4015 Chapter 15.Yellow jacket

Chapter 15.  What Lights

We were all scared out of our wits in wonder, now here we were somewhere in Daylight, trees on both sides of our ship, the three of us trying to slow down our speed as we were now hitting lower tree branches smacking off the top, at least it was better than those rock falling down. Finally a clearing just ahead of us just a little bit “Yes we’re clear” I boasted out in excitement.

light colored sand with bluish smooth light rippled color water just a little ways from the sand so bright an clear, water bright blue water with a slow ripping to the beach sand, the ship almost to a stop as we all looked outward in amazement.

Hovering in the air just before the edge of the water line, but far enough from it not to get wet.

“Turn the ship around let’s see what’s outside”

“That sounds like a good idea”

“I see only trees”

“We did we come thru them?

“No sign were we came thru anywhere”

“Look we turn all around nothing but trees and water here”

“Great’ let’s get some air”

“Do we set it down?”

“What in the sand?”

“It Might sink”

“Open the door and will look around first”


Josh open the door with cool air rushing in, it was real refreshing salt air, hearing the sound of ocean waves coming to shore was very comforting slowly lowering the ship to the sand, just below the ship we could all hear something, Josh stuck his head out looking to the bottom, Lisa held him from falling out by the jacket.

“The parts came down”

“What parts?”

“We’re down guys!” Mike said.

“Fresh Air!”

“Wow’ what a ride that was” Lisa remarked.

“Yeah, nature is calling” Mike replied.

Donna stood at the door looking around then scooting past Josh, jumping out landing on the sand; her eyes open wide and started almost as quickly running to the water.

Josh right behind her with his knees hitting the sand. Quickly he hollered out;

“It’s hot” trying hard to get out of that small chair seeing him jumping around the sand, that was so funny he look like a rabbit jumping up and down in his bare feet with the jacket flopping up and down; I had all I could do to holding back laughing at him but was able to get a few words out.

Pointing to the water saying: “Get to the edge of the water’ its cooler.”

Brian stood in the door way for a second watching them running reaching down placing Chris on his back, hitting the sand heading right for the water, Lisa and the Zombie jumped out  just behind them.  Mike and I were having a good time watching them doing an Indian dance on toes running to the water’s edge.

Mike nudged me with a big grin saying “Our turn, last one in a rotten egg” and took off running, glancing around the ship it looked a mess but we were on the ground and sure away from those weird beings below ground, leaving the ship to its self now just resting on the sand, waves rushed over their feet cooling them down, before we knew it we were all splashing each other jumping making all kinds of sounds but one still hadn’t talk as yet but she was enjoying the water.

Retreating back near the ship sitting on the sand, watching them play as the sun was slowly going down into the far off water line, each wave coming inward towards the ship taking more sand area, Donna had enough water returning seating on the sand along with Lisa and Mike after the two splashed a few more times, Josh and Chris were still in the water with the zombie she looked more like a robot back and forth with her arms, stopping looking up at us on the sand slowly walked out sitting next to me, following along the two soaked boys came out still wearing the jackets, amusing themselves watching the water run out the sleeves they were clean now everyone was clean from head to toe, both boys took the jackets finally off sitting on them shuffling their feet in the sand.

Taking my wet sneakers and socks off letting the water drain out onto the sand, My pants were soaked and relived of dirt; Mike sat next to Lisa taking his off then struggle with getting his tee shirt off away from his wet skin, he almost had to peal it off it was so tight.  Looking around at the others, Josh stared at Mikes bare white chest following Mike removing his wet shirt, talk about white skin, he stood out like a 200 watt light bulb, looking at his legs also white and blue ridged holey shorts. Chris just followed along slowly removed his as well sitting next to Brian placing it on the jacket.

Then everyone went cold quite looking at each other something seemed different maybe they just woke up and realized they were away from whatever they were going thru below ground, looking over confused. Sitting next to me the Zombie girl just sat still not saying anything moving around feeling her bell bottom blue jeans as the water ran off with each brushing wearing a blue plaid shirt missing a few top buttons in front. Lisa sitting trying to hold together her Pinkish ragged dress also worn out, Brian’s black pants having both worn knees looked also old.

Now Donna that out spoken girl sat wearing brown colored slacks with a thin tan see thru blouse, seeing of course a small white bra that she wasn’t hiding.

All of us sat watching the sun go down across the water’s far edge, turning the sky from Yellow to a bright orange as the sun rays casing into the water right towards us, now it was getting darker night was coming quickly.

“Well anybody got any ideas” Mike spoke out breaking the stares.

“Yea let’s find out where the hell we are” Brian replied.

“Ok, there’s nothing around here” Donna quickly said.

“Let’s get back in the ship” I remarked out; standing up shacking the sand off my sneakers.

“Do we take it back up?” Josh butted in.

“What else do we do” Mike remarked.

“Let’s go”

“Where we going too?”

“Were not going back are we” Chris asked now crying.

That set Josh off in tears, Brian quickly bringing Chris to him and hugged him Josh rush to me and held by my leg tight, trying to wipe tears from his eyes with sand on his hands getting all over his face. I wipe them out with my shirt and held him as the others hurried around now getting all scared again, what’s going on now with these kids standing there trying to hold Josh, Mike stood shaking his head back and forth replying to all

“No were getting out of here and far away’ so come-on and get in let’s get out of here”

Everyone quickly got inside the ship: Donna grabbing the jackets throwing them inside wet and dripping; Brian got the boys in and Mike already up front, I help Lisa with the zombie girl now trying her best to help herself more, a breeze ran thru the air sending a cold chill on everyone, dim light inside as they all settled down on the floor.

Josh stopped crying but stood right behind me at the seat, watching everyone settling down Brian was ready looking over the lights and Mike scooted in almost hitting all the lights with his big foot, Josh head snapped at him then to the door without saying anything he rush over sliding his feet across closing the door, staring over at us looking at him from the front as the door slowly closed, his little face drop low turning away and went over sitting with the others without saying anything just a look of what now. I seen that look so many times my brother was always waiting for me to tell him he did good or something, what they think of at that age is pure wonderment or lost to me.

Mike watch him sitting down and both hands raised from Mike looking at me, he knew what lights to push, yet somehow he knew Josh wanted to be apart again.

“Josh we need you” Mike Said.  Smiling Josh rush to the front.

“What light’s” Mike asked again? Josh pointed to fore lights.

Mike pushed the fore down, and then with a small vibration inside, again the front screen was clear the floor rose upward reveling our six little peddles.  Mike nodded to Josh standing almost on his lap, grinning ear to ear Mike smiled back and with a quick nod to me as Josh return to the rear sitting down with the others; slowly the ship was moving around the sand’ straightening it out, holding not sure which way to go.

“Where to guys?” Mike asked.

“Out of here before dark”

“How about straight up?” Brian suggested.

“Up it is” Mike pushed the pedals with his bare feet.

“Let’s see what’s around here before we go anywhere”

Slowly the ship rose into the sky lifting above the sand and looking outward seeing the trees as the ship slowly turned trying to get a good view of where we came out of, still not able to see any sign of that we just keep climbing higher and higher above everything below us. Looking downward at the beach, just past the tree-tops, until it was small enough to see that it was only a small island we somehow gotten on.

“Looks like maybe a little higher” Mike said.

“Let’s do it Mike”

“Hey, did you hear that?” Josh asked, not sure what he heard.

“Hear what? Josh.”

“He said; Caley-forn-a! Where’s that?” Josh asked.

“Josh, we don’t hear anything”

“Sound’ I heard it”

“From Where?”

“I’m not sure”

“Where’s California from here.” Mike remarked.

Josh just stood looking at us, we never heard a word or a sound other than a small humming.

“Any suggestions?” Brian asked.

“Let’s find Josh’s California”

“I’ll be happy with Just New York”

“Well let’s find something out here”

“OK, let’s try left,” Mike said; searching the sky, giving it a little speed, while Brian turned it left over the island towards the darken sea.

“Look it’s the North Star,” I quickly said. It was bright and just off the horizon.

“Hope we can all swim!” Donna; with a sarcastic grinning remarked.


While the ship moved along back at the Campground.

Rescue Radio Communication Around 4:00am

“US Search & Rescue to Yellow Mountain”

Quickly hitting the receiver communication operator …answered,

“Yellow Mountain go-ahead”

“This is Rescue Chopper five Radio check in your area”

“Roger Chopper Five”

“Storm central downgrade. Do you copy?”

“Roger Rescue Five”

“Will be over your area in approximate 20 min. Roger”

“Roger that Rescue Five”

“Any word on the two missing Boy’s?”


“We’ve got a little time we can try quad- Info”

“Roger that, Section grid 27L-G18, Not covered as of this time”

“Roger looking it up as we speak”

“How bad is it out there?”

“Pretty bad lot of stranded Motorists”


“Ok we got Local, any campers in that area?”


“Infra red in-use copy”

“Roger, Chopper Five Copy”

“Section 27L, G18 Copy”

“Roger 27L, G18 Copy”

“Search & Rescue Chopper Five Standing By”

“Roger Rescue, Standing; Good Luck Chopper Five “

With a quick turn of his head looking around: the Radio operator hollered out  “Ok’ let’s find these boy’s”

Rescue workers already woken by the call, quickly reviewing the maps, as they spoke.  Each Section remarked in red flare pen, pointing out the Rescue choppers Area of search.  Each Rescue workers were taking small papers with map sections placed near the map, noting the rescuers team searching that area.

Outside the snow covered cabin, lights cascading out from each window while rescue teams gathered their gear ready to go out before dawn. Bill stood next to Nick and Lloyd looking on, drinking coffees eating sponge cake, Helen made earlier. The TV was on all night with brief interruptions of weather report’s every so offend, Bill and Nick Stayed up all night hoping something would happen anything showing were the Boys were.


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