4002 Chapter 2. Yellow jacket

Chapter 2.  Whistling on the stove

Dad parked the car just pass the pumps and went inside while almost everyone now waking up looking around at the park. From the back seat I could only lookout at the Trailers just hoping to spot Mikes campers among all the campers before we parked. Dad came out with a small map waving it to the wagon, with an older man following right behind him getting on a golf cart, carefully we were following him a small distant behind his little golf cart casting its lights along backside of camper trailers as we followed him along the dirt packed roadway, Dad having only parking lights but you could still see the dust kicking up, we past six or eight camper before he turn into a small open area waving the shinning flashlight back and forth motioning to pull forward into the spot. Slowly Dad drove the Wagon thru it as if he were home in the driveway without the scraping of the bottom this time. “Just a little more forward” little man said pulling up next to the car. “That’s good’ See you in the morning.” smile along his quick nod driving off.

Dad tried to nod back at him but I don’t think he seen him he was already in front of the wagon and moving fast, on both sides of our camper travel trailers made it seem smaller here than in our driveway. Opening the door to I could see our little patio had a Stone fireplace and even a large wooden Picnic table, just next to the campers’ door, Jamie and Joey rushing getting out right behind me climbing over the seat before I was even out of the car, both took off heading right up to the cabin restrooms.

Mom open the door and just look at the ground dirt then up to me, reaching over on the seat taking the flashlight and pointing it to the ground and around the site then right in my eyes. “Mom” “Sorry dear” Pointing it back to the dirt before getting out looking again around as if something was going to jump out at her, taking each step slowly walking back to the camper stopping at the door looking back and forth for the step to get in, gee think I should have told her it was under the camper, na it was more fun watching her stand there and think about what was missing. Holding her purse in one hand and the flashlight in the other was even going to get better when she try to open the door standing back I couldn’t take it and had to go open it for her but left the step underneath.

Still looking with the flashlight before getting that leg up there seem like hard work what I’ve climb over many of rock and bridges with bigger step than that I really wanted to giggle at her trying to get in but I sure knew better to just stand there with a hand out if she needed it, what a sight in itself Mie would have gotten a good charge out of it also, she made it inside and I quickly moved away from the door around the back were dad was. Dad was standing at the power box checking it out so I open the side door and Pulled the power cord out holding it outward giving it to Dad, “Thanks’ Shawn where’s the end that plugs in?” “Right here Dad the other ends already plugged in” handing him the pointed end, he plugged it in and the camper lights were on inside even thou he still had parking lights on running off the cars battery giving some lights inside.

“Did you see the water spout Shawn?”

“Over here Dad” pointing downwards to a specked valve.

“We need water in here!”  Mom’ yelled out just a little more than remorseful. We both looked up at the window Dad grinning his teeth but not saying anything looking around to see if other campers heard her, I was looking also but no currents moved open so it look like it was clear they must be used to it during the night hours it was late and dark out still not sure what time it was but I knew it was late most campers already dark with just small lights on by the doors a few watching TV by the flickering in their windows, Dad handed me his Flashlight and we open the heater door, looking up a few times hoping to see Mikes camper but they all look the same at night, the sky was overcast and getting nippy.

Jamie and Joey rushed by us just posing to see what we were doing then back around to the camper door, I could hear Joey asking where the step went and Jamie pulling it out before they both went inside. “Find it Ok” I quickly asked without a reply from them, Again, Mom yelled out “We need some Propane on Here!” “We hear you dear!” Dad said; now with a little raised voice. Turning the knob to the heater unit only slipping his fingers off it and trying again, it pop open from the bottom, carefully raising it, quickly grabbing the little door holding it open with a quick flash of light on the valve trying to keep it steady, while dad tried to light it. “Dam it another second I’d had it” Again yet after a few attempts of trying to turn a button without the pilot going out from the small breezes of chilled air it lit. Almost burning his fingers with a quick shake and finger in mouth; drop­ping the matches to the ground.

“Dam that smart’s” remarking while rubbing his hands together waving to closed the door.

I stepped back looking at the ground for those matches quickly reaching down and picking them up holding back my silly grins placing them in the jacket pocket. Bang went the door; Dad frozen looking at it then lower his head peeking thru making sure that pilot didn’t go out. “Ok we’re safe’ let’s go” Dad said moving away from the door slowly. Dad walked alongside the trailer to the front holding out his hand seeing traces of snow coming down, even on the car as he open the door turning off the parking lights, while still looking around for Mikes camper without any luck of seeing it, knowing I’d have to wait till morning to get a good look around.

Slowly we both walked around the front of the car, Dad was checking the doors before we got to the camper, Dad Stopped looking at the door and shook his head back and forth. Mom already had water cook­ing on the stove; While Jamie and Joey were eating a sandwich an already watching the small TV set on the counter, both moving over letting us sit down at the table to.

“Shawn you want a sandwich?” Mom’ asked.

“No I’m fine.” quickly replying back looking out the window. Then that small tea pot started whistling on the stove, with two cups waiting for water next to it, mom without asking just fixed a cup of Hot Chocolate for me and instant Coffee for Dad. carefully bringing the cups over to the table sitting down next to Dad, He sure didn’t like instant coffee but it was good enough for now, Moms coffee wasn’t as hot, seeing it lacked steam from it.

Joey and Jamie jump out, over the back seat leaving the seat all to me, Joey’s left his Bear half way leaning on the wall just looking at me. Thinking to myself without saying anything out loud (Did he leave you poor little bear in my smug way) Sipping on that Hot Chocolate at the same time trying to warm my hands around the cup. “Shawn’ in the morning” Dad said tapping on the table drawing me right to his looking at me raised eyes and squished month tight, “Ok Dad just looking” Gee’ I wasn’t even looking out that window, that dam bear got me in trouble again. Dad reached over turning the knob on the TV just getting the ending of the weather report. (“Snow over night cold but with Chance of Sun by late afternoon”).

Looking over at mom she wasn’t too happy.

“Ok, let’s get some zees, we’ll have all weekend.” Dad said: while turning off, the TV before he said anything more bad for our weekend. Mom looked right at dad banging her cup to the table not to hard but getting his attrition remarking out “Right and what are we going to do, sit around in the trailer all weekend with the snow coming in?”

“Mom we can go fishing or hiking.” Jamie said excided.

“Right Fishing or Hiking in the Snow, That’ll be fun.”

Dad got up, after looking over at me with raised eyebrows, turning pulling the bunk down from over the table for us boy’s, Joey quickly jumped up slipping off his shoes, hurrying getting un­der the covers, Scooting out from the table grabbing that eyeballing Bear and thru it up to Joey waiting for him to change under the covers hiding from his sister looking on. Mom was clearing the dishes and Dad walk back to the bedroom and got something handing it to Mom with a hug that broke it a little giving him a kiss.

Getting up and dropping the table down flat before climbing up sure end up now having to move Joey to the wall making sure he won’t fall out of bed being so small he would he falls out of his single bed at home at least twice a week, Jamie had the bottom table bed all to herself but I have to set it up for her one by one, moving the cushions turning it into a bed. Jamie placed her own blankets around the cushions tucking them just so’ so be­fore climbing in. Mom was finishing up washing the cups making sure there were no dirty dishes left out. Jamie was already under the covers more to the wall leaving room for Dad to sit down with his slippers, Dad just started taking off his shoes. “Da-ad You’re feet smell” Jamie said, turning pushing her head into her pillow.

This broke the ice a little with their Mom as we could all hear a little giggle as she turnaround with a smile placing her two finger on her noise looking down at him then headed to the bedroom. “Lights out’ everyone goodnight.” Dad’ said, turning off the overhead light next to the sink. It was dark inside but no one said anything, other than goodnight. Some light was shining thru the camper from other camper’s porch lights. Snow flurries were already coming down only turning to water drips on the window, looking over Joey with my eyes slowly closing just watching the drips, Joey and his Bear were already out like a light.


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