4003 Chapter 3. Yellow jacket

Chapter 3. Gooey Runny Eggs

Early Morning:  Joey was first to wake up, seeing the TV was on carefully curled over Shawn trying not to wake him, The Bear was under Shawn’s arm, Joey tried to pull it out but was unable to, his feet just reaching the bot­tom table cushion, getting down carefully without falling holding on to the bunk till both feet felt the cushion with a little relief he did it, curling up next to Jamie who open the blanket watching him getting down. He curled right next to her to stay warm, pulling the blanket over him as he cuddled in, both quietly glued watch­ing morning cartoons.

Jamie keep squirming under the covers and just Jamie couldn’t wait any longer. “I Got to go I’ll be right back stay here” rushing to the back bedroom waking her Mother up. “Mom’ Mom I got to go to the bathroom” She got up putting on her heavy robe feeling the nip in the camper while walking to the, checking the heater temp making sure the pilot was lit. “Good Morning.”

“Morning Mom” Joey said getting ready to go outside.

Jamie quickly handed Joey his jacket to hurry up while putting hers jacket on. next to the door, Zipping his light coat up over his pajamas with his snickers on untied without socks, Mom open the door with a Brrr.. chill to her skin as kids quickly moved outside, closing the door shut as soon as they got out.

Walking in light snow from last night leaving the ground more damp and coated with a fine grain of snow cover to the cabin restrooms, Jamie holding Joeys hand seeing a few others campers doing the same thing in there pajamas’. While back in the camper Frank had been woken up just as they left hearing the door close. Slowly making way up front also was checking out the pilot light and temperatures. “I’ll get the coffee dear if you want to get some more zzz” Frank moving sideways to let her by, “Good that’s where I’m going” there was no hesitating from her just curled right back in the bed.

Frank rinsed the small pot out in the sink looking above at Shawn still sound asleep; rinsing the pot again and filled it, turning the pilot on without any flame on and off then realized he needed matches, reaching over pulling a book from the draw and lit it watching the flame under the pot flaring upward he forgot to turn the gas back off.

Turning the flame down so it wasn’t up on the sides, looking at the lower bunk with blankets to one side, bending under the bunk setting it back to a table area and sat down waiting for the perking to stop, The men’s room was in front of the cabin women’s on the other side, of course Joey didn’t see that last night in such a hurry now he just stood waited by the Women’s door for Jamie to come out, five campers came out before Jamie did. “Did you know that it was the females’ side last night?” Joey asked. “No but it was dark and no one saw you” Jamie said with a big grin, Joey gave her a smirk look back, following right behind hurrying back to the camper.

Banging brushing off their feet on the steps before they entered, rushing inside quickly getting to the table, Joey held his finger up on the top bunk. “No let him sleep” Dad said in a low voice his head just about touching the top bunk anyway.

“Where’s Mom Dad?” Jamie asks looking towards the rear.

“Back in bed, trying to get a few more minutes sleep”

Joey took off his jacket lying it on the seat, while Dad got up pouring himself a cup looking for the sugar, “Next to the sink Dad” with a quick stir sitting back down holding his coffee looking down the small hallway, Mom was slowly coming in looking at the floor; Jamie knew it was still wet from their shoes just inside the doorway were they left them. Without saying anything she pickup joeys jacket placing it on the door knob, giving him a nod before turning to Dad saying “Coffee ready where’s mine?” “I thought you were going to get a few zz’s” opening lower stove door pulling out pans placing them on the two remaining burners.

“More Coffee Hun” holding the pot over his cup now almost empty after pouring her own cup.“Sure dear just a little mores’ ok.”  Jamie and Joey sat Looking out the window seeing who was walking by. Mom open the small Ice box door getting out the tray of eggs with a small package of bacon, she lit the burner like it was nothing, making those pans move around with so much racket to wake the dead, but no one would say anything just watching her was good reason not to say anything about camping while she was cooking.

Mom sat the all four plates down at the table with dry toast on the side she placed in the oven, little jelly it was ate-able, setting up the small glasses filled with orange juice and one knife.

Shawn was always up when food was cooking he could smell it a mile away but not this morning sleeping right thru it, Joey held a slice of bacon up to the bunk, but moved it back down and ate it quickly lower his eyes from Dad staring at him knowing he was going to wave it around. Shawn never even smelt the bacon.

All four sat having breakfast with toast jelly and orange juice, Frank had coffee instead of juice. Joey always sat with his bear next to him eating, remorse looking up at the bunk. Talk­ing in low voices mostly of what they would do this weekend mostly not to wake Shawn.  Before an­other cartoon could start up without the sound on as neither Jamie nor Joey we’re watching it, Dad scooted outward reach over turning it off. Mom placed the dishes in the sink as soon as they were done talking, Jamie Moved by with the scoot forward and out from the table pointing to the back, taking her outfit from the side closet and handing Mom Joeys before rushing to the back bedroom with her cloths.

Jamie all dressed came back to the front looking up seeing Shawn still sleeping before sitting next to her Dad, Joey already shifted over but Mom sat down and Joey was inside by the window getting restless for his mom to get up. “Dad can we go outside” Jamie asked waiting for an answer back, Mom got up handing him his cloths so he could get dressed.

“Sure it looks ok out’ Stay nearby”

“Thank Dad ‘What about the Gameroom?”

“Yeas’ you saw it last night, You and your brother can go a little later, just hang out around the trailer for a little while”

“Thanks’ Dad” Jamie giving him a big hug. Taking her coat placing her shoes back on as Joey came out. “Where you going”

“We’re going outside to see if we know any of the kids here come-on” Handing him his coat, Joey quickly slipping into his shoes while put the jacket on. Dad just waved by. Jamie already holding the door open for him.

The bunk moved a little the two looked up then back.

“Come on sleepy head! It’s Morning, Mike will be here soon” tapping on the bunk, rolling over getting the whole bed to myself, Joey keeping me up more than half the night tossing and turning while sleeping. “You going to get up?” Dad was pawing back and forth at my backside. “A’mm up dad, what’s for breakfast?” squinting my eyes trying to look at Dad, while pushing my hair back and to one side.

“Egg’s and Bacon are waiting for you.” Mom quickly replied.

Laying there I could smell the bacon just hanging in the air and there better be some for me.  Rolling over picking up Joeys Bear; slowly dragging myself out pushing the bunk upward in place, plopping down at the table adjusting the Yellow curtain  to see outside the window.

Turning back to the Table hearing the plate wow food cooked a little burnt on the edges looking down at the plate, but I never would say anything to Mom about those eggs or the ones she made at home even if these eggs were really bad looking this time way undercooked in the center and Burnt crusty edges; Mom placed one of those new small glasses of Orange Juice next to the plate. Looking up at Mom and just giving her a big smile of thanks pawing thru the burnt eggs, Bacon was next and sure just like home stiff as a board even the toast was more soggy fall downward in the center, Well that’s moms cooking for you.

Cautiously placing part of egg on the fork taking only what would stay on it. Jamie came rushing thru the door almost yanking it off its hinges quickly she sat down across from me; with her big stupid grin just staring at me.

“Mike’s here! and you were sleeping’ I’ told him’ you- – were sleeping.” Jamie with That big smile, her way of getting to me first before I could say anything downing the egg with toast.

“Where’s, Mike now?” I asked sideways looking at her asked shoving half fork of running egg in.

“Outside somewhere waiting for you!” Jamie said; snitching a crispy bacon slice before I could even say a word she quickly was racing back to the door.

“Hold on young lady! Where you going now?” Mother asked; holding a wet dish dripping on the floor.

“Game room maybe and well’ can we?” Jamie said more like begging to go already halfway out holding the door.

“Ok but stay with your brother, Send Mike In” Mom quickly said out. Jamie darted out the door.

“I don’t think she heard you.”  Dad remarked.

Looking up at Mom and Dad fork in hand, Soggy toast just under the fork hoping the egg running off will make it to my mouth before landing on the toast as it would fall right thru;   quickly placing it in before it runs down my chin, Last night I was hearing something about last night.  Just couldn’t remember just what it was they were talking about in the bedroom till late and I fell asleep trying to hear them talking. ‘Bang’ Bang’, on the door as it flew open.

It was Mike with a big smile on his red cheek face, “Good Morning Everyone.” sitting next to me- keeping his smile, at the same time looking downward to my plate with a open eye brow stare at those half eaten eggs then made a face and quietly said “gorse”. “You want some eggs?”  Quickly I remarked showing him an egg dripping off the fork.

Mike shook his head no, raising the fork towards him, Mike’s expression again said no.

“OK Shawn’ Mike Gets the Point.” Mom had spoken; looking down at me with a tight upper lip.

“You must have got in real late last night” Mike Said reaching over an grabbed the last piece of bacon from the plate, knotting then quickly handed the empty plate to Mom with a smile, wanting to say to her ’Go give it to some other poor kid who likes your runny eggs Mom’ reaching over for my shoes on the floor just next to Mike. Dad took the last two uneaten toast dipping in his coffee, Mike stood up waiting looking down at my shoes just waiting for me to hurry up like it wasn’t fast enough for him then stands there with hand motions for me to hurry and tie them so we can go, Dad just sat there drinking his coffee something happen last night with them two, I could tell they wanted to be left alone dam I wish I’d stayed awake long enough to hear what it was about.

“You Two Guys, have a good time out there and stay within calling range.” Mom said washing the egg yoke off the dish.

“Ok’ Mom‘ what about the game room?”

Dad nodded his head yes. “Ok’ but keep an eye out for your brother and sister” “Ok Dad see you later by Mom”

“My Dad’s coming over in a little while he told me to tell you”

“Ok’ Mike You two stay together – Buddy system Right?”

“Right Buddy System Later” I was already out the door now looking at him with my hands raised to him.

“Dam – Shawn those were grouse looking eggs”

“Yea’ Mom – Hasn’t gotten use to the gas cooking”

“She made you eat those?”

“No- But you didn’t eat any earthier”

“No Thanks!”

“Come on Lets go”

Being only two rows of Camper trailers away and within less than a minute both reach the game room, exceeded to see inside, Both stared it looked like every kid in town was there with their Fathers Playing all the games. walking around just looking at all the games for just the right one to play when we might get a chance to play it. finding Joey playing with another boy. After four times walking around this big game room even the pool table was being used by six kids taking turns hitting the balls. “SHAWN GRAB IT”  One had just opened before the kid even got away we had it no coins needed taking turns together.


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