4005 Chapter 5. Yellow jacket

Chapter 5. Yellow jacket

Slowly we went strolling thru finding Opening the door with a look around this time games were open guess most went to have lunch, leaving the room two us we both looked at a few games Mike stopped by one and played a quick game as I stood over him taking in the rest of the games seeing Jamie playing with another girl her own age, Joey just next to them with another boy teaming game video. Walking around more just looking at different games being played, Now they were flocking in jumping on games right and left screaming and horse playing by the smaller kids running around. “what they do bring in every kid from a nearby town or school dropping them off here”, Mike just said outward as three young kids almost knock him over running. Nudging Mike and pointed upward to a camera, he pointed out another on a different wall I missed just to the right above the door next to a large school type clock above just before 2:00pm.

“Come on Shawn let’s find something beside this.” Mike said in a firm tone, noting we better find something before Mike lost his cool crossing past running kids following right behind him without hesitation right to the back hitting the door and keep walking right out to the fence near the trees.

Resting with one foot on the bottom rail looking at the sky full of clouds and some sun only popping out every few clouds it was cool outside, there was always more to do around Fishing going on bike rides to the ferry ship dock well so much for home we still had another day to go I just hope dinner is good tonight and we cook outside. Mike was deep in thought not saying much sometimes he’d go off on his ventures in his own little mind, most of the time when were fishing he’d be gone for hours not paying any interest to his pole, looking down the fence line was a propane tank filling station and just up from it was the septic dumping station. That of course was for the bigger travel trailer, it didn’t carry the smell as some did. Almost at the same time, Mike and I looking upward with the fence line the one thing we both needed to see a small sign just next to the fenced off area. Ski lodge ahead with orange and black letter’s, below a white arrow pointing to the dirt roadway.

Checking out the path farther up near tall pine trees was another.

“Think that Ski Lodge is far”

“Maybe it’s just past those trees.”

“What do you say we go or stay?”

“Right stay around the Game room with all those kids”

“Ok Let’s find that Ski Lodge”

“That’s more like it Shawn”

Climbing thru the middle of the wooden rails along long the edges more away from the muddy road, we walk a little before Mike was being Mike had to find a short cut going uphill slipping on muddy pine needles. Mike headed into an opening among the trees; he found his short cut trying to beat the roadway up.

“Mike wait’ up”

“Ok’ it’s getting dark let’s find it fast”

“Will get there we don’t have to run you know”

“We can find it just thru here!”

“It’s just past two and getting overcast”

Mike stopped and waited for me, standing kicking up wet pine needles some still had snow, Our sneakers getting damp and wet on top, finding long sticks pushing up needles as we walked

“Hey look another opening it must be the ski lodge” Mike all excited said out loud. “About time” replying pointing my stick at him. “So you think you can beat me at swords do ya” “Make your move on guard”

The Mighty Sword’s Best of the last Knights left in the world and the only two greatest swordsmen fighters of their time. After the great sword fight that didn’t last too long we started walking again, Feeling the air getting wind chills while the trees tips above slowly moving back and forth with each quest of wind, Light snow started falling above the trees making its way downward to us in the open areas, looking up seeing it increasing noting we better find it before it really starts coming down as continued walking upward.

“Mike!” “What?”

“Look the Ground has snow on it.” Pointing to the ground.

“It must be snowing then” Mike replied holding both hands upward.

“But it’s snowing! Heavy’ where’s that path?”

“I Think’ we got off that long ago somewhere”

“Great ‘where’s the dam road?” Looking around for anything the resembled a path. “We must be close by now.”

Catching up to Mike, looking forward towards even bigger trees.

“Hope we can find our way back!“ Mike busted out with brushing his hair off from falling snow branches.

“Witch ways down from here Mike?”

“Were going up”

“So we just go down? That’s a big help”

“Ok’ were almost there I can feel it just a little more then will turn back”

Kicking the fresh snow along with increased wind and cold chilliness some whistle coming from the tree tops, just ahead of us something like a small clearing to one side, almost a path going into the trees, we both rush for cover underneath the tall pines. Mike turn around just in time to see me laying belly down covered in the fresh wet snow, Slipping on branch or pine needles, got up brushing the snow off, Mike just stood waiting trying hard not to laugh but his grin told me what he wasn’t saying out loud. Having only light jacks sure not for winter cold like up here brushing my hands off joining Mike.

“Mike you don’t suppose we might have gotten on the wrong trail, do you?”

“No’ we couldn’t have gone that far from the campground.” Mike only saying it mostly reassuring himself’ while looking around under the trees.

“Mike’ how are we going to find our way out of here, it’s getting real nasty with this snow?”

“This snow’s covering up anything’ that even looks close.”

“So what do we do?” Looking at him in wonder.

“Maybe we should keep walking just a little longer.”

“Ok’ but if it gets any worse we take cover’ ok?”  “Ok.”

Mike led the way but he wasn’t moving as fast, staying right behind him avoiding the winds, kicking up the snow worse than before, hurrying while only seeing our tracks behind getting covered almost as soon as we were making them.

Another small break in the trees just ahead of us but I wasn’t saying anything just moving next to Mike waiting for the ok to head for the trees, covered in snow shaking our head every now and then knocking it off brushing it off with one hand before it melted running down our foreheads. Mike pointed to it hurrying to get there pushing aside tree branches hanging low covered with snow, making thru what seem like a long ways into the small tree area.  Mike bending over moving faster ahead thru the last large branch to reach the clearing: once inside the opening we both could stand up, brushing wet snow off.

“See anything to sit down on?”

“Over there’s a log Mike”

“My Legs are killing me”

“Mind too”

Mike rush over with a quick brush off and sat down, sitting right next to him on the short log; brushing the pine needle and mixed snow from our pant legs and sneakers, getting most of it off anyway. Dam pine needles everywhere it seemed even in my pocket Mike unzipped his jacket placing his hands inside to get warm and that looked like the only way to get warm in here, leave it to me to rush unzip my jacket, breaking a tooth with the zipper end between two fingers at least its open must have been frozen when I fell in the snow.  Mom can fix it later she was good at sewing stuff placing it in my pocket. Mike sat still watching me without saying anything smart this time, quickly reaching into his jacket pocket pulling out a small bag of M & M’s slowly ripping the top off the small black bag placing a few in the pink area of his hand. Right into his mouth head tilted backwards, pouring a few more looking over at me before even asking if I like a few holding out his hand, just motion to him no. rubbing back and forth my cold hands together trying to warm up a little.

“Mike’ where are we?”

“Like I’ Know!”  M & M’s bag upward Finishing them off.

“This doesn’t make any cents”

“What? Do you mean?”

“Think about it Mike”

“I don’t get it what’?”

“We’ were near the dirt road right”


“Then weird the Road Go?”

“Your right we should have ran squire into it, going up and all”

“It might not have been a roadway at all” replying back only to see Mike looking upward to the trees, looking upward just like him see nothing not even a bird or squirrel but only tree branches, scanning around the area, we were dry here for now.

“Ok’ Then-we should have been around that Ski Lodge right?”

“Wow’ You’ got it Mike!” Replying sarcastic back.

Mike just keeps looking around shuffling his feet back and forth moving the pine needles around pushing dirt all over.

“No Lodge! And No camp ground!”

“Yes Mike and no ski slope and better its cold in here”

“A Fire would be nice about now”

“Your Right about that!”
“What Shawn?”

“Matches, I’ picked them up last night”

“I’ll clear a spot” Mike said out Already pushing needles to one side, pushing the dirt around in a large circle with pine needles to one big heap, rising the dirt upward on the edges making a little pit area for a large boiling pot.

“You sure it’s ok to have one under these trees?”

“Yea look there’s dirt and no roots showing” Mike stood up pulling apart tree limbs breaking them and set up the pit.

“Yea maybe someone will see the smoke” Replying while ruffling from one pocket to another.  I felt the book in my pocket it was dampish, but should be alright helping Mike with more small needles and branches breaking down making a tee-pee type fire ready.


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