4019 Chapter 19.Yellow jacket

Chapter 19. Fizzing bottle

Mike and I got out checking out the dirty cobwebbed windows while the others were near the Ship looking around hearing Brian telling the girls “Find a spot Girls were second” Josh and Chris were playing in the hay bundles keeping it low, Brian came up looking outside with us.

“Don’t think anybody seen us”

“No Brian it looks clear”

“Brian how did you ever see those wires?” Mike asked brushing cobwebs from his hair, trying to wipe them off on his pants.

“Just seen them bowing downward”

“Well we made it thanks’ to you”

“Yea we could have been all fried”

Lisa walked over looking outside and stood looking at us three.

“Boy’s theirs a spot in the back with a large pot and even Toilet paper sitting next to it?”

“Maybe someone’s been living here”

“Let’s lock these doors so whoever it is wont get in”

Mike walked over to the side door bracing it while me and Brian shoved a board across the two inside handles, Lisa found a small green bucket with Mike then placed it on top of the dim beacon light, while me and Brian went around checking out the rest of the building for anything that shouldn’t be, not seeing anything other than the little ones running around we return to the ship.

“Bet’ we scared them boaters hu’ Shawn”

“We sure did”

“Yea but we almost bit the big one with those wires”

“That was too close”

“Any Crackers left?”

“”Yea’ in the white pillow case Brian”

“Good am’ getting hungry”

Pulling crackers and then he reach for a soda on the floor.

“Don’t open that soda less it out side of the ship it will explode”

“Yea’ rolling around and they didn’t pop themselves!”

“Good Thing”

“Yea what a mess that would have been”

“It all sticky inside already”

“You think maybe we can get the Girls to clean it”

“Where are they anyway?”

“Over on the other side watching the boys”

Something was eerie about this barn, just having that feeling not quite bad, yet not good just it was that scents just something just not putting a finger on it; Donna stood at the door looking inside then without saying anything just stepped in and went thru a few cloths before picking up a plaid shirt trying it, she gave me a little smile and check the food bag for crackers, gee looks like that was all everyone was eating just Crackers and soda, she offered me some but I had a few too many getting a little heartburn most have been the salt, Donna walked over sitting in the doorway turning back looking at me again, what was she thinking was my only wonder at this point.

“Hey Shawn your brother is making nice’ nice’ with Lisa in the hay”

Remarking snippy like, eating four crackers at once.

“He’s not my brother he’s my good friend”

“Well looks like he found a new friend”

“No he’s just asking her about where you guys came from”

“Sure he is rolling her around”


“What do you think he’s doing back there!”

“You don’t know Mike to judge him like that”

“Well look’s to me like he’s got a girl friend now”

“No Mike’s not into girls yet we rather fish than spend our time with you girls”

“Fish’ How old are you”

“Ok’ Girls are cool but they don’t like fishing and exploring”

“Right, we just want to make cookies all day”

“I’ll  check on Mike’ bet he’s just asking talking to her”

“Ok you say so”

Moving past her now that she got me all worked all thinking Mike was going girl crazy, no she had him all wrong we do everything and he would have told me if girls started to interest him, every time we went anywhere we always avoided them, moving around the ship looking for him, and what do I find just as she said the two of them sitting on a bale of hay real close to each other with a little giggling back and forth, Mikes arm was around her back side rubbing her.

“What’s this?” Mike quickly removed his hand.

“Were talking’ what’s with you”

“Talking Mike with your hands”

“Grow up Shawn”

“Yea just forget about where we are and who got us into this”

“Shut up, Shawn” Mike said outward with anger.

Turning away from them seeing Josh and Chris looking up with hay all over them brushing it off just looking up, Faye reach for their hands as they got up following me around the ship, Donna just sitting with her big smile I’d like to wipe it off her face right now, Mike my best friend now into girls so no more great fishing avengers or maybe this was the end of our camping also, what happen why was I feeling this way I just wanted to be alone without anybody around getting back inside sitting back in the seat feeling betrayed. Brian came in stood for a second then climbed over the chair sitting downs holding two sodas handing me one, for some reason feeling hurt just wanting to cry but held it back even if my eyes were a little watery, Brian sat there not saying anything till Chris came in.

“Chris you and Josh stay near the front where I can see you”

“Is he ok”

“Yes go play for a little bit”

Gasping a little Brian moved over in the center bending down to me his hand on my leg slowly rubbing back and forth.

“Shawn’ don’t take it so hard”

“We did everything together”

“It’s a time in life that sometimes change”

“But why now’ look at us”

“We all have to go thru it “

“Some take a little longer than others”


“It’s that part of that growing up we have to go thru”

“Well it stinks”

“You’ll be ok’ just give it a little more time”

“Yea how much time do you think we have”

“Well, least there’s surely no dogs” Brian remarked gulping the last of his soda, getting up with a nod and went out to the boys.

Donna turn looking at me remarking with a soft voice: “Sorry I’m really sorry I said that” her head was low as she got up and joined the others, it took a minute before joining them sitting on the hay bales they pulled around. Most of the food supplies were brought out near the hay bales, Soda bottles lined up on one bale, wow did we still have a lot of soda, no wonder they were so heavy, all kinds of can goods and were eating crackers, looking down at most of them seeing they needed to be cooked, another fizzing bottle open Brian opened it fizzing all over the top onto the hay everyone was watching it fizzle around his lips trying to get most of it before it empty, down his chin and dripping to the hay on his feet trying to move them to one side.

“That was funny” Chris said: moving back and forth rocking the hay bale with Josh almost falling over backwards.

“No Buzz their just a lot of foam” Brian shaking the empty bottle.

“So What are we to do now” Trying to ease everything.

“We could get some rest”

“The moon is getting low dimming our light in here”

“We should all get rest right Mike!” Donna quickly said out to them coming around the ship sitting down.

Lisa pick up a package of crackers hand to Mike, taking them looking up at me not saying anything.

Donna sat looking at both of them like she was going to get even for hurting me; well she started this whole thing she should feel bad, taking a big swallow herself as her eyes quickly watering as soda dripped down her chin, quickly shaking her head, holding the empty bottle. Again remarking back in her snippy way:

“How do we know there’s no one in that house?”

“I saw the FOR SALE sign on the lawn OK?” Brian jumped right back at her with a stare.

“That doesn’t mean there’s no one living here! “snapping back.

“You want to go out and find out go”

“No I’ll wait till its’ light and we can all see if anyone’s their”

Trying not to get in the middle of that’ just watching the boys playing on the hay getting a little noisy at times. While Mike and Lisa were getting friendly sitting together on one bale of hay, when we had plenty others to sit on, then seeing them together I just couldn’t help myself from blurting out to Mike:

“Puppy Love Mike?”  Mike just frowned up with a snarl.

“I’ thought you were tired Mike!“

“Maybe were all Tired Shawn!”

“Looks like you got yourself a girl to play with”

Donna moved aside tilting her head back and forth at both of us and Mike just got that angry look and jump up after me, rushing me to the ground; Everyone stopped what they were doing now watching us two; we had fights before but never hit each other like this fist hitting back and forth, I never had hurt Mike before like this with hard fist just hitting each other, Mike sitting on top of me just stopped and looked down at me with a bloody noise holding my arm back, Brian trying to hold him back, Donna even got up trying to break us up, Brian pulled him off me Donna handed me a wet shirt.

“Boy’s it’s time to stop this”

“Come on guys this is no time to fight”

“ok’ ok’ Shawn you ok’ I’m real sorry about your noise”

“That’s alright I think I had it coming”

“Boy you two were really going at it”

“Think we all are a little over tired around here”

“Shawn’ really I’m sorry”

“Ok’ Mike let’s just forget it”

Holding out my hand to make up, Mike reach out grasping it pulling me to him, we both hugged each other then just as quick pulled back standing tall at one another looking around at the others just watching us.

“For a second thought you two were gon’na kiss and make up”

“Donna’ You did this you know you started this whole thing between them, maybe you should say something”

“Ok’ guy’s I’m sorry too’ can we get some rest now”

“What’s’ with you guys always have to fight?” Faye asked.

“It’s a boy thing’ it’s over now”

“Let’s get some zzz.”

“Will check out the house in the morning right?”

“Come on everyone let’s try to get some rest”

Brian remarked walking towards the ship.

Donna helped around inside moving empties; Mike placed the bottles just outside the door.  Lisa and Faye shook off the blankets and placed them near the wall rolling cloths in a bundle for pillows, Brian and me got settled into our chairs leading back stretched out, Josh came up sitting in the center chair copying Brian stretching his feet on the controls.

So everyone was getting a spot on the floor, Chris stayed near Faye while Lisa set up a spot for her and Mike, and of course joining her with a nod to me getting under the blanket. It didn’t take long as I sat there looking around at everyone almost all sleeping away even Mike was out, Josh lower his head on my lap and fell asleep quickly, leading back resting on the wall knowing we were all safe for the night, even if it was almost morning out with the moon gone from the window.


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