4022 Chapter 21.Yellow jacket

Chapter 21.   Coated Brown donuts

Campers standing near the counter were looking upward at the TV set, waiting for the latest news. (7:45 am.) Bing Bing Bing This is a Special Weather Report. Bing Bing Bing. A Surpassingly Fast moving Storm Blanketed the East Coast Late Last Night and in to the Early Am. hours….This Sudden Blizzard Has Been Now Official Called, The Blizzard of 1996…..The State of New York declared a state of emergency, Late Last Night with the National Guard called up to help clear streets and rescue stranded motorists. Stalled cars and trucks shutting down miles of Interstate, Wind-blown snow Saturday, closing airports, paralyzing the Nation’s Capital…..Major Eastern Airports closed, including New York’s LaGuardia, Washington National Airport…and Airports in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore, having delays and cancellations….At least four people were killed in weather – related traffic accidents. Temperatures dip into the 10 deg below in the North Western part of eastern quad with upper 20s along the coast. Wind Gust’s were reported near 35mph…..This has been a Weather Center Blizzard of 1996 report, stay tune to this station for more updates as they happen. On other local developing news reported ….Two Connecticut 12 year old boys were reported missing and feared dead in a weekend campout in New York, Rescues Workers had search late into the evening and have resume again early this morning…Stay tune to your local news station for more updates as they happen.

“Wow’ that is some Storm out there”

“Right’ what are we suppose to do?”

Lieutenant Rosenberg stood at the front looking around the small group that gathered.

With a quick reply; getting their attention

“Ok’ People fact is, your here in the camp till the roads clear up”

A few out burst from the small crowd… “When can we leave, What about our trailers, What about our job’s you think we can just sit around here and wait for it to clear up, Why can’t we leave, The storm isn’t that bad the roads look clear to me.”

Just as all three walked inside looking upward staying far enough back from the crowd gathered, Joey looking at cookies tugging on dad, he just nodded to him moving out of the way from campers leaving the store muttering to themselves.

Lieutenant Rosenberg standing by the counter talking softly, among a few campers that wanted to know more, one even remarked their dead out their just waiting for their body’s to be found. He was hushed up just as fast as he spoke out. While others wanting to help in the search asking if they had any hope in finding the Boys alive, not aware Mr. Marcus and the kids were in the store. Helen moved around the counter after seeing the Marcus standing near the doorway she quickly moved around the campers getting over to them.

“Mr. Marcus how’s the Mrs. Holding up?”

“It’s Frank and she’ll be fine, anything on Shawn or Mike”

Joey held his dads hand staying close to him.

“How about you two?”

“Were ok” Jamie said frowning.

Helen Smiled at Joey remarking to all of them:

“Come on in the other room away from this crowd ok”

Helen held out her hand for Jamie, taking her hand following her towards the rear of the store cabin passing the small group; Lieutenant Rosenberg looking on seeing them moving towards the rear cabin, before encountering any more questions. Helen opened the door leading them into their cabin Living room area:  Joey eyes lit open seeing a few donut boxes on the end table just waiting for him to open, toughing at his dads shirt getting his attention looking down at him, pointing to the boxes.

“You like donuts Joey? Over there help yourself”

“Ok’ Dad?” Joey looked up nodding his head up and down waiting for the ok. He nodded yes letting his hand go holding the package of cookies now. Jamie also looked inside after Joey already looking in the last box with lots of brown coated donuts, ones with little color shots and strawberry coated top that Shawn always took from the box first, only a few long plain ones still remain in that box.

“Go ahead’ Joey!”

“Thank You” Joey replied picking up a brown-coated donut.

“I’ll get you each a glass of Milk, would you like some coffee?” Helen asked trying to easy everything just a little.

Jamie glancing over to Joey seeing almost the whole donut was gone pointing her finger at him while dad was looking the other way, Joey slowed down but not before planning his next brown coated donut in his sight. Jamie took a chocolate cream filled with two napkins motioning to Joey already reaching down taking that one he set his sights on, before she could even hand him a napkin to hold it, licking his fingers was better than a napkin any day; taking in the napkin sitting down next to their father on the large couch.

Returning with a small tray two milks and three coffees just as the door open, Lieutenant Rosenberg walking into the room, Frank stood up to greet him Lieutenant Rosenberg holding his hand out, both shook hands offering to help with the try, waving her hand she got it setting it on the table handing the kids the milk, Joey reaching out while wiping frosting off on the napkin.  Lieutenant Rosenberg sitting across from them was picking up his coffee taking a few spoons of sugar and little milk from chrome creamer; before a quick sip finding it too hot to drink.

Joey shifted over for Helen to sit alongside him.

“Would you like a donut Lieutenant, how about you Frank?”

“No Thank You, Any word at all”

“No there out looking in more of a force type”


“Yes they sent in a Sky chopper early this morning”

“That should sure get the boys attention”

“Let’s hope so”

“What are their chances’ really out there?”

“It’s hard to say with this weather”

“They’ll be ok, will they find them”

Stopping him short Lieutenant raised his hand looking over at Jamie and Joey sitting holding their milk listening.

“You just keep thinking positive, well find them”

“Thank you for all your help, you and everyone here are doing”

“This is the most, I’ve seen with searching just grouped at one time in any campground”

“Wish I, could do more”

“Just be calm and take care of your family, your wife and kids need you more right now”

Frank knotted his head yes. Jamie and Joey sitting both hands hug low taking everything in.

Hearing another update broadcasting news report, as the door open inward; standing in the doorway with his bright red jacket rescue crew member; quickly spoke out.  “You might what to see this Lieutenant” Lieutenant set his coffee down near the edge of the table, Helen placed it on the plate for him. “Sure thing Mat”

“Dad did they find something?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t know Jamie well see”

“Maybe they found Shawn’ Dad” Joey excitedly said.

“Let’s hope so”

“I got a Donut for him see” placing the napkin around it carefully followed right behind them heading into the game room. The TV set was showing satellite photos and loops of moisture over the area. Dated; Saturday night the 16 of November 1996.  On the 17, the storm was in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of the Appalachian Trail, and approaching the Northeastern corridor swiftly. Snow was already falling in Washington DC. And beginning to fall in the New York City Metro area…..At about early in the afternoon, Saturday snow was falling at a decent pace in the trio-state area, but not like the way it was falling in the Nation’s Capital.  In Washington, there was already seven inches of snow on the ground, and it was still falling at the heavy, rapid rate of two inches per hour, as the day progressed, the blizzard was showing signs of another Mass…At about five pm….Early evening, the storm was beginning to deepen just off the mid-Atlanta coast………New York metro area, there was only around thirteen inches of snow on the ground, by eight p.m. last night, there was close to twenty inches on the ground….This storm had intensified and was dumping snow at a rate of two to three inches per hour…. In addition, another factor was beginning to develop as the winds began to pick up which made conditions blizzard like…..Snow continued to fall into the late hours, and even preceded into the early morning tapering off to flurries.


Jamie held Joey close to her remarking hugging him; looking up also to her dad.

“You Know, something ”

“What?” Joey asked.

“I miss Shawn awful, it’s funny- I can’t stand him at times, but now, he’s out there, lost in this storm.”

“Yep, I miss him to’ it’s not as much fun without him” holding the napkin try not to squish it.

Lieutenant Rosenberg was standing just behind both of them placing his hands on their shoulders.

“It’s ok to talk about how you miss him.”

“We teas him a lot, but we really didn’t mean it”

“When you see him, you might try being maybe a little nicer”

“Your right no more teasing, I love my older brother”

“Yea me too”

“Well you two keep your hope’s high! We’ll find him”


Frank glanced down from the TV Report; Jamie was hugging Joey, both feeling it more started crying; quickly holding the two close to him bending down holding back his own tears just thinking they could be already buried in the snow.

“Best they go back to cabin”

‘I’ll take them, keep us posted”

“I’ll be right up wait for me their”

Frank held them for a second before they headed away from the campers. Helen stood at the door opening it for them almost in tears herself now seeing the kids crying next to Frank, heading for the couch sitting down, Helen handed them tissues trying her best not to bring tears from her own eyes just knowing how hard it was for them. Lieutenant Rosenberg wasn’t but a few minutes behind them.“Daddy’ we miss Shawn!” Folding into him as he held them close.“Mr. Marcus they both have just realized what’s going on, the emotional facts are hitting them now, would you like the doctor to come in?” Lieutenant Rosenberg asked.

Holding both to him shaking his head no; immediate Helen bending low in front was trying to ease the situation.

Lieutenant Rosenberg stood nearby watching them.

“Come on guy’s Shawn will be found”

“I got a donut for him too dad”

“He’ll like that”


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