4024 Chapter 24.Yellow jacket

Chapter 24. Newspaper News

Standing trying to hold these pants up while trying to wash off some of this blood, now I seemed to be getting a bit whizzed from looking at it, seeing only this much blood from TV shows but this was totally different it was on me and all around everything wiping more and more off only if I could get back to the house to wash it off in the shower. Well I got most of it cleaned off but these pants have got to go they were just to lose and this small rope holding them was bloody, reaching down looking in one sack for another pair not seeing any left.

“Shawn look’ in the other sack”

“They all seem to be the same size”

“The smaller ones are in that one” pointing over to it.

“Good’ what are the others doing?”

“Just hanging out on the hay bales waiting”

“Waiting for what”

“For you to tell them what’s going on with Josh!”

“Sure what do I know about deep cuts”

“You’re the one that help him”

“So they think I’m the doctor now?”

“Ok, how bad is It really?”

“It’s not at all good”

“What about a hospital?”

“Sure!  We don’t even know where we are”

“It’s bandaged’ the bleeding stopped”

“What if it gets worst?”

“Then we’ll deal with it”

“Cool down Shawn you’re getting yourself all worked up”

“Fine Mike you go tell them he’s lost a lot of blood and might not make it!”

Pulling out pants that were a lot smaller, dropping the rope letting them fall to the floor, quickly stepping into the dry smaller ones not even thinking before dropping them standing there bare trying to step into the leg looking up right at Mike.

“Good thing the girls weren’t here right now”

“That would have been a show for them”

“If we need to get him to a hospital we will”


“It’s a town and there’s got to be a hospital near it”

“If we had a phone we could have called for help”

“Sure and say what Mike’ we are just visiting here?”

“ok’ ok Shawn just chill”

“You want a shirt or are you going to go bare chest all day?”

“Throw me one”

Tossing one out to him while pulling another over my head; glancing down at Josh’s bandage, looks like it was holding together for now but his pants had to get change before he spotted them and passed out again.

“Where’s those sizzlers the girls used for cutting the pants?”

“Look in the box to your right”

“Good we have to get him into another pair”

“The boxer’s work”

“There way to big”

“Try the small pair”

“I don’t see any more here”

“Just put a tee shirt on him for now”

Checking for a small one shirt after shirt finding one, now to get it on him without hurting him was going to be hard as long as he’s out, over the bandage and down his head lifting him upward as he moved a little but didn’t wake pulling it down over him carefully placing him back down.

“Give me his pant’s”

“Ok’ he starting to wake”

“Hurry up then”

Just pulling them right down handing them back, Mike took them placing them with the wet cloths and walked away before I could say anything Josh moved a little as I placed a make shift arm sling around him and right out again.

Stepping down almost tripping on the Milk create kicking it to one side next to Brian who moved just in time from getting hit by it, so I was upset and they all knew it being more worried that we might not get home or even find our way back or just maybe we our home just in a different place; looking at everyone sitting just looking up at me waiting! was driving me nuts what was I going to tell them and how could I explain he could die, with one foot resting at the end of the hay bale I had to say something.

“Josh will pull thru this he’s just resting but he’ll be up and around before you know it, playing and running around”

“Chris said he never seen him cry so much”

“Chris he’ll be his old self soon, you two can play again but he needs to take it easy for a little while till that arm heals more”

Chris nodded and twisting straw between his fingers, Faye sat holding him while Lisa was looking outside the side door, glancing to the big doors not seeing Brian or Donna, turning back to Mike looking around the ship for them so going back to wait on Josh to get up and be his old self again.

Mike walk around the ship seeing Brian lying on his back just under the ship, popping his head up then pointing upward to the bottom for Mike; getting down on his knees looking upward. Brian had found more fragments of glass near the ship bottom only to find a bent panel hanging by a thread. Both of them were looking up inside the panel seeing what looked like a coral shell with pink inside and brownish tint broken almost in half.

Mike slowly reached just touching it getting a feel to it texture, dropping into his hand grasping it before it fell to the ground holding both parts together in both hands. Brian moved out of the way giving Mike more room to get up, both stood looking at the shell having no wires or components of any kind what could it be doing under there.

“What’s it For?’

“Something must work with it”

“No it was just sitting up there”

“Maybe it’s something we pickup”

“Not by the looks of that door”

“We hit something hard”

“Thru the tunnels”

“Hitting the walls like we did”

“It looks almost like coral”


“That’s the stuff from the ocean”

“The ocean”

“Hey Shawn, look we found”

“What is it?”


“Ok, coral”

“It was broken under the ships bottom”

Mike handed it to me trying not to drop it on the ship, sitting on the edge looking at it bits and small shells falling of, placing the two parts together then apart looking inside its pink spiral mass cracked from vibration.

“Maybe some glue?” Faye said outward poking around Brian.

“Faye its broken, glue not going to help”

“We need to find another one” Brian quickly said out to her.

“There’s got to be a shell shop around here’ we are near water”

“We’ll need to check it out”

Mike placed it on the pile of clothes pushing it by the seat out of the way, turning looking at Josh watching his stomach moving up and down.

“He seems to be breathing heavy”

“He’s ok’ I just check him”

“How much longer will he be out?”

“Hopefully not much longer”

“Did you see Donna back there?”

“No she’s not up here?”

“Maybe she went to get the clothes in the house”

“Doubt it”

Brian looked outward to the doors seeing one partway open.

“Faye, where’s Donna?”

“She just left while you were around the ship”

“What do you mean she left?”

“Saying it was too much for her around here”

“Where was she going?” Mike asked heading for the door.

Brian right behind him; both stood looking out not seeing her anywhere, Mike placed the board across the door checking outside again, with both palms upward to me she was gone, just took off without saying anything to us, maybe seeing the blood got her all shook up so she ran.

Lisa walked over to Mike holding him as we all just watched both of them Mike held her close for a few seconds, before both sat down on the hay bales with Brian and Faye, I stayed with Josh rubbing his leg hoping he would wake up and be his old self again, not knowing what I could do for him but to get help somewhere that he needed.

“She said she wasn’t staying here!” Faye blurted out.

“Where could she go?”Brian reached for a soda near the end still damp slipping down almost dropping it.

“Ok, Ok, maybe she went for help’ for Josh”

“She said she wasn’t coming back”

“What else did she say?”Mike asked in a more harsh tone to her.

“Look at it this way’ if she comes back she comes back” Brian quickly remarked scooting next to Chris next to the box with crackers and empty bottles.

“What if she tells someone we’re here?”

“No she won’t say anything, she’s just as lost as we are”

Brian reach down picking up the Newspaper trying to ignore her while thumbing thru to sports, when Mike caught a glimpse of the paper bringing his head down trying to see the front before he shifted it around again, slowly scooting in closer towards Brian, Shifting to the next page noting Mike trying to see it stretching it upright at him. “Brian’ let me see that paper for a second!” Brian snapped it back together handing it to Mike.

“Apollo?” Mike said out loudly, Hearing Mike brought me to look out seeing him ruffle thru it one page after another quickly back to the front page folding it in half, standing up turning to me waving it back and forth.

“Shawn it says right here that Apollo 8 head’s to the moon” Pointing to the Photo rushing around the bales, showing me the photo in the paper.

“What’ No Way” squinting my eyes from a smell near me.

“Look Here’ This Paper dated December 21, 1968” holding the paper upwards showing the photo of Apollo in space while he was feeling the paper edges for wear. Looking at the paper it didn’t look like an old paper more like fresh one off the yard.

“And we are somehow back in 1968?”

“Right where in 1968’ look this paper was just put on the ground yesterday at the beach house, where we got everything from and this paper from that house, even that calendar same year”

“Look at the Date December 21”

“What do you think a Time Warp or What?” Mike asked all excided like it was great thing he just found, just maybe if he did more studying at school he would have known it wasn’t a good year to be in. “No way Mike your still in 1996”

“Then how is this Paper dated 1968?”

“Let me see maybe’ We’re back in time ok!”

“See it’s a Time warp”

“We don’t even know where we are now!”

“True, but we’re in 1968 now!”

“Mike they just sent a rocket to Mars!”

“In our time but this is 1968”

“How could that be guys we —” Brian remarked confused standing looking inward with the rest of them.

Brian stood looking at both of us reaching down checking the date’ stepped back and looked at Chris then just walked away sitting next to him.

Mike was so over excited about being in the past tents, being 1968 and forgetting that just maybe we all didn’t come from our time, looking over an around Mike and Lisa flipping thru the pages getting a look at over to Chris holding Brian asking what’s wrong, wiping tears from his cheek holding him.



“Look” Mike looked over and back only shrugging his shoulders.

“Brian you ok?” I asked out he just looked up with a nod standing up and left Chris sitting by himself moving towards the side door looking out the window, Dam I had to find out what he was so upset about something sure got to him and right when Josh needed me, he was still out but moving around a little more.

I’ll quickly check this out and get right back to him, Mikes right here if he wakes up’ well so much for Mike being right here but he can still hear if he gets up’ gee Mike don’t even look back just go ahead and sit with the girls and your paper.

Brian turn to me then look to the others and back out the window, his face was all tight something he must have read in that paper set him off, I had just reach Brian when Mike roared out.

“Shawn’ Quick!” Quickly turning around seeing, Mike holding

Faye and Lisa to him with Chris holding his head in his lap crying the News paper spread across the hay in front of them.

“What Happen here?”

“They were looking at the paper and one started to cry and then everyone just lost it” Mike said pushing the paper into a heap away from them, trying to get it all together, I reach down grabbing all of the parts folding them and just handed it to Mike.

“Here is what this did”

“It’s just a paper”

“Mike it’s what it say’s and where we are now!”

“Maybe we should have left the paper”

“That would have been a better choice”

“What are we going to do now?”

“We need to find out what’s going on with everyone here and why everyone’s so upset with that paper”

“First I’ll need to check on Josh and then go to Brian’ You try to find out from them” Turning walking quickly before he could come back with anything he’s sleeping for a little while longer that’s good now to Brian still looking out the window.

“What gives’ Brian?” Asking reaching out to him, he just folded into my arms with his head on my shoulder sobbing trying to control himself looking up to the ship. I just let him be holding him tight to reassure him we are there for him.

Both of us looked outside a few times before the tears stopped after a few sobs before he looked up while wiping tears off his face remarking. “This is the strangest thing to happen”

“What are you talking about?” asking dumb founded.

“Time that’s what’ Our Parent’s are still alive!” Smiling over wet rose colored cheeks.

“What’ Your Parent’s?’ I don’t follow?”

Brian with a big smile grinning happy now without the tears, just walked away from the door leaving me standing watching him go over to Chris rubbing his hair with a big smile on his face, I need to get back to Josh.

“Look he’s waking!” Faye quickly said sitting upright just as reach the door to look in, Josh rustled waking up moving the blanket off seeing his arm bandaged around his neck, slowly with his left hand while everyone was watching him standing up almost falling over but quickly I was able to reached up in time before he fell, holding him straight.

“How do you feel?” I asked helping him sit in the doorway.

In a Stuttering voice “Ok”

“You might be a little light headed”

“Josh’ What do you remember?” Brian asked him.

“I cut my arm”

“No what I mean is’ what was the last year you can remember?”

Josh’s’ face tighten up looking around at each of us staring at him with his eyes open and closed still very droopy almost closed eyelids with everyone waiting for his response.

“Hey, Josh” Bringing is attention back to me, he turn looking up trying to keep his eyes open still very tired leaning over to me.

“I’ don’t remember much, Ah’ am I going to die?”

“Josh you’re not going to die!”

“What if I do” Resting his head on my lap as I sat next to him.

“Your find don’t worry”

“Brian, what time do you remember?” I just had to ask.

“1975’ – That’s when our parent’s had died, their alive now!”

“Wow, you’re farther back then we are.”

“See Mike’ He thinks were back in time, you and that paper see what it did”

“What I say?” Mike asked. Holding the paper’ folding it tight.

So now what do we’ do if we are all from different times’ maybe we can’t get back then what are we going to do try and get a hold of our parent’s and say what I’m your son to be, Mike and that paper now he’s got me thinking about it, I should tell him what to do with that thing and were to put it.


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