4016 Chapter 16.Yellow jacket

Chapter 16.  Sudden Blizzard

Weather report update; just coming on the TV set. 4:15 am.

………Sudden Blizzard stuns East Coast……..

Blinked across the screen, one of the rescue persons reach up turning the sound up, Reporter behind a desk started reading from papers.



The National Guard was called up late in the evening: New York declared a state of emergency to help clear streets and rescue stranded motorists. Stalled cars and trucks shut down five miles of Interstate, Wind-blown snow Saturday, closing airports. Paralyzing the Nation’s Capital….At least four people were killed in weather related traffic accidents in New York;  The storm closed major Eastern airports, including New York’s LaGuardia, Washington National Airport.

Other reported airports in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. With delays and cancellations, local search and rescue still looking for two Connecticut 12 year old boy’s that were reported missing just before the storm and feared dead in New York after a weekend camping trip in the Mountain’s, Temperatures dip into the 10 deg below in the North Western part of eastern quad with upper 20s along the coast……This has been a National weather center Blizzard of 96 report, stay tune to this station for more updates as they happen.

Rescue workers quickly packing their gear leaving one by one behind the other.  Rescue Communication Radio squawking on, buzzing with static blared in and out with a few checking in with each new search grids.

“Mobile to base”

The radio blared out, everyone stood quite looking onward.

“Mobile to base do you copy?”

Rescue Communication Operator just stood looking over at the radio.

Bill’ Rushing over to it, around a small table as he almost fell over it.

“Base go ahead mobile?” Bill said.

“Listening to your broadcast on rescue crews’ was out by the old river”

“South River?”

“South River; nothing around here, was held up last night with the snow coming down so hard, did ya check the tall tree lines?”

“Search check, all tracks covered up”


“Looks like it’s stopped”

“Let’s hope so”

“Ok sorry’ I’ ant got anything for ya’, but I’ll keep ah looking”

“10-4 Coffee’s hot when you’re ready”

“Maybe later”

“Thanks for looking”

“Will keep a eye open for them”


Turning around in the chair towards the crews standing just looking on hoping for some good news, bring his head upward hearing outside the sound of snow chains crunching the snow.  Bright Blue light blinking inside as it slowly stopped outside it was Lieutenant Rosenberg.  Walking thru the door just inside not saying anything just headed over to the coffee pot poring coffee into his small cup, glancing around while stirring still not saying anything just returning to his cup.

“Well how bad is it?” Bill asked.

Lieutenant Rosenberg looked past his coffee cup, one hand slowly sipping while unzipping his jacket. Bills eye lids rose hoping for good news, a back and forth head movement told him it wasn’t good.

“It’s a bad one Bill, worst I’ve seen in three years”

“How are the roads clear?”

“They will be before Noon”

“Rescue has a chopper out”

“Good we can use the extra help”

“Bill, I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t look good for those two boys”

“Should I tell the parent’s?”

“No someone will be here, to help them deal with it by morning”

“It’s almost light outside now”

“They should arrive around eight or nine”

“What can I do?”

“Well take care of the mater from here, you talk to your wife,

but don’t tell the others anything for now well handle it ok?”



Meanwhile back on the ship just above the water.

Brian eyes barely opening watching the Rough seawater below the ship on and off with no end in sight as water rush over the window waking him quickly to see the ship was getting to close. Remarking outward:

“Mike, Shawn, wake up guys, Now’s Not the time to be falling asleep.”

What I looked up seeing the water hitting the window beading off each side , trying to focus  from over tired eye balls, looking over to Brian trying to sit upward, then looking back seeing everyone laded out across the floor sound asleep.

“What happen to the stars” I asked. Adjusting myself in the dam small seat, Mike yawning making it well known he was tired and trying to keep his eyes open looking outward back and forth out the front, before looking at me trying to keep my head up;

“What’s that a Light over there?” Brian asked pointing to our right.

Looking over I could just make it out just a small dim light off in the distance, he got the eye for seeing things.  I would have never seen that little glow as it look like a small test bulb on a Christmas tree that was set way in the back just to glow off some bulb nearby.

“Let’s take it up a little?” Brian said; stretching his head around in circles.

Splashing water still hitting the window the waves were getting bigger as we seem to be losing speed and going down into each wave as they came; slowly raising it upward away from each tall wave, our speed increased more trying to outrun each wave as the light got brighter and brighter. “Land Ho” Brian busted out with almost scaring Mike right out of his seat bouncing his head around looking out trying to see the land just ahead of us to our right, I couldn’t help but smile and giggle at him pointing to the right as we headed straight for it.

Moon-ray light cascading off the rough water below turning each wave white on top, seeing the light lining up with the moons ray as we got closer to it just like a road path for us to follow, we were going a little fast as the light from the shore was getting bigger now; I motion to slow down with my hand to both of them, just as we slowed down we were looking out at the small coast with trees., My only thought looking at the coast and tall trees was hoping we didn’t go in a big circle right back to the beach sand we were on, Brian started slowing down the ship almost to a dead stop, the waves were light near the coast line we sat looking up and down the coastline of wave rippling to the sandy beach area just lined with tall trees on both sides, this wasn’t the island we left it was bigger and trees were totally different, we wasn’t in New York or Jersey but on a southern coast line.

“Let’s find a place to set down and rest awhile.” Mike said.

That sounded like a good idea even if it came from Mike before me, pointing over to the left area remarking out to both of them still looking back and forth like a couple of chicken in a pen, “There along the tall trees- looks like a safe place” both their heads look at the same time moving the ship towards the beach “Hey look over here it’s a boat” Mike said; pointing straight out and down to our right side, That it was a small boat with people on it looking right at us coming towards them.

“Guys, I’ think they see us.”

“Well that’s a good sign’ we should ask them were we are!”

“Yea right were in a space ship!”

“That’s not good”

“Just move pass them’ don’t stop” looking down at them they were pointing upward at us.

“Get us the hell out of here” Mike creamed his foot down giving it the juice pulling us away fast feeling it pushing me back in the seat,” Mike” was all I could say trying to keep the ship steady hearing a buzzing sound from underneath us soon it was getting louder, slowly reducing the speed and following the coast line again away from the sight seekers, trying to find another area clear from whatever or whoever might see us.

“There’s an opening!” quickly remarked to them pointing just to our right.

“There! We can go in there.” Brian said turning it more so we could see the area.

Staying clear of the palm trees slowing down even more the buzzing seemed to slow down also driving my ears nutty with that sound, just in front of us I could see a small boat setting on the beach upside down away from the water lines, just in front of it was an opening we all spotted it at the same time looking to it moving slowly towards; hitting some palm branches as we were hovering for a few seconds and with a nod to each other we slowly moved the ship into the opening.

Resting just inside the palm trees setting it down with out to much problem on the sand and palms leaves. Stretching getting out of that small chair, I don’t think they made those things for just little kids more like a preschool chair talk about hard as a rock and a sore ass, the school chairs you could always move around or put two together to seat on but these things must have been built into the frame of the ship.  Mike and Brian stood up following my stretching keeping quiet not to wake the others sleeping all curdle together.

“That salt water sure stinks, and is it sticky” Mike said softly. Moving over to the door carefully studying the light system then pushing in on the same lights slowly just like Josh did before hoping it would open and not have to wake him up.

The door open slowly letting in the cool fresh air, did that ever feel so good just standing at the door looking outward raising my arms getting that cool air. “Put your arms down’ you want to wake them with your smell arm pits” Mike said jumping out onto the palm branches sinking in the sand falling down among them now that was funny.

Brian motioning for me to go next but I saw what happen and slowly step down into the palm branches looking up at Mike raising my eyes to him without saying anything but a smile, Brian right behind without shoes also we were doing a little high step moving to the sandy part. Mike was already walking thru the trees carefully watching out for the ends of branches, following close behind to the edge of the tree line were Mike had stopped and looking both ways like a street crossing looking outwards around the beach.

Turning around to see what the trees looked like and how far we were into them, I could see the ship I quickly said out to both of them: “Look guys we have to cover the ship, it sticks out like a sore thumb” Mike turned looking at it before remarking “Right it’s that beacon thing on top“.  Mike turn back around looked at me and Brian then pointed to the water. Dawn was just breaking thru the horizon yellow orange with a light blue sky all around us it was so soft and warm feeling, but like anything we needed to get back to the ship walking back across the palms and moving a few aside to make a small path as we headed closer, for the most part the trees covered it.

Crunching palm branches walking back just below our feet when all three of us stopped dead in our tracks razing our heads to one side, almost to the ship just a few feet away when we could hear a Barking dog not too far off. We just looked at each other and never mind the sharp branches we just rush to our safe place inside the ship, Brian first one inside looking outward over us as we got in Mike rubbing his foot and I was pulling a palm branch leaf from my toe looking outward.

“Where’s are sneakers?” Mike asked looking around the piles near the seats.

“Shawn here’s yours” Mike slid them along the floor to me, quickly sliding them on wet and soggy then back out picking up branches placing them on the roof area and the front Brian helping while Mike was still looking for his sneakers. With only a little light showing near the top it should be hidden from view with daylight approaching, Mike found his sneakers wow just when we got it done. “Look, we need to find drinking water” Mike said, with his tong hanging outward down his lip. “Well, are we going to go look for water or stand around here looking at each other?” Brian asked.

“What about them?” Mike asked trying to tie a wet sneaker

“Let’s wake just the kid up, he’ll be ok” Brian said.

“That kid could probability fly it away himself” Mike remarked.

The two of them pointing to me to get the kid up, this should be fun if he’s anything like a little brother that wants to sleep all day; slowly moving inside waking Josh with only a slow push and pull to his arm, hoping I didn’t have to cover his mouth keeping him from yelling out in fear, but the kid just open his eyes looking upward at me then down to his hand were I was holding his little fingers upward; Josh knotted while wiping his eyes getting up grinned up at me.

“Josh, we got to go get some water” Josh exceeded hoping he could go too; “not this time ok, we need you to watch the others” his face went into a small frown looking up at them.

“Josh, you watch them and if you hear anything wake them up right away ok?” Mike said.  Josh nodded his head yes, in a soft voice saying, “OK, I will”  Looking at him just sitting down with his legs dangling over the side, now he made me feel bad then Mike pushed me in the shoulder and motion to go; walking back across the Palm branches making more sounds now than when we were barefoot, Brian was keeping right up with us getting to the beach sand Brian pointed to the boat and we all headed for it. “Let’s get near that boat and see what’s around better”

“Did you hear that? The dogs barking again”

“He sounds close by”

“We better wait here a few minutes”

The barking dog seemed almost on top of us as we huddled next to the boat looking on towards a house just up from us with a small porch light on, that’s where the dogs been barking from but what if the owner let that dog out where would we run and hide that was running past me thinking we need to get back before he comes for us, we could always pull the boat over on top of us till he left.

“Look a car in the driveway”

“Someone’s home’ let’s just go knock on the door”

“Right’ who are we and what do we tell them we just flown in”

“That’s not a good idea guys’ he has a dog!”

“Yea and I wish it would shut up”

“He must have heard us”

“Look over there a small boat house”

“Think we can get inside without that dam dog barking”

“We got to do something beside wait around here”

“He stopped!”

“Why did it stop?”

“See anything”

“No if we see him run for the boat house”

Slowly looking over to the boathouse and he started back barking, we just sat down looking at the water waiting for him to settle down; after sitting for a short while of not hearing the barking all three of us slowly made are way up to the boathouse. Mike leading the way first to reach the boathouse, just slowly behind him on the wooden planks squeaking beneath our feet, Mike had stopped and was checking thru a window before turning the knob handle.

“Grrrr…….Grrrr” Brian was just behind me afraid to turn and see if it was that barking dog or not, we all heard it Mike quickly open the door with a big push getting inside I was right behind him and Brian could have jump right on my back if I didn’t move fast; turning before the door shut seeing the barker being a German shepherd, showing his large teeth and big brown eyes set on us rushing inside, Brian was too scared to move standing inside looking at the door. Slamming the door shut with a big bang that almost broke the six-pane glass window on the top.  Quickly Mike and I stood against it trying to hold the door closed, while feeling it pushing with every jump trying to open it.

“It’s quiet guys.” Mike remarked; holding the door and trying to see through the cracks in painted glass reaching over grabbing a wooden boat oar standing upward; helping Mike place it across the door by wedging it to the doors upper frame, holding it shut.

The Shepherd jumped at the window.  “Bark…. Bark…. Bark”.  Me and Mike’ Jumped back almost falling off the edge into the water, standing back seeing the eyes and teeth of that German Shepherd; while Brian was still frozen his eyes glued looking at the window.

“Dam dog! He can’t get us now” Mike said.

“What if it came thru the window?” Brain replied. Both of us turned see him staring at the door just waiting for the dog to come right thru the window panes holding his breath, Mike shook his head back and forth; staying still bent over next to the window reply to Brian, “Not with this blocking the door he’s not coming in!”


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