4020 Chapter 20.Yellow jacket

Chapter 20. Shocking News

Morning cracking sun rays through the trees onto the snow just outside the window just as the clock read 7:30am.  It had been a long night and even harder day was still ahead, taking only a few minutes to rest sitting upright in chairs during the night, Rescue Radio operator finally had a relieve operator, monitoring the sky chopper along ski-doo crews taking turn during the night; Some Campers were already up and about mostly hitting the rest rooms then a few would stop in checking around seeing what was going on and if anything developed during the night not too worried about the missing boy’s but more to the weather conditions.

Nick talked with Lieutenant Rosenberg, sitting at the table drinking coffee with hard roll while looking over graft papers of the region, Lloyd and bill were finishing up having breakfast with Helen in the kitchen getting ready for the day ahead.

Lieutenant Rosenberg rolled the grafts up walking over to the rescue unit for more news; while Nick went to the kitchen standing by the door ready to start searching with Bill and Lloyd.

Helen handed Nick coffee cup with two cups keeping it hot, steam rising out the top, Nick smelling the steam.

“Coffee Smell’s real good this morning Helen thank You”

“It’s double cupped so it will stay a little longer for you”

“You’ guys just about ready to go?”

“As soon as we get are coats”

“Ok’ here’s your coffee to go” Helen said handing Bill a brown bag with a quick kiss on the cheek.


Lieutenant Rosenberg by waiting at the store door, handing Nick the new grafts pulling his zipper up feeling the brisk air hitting him quickly nodding as he went out the door just behind Lloyd.

Checking around the jeep covered snow chains before getting inside as Lloyd brushed the snow off the front window, snapping the wipers once to free them from sticking waiting on the heater to defrost more. Nick and Bill ready to roll feeling the cold when Lloyd opened the back door getting in rubbing his hands together, taking the hot coffee holding it between. Snow crunching below the chains moving away from the cabin.

“Bill show’ Lloyd the papers we just got”

“Lloyd check out those papers from 1991, remember the missing Girls from 91? you’ll find something interesting!”

“Was there something we didn’t know about?”

“That there is, you’ll be surprised”

“News we weren’t told about?” Bill asked very curious looking back to the folder.


Lloyd going through papers, stopping pulling one form out and handed it to Bill.

“Anything in there!” Nick asked. With a snicker looking in the mirror back.

“Why didn’t they tell us about this before Nick?”

“Bill’ they didn’t want anybody to know”

“They Knew one was found in California and had no idea of where she had been”

“What were they covering up?”

“That’s the other good part read on”

“Even the News never found out”

“They keep it all hush’ hush”


“Three months had passed and felt they might have had a lead on a serial killer back then in the area”

“Wasn’t a Girl last summer missing not far from here also?”

“That was a run away, she back home”

“Parents of the other girl ended up in divorce after a year of not finding their daughter”

“No they said it wasn’t her fault they were already getting it before this happen”

“Says here they really didn’t care about her, she always running away and hanging with her friends more on her own”

“They had problems way before their daughter came into it’

“Thorn in her parents’ more” Bill quickly remarked.

“But just forgot about her, not caring’ That’s not right” Nick said.

“Some of those parents out there just don’t care”


Lloyd shuffling thru a few more notes stopping looking sharply up to the mirror and looked at Nick looking back.

“What about the other parent’s?”

“They wanted to help any way they can!”

“Yeah, that’s right, This girls parents stayed till late in the summer’ I remember they had hopes of finding her”

“After all they wanted to find her alive”

“They returned home and well you see in the report she’s alive”

“Did you know all these kids disappeared at night time too?”

“They Even brought in Dogs, but nothing turned up then’ Not a trace just nothing out their”

“What about now with all this snow”

“Now here’s something you both should know”

“What more”

“The girl that was found’ her and her parents are headed here”


“Yea they call as soon as it hit the news”

“What are they going to do?”

“Don’t know but the daughter wanted to be here”

“What about the press?”

“They don’t know who she is now”

“It’s been five years’ she’s what seventeen now!”

“Right, and now’ coming up to the Campgrounds”

“Driving, because they couldn’t get a chopper to make the trip”

“This guy is going way out in the search putting up whatever we need’ he said cost is no object to finding them”

“This guys powerful”

“Big executive on wall street”

“Look, Let’s keep looking for the boys”

Snow was razing upward on the jeep pushing through deep snow along the trees line.

Back at the campground: Sun rays glazed thru the window awaken Joey, hearing dripping water hitting the window frame, his eyes only half open looking around the camper from the lower bunk; sitting checking around for his bear, before pushing up and down on the bottom of Jamie bunk.  “Joey” “I gotta go” Jamie stretched; straighten her shirt before climbing down, both of them sat on the edge putting their shoes on. Joey not wanting to tie them Jamie reach down pulling his leg up tying them for him not saying anything to him just hurry him up.

Slowly unlocking the door with a squint eye turning the knob while putting their jackets on opening it; a small sound coming from ice breaking on the door.

Snow had piled up on the outside table seat making it a nice round form that Joey could not resist the chance to push thru it as they walk by it, following Jamie’s footsteps in the snow too the pathway already padded down from other campers making the trip before them. Just as they got there Jamie just pointed to the split before the rest rooms to Joey without saying anything as she headed up ward to the left and Joey keep walking to his side on the right.

Janet rolled over looking down the hallway, her eyes not fully opened; then quickly open them wide lifting her head off the pillow; looking towards the lower bunk bed lessening for sounds.

“What’ is it honey?”

“The kid’s are gone”

“OK, OK. They’re probably up at the club house relax, they’re fine” pulling the blanket back over him feeling the coldness air.

“Sure, just like Shawn” harshly putting on her sweater.

“Honey, Shawn’s OK”

“How do you know he’s OK?  He’s out there somewhere”

“There’ here, Honey at the door”

Slowly the door opens outward; Joey with Jamie right behind him, knocking the snow off.

“Where have you two been?”

“Well, don’t just stand there, where were you?”

“The bathroom, Mom” Jamie spoke out undoing her coat.

“You don’t leave here, is that clear?”

“Janet’ Honey”

“I don’t want them coming up missing next”

“Your mother is a little upset”

“Damn right I’m upset, up here in the damn woods; it’s cold and snowing, this is camping”

Mr. Marcus got out of bed pushing the covers off; looking down at Jamie and Joey quickly getting their coats off sitting at the table, with a quick shiver moving down the small hallway watching Janet pulling pans from the stove, quickly sat next to Jamie with a smile to both getting a glimpse out the window; Bang on the stove “Fix your own coffee” Janet went back to the bedroom closing the folding door. Tying his shoes and smiled making hand gestures to both Ok.

“I’ll go down and see if they heard anything”  Not hearing a reply. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, coffee and something for the kids?”

“Can we go with you’ Daddy?”

“Sure take them with you; but don’t let them out of your sight” came thru the folding doors harshly.

“Come on kids, your Mother will be ok, she just need’s a few minutes to herself”


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