4006 Chapter 6. Yellow jacket

Chapter 6. Yellow jacket

Our little Tee-pee fire set up look good and we were ready to get warm, even with the smoke from green needles was ok, bending down with the matchbook pulling out one and closing the top, striking it fast with its dam head flying right off onto the pile, one more should do it only a faint spark but not enough to start it, again and another dud. this one gon’na do it if I strike two at a time should be a good spark; a little fire and down to the needles Mike holding his hands to the side when bang we both hit our heads together trying to get it going but it went right out.

“Well, so much for that idea!”  Throwing the matches into the small pit backing up sitting on the log again, Mike rubbing his forehead Gee it must have hurt some mine sure was, now there he goes moving branches around again and in he goes. Sitting there as our light was slowly fading from the top branches knowing it must be getting late, trying to pull my jacket closed looking up seeing Mike turning and waving.

“Hey Shawn look at this”


Not wanting to move, ok Mike found something maybe the path or the roadway getting up and walking over to see his great find, he wasn’t waiting for me he already went into the trees hurry to see more moving branches then whack a branch hit me squire.


“Sorry ‘Look’ over there a light or something”

Clearing my face looking up for Mike gone already hollering out. “Wait” Mike turn around but only seen me rushing back out thru the trees.  “Where you going?” Mike quickly replied.

“I forgot the matches” Rushing back moving the pine needles to one side seeing them placing them in my pants pocket this time rushing back to the branches to catch up.

“Shawn’ Where are you?” Mike hollering out!

Moving around branches to catch up with Mike.

“Got them you never know if we’ll need them.”

Just knowing they would not light so why go back for them, a few more branches an into a bigger clearing all that rushing got me warmed up fast.

Before getting overheated taking off the jacket and tying it around my waist, now were just walking slowing into the opening this was more confusing it was lighter here and a lot warmer; Mike headed for a large tree that had fallen sitting down unzipping his jacket and just looked up at me, sitting down near him looking at my watch trying to see what time it had gotten only seeing the glass face wet, moving it around a few times as sometimes it helps nope not this time.

“I’m sure someone looking for us by now!” I blurted out in a slight shiver remark.

“Your right they are! And were in big trouble”

“They must be real upset with us?”

“That’s an understatement, it’s warm in here”

“Warm it must be around 60 deg’ what’s with that watch?”

“I don’t know it’s not working”

“Let’s see it.” Mike looked at the watch then handing it back.

“The snow must have gotten it wet” placing it back on.

A Special News Broadcast was being called every half hour with updates.  Bill had just finished placing two; Snowmobile’s near the front door, not far from the gas pumps. While Helen eagerly waiting on four customers inside watching the snow fallen from the window, Bill came inside just in time for a new weather update. Everyone stopped talking among themselves glancing up at the TV set just over Helen behind the counter.

“This is a Special Weather Report.”

“A Major wind shift causing a hard cold front out of Canadian headed our way. Be Advised this is a major Storm front, Bringing in mixed snow with freezing Temperatures, This front should hit around low to mid 20’s bringing the wind chills’ temperature’s around 10 deg below, before dawn in the Eastern parts of New York, this will be just before 10:00 P.M., All main roads are covered with ice, sanding trucks are already out, but again were informing you, if you don’t have to drive say were you are, if your vehicle is stuck on the road’s. Hold on this just in: A Request just in from State Police and Rescues workers: Turn your fore way flashers on, if you’re stranded. State Police along with Rescues trucks are out looking for any stranded vehicles. Please stay in your vehicles till help does arrive.  This has been a National Weather Warning, stay tune for further development every half hour live.”

“Looks like we’ll be here awhile” One camper said outward picking up his brown bag.

“With roads that bad’ no one will get out tonight“ Bill remarked outward to the small group, turning around headed thru the open doorway to the cabin area.

“You better inform the kids, they’ll love that” Helen Replied.

“Ahead of you, on my way now” Bill said, pushing the door opening into the cabin hallway glancing out the widows as he walked towards the game room, Bill letting out a whistle, about eleven or more kids were playing inside, all stopping what they were doing and looked up at Bill.

“Ok’ kids were snowed in!”  Whooping and hollered out in cheer, Bill had to whistle again, only a few acknowledged him seeing what Bill had to say next.

“Ok’ kid’s go tell your parents, also tell them the roads are closed.….ok go tell them.”

Promptly hurried around picking up their jackets most of the kids were rushing out the door stomping around in the snow. Jamie and Joey among them rushed outside excited about being snow in. Rushing to the camper Jamie first inside with Joey right behind, forgetting about kicking the snow off.

“Mom – Dad, Guess what?”

“Your’ shoes!” Mother said’ pointing at them.

“Ok’ Mom, we’re snowed in!” Jamie blurted out.

“Snowed in” Dad said: glancing out the window.

“Great’ Where’s your brother?” Mom quickly replied.

“He wasn’t in the game room” Joey responding unzipping his jacket while knocking off his shoes. Jamie already sat down with her jacket still on.

“With Mike’ no doubt’ Put your shoes back on and go check”

“Me?” with a surprised look up at her after he just sat down at the table next to Jamie.  “Yes you.”

Joey moved out of the seat re-zipping his coat, slid into his shoes not even tying them, quickly rushing out the door with a bang, Jamie sitting watching dad playing solitaire.

While Janet (Mom) returned to making something on the stove for dinner reaching over turning the TV set on.

Darkness was setting in fast; Yellow lights shined off the snow covered ground, Joey trying to keep from freezing in the snow, pushing it with his feet forward glancing at the campers with snow already covering small overhangs on the windows and picnic tables making his way to Mikes SR. Van. Another good patch of snow landed right on the top of his shoe shiver of cold air stopping at the door, stretching his arm outward from the jacket just far enough to knock on the door.

Mr. Loren open the door just enough for his head to stick outward. Before Mr. Loren could say anything looking down at Joey!  Joey blurted out. “Hi is Shawn’ here with Mike?”

“No’ they were in the game room with you and Jamie, didn’t you see them?”  “Yea earlier’ they must have went somewhere else”

“Ok’ Joey! You go back to your camper and get warm up, I’ll go take a look”

“Ok’ sees you later!” Joey replied rushing off into the snow, making each foot print look as if it had two front and no backs, kicking the snow off on the steps mostly letting his Mother know he was knocking the snow off. Pulling the knob then turning it hurrying inside closing the door quickly behind him shoes sliding off and jacket on the hook.

Dad moved to the side letting Joey shuffle in by the window turning the volume up on the TV, before he could say a word the Weather Report came on, all of them were looking at the reporter of current weather conditions, till it was over.

“It’s a bad one”

“Of all weekends to come camping’ Frank!”

“It’s great” Joey was excited in response

“Was Shawn over at Mikes?” Dad asked

“No’ But,…. Mr. Loran was going for them”

“He knows where they are?”

“He said he was going to look”

“We’ll, dinners almost ready”

Mike Sr. walked into the game room, slowly walking around among the few kids still there, without any sign of Mike or Shawn;  Glancing up at the mirrors getting a good look at the game room without seeing them he headed outside, Walking towards the front Cabin Store stopping looking past the pumps down to the lake area seeing the bench was empty before going inside.  a little bell as the door open; stomping his feet on the mat. Helen looked up remarking, “How’s everything going you need anything for tonight, it’s gone-a get cold out their!”

“No were all set for the night, but you haven’t by chance see two 12 year old boys, in here the last few hours by chance did you?”

“Did you check the game room?”

“Just in their checking it out”

“Sure they’re not building the snowman out over there?”

Mike took a Glance out the side window only seeing kids building a snowman not far from the roadway.

“No, not they’re!  They can’t be far with this snow coming down’ Thank You anyway” Mike Sr. Replied back: making his way to the front door.  “If’ I see them, I’ll send them to their campers!”

“Ok’ thanks.” Turning his collar up on he’s jacket, walking outside.

Just next to the railing was a yard stick in the snow already showing 3”, Looking  more to eight inches tall than what the stick was showing, walking along the small amber road lights, showing only a small glow to the snow beneath them, some with partly covered tops of the fresh snow. Reaching the Marcus camper, Mike Sr. just about to knock when; Frank had already seen him walking by the window, Opening the door.

“Mike we were just thinking about you.”

“Well I hope, Their Here?”

“No – come in, come in”

“Ok’ but just for a minute”

“They weren’t in the game room or the store”

“They were by the lake before,” Jamie rushed to speak out.

“I looked down by the lake but didn’t see anybody”

“When before’” Janet asked. Stop Stirring in the pan and looked over at Jamie.

“Before lunch!” with a little snicker in her voice.

“Look, Frank; I’ll go down and look around by the Lake again”

“ I’ll go with you Mike”

“Don’t you two get lost out there!” Janet said outward and a little on the loud side getting very upset.

Filling up two Dinner plates setting them on the table, food was steaming. Joey wanting to eat alongside Jamie, Janet watching the two leaving from the window, while motioning them to go ahead and eat. Sitting down watching them eat.


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