4027 Chapter 27. Yellowjacket

Chapter 27. Ice Bath

Feeling the air just coming inside from the door bring in fresh air smelt so good from all the hay lingering around us, looking down. Stroking the wet cloth across his head with each bead of sweat and being so weak what could I do, just maybe if we got him in the house it would be better, looking outside not hearing any cars just the wind whisking the tree branches with the sun on the grass just like a path right to the house; just maybe, no maybe about it the tub what he needs and he’s going to get it.

Reaching around him picking him up’ while pulling the door open with my foot. “Where you going” Brian asked quickly out looking outside around the area, I just had to get him inside not even looking just headed straight for the house rushing across the yard. Brian rushed by me knocking the stone to one side getting the key, looking back opening the door holding it for me, taking him right into the bathroom setting him in the tub, Brian right there plugging the drain while turning the water on.

Mike came rushing in stopping at the door. “What’s going on?”

“He’s getting worst”

“Can we get him cooled down’ maybe we need the ice?”

“I’ll go get the cooler you two stay with him”

Before Mike or I could say anything Brian already rush thru the house, Mike kneeled down taking over holding Josh’s head up from the water rising slowly.

“Josh’ Josh the kids out Shawn?”

Pushing the water around him over his chest and around his neck seeing he passed out maybe this was the end for Josh, the tears not able to hold back they just started too rolled from my eyes watching him just laying in the water he’s just a kid.

“He just passed out” Mike said out in a broken voice placing his hand on my shoulder, looking up at him all watery eyed wiping his head on his shoulder trying not to show his tears, looking down his breathing was very slow, we have to get him to a hospital.

“Here’s the ice just pour it in?”

“Not on him”

“Look at the water guys”

As Brian pour the ice stopping see his arm bleeding turning the water pink, Stopping him before he dumped it all in.

“Better save some of that”

“Ok’ the girls are scared and in the ship”

“He’s real sick Brian’ we need to get to a phone”

“The one here doesn’t work I tried it already”

“What about next store?” Mike asked pulling Josh upwards, reaching over for the towel.

“We need some orange juice that will help”

“Hey’ I seen an orange tree in the back”

“Can we get some of them?”

“Yea’ I’ll get you some’ you two think he’ll make it?”

“Brian we really don’t know at this point”

Brain walk away his head hung low as we both watch him leave, Mike pulled Josh upright more but he keep sliding down, with his fingers to me under his arms helping him pulled him out. Setting him on the wet cool floor laid him down on the floor, Mike rolled the wet towel up placing it under his head.

I slowly pulled the pink bandage off seeing the cut open and not healing he lost way to much blood, where is he with those oranges, Mike placed more towels around him it was hard to tell from his color red or pale but it was clear he looking more bluish.

“We need to get this sewed up”

“You ever done that?”

“No but it’s got to stop”

“The first aid kit”

“Was there a needle and thread”

“I think so”

“You stay here and I’ll run for it”

“No Shawn I’ll go!”

Mike rush out just as quick as he could, looking again at the cut opening it more to look inside just as quickly holding the wash cloth with pressure on the cut, while wiping ice over him that was melting just as fast, the kitchen door just banged open. Looking back it was Brian holding oranges in his shirt.

Placing them in the sink sitting down biting into it peeling the layer off spitting them on the floor, Mike came rushing back in with the kit setting it down flipping the top back pulling it apart, Alcohol swabs and needles in a small package with string.

“You sure you can do it”

“I’ve got too”

“What do you want me to do”

“Just hold him”

Holding the needle up placing the thread thru it the first time, Mike open the package wiping the cut down’ Josh didn’t even move, my hand started to shake a little holding it in the air getting the skin together with two fingers slowly pushing the needle right thru it again and again slowly making stitches across the cut to the end over and out, Mike holding the scissors just above the last stitch cutting it off.

“Wow that looks good”

“It stopped bleeding”

“We should find something clean to put over it”

“One of those covers out there”

“That would work”

“The oranges are all peeled I’ll go get the cover”

“Hand me an orange Mike”

“He can’t eat it”

“No the juice”

Squeezing the juice into his mouth slowly watching him, a little cough too much Mike lifted his head up more holding him up; two whole oranges later, what a mess but he got the juice wiping his face and my hands off with the wet towel.

Just in time Brian already had the cover ripped down into strips. Taking the swab and checking it only seeing a little blood most was stopped ok we keep it clean then we’ll get him to a hospital.

“What do we do now?”

“We wait”

“I’ll go tell them he’s doing better’ he is right?”

“Yes Brian he’s looks a lot better”

“The fever stop to Shawn’ look he’s getting more color”

“Must be the vitamin C”

“What should I tell them?”

“Just tell them he’s going to be fine”

Mike sitting in the water soaked floor just raised his voice looking up at Brian. “Check make sure no one seen us!”

“No one seen us Mike”

“Ok’ ok have Faye or Lisa bring back some of those clothes for us, but keep Chris over there for now”

“Ok I’ll send one of them over”

Brain backed out reaching down picking him up Mike pushed the towels out of the way as we left the bathroom and into the livingroom laying him down on the couch, quickly taking off the shirt drying him down placing the cover over him. Mike went over looking out the window as I sat with Josh; Lisa came in with her arms full of clothes, looking down at him.

“How is he?”

“He’s a lot better”

“He looks pale”

“He lost blood and he’s very weak”

“Here are the clothes, brought you the jeans and shirts also”

“Thank You”

“I’ll go back and tell them he’s ok”

“Just try to keep an eye open out there”

“That’s all we’re doing right now”

“Chris ok?”

“Yea Brian talking to him and both went around the ship.

Lisa looked over towards Mike looking out the window not saying anything, she turned around and walk out. What seemed like a long time waiting, we changed clothes and got the pants and shirt on Josh, they fit almost just right, Mikes pants were a little short but they were better than to big, A grunt sound from the couch turning our heads to it, Both of us rush from the window seeing Josh waking up, what a relief it was he looked good more color and sitting up.

“How you feeling?” Sitting on the edge holding his hand while he looked around, Mike stood looking over the back side reaching down rubbing his hair; Josh smiled back.

“How’d we get in here?”

“Mike and I brought you”


“You needed to be in the house away from the hay dust”

“Hay Dust”

“You look better”


“Soda you thirsty”

Mike rushed into the kitchen, bringing back a bottle filled with water handing it to him. “Just water Josh”

Helping with the bottle, taking small amounts, his eyes glands on his arm moved it up.

“We had to redo it”

“Better now it not hurting”

“That’s good”

Mike rush over to the window hearing a car outside, looking over the couch waiting; Mike turn around looking at me with a nod it was ok, the car only turn around in the driveway, another close one. “Want to go see the others’ they been worried about you”


“Yes you”

“ok, we got new pants and tops”

“We got new clothes”

“We go now!”

“Yea’ Mike how’s it look”

“Good you ready”


“Let’s go”

All three of us headed over Josh carrying the first aid kit while Mike and I grab our stuff bring it back to the barn, Lisa stood at the door with a smile glade to see us back, Faye and Chris joining us Mike set the bundle down as I did to, Chris took off with Josh over to the hay bales, Brian watch them talking looking over his arm bandage, Lisa and Mike took the bundle around the back side while I sat with Brian.

“What’s that?”

“That’s what’s was broken on the ship’s underside”

“Coral looks like”

“This broken coral, do you think it might have a lot to do with the ship running again”

“Maybe that’s when everything went out”

“We’re near the sea right”

“I’ve never seen it around the beach” Mike quickly said standing looking at it, we never even heard him walk up showing him the broken parts. Mike took them holding them outward into the sun’s rays looking inside it.

Brian looked up remarking “What about a tourist’s store?”

“There’s got to be one around here”

“We sure can’t leave here without finding the problem!”

“If we don’t, fine it we’re stuck here”

Mike shook his head back and forth placing the parts back together handing them to me.

“Who’s going to go look for it?”

“One of us will have to go fine it”

“Sure lets pull straws and find out whose going”

“What else are we going to do Mike sit here and wait for it to fix its self?”  “No someone has to go for it”

“Ok we should vote on who go’s”  “No Vote I’ll go”

“I’ll go with you Mike”  “Brian what about Chris?”

“He’ll be ok with Josh”  “And what do I do?”

“You watch out for the others make sure no one see this ship or us if they come back”

“Fine you two go and what if you don’t find the shell?”

“Will find one, once we find a store”

“One thing more what are you going to use for money?”

“It’s covered Shawn stop worrying, well get it and even find out where the hospital is”

“Ok but get back before dark”

“It’s still early and were in the south”

“Well just get the thing and get back here”

“Come on Brian let’s find that shell”

“You want to put your sneakers on?”

“No were good right now with these”

“Ok just be careful”

“You just keep these guys all here and keep out of sight”

Chris just reach up to Brian giving him a hug, Josh sat looking at them with Brian reach over rubbing his hair back and forth

“Ok you two behave and Listen to Shawn will be back before you know it”

“Then we can go home”

“Were going to try’ but we have to fix the ship first”

“Ok” Turning back to Josh sitting down.

“Brian come on’ lets go“ Mike already at the back door waiting, both of them leaving staying close to the house then out onto the road, I just hope they could fine the part as quickly as possible and get back here, both girls were washing what they could hanging them in the back, looking around I spotted a tarp somewhere in here.

Walking around there it was right near the front door, wow this was old gray canvas, pulling it over to the ship, both boys got up helping unfolding it, it was big alright and it would cover the ship real easy now we just had to get it over it.

“What it for”

“Were going to hid the ship”


“Placing this over it”

“How we going to do that?”

“I’m working on that “

Looking at the ship maybe we could drag it over the top, both girls stood looking at it and the ship.

Lisa turn around heading behind the ship remarking ”I have it” Faye stood raising her shoulders up, waiting for her to come back, just as fast holding a small rope

“See we can tie it on one end and pull it over the top”

“Great let’s try it”

Placing the rope around each end, then throwing the rope over the top, it slid right off again it slid off. “Want me to try” Lisa asked holding her hand out as I rolled it back up, handing it to her, she thinks she can do it let her, boy she thru it right over and landing almost over the window, rushing around taking it.

“Ok you two can hold up the end and will pull it over”

“I’ll help them” Faye said joining Chris and Josh both trying to hold up the end as we dragged it across the ship, pulling the rope.

Lisa and I both jerking on it; but we got it across covering the whole thing. “That’s covered now what?”

“We should put some hay on it”


“Yea so it looks like it’s been here awhile in case anybody looks in the window”

“Good idea”

Josh pick up a few trying to help as we thru the hay around it, Chris lifted the flip looking inside waving Josh over, Both of them went inside. Lisa handed both of us a soda, we stood looking at it looking like an old car covered just sitting in a barn for a long time, we all moved over sitting on the hay bales, Josh and Chris came over while Lisa open each of them a soda as they sat down with us. Josh tugged at me looking up. “Who’s Joey?”

“That’s my little brother; he’s about your age”

“Where is he”

“Back in the campground going nuts without me”

“Can I meet him when we get back?”

“Of course you can’ he’ll like you”

“What’s campgrun?”

“Campground is where everyone go on trips”

“Campground is where I left my folks”

“Me and Brian were fishing on the lake”

“Wow’ everyone starting to put things together”

“It’ looks like it where you from”

“A small town in Connecticut”

“I’m from Ohio”

“Me Too”

“Were’ I from?”

“What do you recall Josh”

“Tree’s and the dark”

Everyone was silent looking at Josh, the bottles hug low, stopping every move just not sure what to say, he sat looking at all of us and bowed his head.


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