4007 Chapter 7. Yellow jacket

Chapter 7. Yellow jacket

Mike and Frank headed out among the snow towards the Lake; passing the Shamrock pumps heading down towards the lake; Bill was just looking out the window at the same time seeing how much snow was still fallen, then spotted the two heading towards the lake.  Bill’s face was almost white watching them, thinking about the two boys, Helen had told him about it just a few minutes earlier. Bill would only turn a pale color when he was bothered with something, Helen walk up behind him knowing something was wrong dropping her head down when she looked out seeing the two walking shaking her head no.

Bill had just turned around to Helen, embracing her. Helen couldn’t’ hold back as her tears rolled down her cheeks, Bill brushed them back with his thumbs; brushing back her curly white hair.

“I’ll call Lloyd if you want?” Bill said to her in a low voice almost broken, Helen looked up with a small nod saying ok, kissing him on the cheek turning away slowly headed back to the counter still wiping her tears from her cheeks. Bill right behind her picking up the phone looking again at her wiping her tears just knowing this couldn’t happen again not after all they been thru.

Lloyd was just up at the Ski-Lodge, Just past the big Pine Trees not to far away, Picking up the phone on the second ring.

“Lloyd here’ How’s everything down there?”

“Lloyd’ Bill – We might have a problem”

“Ok’ Bill: what kind of problem? We might have?”

“A couple of boys may have wandered off”

“Ok’ and How – long have they been gone?”

“Not sure how long”

“Are the Parents there Now?”

“No, The boy’s Father’s went looking by the lake”

“Ok’ Bill’ you and Helen just hang in there I’ll be down in a few shakes so just take it easy and relax there probably in the area playing somewhere will find them”

“Helen’s a little upset and taking this one a little hard”

“Ok. Just stay with her and I’ll be right down”

“Thanks Lloyd”

Bill Hung up the Phone standing looking around the store and back to Helen leaning on the counter holding a tissue trying to help a customer.

Lloyd hurry around gathering his gear together, with a quick look making sure he got what he needed he quickly heading out the door seeing the snow on the ground and Jeep already covered. Brushing off the door handle getting inside quick before the snow fell on him, throwing the gear to across the seat as he wiped his wet hand off on his pant leg, while starting the motor. Wiper’s on and heater on full clearing the window flashing amber light casting off the trees and snow, then started heading down towards the Campground.

Driving thru the pines Lloyd could only think back Reminiscing past times when it all started. Bill’s father and grandfather just after the war turn an old hunting cabin area into a camping resort. The Resort brought campers from all over to enjoying the clear lake water, along with the tall pine trees and great fishing.

Stone fireplaces were built on double lot sites that Lloyd helped build. Hard wood pine trees from each site that was cleared were used to make tables, newer trailer spots getting electricity.

Taking great pride in helping build some of those sites, the sound of the wind and cascading water from the mountains behind the cabin, amidst its long tall pine trees, mixed white birch and chestnut trees towards the lake area gave an essence of serenity during the night

Helen and Bill waiting for Lloyd in the store drinking a cup of coffee while checking out the Weather Reports; The door bell went off with some snow coming in, Janet with Jamie step inside with a quick look up at them shacking off the snow not seeing anyone else in the store.

“Hi, I was looking for my husband and his friend”

“Sure they were here about 15 minutes ago, or so” Bill softly spoke up. “Looking for two boy’s”

“That’s always together, everyone thinks their brothers”

“Yes that’s them Shawn and Mike”

“Your husband and Mr. Loran went down by the lake a little while ago, but we haven’t seen them come back up yet, did the boys come back ok?”

“No they haven’t return and now their Fathers have gone off too!”

“It’s getting very cold out there”

“My husband off to a lake and he’s missing now! This is just great, just great, They just had to come out here camping.”

Amber Lights flashed into the store window, looking around out the window: Lloyd arrived not a minute to late, in his Red jeep.  At 6’2, 240 lb. with his heavy coat on he looked even bigger, if it weren’t a fur coat you would swear he was a big brown bear. Lloyd looked over the skidoo’s setting just outside the store, placing a bundle on one of them before going inside, while Inside the fore were waiting hoping he say something, Jamie was looking around the store, Bill knowing if Lloyd had seen anybody he would’ve brought them in. The bell started ringing as Lloyd entered stopping his feet off, glancing above his eyebrows at everyone looking up at him.

“Hey’ Lloyd you see anybody on your way in?”

“No’ only Snow what did you here on the lost Boy’s anything?”

“You know they were missing!” Janet quickly spoke out.

“Mrs. Marcus’ this is Lloyd from the Ski lodge”

“What about my ‘Husband? Did you know they are lost to?”

“As soon as we know something we’ll let you know.”

“That’s not to reassuring”

Lloyd stood by the counter trying not to say much to her, knowing she was very upset and that’s just going to get everyone on edge at this point.

“Mom’ we should get back’ Joey’s’ going to go real nutty soon”

“He’s not the only one” Both turn heading to the door.

“Will get back to you’ as soon as we hear something” Bill quickly said as the bell went off, Jamie looked up at the bell and held the door open, Lloyd stayed by the counter next to Helen reassuring her he was there to help.

“Will be over at the Loran’s camper, do you know where that is?” Janet Said: sarcastic back standing in the doorway.

“Yes’ Yes Loran’s on 18B … ok “

“Mom” Jamie trying to get her out of the store, zipping up her jacket embarrassed, both slowly leaving towards the campers they watch them past the driveway lights.

Lloyd watched them leave while placing his jacket on the deer head next to the counter.

“We’ve got the Fathers and Sons lost in the snow now?”

“Right”: Bill, nodding moving away from the window.

“Want some coffee Lloyd?” Helen asked feeling better at ease.

“Please’ that’ll be great warm up the old body here”

“The lakes not fully frozen over, no one’s been on it”

“Good they won’t try to cross it, that’s one good thing”

“We don’t know where the two boys, wandered off too”

“Everything been checked out even asked around the game room but no one has seen them that they can recall”

Helen handed Lloyd his coffee while pointing to the Back cabin; Bill and Lloyd headed thru the door, Helen walk to the door looking out before turning the sign on the door to Ring bell for service. Bill already went and got the tapes out on the game room activities. Lloyd sat down on the log chair across from the big screen, Bill placed the tape in ready then sat down on the log couch picking up the remote swinging its long cable to one side.

Helen hinting to Bill to move down a little without saying anything to him, quickly sliding over on the couch, moving his coffee over on the table. Lloyd reach over taking the remote turning the mixed sounds to Muted, running in slow motion while sipping hot coffee not seeing much in the begin fast forward only stopping a few times looking it over, sitting on the edge of the chair; Black and white video of all the kids playing, checking the clocks time on the wall.  Lloyd watched the video rewinding then stopping a few more times without seeing anything out of the ordinary with the game room, his hand held firm on chin only moving it to drink coffee.

“Want that warmed up?” Helen asked.

“Yes’ Please Helen” handing Helen his coffee empty cup.

“Did you see anything on those tapes?” Bill asked hoping he did.

“What about the Police?”

“We haven’t called them till we talked with you”

“There’s nothing here that looks like foul play from any campers”

“Were in for a good storm according to the weather reports”

“It’s a big one coming in alright, how many Campers do you have this weekend?

“Almost thirty and most of them have kids”

“Winter Break for most kids, getting in what they can before the Holidays and snow really starts”

“Well it’s winter and kids are off for two weeks”

Both stopped as Helen walk in with coffee on a tray.

“What about the Husbands?” Helen Asked: Handing each one.

“If by chance they walked around the Lake it’s a good ten miles”

“Bill if they walked around the Lake they might have gotten about two miles in this snow before stopping, hopefully they both are heading back by now”

“We might have to check on them it’s been about an hour or more, we could check the lake trail area”

“That’s a good idea, in the meantime will have to call the State Police just to inform them of our miss hap.”

“Call the State Police” Helen replied quickly getting flustered.

“Let’s hope we don’t need them, but if we do”

“What about a Rescue team Lloyd?” Bill asked out quick.

“The two boys maybe’ but let the Police check it out and will go from there”

“Skidoo’s are ready to go outside”

“Ok’ I’ll call the state Police, and then take a quick ride down by the lake trail, should be able to spot them easy”

Heading back to the store area, Lloyd placed his empty cup on the counter and phoned the State Police, while Bill embraced Helen again wiping her small tears away. Lloyd looked up at the two knowing they were upset, placing his arm on Helen shoulder replying “Ok’ first, and foremost you two, No way is this a repeat so don’t even think it is!, Helen’ you going to be all right? Will find them you see”

“Yes’ I’ll be fine Lloyd, It’s just the young boys, I was thinking of” Helen said; trying to hold back more tears from her chin.

“Ok’ It might be a long night, so keep the coffee hot”

“Ok’ the Skidoo’s are ready to go”

Lloyd put on his big jacket and headed outside checking the stick placed in the snow, while Helen watched from the window. Lloyd moved his gear stripping it on then started it up casting light off the snow towards the lake warming up, moving his hand back and forth brushing off the seat, then drove off with the Snow pushing upward behind.

“I’m going over to the Loren’s camper; the Police will want to talk to them so I’ll tell them it’s just a precaution”

“Ok’ be careful it might be slippery”

Bill took his jacket bending the collar upward heading outside.


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