4023 Chapter 23.Yellow jacket

Chapter 23 Looking Outward

Chris moved into the seat of the chair near the TV set just shaking his head back and forth no, to Brian. Josh stood next to him looking at him then up to Brian and Mike, Chris sat with his knees up against his chest not wanting to go in just as I had went out the back door.

“What’s up Chris don’t you want to get all that salt off you?”

“He doesn’t want to’ Mike!”

“Come on Chris!” Brian stood in front holding his hand outward to him, he pulled his inward under his legs looking up at him.

“He’ll be ok you two go ahead”

“Why don’t you take him and Josh first, I’ll wait on Shawn”

Chris stood up on the chair reaching out to Brian buring his head into him.

“What’s going on Brian maybe he’s afraid of the water”

“Maybe but I’ll watch him”

Brian started moving towards the bathroom with Josh following, pushing back shaking his head no to Josh; Brian stopped and looked down at Josh.

Mike quickly right behind Josh putting his hand on his shoulder, Josh turned around stating crying holding Mike.

”What’s with these two”

“Ok’ I’ll take him and maybe you better wait on Shawn”

“Just go”

“We’ll only be a minute or two”

Brian and Chris went into the bathroom, with the door open just a little, Josh rush to the couch hitting one of the bottles on the floor, Mike pick it up sitting next to him; looking to the kitchen hearing the door.

“Where’s Brian and Chris?’


“Why is he crying again?’

“It’s little kids stuff”

“Look’s clear outside still”

Sitting down with Josh holding him after a few minutes Brian and Chris came out, Chris stood in front of him with just a towel around him, Brian standing water dripping on the floor in a clean tee shirt and baggy pants holding him, Chris turning held his head into Brian then looked up to him.

“What happen now?”  I asked, sitting with Josh looking at the two just standing, Brian slowly removed the towel showing us his bare backside, holding the towel in one hand.

“Guy’s” Brian Said softly. Patting Chris bare shoulder.

Chris slowly turn his head looking at us just as fast turning back looking up to Brian, slowly turning around backing more into Brian looking at each of us standing dripping wet naked; Brian wrap the Towel around him walking him back into the bathroom. Mike just looked dumb founded while Josh sat in silence then both turn to me, like I had an answer for them, I was just as stunned as they were.

“Wow, the kids a girl” Mike blurted out.

“Yea’ Anything more we need to know?” asking looking down at Josh he looked down at his shorts then right up at me in his little voice and puzzled face.

“Why is his missing?” Josh asked.

Mike head snapped down in disbelief he said that with a big grin.

“He Just didn’t want the girls to know”

“But he never told me he lost his”

Both of us were not lost for words but this was real hard not to start laughing at mostly Josh, Mike sitting trying hard to turn away before giggling thru his hand covering his face, getting up moving to the window waved his hand looking out.

“He’s your little brother now Shawn’ teach him about the Birds and Bees” with a big chuckle following his giggling.

“Is Chris still one of us”

“Yes Josh he’s just, how do I put it”

Just then the Bathroom door open and Brian and Chris step out, wearing pant’s rolled up and over sized tee shirt, glade it open giving me that little extra time to think what to say to him.

“Our turn?” Josh said getting up smiling at Chris as nothing had changed, reaching over taking hold of my hand leading the way.

“You’ll watch the front” asking Brian trying to hold on to Josh.

“Sure and the waters cold” Brian answered back rubbing his hair around out away from his eyes.

“We’re next, getting sticky stuff off” Josh replied with a smile to Chris jumping onto the couch.

“Mike will be right out” still looking outside with a wave to go.

“So He’s a Girl, why didn’t you say something?”

“Chris asked me not to tell anyone right away”

“Ok so we don’t tell the other about him ah her”

“Chris that ok” Brain asked looking down, he just nodded yes.

Josh wasted no time getting out of those shorts standing just looking at the water coming down the shower into the drain tube, his head moved in small circles with the drain water, one step into the tub almost falling down inside slipping, pulling his foot back over the tub turning watching me setting the towel across the sink, reaching out for my hand afraid of falling he stood under the water getting wet watching the water run down his arms downs his chest, quickly washing behind him as he just watch the soap bubbles go down the drain, so he just stood there maybe he didn’t know what to do so handing him the soap he just looked at it, the water was getting cold so I started washing him down quickly rubbing the soap in a wash cloth wiping him down; some resistance to the warm-colder water he was clean from head to toe all white making me wonder just how long he had been keep before we got there, rinsing his hair then picked him up setting him outside the tub.

He just stood watching me rinsing off not even taking a towel just dripping wet standing trying to see himself in the mirror, The floor was soaked putting one towel on the floor before getting out drying Josh off hurrying to get myself dressed as he just pressing the towel next to himself.

“We have to wear long shirts too?”

“That’s what we have right now”

“Ok I’ll look like Chris right?’

“Yes just like Chris”

Josh just stood there holding the towel, not saying anything with a quick tie to the rope reaching out for Josh he came to my arms like a little baby to its mother, I held him for a second then placed him on the seat drying him down again is back all wet from his hair placing the towel over it rubbing a little dry pulling it out of his face, I stopped and stared into his blue eyes wishing he was my brother at this point, he needed love so much I could just feel out for him, Mom would have cuddled him to death, she always hug us kids no matter how old we were, that was mom at being mom just giving all the love she could to each one of us kids and I know she love Josh just the same.



“Ok’ Mike”

“Gee took you two long enough, leave any hot water?”

“It’s warm but refreshing”

“Brian and Chris went back to the Barn”

“Ok’ will watch the front”

“Shawn don’t tell the Girls about Chris”

“Na it’s between us, right Josh”

Mike went into the bathroom as we watch out the front, a few cars went by, Josh sat on the couch picking up his soda sipping it and shaking to watch the bubbles inside, looking out I spotted the same car go by two times slowly; this was not looking good turning just as Mike came into the room trying to tie the small rope around himself.

“Josh’ go get our clothes’ we need to take back with us”


“Mike the same car went by two times very slow”

“Better get everything ready we might have to leave”

Helping Josh with the clothes placing inside the blanket, Mike dripping wet on the floor standing at the window looking out trying to pull the tee shirt from sticking to his wet body.

“See that car again?”


“Was it a white and Red color you seen?”

“Yea that one went by early when you two were in there’

“Let’s get back to the others”

“Leave the bundle over by the chair, will come back for it later”

We headed for the back door, checking around josh up front stopping just outside; Mike slowly closed the door locking it back up pulling the key out placing it back where we found it before, Josh held out his arms to me picking him up quickly, stopping at the driveway looking down then quickly rushing to the barn side door, seeing Lisa standing waiting for us.

Setting Josh down inside and making it to the front looking out the window, Mike followed right behind me everyone was tenses now hurrying near the ship, Faye and Lisa were picking up what they had laying around putting it inside as well, we just stood by the windows scared someone found us or heard us in the house.

“Mike’ think we set off an alarm”

“No I didn’t see any alarm systems anywhere” With a shiver.

“Think it’s safe now”

“Look’s clear”

Everyone was quite standing by the windows or sitting inside the ship, Donna was ready to open the door quickly if we had to leave, Brian stood by her while Mike and I were going back and forth window to window, every time a car was heard we duck down slowly looking up to see if it was coming up the driveway,

Looking over to Brian seeing Faye saying something not sure what but he motion to me to come quick.

“I’ll be right back something going on in the ship”

“Go I’ll watch for the car”

By the time it took me to reach the ship Brian just inside the doorway holding Chris and Josh both crying together.

“What happen?”

“They got scared”

“Were ok’ no one’s gonn’a get us”

“What about Kola” Josh asked lifting his head looking over at me moving away from Brian to me with his arms out.

“Kola won’t harm you guy’s anymore” I quickly remarked as he placed both arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder, wiping his tears on the tee shirt sleeve, his head rose backwards looking at me full of sadness and worry.

“We ‘leaving now?”

“Maybe we don’t know yet”

“What are you looking at out there”

“Cars going by”

“Those big things going buy”

“Big things?”

“Like the ship, with round thing on the bottom”

“Tire’s Josh”

“Tire’s they don’t go up?”

“No they stay down on a road”

“Road! Like the Tunnels”

“Something like that”

“Why is”

Mike came right up to the door turning sitting looking at me while asking. “Look’s clear Shawn what’s with the Boy’s”

“Scared a little that’s all”

Josh stood back as Brian and Chris went over to the hay bales an sat down with Lisa and Faye playing cards, Josh moved around me and down joining the others; looked like that was over real quickly Mike was sitting up front looking over a few things

“Mike did you know that boy didn’t even know what a car was”

“Nothing would surprise me anymore with that kid”

“What kind of car was that?”

“That was an older one for sure”

“How old, what maybe twenty or more”

“Maybe even older”

“Everything looks good in here”

“Yea they even picked up the empties”

“It’s been a good half hour’ no one’s gonn’a bother us”

“Think so”

“Well is your watch working?”

“No it got soaked”


Donna checked the cards going back and forth, seeing what they were playing, guess it wasn’t to her liking she walk over looking in the ship right next to me.

“Hey Donna”

“Where’s Your dirty cloth’s”

“We left them inside”

“We had to get out quick”

“Just a little while longer and will go get them”

“There’s a bucket in the back we used to clean with.

“What Clean your clothes?”

“Yes and washed’ Hanging them with a rope!”

“Gee we could use a dryer about now”

“Didn’t see one in the house”

“Look’ we all cannot keep wearing this stuff”

“Your right as soon as we can will get them”

“The Buckets over there like I said”

Donna reach right around in front of me getting a soda, brushing my oversized tea shirt to the ribs, with just a small glance up and back to her soda bottle flipping the lid off as it rolled off the ship, placing that bottle right to her lips like it was a beer going around a party getting the last drop as she drank it down to the bottom, pulling the bottle away with a gasp. Mike was watching her and sat shaking his head turning back to the front placing his back firm against the wall and bringing his feet over the dashboard missing the small lights.

Turning around looking down at them playing cards in-between sipping on soda, my mind was wondering away from them back to the house why would anybody just leave a loaf of bread and of all things peanut butter and jelly, then why was their fresh towels and soap bars not even open in the bathroom, maybe they left them for somebody that was coming by or maybe they were just drifters that found the key and crash there for a while, and when would they return for those things and find them gone sure they would come looking for them right here frist.

“Want to play in the straw?” Josh asking Chris.

Chris rose up placing the cards down, following right behind Josh already moving towards the back part of the ship; Faye looked up taking Chris and Josh’s cards putting them together in the deck moving them around like a pro crackling the edges together motion to me to join them; holding out the Deck to Lisa to deal.

Giving her and ok turning to see what Mike was doing; still looking over stuff eating crackers with his soda on the dash, hearing the two boys playing having a good time with the loose hay, walking over taking a small bucket turning it over to sitting next to Faye joining them with a card game, Donna took Lisa seat she wanted to see what Mike was doing in the ship; I’m sure they just want to be alone more, Faye dealing the cards.

Playing gen rummy without a score pad just whoever wins the hand, while drinking warm soda and eating crackers in-between our card hands but it wasn’t to bad a game they seem to go fast without a score sheet. Josh and Chris both laughing and making all kinds of sounds back and forth, seeing the dust fly every now and then around the sun rays, they both started running around the ship pulling up those baggy pants before they fell down, hay bales tumbled down as the two tried climbing over each bale stacked around six or more high then jumping off. covered in hay so much for getting clean; Now trying to play a game with straw flying around the air is one thing but these clothes were way too big for any of us, another game another warm drink.

Out of nowhere screeching scream of fear. Josh around the ship was Screaming out! sending the cards flying to the ground  knocking over the crackers and soda, getting around the ship to see what had happen; Josh holding his arm bobbing back and forth in pain tears falling down with blood gushing throughout his little finger’s shacking crying looking right at me rushing to him. Chris ran to the girls already afraid and crying, they held him tight; Mike was right there next to me trying to see what happen I was moving his hand away getting a good look at the gouge of blood coming out like a water tap on full blast quickly grasping around his hole arm putting pressure on it.

Mike tried to bring him to look away from it holding his head high and to the side looking over him to the blood all over the white tea shirt and rolling down the hay around my fingers slowing down I could feel his heart beating fast as he was shaking in fear.

“Josh’ Josh look up at me”

Placing my hand on his head rubbing him a little still holding pressure as he looked over and up at me; crying loudly his cries seamed to echo throughout the barn his tears still falling bitting his lip he hurt so much what happen to this poor kid.

“Get the first aid kit!” Mike said outward,

Brian ran looking inside finding it next to the front seats, Mike was holding him down from squirming so much.

“Someone’ Watch the window’s!” Mike said: harshly outward.

“What if someone heard him?” Donna Stated.

“Where’s that kit?”

“Here” Brian handed him the open Kit holding back Chris wanting to see Josh, Brian turn him away Faye and Lisa standing looking on very upset see Josh all bloody.

“You Girls take Chris around the ship Please”

“Dam’ this is deep” Pulling my hand away just trying to place a gauze patches on it holding them tight again, just as much blood coming thru the gauze running around my hand. Mike had to turn his head away from his screaming out louder; Josh’s was in deep pain, gasping in-between for air now.

Mike started ripping Josh’s tee shirt from the bottom upward Lisa reach over holding Josh’s head as Mike hurry ripping it off and tearing it into strips. Lisa helping get it off him, Josh looked over at me again with tears he was in so much pain I felt so bad for him, those blue eyes full of tears this kid never been hurt before.

He became more dizziness with his eyes trying to close, Mike reach over pointing at him to me; he was weak and just as long as we could keep him awake that was important thing to keep him awake and talking.

“Keep him talking’ don’t let him doze off”

Lisa held him upward bringing him around getting his attention keeping him alert. It was a little easier looking at the cut now that he stopped screaming outward, quickly going thru the first aid box with one hand reaching over the other before Mike reach over empty it out on the hay, were is it that small tube they always show it on TV shows it’s small and round, Mike found it handing it to me breaking the top off with his teeth; pulling the bandage off looking at it good it was a good size gouge almost six inches long no wonder it was hard to slow down; we both looked at each other Mike reach over holding Josh legs down just as I poured the tube on the open cut.

The two held him down as he moved around then stopped moving not even a scream I was waiting for.

“He Fainted”

“Ok’ let me finish here and will wake him’

“Hurry up”

“It look’s deep”

“What did he cut it on?”

“Can you see anything around?”

“A Lot of blood’ we got to stop it!”

“Did it cut an Artery vane?”

“I can’t tell its turning blue”

“Josh’ Josh he’s dead” Lisa said out rushing out of the ship.

“He’s ok’ he just fainted”

“Just let her go”

“Get it rapped Shawn”

“Just watch him’ ok’”

“Sorry about the”

“Later Mike”

Wiping more and more blood away using both hands to clean it and see how bad it was, Blue and red white inside almost seven inch cut deep but not to the bone pulling it together placing tape to hold it then wrapping the gauze around his arm while keeping some pressure on it; Brian reached over just near Mikes head picking up a large piece of rough cut glass, broken from and old lantern showing it to us.

It was old glass with dust and dirt with all that blood hoping it wash it out, looking at it all bandaged it looked pretty good just like the medic did on emergency one show, sure I knew some first aid but never anything like this, just glad I didn’t have to poke a needle thru it to sew it closed.

Faye and Donna rushed back over from the windows; Lisa stayed by the ship looking on holding Chris; Brian feeling around for more broken pieces. Mike held josh up as I wiped the blood off my hands, my shirt had just as much blood on it as he did.

Mike wiped his face and chest off with part of the tee shirt, as he slowly was starting to move around sitting looking at him still holding his wrist feeling his heart beat was very slow, quickly opening his eyes looking around.

“You’re ok Josh’ Josh open your eyes look at me Josh”

“It hurt’s!” Josh sobbed.

“It’s all right.”

“Am I’ going to die?” Josh asked.


“What about the other kid he died”

“That was something different”

“But I’m not going to die”

“No Josh”

“What if I’ die like the other’s?”

“What others?”

“The one’s Kola had” Josh Remarked without completing looking over at my Tee Shirt with his blood on and went silent and eyes closed.

“Josh, Josh”

Josh whole body just went limp, Mike shook him a few times without waking him up, Quickly I reach over placing my hand on his chest, looking at him thinking no not now come on Josh.

“What happened to him?” Brian asked.

“He fainted again he’s too weak” Mike remarked.

“He’ll be fine, he’s just fainted from seeing this mess, let’s get him to the ship”

Carefully reaching around him picking him up, Mike reach over placing his arm on his chest walking towards the ship, Faye placed a blanket down for him just inside the doorway; laying him slowly down as Mike rolled a Shirt up in to a pillow for his head. Donna stood watching outside not seeing anything, after all that screaming form Josh, Brian was trying to clean up the mess tying everything together in a small bundle.  Mike took off his tee shirt pointing at mine, as Brian stood in the doorway holding the bundle looking at both of us. Lisa brought up small bucket of water and wet cloths handing it to me, taking my own tee shirt off and started cleaning the blood off Josh as well; Mike wash off what he could outside the ship.


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