4025 Chapter25.Yellow jacket

Chapter 25. Long Black Limo

Here we are sitting around just waiting for what to happen next, Josh has a bad cut and Brian all excided his parents are alive and Mike’s where is he anyway, looking over seeing him standing looking out the front big doors at least he’s not bothering the others with his back in time bull.

“Can I go over sitting with them?”

“Yes just be careful ok”

“Ok” helping Josh down due to the fact his crate was missing wonder were that went’ he sat down with the others now’s my chance to talk with Mike we have to do something not just seat here and wait for help it’s up to us now.


“It looks clear” Not even turning his head at me, well I better say something he’s pouting like a little kid.

“Look Mike’ that paper is just getting everyone upset”

“Yea’ me too”

“If we are by so chance back in 68 then we better think what to do next, and it was three day till Christmas from that date”

“Ok’ just maybe we are then who do we call?”

“We can Call Santa” I quickly said getting a big smile from him.

“That would be funny now”

“Ok lets think here’ what do we need to get back home”

“Something in that ship has to make it go forward”

“But what?”

“Looks like only one knows that and he’s all busted up”

“Josh did know how to run it”

“And he knows more than he’s telling us”

“You don’t think he’s one of them do you?”

“No’ not with the wool pants and shirt he had”

“That’s another thing we need to get as soon as possible”

“What to take a run for them now?”

“The sooner the better”

“Look a Car just stopped”

We both quickly watching hoping the driver didn’t turn into the driveway, he was just sitting across looking up, slowly pulling forward out of are sight.

“That’s the other car that was going by earlier”

‘Do you think someone knows were here”

“Maybe Donna found help”

“No they would have come right up the driveway”

“You want to make a round to the house quick?”

“I could as long as it’s clear”

“Go ahead I’ll keep an eye out”

Good I’ll go get them and bring them back and wash’em’ that’s a great idea’ get back into clothes that fit, everyone back to playing cards, Josh and Chris are sharing a hand, that a good he looks a little better.

“You going to the house?”

“Yea’ to get our clothes we left”

“Want company” Brian asked already getting up.

“Sure Mike keeping an eye out for any trouble”

“Let’s do it”
Josh looked up without saying anything just a quick look and back to Chris, Brian check the door just as he open the door Mike hollered out. ” Hold up you two’ we got company”

The door slammed shut’ Brian looking out to the house, I rushed to the front looking out by the corner glass.

“Guys” Lisa interrupted just in time standing next to Mike.

“Look” Mike Ducking down, from the glass.

“It’s a Police car! It’s the Cops!”

“Great! Just what we needed’ the damn fuzz”

“Everyone be quiet!”

Faye took Josh and Chris to the ship along with the crate, standing in the doorway watching us, keeping low from the windows moving next to Mike, able to see the police car just sitting in the driveway.  Were in big trouble now if he finds us’ no stay in the car please, he’s opening the door crap he’s getting out, Lisa went back to the ship hopefully they can keep quite’ Nut’s what’s he doing standing looking around for what us or maybe someone called in a kid screaming, ok he’s closing the door and adjusting his belt and looking right at us, he’s turning towards the house, wait he’s looking to the road he must have called for backup, ok he’s on the move towards the house.

“Brian go brace that door’ will get this one”

After bracing ours from under the beam looking up to see Brian wedging with his foot a board to the handle knob, then picking up straw waving it at the door window filling it with dust were it was wiped off.

“Here he comes around the side he’s heading this way”

“No look he’s going for the back door”

“You locked it?”

“Yes’ and put the key back”

“He spotted the ground”

“Our wet foot prints”

“No they should have dried up by now”

“He’s going inside”

The officer started turning the knob when he rose his head up looking to the driveway, looking out another car was coming in a large black car must be the detective unit, there he goes right for it, pulling up next to the Police car, this was a big car bigger than what they use wait a second it’s a limo sure it is it has Cadillac across the hood.

That officer walk right to the driver side window waiting for it to go down, one hand on the roof leaning over to talk and was looking towards the us then back to the open window still talking to the driver.

“They know something’ like we’re in here”

“Right’ Donna told them”

“No’ Some-one must have hear the kid screaming”

“That’s a Caddy limo not another cop car”

“A what?”

“A limo’ look at it Mike”

“Be quiet. They’ll hear you guys”

“Think we can fire it up, and out of here?”

“No’ It’s broken remember!”

“Right but’ ”

“Quite let’s see what they’re going to do first”

Looking out the small cracks keeping from the windows watching them, The officer stood up backing up from the driver’s door as it slowly open, now the Passenger door was opening also were dead in here I can see the headlines now ‘Group of space kids found in a barn’, slowly moving to the side more trying to see out still but the cracks weren’t as big holding our breath still watching intensely. An older white hair guy in a suit stood talking to the office he closed the door but I couldn’t see his badge or maybe he didn’t have to show it, by the looks of the old cars we must be back in time alright that’s an old Ford Police cruiser, and that Limo is what maybe a 64 or 65 I seen that type at car shows’ oh’ look’y here we have a female detective also man she’s just as white hair as the or detective is, maybe there not detective, maybe they own this house and someone call it in.

“That must be the Detectives”

“Can you hear what they’re saying?” Brian asked.

“Something like their name is Blair” Mike replied in a low voice.

“They must own this house”

“Look’ there pointing over here”

“Get down away from the window!” Brian was just standing up looking out, they could have seen him easy.

The officer started off leading towards the barn, when the elderly woman rush up quickly and said out grabbing his arm:   “It’s ok will check the house first” Turning the office right to her facing the house, She started walking with him as the other man stood looking at the Barn, he must know were in here alright, he moving over to the others heading towards the house.

“I think we’ve been caught”

‘What are we going to do”

“They’re not getting in here”

‘How we going to get out of here?”

“We could make a run for it’

“Were we going to Run”

‘What do we do then”

“Just get everyone ready if we have to run’ we can go out the side door and head to the trees”

Brian rushed back to the others getting them ready to run if we had to, looking out again they were at the back door but the woman was motion to the other man to come over. There standing looking to the sidewalk and the water she’s pointing to the side were the boys first found the water it’s still wet they did soak everything over there,. Great she’s checking the rock, now she’s looking at something our foot prints she following them the same way we went, good he got her attention back.

Luckily the officer didn’t spot them before. There on the move again and headed right for us.. wait they going back towards the cars, the officer stopped just before the cars looking right at us now, we better get ready.

“Mike we might have to run for it’

“Ok let’s get everyone next to the door, before they get here”

“Wait Mike’ I can hear them”

“What are they saying?”

All three of them were standing not far from the door, with both elderly standing with their backs towards us stopping the officer.

“Mr. Blair ‘I haven’t checked out the barn!”

“Did you happen to see any kids about?”

“No’ I didn’t see any kids hanging around”

“You sure”

“I only just got here, and check the front door that was locked.”

“What about the Barn?”

“No’ I’ll go check it”

“That’s ok’ that will be all we need”

“It’s no problem Doc!”

“No, I’m sure everything’s fine?” Doc said moving forward as they all headed back to the cars.

“Well, if you’re sure”

“Yes’ Yes and Thank you for calling us!”

“Any time Doc that’s what we’re here for!”

Mrs. Blair stood in front of the car looking towards us trying hard to see if any of us were looking out the window, Mr. Blair’ (Doc). And the officer were talking at the police car, Doc stood next to the police car nodding his head a few times to the officer while he slowly open the door getting inside still talking wanting to check the rest of the area for him; before he left them. Backing out the driveway: Finally, the officer drove down the roadway. Mrs. Blair stood waiting on Doc, She pointed at the house and the barns side door, both looked out the driveway then started heading to the house again stopping at the sidewalk and pointing at the rock, she moved the rock up and set it back down, Doc pulled his keys out and both of them went into the house.

“Shawn did you hear him say Doc?”

“We could use one here”

“If they know were here’ maybe he can help”

“How do we know for sure?”

“Let’s see what they do”

We stayed by the window looking out thru cob webs, wondering what we were going to do if they came to the door and found us wishing we were home right now at the most missing Joeys pestering me all day now doesn’t seem as bad now am worry about all of us, Mike is trying to cope more keeping it to himself.

“Great Now what” Mike replied’ pushing straw around with his foot standing next to me glancing out the window.

Leaning against the door just below the window “We can’t stay here, What if they come out here then what?”

“There’s nothing in that house! so they won’t stay long” Pushing more straw around, while checking the door board. Brian walking back and forth from the side door to the window checking inside the ship watching them was driving me nuts.

“Brian relax” I Just blurting it out looking at him, Mike jumped to the window and Brain rush to the side door holding the handle looking outward, what did I do hopping they were still inside and didn’t hear me.

“Man that was close’ you trying to get them out here” Mike said’ ducking up and down between the boards and window.

“So what are they’re doing in their?”

“However long it takes, will still be in here and we sure can’t leave now can we Mike” Remarking harshly back to Mike; getting up going over to the ship, Josh and Chris seating in-between the Girls looking out from the doorway quite.

“What could they be doing in there?” Faye asked.

“Just wait. They’ll leave soon” Was all I could say taking a soda pushing an empty cracker box aside, Josh arm look bad seeing it was still bleeding, he really needed a Doctor or somehow get him to a hospital, how and where around here, he lost a lot of blood and it’s not slowing down.

“Look out, they’re coming out” Brian said: scooting down from the window.

“Good! They’re leaving” slowly moving over towards Mike.

“Wait! They’re not getting in the car!”

“What’ there walking to the rear of the car?”

Standing next to Mike at the door looking outward, Mike turn from the window reaching down taking the soda almost finishing it off, holding it if he held it any tighter it would break, now he was getting just as restless, both of us sweating just waiting to see what they were doing in the trunk of the car.

“Great what are they doing?“

“Getting something from the trunk, pulling a box out”

“He’s picking up the box and just standing there”

“It’s a Cooler Box Mike”

“Look she has one too and the trunk just shut”

“They’re heading right at us, now what”

“Everyone hide’ out of sight” Brian said getting to the ship moving them back away from the door.

Mike and I both slowly getting on our knees to the door just able to watch them thru the cracks in the boards, both were walking towards us, stopping just a few feet from the door setting the boxes down, the old lady setting her box on top of the red cooler bending over trying to look up at the window, moving around the box just next to the door raising her head looking in, not able to see anything but cob webs and dirty windows.

The man stood for a moment next to the boxes with a Hum sound to the lady, she reached up tapping a few taps on the glass, the sweat just rolled off us, Mike resting on his knees holding his head with his eyes closed this was the worst I had ever seen Mike so scared.  Glancing thru I could see her looking back to Him her head hanging low as he walk around the cooler and took her hand, handing her his handkerchief, she wiped tears from her eyes as she turn away from the doors she said something to him but Mike or I couldn’t make out what just hearing him replied back. “Come on dear we have to go” her head bowed low as the two walk away.

“Mike’ there leaving’ You ok?” Reach over placing my hand on his shoulder, slowly raising his head looking up at me without saying anything. We both got up looking out at them now just at the front of the car, She turned around looking back at us, That old lady knew something why did they leave these boxes outside the door. Watching closely as he walk her to the passenger side then open the door for her titling his head looking right at us before quickly closing her door, looking back at us again then walked around the back side and checking the trunk and got in his side.

We were looking outward if they looked hard from that big car I’m sure they could see both of us looking out at them. Hearing the engine start was a relive in a way, still able to see them both in the window the old lady still looking while the car back out onto the roadway an out of sight.


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