand but had to get up and move with the others, Brian stood holding his hand out to take, taking it helping myself get up feeling pain, Josh was right there also; just like Joey getting in the way making me trip over him, beside they went down too and maybe they were just as hurt, moving forward to the others watching our steps on the tracks and trying to stay on the wooden parts avoiding the sharp rocks.

“Gosh, this place is full of them!” Brian spoke out.

“Sure is’ you guys ok?”

“Were Fine’ right Chris?’

Brian stood looking down with his arm extend at Chris. He just looked up with his face dirty from the fall, looking up and then started to cry, with tears rolling down his cheeks. Brian looked over to me then down to Chris, pulling him up and holding him close.

“Chris, are you ok?” I had to ask looking at him so small and crying as the dirty balls of wet slid down his chin, Josh was now holding on tighter to me it reaching down picking him up holding him as the pain was hurting but I just let go rushing ahead with Brian to Mike and The others.

Mike stopped and waited for us as we caught up. Chris wiped his tears away on Mike’s jacket sleeve holding on to Brian, good thing Mike didn’t see that he was always careful about that jack getting dirty.

Lisa had bitten her lip, just a little from the running not from falling like us.

“You Alright?” Mike turned asking:

She nodded yes, while holding two fingers on a bloody lip.

“Looks like there’s only one to come out of it now!” announced Lisa, pointing to the last girl.

“Damn, they’re coming alive!” Josh blubbered out, as I sat him down on the softer ground, Brian lowered Chris.

Clearing his face next to Mike, Chris said:

“Drop her. Maybe she’ll talk too?”

Mike stood in front of the quite girl holding her then just looking at her. Responding with his eye lashes bouncing up and down like grouch marks: “Just maybe it will work?”

“No, you’re not going to drop her!” Lisa said: pulling her over nearer to her, Mike still with that big grin on his face.

“No, that wouldn’t be right, but it might work!” Mike said: giving in helping Lisa with her.

Josh and Chris stood watching them just waiting to see if he was going to drop her.

“Josh, where are we” Mike asked; Josh only stared at Mike without any response just a squint from his little eyes.

This kid wasn’t saying much but knowing inside somehow that he had the answerers we needed yet how do we get them out of him. Breaking the stare when the spoken girl came running in out of breath, with a frighten look overtaking her face while wiping a small amount of sweat off her head.

“What are you all looking at?”

“Come on, let’s get going,” Mike said; moving onward.

“What’s that?” Josh stopped; pointed down the tunnel.

“That’s an old miner’s wagon” Brian said.

The Wagon was upside down. Slowly moving ahead into the dim light area making our way to the wagon, Brian was helping Chris along as Josh and I keep up till we reach the wagon, Brian set Chris on top and Josh next to him, leaning on it resting waiting for the others somehow we go ahead of them.

Bang’ Bang’ Bang’ Turning seeing Josh dangling his legs, he quickly stopped and waiting on the others one by one sitting on the wagon’s edge between the wheels.

Mike sat for a few minutes on the end cap, rubbing his leg then moved upward looking to the opening then sitting down next to Lisa and the other girl, checking out their scratches with a few minor cuts but still rubbing his leg.

“You Ok Mike?” I asked watching him.

“Yea fine!” He quickly responded letting go of his leg.

“Look, over there, Mike some sort of light ahead”

“OK, let’s get moving you guys” The outspoken girl said; jumping down off the wagon looking at the light then headed towards the light.

“Yeah, who died and left you in charge here!” Brian blurted out helping Chris off the wagon, hurry right behind her on the rocks.

Lisa stood up in front of the zombie girl looking at her back and forth across her face then into her eyes that were way off in a glassy daze, spontaneity she reached out and slapped her on the side of her face. The wallop was such that the sound just echoed all around the small area; Mike quickly reached out grabbing Lisa’s hand, saying to her. “What are you doing?”

She looked over at him with a smirk on her face while remarking.

“It’s only a momentary sting, it won’t hurt physically” she pulled back her hand from Mike’s hard grip.  Mike releasing her hand bitterly then replied; “Yeah, how would you like it?”

“How do you think she’ll come out of it?”

Mike looked down at the girl dazed and started shaking his head, back and forth helping her up remarking: “Sure not by hitting her, that’s for sure”

“Well, it’s better than dropping the zombie”

Josh stood by me watching them argue, Lisa reached down taking the girls arm pulling it over her shoulder, her eyebrows up looking to Mike remarking. “Well, come on”.  Mike now helped her pulling the other arm over his shoulder and two started following me and Josh to the others.

Josh pulled on my arm looking up Remarking between footsteps; “I’ liked her better the way she was.”  I could only grin at him as we walk, once we group backup together, again sitting looking over another ledge at another spaceship in an opening just below.

Josh Looked up sitting next to me and murmured, “Here we go again”

“Yeah, but this one has the door open!” Mike said.

“How do we know if we can run that thing?” I quickly asked.  Again having to hold onto Josh’ by the jacket before he went slipping downward.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out” Brian blurted out moving over the rocks with Chris and the girl right behind him.

“Wait Brian!” Mike hollered out.

“Come on, we can’t stay here!” I said. Taking Josh’ in my arms carrying him downward.

“Right what else could possibly happen!” Mike replied back looking at Lisa and the girl.

“You need help with her Mike?” I Asked stopping looking back at them.

“No’ we’re doing just fine!” Mike said taking her by the waist and pulling her upward.

“I can see that you are!” I said;  placing Josh on my back with his legs pushing on my ribs almost squeezing too much, his hand only holding onto my shoulder tight, now if that were my brother he’d have them in my neck holding on for dear life.


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