4014 Chapter 14.Yellow jacket

Chapter 14.  The Bright Orange Ball

The Three reach the ship without a second thought if maybe somebody was inside, stopping just at the door the one girl took a quick peek inside, only then and now they were relieved seeing it was empty’ She climbed inside kneeling down helping take Chris from Brian; then helping Brian up, once inside they stood up waving for us to hurry; with a quick look inside while turning around letting Josh off, seeing Mike just getting there and was breathing hard rushing to reach the ship; I already got inside and was reaching down taking the zombie girls arm’ helping her inside, Mike held his leg again bending over after helping her in, Lisa got in with her while the others were helping pulling her across the floor to one side away from the doorway.

Mike must have been hurting but he was trying not to show it, as much as I was with my rib and side, this was no time for pain anyway; we both looked around the area for anything out there. Mike held out his hand to help him inside taking his hand I could see his pant leg was ripped and had blood on it. Once inside we both were looking around the interior of the ship; having smooth curving walls around the rear back to the front controls: four small seats across not wide seats at all maybe for someone Josh’s size that was it.

Brian squeezed between the seats into the left side as Mike climbed over the seat and wiggled in the center; Then look over at me, Before he could say anything I Just knew it was me in that other seat, one leg over the top just managing to sit down.

Lisa sat down just next to the outspoken girl while the others were huddling close to the wall.

Josh placed his hand over two lights that were on near the door, shutting the door, jumping back falling to the floor watching the door close: both lights went out.

“Josh’ how’d you know that?” Turning quickly asked.

“I just did” Josh he remarked getting back up.

“Come on guys, get us out of here!” unspoken said demandingly.

“We’re trying” Brian turned looking to her.

“Damn, there’s more lights then the Enterprise” Brian remarked.

“Looks more like a blinking Christmas tree”

“All These colors”

“What are these marking’s?”

“Not English, that’s for sure!”

“This ain’t no Enterprise, guys” Mike said.

“Push that” Josh said; pointing to the control panel.

“What, were?” Mike remarked.

Josh squeezing just in-between Mike and Brian, with his arm pointing to four lights. Brian quickly reach out pushing the four down with both hands on the council, slowly raising us upward with the floor turning colors, watching beneath us the floor started coming upward at an angle: forming about six small peddles on the floor.  Josh with a big smile glancing at them move his hand pushing down on a few more lights downward, creating a vibration inside the ship: slowly we were moving upward off the ground.

“Push the floor if you want to go” Josh blurted out.

“It moves!” Brian said; pushing on the floor pedal.

Slowly feeling out it capabilities, each of us checking them out trying to see what they did while Josh slowly back out, slowly it moved from side to side as it scraped on the bottom.

“Josh How you Know?” Mike Asked

“I’ve been on one like it before” Josh remarked.

“When?”  I asked; intensify wanting to know more of what this kid knew.

“I don’t remember too much, I watched them.” Saying it with a smile.

“Were did they go?”

“I don’t know’ out”

“But were out’ Josh!”

“In the dark sky then back.”

“Push down hard and were moving forward.” Brian said; Pushing harder.

Mike was trying to push down harder moving the ship from one side to the other, slowly scrapping as it was moving up from the ground.

”All right! All right!”

“Come on Mike’ push it down” Brian remarked trying to keep it steady.

“Easy guys, this thing is touchy” Mike said; pushing his left foot down harder trying to adjust the movement forward. Concentrating on the front window screen, its blinking lights from the dash glaring off the window, Slowly the ship was moving in the mine shaft one by one the lights dimmed on the dash leaving only a blinking light from the outside guiding some light ahead.

“OK, Captain, let’s move out” Brian said.

“Captain, we can’t last much longer at this speed!” I announced.

Brian sat nodding his head not taking an eye off the screen. Mike now hardly even moving the pedal down, finding the pedals easy to operate: One for height and one left for speed, pushing just a little harder the speed increased.

“OK, Captain, we’ve got it now.” I said my holding pedals still.

“How we doing Scotty?” Brian giggled.

The Tension seemed to be relieved a little more sure of our selves now, moving ahead through what looked like an endless tunnel ahead, with the ship’s bottom scrapping every now and then.

“Hey, you’re Spock” I said; reaching around Mike tapping; Brian on the shoulder.  Brian nodded his head placing his fingers up pointing like ear’s remarking.

“OK’ we’ve got Captain Kirk, Spock and Scotty.”

“Can I be some one?” Josh asked.

“How about Bones?” I quickly with a grin replied.

“No’ Josh isn’t a doctor” Mike said.

“Sulo – Yeah! Sulo” Brian said with excitement.

“No’  Checkoff” Mike replied.

“OK’  Checkoff” Brian remarked; looking over at Josh.

“You guys are wired” The snotty girl popped out with.

“Look who’s talking.”  Josh snap right back at her.

“Guys, this is real.”

“What’s your name, Snotty? or what?” Brian asked with a big smirk grin pulling up on his side a little, She sat back leaning on the wall looking up at them giggling.

Josh stared at her waiting for an answer as well as everyone else, once the giggling stopped.

“Donna. OK?” She finely, replied to them.

Mike stated while pushing the pedal a little harder down.

“Well, at least we know now, Donna!”

Silence fell for a few moments in the ship as it moved along the cave.

Josh sitting near the door softly remarked.  “Shawn, I’ve got something?”

“Don’t dare say you got to go now?” Mike remarked.

“What I’m wondering is….” He paused.  We all waited for him to finish.

“Well, what Josh?” I was inquiring getting inpatient.

“What if there’s another ship in this same tunnel we’re in?”

Again There was dead silence, with everyone looking around at each other.

“Looks like he’s got a point there’ right?” Mike stated.

“We’ll see when it happens, Josh.”

Only the lights from the control board glowed softly throughout the ship slowly moving along the mineshaft. Then at that moment lights started to brighten around the door lighting it up as if was a like almost glass in the door with little silver blue lights in a pattern. Donna got up instantly to the door, carefully studying it.

“It’s a map of some sort?” Donna said looking it over.

“It feels like we’ve been going downhill?” I remarked, trying to see the map, then back over to Mike agreeing by nodding his head.

“Look! There’s a curve ahead” Brian said; holding tight to the seat.

“Slow down, Mike” harshly I had to say: trying to hold it steady as well as Brian was on his end, after a bump off the wall but before it even straighten out we were quickly approaching a real sharp curve just ahead.

“Dam – it’s tight. Hold on everyone” Mike demanded.

Moving ahead slowly still hitting both the edges, the sound of rocks breaking away falling onto the ship, as the dirt was quickly falling covering our front screen window.  Now we we’re trying to see past this dirt only seeing parts ahead and what we were hitting along the way, all three of us having heads moving up and down side to side, not saying anything just trying to get it under control.

At that moment a bright glow was advancing in front of us, balance off with the lights on the control turning to a beaming blue color, the temperature was raising hotter inside, dirt and rocks were still pushing off the sides, along with the loud scrapping sounds echoing all over the ship then it was over so I thought as Spontaneous the ship went up on its side and everyone sliding crossed the floor towards Josh, who just was able to get out of the way. We were trying hard to stay in our small tight seats putting pressure on the pedals, Mike getting his foot stuck in the pedal trying hard to release it.  The dirt raced by screen everyone could feel the ship pushing on the rocks, faster and faster holding to one side.

Lisa quickly moved to the front while bracing on her hands and knees, slowly curled up next to Mike.

Holding his chair with one hand pulling his foot with the other pulling it upward freeing his foot, straighten out the ship Lisa looked up at Mike and just smiled without saying a word, no one said anything just watched out the front screen, Lisa curled back to the others resting on the wall. Donna and Lisa were holding Josh, the zombie girl and Chris were all together while looking out over us, sweat was just rolling off our heads and we were all scared this could have been it for all of us.

Now the ship was moving along somewhat fair not hitting any walls this was a long tunnel I could only wonder when it was going to end and were we were going to end up some world with more aliens on it and then what would we do when a bright light unexpectedly blinded us, only for a second as the front screen changed to deep dark yellow, realizing this mass of ball, was the sun coming through; we were out but were where we now.


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