4004 Chapter 4. Yellow jacket

Chapter 4. Flaming ketchup Burgers

Mike was playing his fourth game it was getting boring real fast, looking around without finding any games open this was just bull, every kid had a game or their Fathers were playing with them watching, walking up behind Mike getting angry at it not playing the way he wants it to. “Mike come-on let’s see what else we can find or do around here” “Sounds good to me can’t stand a game that won’t play fair or even give a guy a chance to win once in a while” Mike remarked mostly to anyone who would listen, getting up with a kid already waiting to jump in his seat, leaving the game still running.

We both started walking around the room again and back to the pool table still full of the same kids now trying to play with the balls right, finding ourselves standing next to a window looking out, it was the back side of the game room brown tall trees with plenty of evergreens just past a fence. “Well coming?” Mike asked holding the door open to the back, “Why not “ looking around the room not seeing Joey or he would be right behind me no sign on the door just exit, Mike was already at the end of the building standing with one foot bracing on a small rail fence looking towards the trees’ and backside of camper trailers  “There’s a Lake over there you want to look?” Mike Asked, pointing passed the main Cabin, nodding Ok and walked around to the side towards the Main cabin, here we were back in front of the game room kids still going inside, we both stopped an were glimpsing in the Window.

Dad didn’t say they had a store here maybe he knew but just failed to say anything a couple of campers inside picking up extra supplies but it look more like snacks they wanted to much out on later. “Want to take a look” Mike asking knowing I’d said yes only because he wanted to go inside. “Want a snack or something Shawn?” “Let’s see what they have maybe”

Walking slowly thru the small idle ways seeing the same old gift type stuff, Mike pick up a short black rubber snake showing it to me. “You could scare your sister with this?” With a small grin more of a smirk Mike set it back down, looking over at the counter spotting that Old man on the Golf cart man that gave us our spot last night, then back to what Mike was doing looking at books and checking out the chip rack.

“Be with you two boy’s in a Minute, if you need something just give a holler” Looking up over brown paper bag he was packing, noting I had spotted him giving me a nod of his head.

“That’s ok’ we were just looking around maybe later” I quickly replying back to him while motioning to Mike lets go.

This is where we came in last night but it seemed so much small than it is the Lake was just down past the roadway, Even the Shamrock globe gas pumps were still on, crunching the small rock dirt below are feet Mike leading the way he must have already check it out yesterday, feeling the cold air more as we got near the lake even the ground was more muddy from the melted snow that didn’t last long. Mike pointing out a sign next to the pathway: Lake was closed for the winter. Some ice had form on the edges near the marsh areas, water was more flat with a few ripples, stopping at a bench wiping it off of moisture with our sleeves of course before sitting down.

A flock of small birds flew overhead we both followed them till the flock past the tall pine trees, someone was whistling behind them. We both turned around seeing it was, Jamie heading towards us. “Mom wants to see you!” Jamie said: prancing around, like a little rabbit in fresh snow. “Ok’ were coming!” Looking back just in time to watch a stone skip along the top, Mike thru another stone into the lake watching it ripple, with a small crackle of it hitting ice forming. “You coming or gon’na throw more rocks?” “One more” Mike bounced it off the ice again. Jamie stood at the path looking down just waiting to see if we were coming, as soon as we started headed up the path she was gone running off ahead of us.

Smelling so many campfires going was just making me hungry” Smell that?” “Smells like Ribs and corn’ Wonder what were having?” “I see the smoke already” we both hurried seeing Joey and Jamie playing cards in-between bites. The adults around the table now covered with a checker cloth, smoke bellowed from the stone fireplace along with a few blaring flames upwards with the smell of really char-fire hamburgers cooking.

“Grab a Plate you two!” Mike’s Mother said.

Mike was slow taking stock what was on the table holding his plate putting chips to one side and two big heaps of coleslaw, I could only wonder how long that plate was going to stay flat before hitting the ground, Chips and one scoop for me and right behind Mike as His Dad Mike Sr. wasn’t cooking that was a big surprise to me.

Dad was cooking and just as happy too standing tall being the chef so proud looking just holding outward his new long Spatula. More of an early Christmas present for the campout. Two large Char -Burgers already on a Char ’bun’s just waiting to be placed on the plates. Mike held out his plate and Dad looked for room to put it mostly Mike moved his chip more on the coleslaw so he had room, Dad slid it on just like a pro. “Thanks’ it looks great” Mike remarked trying to hold the bottom side under it. Watching him moving slowly to the table holding my plate out but watching Mike holding the burger with one hand keeping it balanced while the other held the bottom sliding in at the table, now comes the tricky part how’s he going to do this without dropping it’ carefully he slid the plate onto the table pulling his hand out while picking up the burger. “Shawn you what something else’s?”, “Sorry Dad’ I was watching Mike to see if he was going to dump it before he got to the table” “He’s not like your Brother” Pointing to the table as he put more burgers on the flames.

Sitting down across for Mike, placing a soda in front of his plate and mine, Mike looking up chopping on chips with coleslaw running down his chin, one scoop already gone now he starts with the burger the top bun off, poring the ketchup bottle on his as if it was a ketchup sandwich not a hamburger, talk about a runny sandwich of course I’ll take a little ketchup with mustard then squished the two down together flattening it, with Juices running down the outside goosing out all around not ketchup.

Sitting with our elbows on the table, hands raise high ketchup dripping on his plate below, following each hamburger bite by a few chips, but I keep up with him as we never let go of our burgers’ seeing who could finish first. Jamie made faces watching us eat. Listening with internment, while both parents rattled on about the road getting here and how easy it was from the highway, Mom had her cribbage board out as Mikes Mother set the pegs up for another game.  Both talking back and forth about the campground and we both herd it at the same time.

A ski resort up in the hill’s somewhere, they failed to say where it was, before they spoke another word turning back looking to each other, raising an eye to one another this was something to look into.  Both our parents had changed the subject more times than Joey could on a bad day. Jamie and Joey finished playing their card game, slamming the cards down then jumping from the table rushing into the trailer for the TV.

Dad hollered out, just as the knob was turning.

“Play outside or go to the game room”

He didn’t have to say it twice, both just waved by and ran off thru the trailers.

“So what are you two doing?” Mike’s Mother asked.

“Not much.”I replied before Mike said anything.

“How’s the game room?”


“Do you need any cash for tokens?”

“No their free games.”

“Peg for two makes 31, I win!!!!” Mikes Mother shouted out, moving around on the seat,

smiling ear to ear like she wow a million dollars.

”Start another game!  ‘When you two are done! go find something to do beside sitting.” Mom remarked: setting the game pegs on the board for another game, not even looking up at us. Dad and Mike Sr. stopped talking about Union stuff from last week, Mike Sr. thru a few more burgers on the fire while Dad pushed the coals around stirring it up making more smoke than fire, guest they were hungry me and Mike already had two each, and some of that potato salad mostly mayo.

“There’s plenty to see around here.” Dad said.

“What?” looking over my shoulder to Dad.

“What about all those other kids? They found things to do right?“

“Ok’ Sizzle baby!” Mike Sr. blurted out

Hamburgers sizzling grease back at him.

Mike shuffled his feet in the dirt area getting out from the table.

“Don’t go near the lake ‘it’s frozen over”

“We know that dad” He knew we were just there, Jamie told him before we even got back.

“So go up and get a game started”

Mike Sr. held up a fork pointing at us. Saying cheerfully out

“What about, Football’ there’s supernumerary of kids around”

“We’ll see what we can do dad” Mike replied.

“Ok guys see-ya later’, did you know that Paterson’s was Pro-ball.” Dad spoke out to us then right back looking to Mike Sr.

Dumping the soggy plates into the trash bag placed at the end of the table, before we both again head off to the game room.


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