4018 Chapter 18.Yellow jacket

Chapter 18. Soda buzz

Lisa handed Brian a soda as he walked by her sitting down with them, Chris fighting trying to open his soda looked up at Brian then held it out for him to open.

“Just turn the cap off” Mike said: Pulling over a pillow bundle, sitting watching everyone looking over the stuff, Donna and Faye were splitting the long packages of crackers in half trying not to spill to many then passing them around, Mike pulled a Calendar out setting it on the front panel looking at it eating crackers, Josh walked over handing me his soda bottle not open.

“Can’t get it” but leave it to me, opening it and handed it back to him he was so mesmerized by the cap rolling across the floor, then went over and picket it up trying it himself to see it rolling across the floor on edge hitting the wall with a clang of metal, must be a new toy over and over taking small sips watching the cap then to his soda moving inside before returning next to Chris.

Donna quickly open hers and she must have gotten a good one as it sprayed outward she quickly held it outward watching it spraying foaming down her hand before she set it down, everyone watch the bottle foam pour over the top that was neat.

“Well that was a good soda’ who shook it?” Donna busted out with while giggling, then everyone giggle and got a big charge out of it, reaching down taking what was left drinking it right down.

“You’ll get a head rush” Brian said looking at the bottle bottom straight up. Donnas’ eyes watered just as the empty came down. “Wow” Donna remarked. With a twist of her hair.

Brian handed her another bottle he opened along with half package crackers she just gave a smile around at us and flip a cracker in holding the soda up to us.

Lisa held out Crackers again for Josh this time he took them, handing me the other half he sat there looking at hem then smelled them and didn’t take one out instead putting them between his legs sitting there sipping soda dribbling down his chin, wiping it off with his arm looking around then asked:  “What’s this for?”

“That’s like food Josh.” Donna quickly said outward taking more crackers from the box, looking at Josh just holding the cracker package in his hand.

Mike remarked “Josh you eat it.” Josh with a quick look to Mike;  eating a cracker back and forth but Josh sat there looking at everyone not to sure about it.

“Josh Food’ you open your mouth and eat it!” Donna snapped.

Mike nudged me like what was I suppose to say to him glancing to Donna putting three at a time in following with soda, that girl must be hungry she already finished a half package. Maybe he just wasn’t hungry, I sure was and continuing eating my crackers keeping an eye now and then on the others, then seeing Josh getting up walking near the door, reaching in his pocket pulling out something?  Holding it tight in his hand just opening it slowly but something was wrong with it seeing his face expression drop.

“What’s that Josh?” I quickly asked before he put them back.

Before I could even reach over Mike had jump up and already grabbed his hand taking small wet pills from him. Josh stood grasping the soda without saying anything just looking at him.

Mikes eyes raised opening his palm showing me what he had, neither one of us had seen this type before from school drug classes, Brian looked them over but didn’t say anything, Chris went to get up and Brian sat back down holding him back.

Everyone could see but no one was saying anything right away.

“We’re you get these from?” With a soft voice to Josh I asked.

“I take one” Josh responded.

“Who gave them to you?” Mike asked.

“Kola” Josh quickly answered, reaching for them.

“Why do you need them?” Mike asked, quickly pulling them back closing his hand.

“Josh? Why do you need them?” I said out, trying to get something from him, before Mike got mad over having drugs.

“I’ just do”

“Josh’ you don’t want crackers?” Mike asked holding a cracker.

Josh shook his head no, reaching again at Mike’s hand.

“Josh have you eaten anything to day?” I asked drawing him back to look at me.

“No he didn’t, maybe he doesn’t eat food” Donna said out hitting the floor hard with the bottle looking over at us.

“Don’t you like food?” Josh shook his head back and forth, still trying to reach for Mikes hand; Donna stood up moving over maybe to get in a hassle with us but wanted to see them, her month and lips went tight and a nod of her head looking down at the pills then she remarked.

“Yes’ Yes’ We had to take them, I’m remembering more now”

“What were they for do you remember?” Mike and I both asked together in harmony.

“We didn’t have food’ No’ these pills and some sort of water mix brown color stuff, that’s what I recall”

“It’s got to be some form of food source”

“Just Give him one! Mike” I had to said before it got out of hand.

Mike open his hand looking at the pills all pink and white soggy but in still tacked, Mike with two fingers pulled one from the small mess from sticking together in his hand all mushy, Josh already with his hand out taking it and right in without a second look at them following with soda. Donna and Lisa started checking their pockets finding none, Brian finding none then checked Chris pants. Faye padded her pockets feeling nothing.

We watch waiting to see what he was going to do next, looking at both of us and reached to Mikes hand for the rest, mike pulled back handing him a cracker again.



“No I’ll keep these for you”

“But mine”

“No not now later”

Handing Mike an empty wrapper from the crackers, Josh went back over to Chris sitting down holding the soda.

“Thanks’” Mike placed the remaining pills in the wrapper tight then slowly pulling out his pocket putting them in.

Lisa handed him a little package, as he sat back down opening it wiping his hands off. (wet napkins from food store). Drinking a little more soda, Josh was still keeping an eye on Mike. Maybe he was going to try and get them later when he was sleeping: you could an almost scent that’s what he was thinking about just his eyes would move around the ship and back to his soda.

“This is food to keep them alive!” Mike remarked shifting his eyes among the other as I sat back down finishing off the crackers, wading the empty wrapper tossing it to the pile of empty boxes.

“Josh’ do you have’ anymore?”

“No you took them”

“I knew it, Time pills” Mike Blurted out excided at me.


“Time pills so they don’t age of course!”

“What are you saying?”

“Think about it. Youth pills!”

“Youth pills you might be right”

“That’s why they didn’t age any just look at them”

“If only we knew, before we took off”

“Right we’d be rich!”

“Right’ Fountain of youth that’s What Columbus was looking for and it was right there and we missed it”

“Wow just think’ what we’d have gotten for theses little babies”

“Scientist would have paid a great deal for them”

“We’d been rich, rich, rich”

“How about we get out of here’ Rich guys!” Brian interrupting us in our glory finishing off crackers wadding then throwing it towards the door, moving to the front controls getting settled in. Lisa, Faye and Chris were just sitting now looking over the clothes, mostly just wrapping them around them self’s. Josh set his empty bottle down next to the wall and scooted over to Chris.

“We’ – let’s get out of here”. Mike remarked; finishing off his sodas with four crackers at one time, most of them falling to the floor; having one big last gulp from my soda setting it down next to the other bottles before moving up to the front, back to adjusting into that small seat; Mike with a quick nod down and looking at both of us moving his hand over the lights; slowly the ship was turning on an angle just so the branches would fall off.

Mike reaching forward gasping his calendar before it slid off, placing it in front of him so he could see the hunting dogs. (Irish Setters in a point to a rabbit.)

“Let’s follow the beach line up!” Brian said; pointing outward towards the beach, turning the ship down towards the beach, our ships beacon light shinning off the golden beach sand as we moved along near the water’s edge.  Lisa and Donna were pulling one blanket open, spreading it out among them seating together in the rear now the ship was getting just a slight chill inside. Increasing our speed a little more staying clear of the trees and not to low near the water slowly along the beach line,  a few soda bottles along with cans rolled along the edges of the floor only when we drifted now and then; time seemed to just drag on with nothing insight seeing a few lights off to the side we were all getting tired even in back looking at them sleeping without a care where we were going I just hope it was going to be soon reaching over shaking Mike keeping him awake.

“Let’s find a place, guys.  I’m really tired”. Mike said lifting his head up trying to stretch out glancing at me and Brian.

Nodding our heads yes, was a good sign all three of us were now looking for an opening in the tree lines something just ahead we could see street lights along the trees, turning around as I heard Josh getting up and carefully placing the blanket down over Chris not disturbing the others walk up behind my chair leaning over the back of the seat watching out the front.

Lights were right on top of us as we slowed down looking along the road a few house’s on the beach front with boats tied to docks then more trees.

“Over there!” Josh pointed to an opening in the trees.

Mike taking it upward slow, listening to the sound of the glass soda bottles rolling across on the floor, we turn the ship more towards the opening seeing a house with no cars and darken area with plenty of trees around it, Just to its right side we all spotted a small barn type building not too far from the house, Brian pointed up as we rose up looking down more to the area seeing we could land in the back yard hidden by trees.

Just Below near the house a car had stopped seeing its lights on the trees following them back seeing the car just in time before the driver shut the lights off getting out looking up at us.

“Look, someone just spotted us.” I said out to them pointing towards the car, Mike and Brian with Josh all trying to see the Car with only a street light casting on it.

“Damn, not again,” Brian said holding the ship still.

“Guys, let’s shake him up a little!” Mike said outward with his big evil grin of revenge.  Moving the ship right for him nose down,  beacon blinking right off the car and bottles cans were all rolling forward boxes sliding just behind our seats, we all got a charge out of watching him hurrying to get back inside his car spinning his tires, without headlights down the street an out of our sight.

“We got him good now where’s that house?” Mike inquired maneuvering the ship back around towards the house.

“There it is” Josh said, jumping at the back of seat.

“Take it up quick!” Brian yelled out.

Not knowing what happened, pushing peddles down taking it up as quick as possible, bottles rolled back across the floor as Josh held onto the seat. The Girl’s were quickly awoken by the noise.

“What was it, Brian? “ Mike asked not sure what he saw.

“Power lines! We almost hit them, something we forgot about!”

“Let’s try it again”

“Third time’s the charm”

We had taken the ship over the trees and away from everything luckily we just went straight up and not sideways, moving the ship to the right and slowly lowering it back in front of the house again just near a boat dock without a boat, it looked like a clear shot right in the driveway; slowly just under the power lines watching them just above us trying to get lower and lower to the driveway, seem like we were going to hit the driveway clearing the power lines, that’s all we needed now to be fried in a ship coming to rest looking at the dark red two door building.

“What do you think? Let’s do it guys!” Mike asked.

“If the doors our open we could put it inside” Remarking back it sounded like his best idea all day.

“If Not the yard back here is well hidden from view”

Everyone was up looking outward seeing the house windows shinning our light back at us we’d better get it down before someone see it

“What inside that barn?” Lisa asked.

“Will find out quick”

“I’ll get the doors” Donna said opening the ship’s door and jumped outward before anybody could say anything.

“What if it’s locked?” Brian asked.

“Will plow thru it” Mike quickly said.

Donna rushing on the center part of the driveway between the two dirt ruts bare footed, while we hovered waiting on her pulling on the doors turning back with thumbs up pulling outward opening it rushing to the other one waving us forward.

“Let’s do it”

“About time, keep it steady”

Slowly forward checking the top beam for clearance, Donna waving both arms to get lower, scraping the grass mound already below the ship as it slowly moved inside.

Just as it cleared the doorway hitting and stirring up dirt and straw, pushing it to each side of the ship let alone some of it dust and straw filter the inside lingering on everything, Resting just center of the barn as the dust starting to dissipate, beacon light inside quickly went dimmer.

Donna’ quickly closing the doors behind us; looking outward while closing the other door brushing cobwebs off while making sure no one seen us. Josh and Chris already jumped out and started looking around as the rest of us started looking also; a lot of cob webs but the hay on the ground seemed new almost like someone was here.


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