4022 Chapter 22.Yellow jacket

Chapter 22. Cold Water

The early morning sunrays were also now shinning through the dirty cobwebs windows while they slept, peacefully on the floor and front chairs.  Josh rubbing his eyes looking around and noticed Chris was missing, looking over at every bundle still not seeing him carefully got up not to disturb the others and walked to the doorway looking outward.

Seeing a milk crate just below the doorway stepping down while glancing at the others seeing if anybody might have heard him slipping on it, carefully watching his steps looking around the ship then seeing the barn door open just a little hurry to it looking Thru a small crack outward towards the house.

Leaning on the door made a screech sound stopping him short looking back at the ship not seeing anything squeezed out without moving it anymore, turning slowly pushing till another screech, looking down the driveway and rushed towards the house, stopping him almost halfway when a car went by the roadway; not knowing whether to run to the house or back to the barn just as he saw Chris standing at the back waving him to come over.

“Don’t do that”

“Come On I found cold water”

Reaching down pulling a twig from his toe following just behind Chris to the side near tall thin trees casting over the house, Chris stood turning on the water washing his feet off, josh joined right in both giggling pulling away as it got colder; soaking into the ground while giggle catching in their palms trying to drink it.

Falling asleep in that chair all night only to wake up with my arm slipping off the counsel, waking me from falling off this hard chair, that sure woke me in a hurry getting straight up looking outward to bright sun ray gleaming across hay just outside the window, wooden planks on the wall of the building, this was no dream I was here not dreaming all this, looking back at the others sleeping soundly on the floor all curled up Brian sitting resting against the wall with both feet on the control lights; stretching out while yawning still looking around the ship and everything on the floor then looking at them, something not right he’s missing and so is the other kid, what happen during the night did they come and take both small boys only.

Getting up quickly looking out the doorway only to find our board across was laying on the ground with the door slightly open I just knew right there those two boys went out, looking over the bundles finding Mike next to Faye both sound asleep together; bending down pulled the cover off his head and shaking him, Mike just looked up rubbing his eyes glancing around then back to me leaning over him.

“Mike, Mike!”

“What Shawn?”

“The boys are gone”

“Stupid kid’s are outside?”

“We’ve got to find them”

“Ok, just what we need, little boys lost!”

Mike carefully got up not waking Faye placing the blanket over her then walk over to me sitting in the doorway putting on my shoes, pushing his hair back sitting next to me both shoes on his lap sat looking outward.

“Why they go out?”

“Beats me but we better find them before somebody else does”

“That’s for sure”

“Did you hear anything last night?”

“No I was out like a light”

“Me two’ I’ll look outside and wait for you”

“Ok’ be right their”

Standing in the doorway looking towards the house not seeing them, hearing behind me Brian and the girls woke up, everyone was waking up walking back to see what was taking so long, Mike untying a knot in the lace at least he had one on.

“What’s going on?” Brian asked looking around.

“Chris and Josh went outside somewhere”

“Where could they have gone? Brian” asking hoping he knew.

“They’ll be back” Brian said, not overly concern sitting down next to Mike finally put his shoe on.

All three girls moving around holding blanket around them standing over the two looking outward at me, what I wanted to say but keep my tong, All of a sudden we all heard the door open making all of us look to the door coming around the door. Josh and Chris not even looking over to us closed the door placing the board across turning standing looking at us now.

Josh with a smile and a wave hi as nothing had happen.

“Where’d you go?” I asked, reaching out grabbing Josh arm.

“Let him go’ he’s fine” Brian said standing up.

“Now look what you did” Mike said pointing to Josh crying.

“What were you two doing?”


“Why didn’t you wake one of us?”

“Why?” Josh said out wiping his tears away.

“So maybe we know where you were going”

“Did you see anyone?” Mike asked.

“No and no one seen us”

“Hey, Wait a minute there’s water?” Lisa asked.

“On the side by the house”

“That means we can get this sticky stuff off” Donna Remarking throwing back the blanket ready to go check for herself.

‘Water’ we can wash up”

“Don’t you feel sticky?”

“We’re, all sticky”

“OK, then let’s go!”

‘Maybe the house is open”

“Wait! We can’t just barge in”

“You got a better idea?”

Lisa and Faye pulling on the pillow case with clothing checking inside pulling a few shirts out Faye helping her. Josh and Chris sat down on the hay looking upward at us back and forth.

Donna wasted no time getting to the door looking outward.

“Look, the house is empty” Donna said pulling the board off.

“But we can’t just break in!”

“Why not?”

“OK’ let’s go and check it out”

“We Leave together! As a group everyone” I said before Donna rush outside, stopping her at the door.

“You still mad at me” Josh asked Looking up at me, shaking my head back and forth looking down, he got up so quick wrapping his arms around me holding on; patting his back smiling down to his smile back, wow’ my feeling were growing deep for this kid for some reason, everyone just stood there looking at us, Chris join him and both now almost knocking me down.

“Ok’ Ok’ let’s all go check it out”

“Just maybe it’s open”

“Who leaves a house unlocked?” Lisa asking: holding a big stack of shirts and a few pants hanging over her arms.

“We always left ours unlocked”

“And you never got robed” Brian asked puzzled.

Donna held the door checking then right out in front as we all followed her quickly across the driveway to the house, likely no cars went by as we crossed, Donna at the back door trying the knob, feeling it was locked with a sharp turn looking around the ground her head went back and forth just as Mike was looking down the driveway and back, Donna rush over to a rock and moved it without seeing anything under it.

“It’s got to be here somewhere”

We were all looking at the ground like Joey watching ants crossing a sidewalk, Brian quickly picking up a small dried out flower pot just off the step, Yes the Key all brass colored not brown or worn but like new, just like Donna said the key was around here like she knew before hand.

Mike hurried back as Donna already putting the key in opening the door wide for us, following inside closing the door with the key still in the lock.

Donna already opening kitchen cabinet doors one after the other, Lisa checking the Water see if it was hot. Faye headed into the living room area while both boys took off looking around the house; Brian went right to the front window pulling the flowered curtain back looking out.

“Wow look there’s soda here and some food” Mike all excited said out opening the refrigerator standing looking inside.

Everyone quickly came back to the kitchen area looking inside it seeing all the soda and some food Bread, boy did that looked good I was ready for any food.

Mike handed out bottles to everyone placing the Bread on the counter, Lisa found peanut butter and Jelly jars side by side placing them on the counter next to the bread. Brian open a few draws finding silverware pulling out a butter knife handing it to Mike, Faye pulled the bread out setting it up one on top and one below it in rows across, Mike was already spreading Jam on before she got them all set up, then started with the peanut butter Faye handed them out as each was done.

“Any good food beside this” Donna asked

“Do you see anything?”


“Mike’ a Knife, Sandwiches with soda?”

“What Shawn?”

“That’s just wired don’t you think”

“Food is food”

Lisa already starting a new batch of sandwiches, while eating hers, Brian handed Chris and Josh one, but Josh just stood looking at bread, smelling it but not taking a bite.

Lisa finished taking another and went into the livingroom with Donna right behind her, saying outward:“Here we go again”

“Josh try a little bite ok”

“Shawn” Mike said softly with a finger to come over by him.

“What’s up?”

“The pills are all distorted”

“We have to get him to eat something”

“Josh try the middle its gooey not hard”

“Grouse” Faye said opening a soda bottle going by them.

“Try it“

Josh slowly held it to his lips closing his eyes taking a small bit making a face of dislike, but then it changed he started moving his mouth around shifting it back and forth, then spitting it out.

“You tried it Good’ it wasn’t that hard “

“Drink some soda”

“We’ll he making a attempt to eat that’s a good sign”

“We’ll have to work on that”

Lisa came back in the kitchen looking down at the floor, then at both of us standing drinking soda with Josh and Chris.

“Well there’s a phone here but it’s out of order”

“So much for calling home”

“The water’s good and hot and we have lights too”

“Gee we can wash up with hot water”

“Where is everybody?”

“In the front room looking out the window”

“Window’ what’s going on out there?”

“Nothing that’s why there looking”

Mike already started for the front; we were right behind him, following seeing Donna now putting the tee shirts and pants in the bathroom, Faye folding the blankets they wore over placing them near a chair by the wall, Josh and Chris quickly made it sitting on an old couch covered in a sheet drinking soda, mostly sipping on the bottles watching it go back down fizzing there noises being boys, TV set but it had no power.

“OK guys, stay in the front room!” Donna remarked outward pointing her finger at us like what were little children; I’d like to give her that finger where the sun don’t shine.

“Sure, girls first”

“Don’t take all day, save some hot water for us” Mike quickly remarked. Looking back from the window giving eyes up to Faye and Lisa as both went right by him, he’s at it again.

Faye and Lisa went in and Donna shut the door hard. Brian sat down with the boys, Mike headed back to the Kitchen giving me a head motion to follow him.

“Do you have any idea what we are going to do?”

“No’ where are we and how do we explain all that happen and who they are”

“Were in a real pickle here”

“That we are and we need to get to a phone”

“What are we going to tell them we found a ship and a bunch of kids from the past?”

“Sure who’s going to believe us’

“That’s for sure no one will”

‘Ok’ so what now”

“We should find out where we are then take it from there”

“Were in big trouble already”

“Think they know it’

“My Dad probably called in the army”

“Your Dad is way powerful”

“Well yours isn’t too bad’

“He tries”

“The girls are coming out”

“Let’s go see them”

Hearing the door finally opened returning to the livingroom, just as they walked out all three of them; Josh started laughing along with Chris joining right in, Brian sat their looking holding back his as were me and Mike they looked so funny standing wearing oversized tee shirts just below their knees and bare white legs, even more funny was looking up at towels wrapped around Lisa and Donna head, Faye wet and laying on her shoulders soaking into the tee shirt.

“It’s your turn boys!”

“We’re you find towels?”

“Bathroom had a whole bunch”

“Any left for us?”

“Yes plenty for you guys too”

“You guys are so dense, were going back to the barn”

“What’s dense?” Josh asked looking up.


“am’ not dum’

“No Josh it’s just a saying someone says” Brian replied standing up with Chris and Josh.

“Come on, I’ll walk back with you three” Still trying not to laugh at them just keeping my big smirk turning to the back door.

“Wow girls an escort ta ta” Donna pranced along saying patting her little head bonnet.


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