4028 Chapter 28. Yellowjacket

Chapter 28.  Road Trip to Town

Car after car pass by the Boys as they walked along the edge of the roadway hoping it would lead them into town and not another road. The hot baking sun beating down just over head, leaving a shadow behind cooling the ground as they walk only lifting their heads as the cool breeze came in from the other side of the road from the water not far away. Sculling trying to keep Flip Flops on without the hot sand burning their feet, both had to stop a few times wiping off small weeds and branches getting between toes, standing on one foot trying to remove them each time, Brian’s holding onto Mike shoulder as one twig got caught in the Flip Flop trying to remove it both hearing a car slowing down riding off the roadway on the sand from the rear turning seeing a Light Blue van slowing down right next to them just as Flip Flop landed upside down in the sand.

“Hey Dude’s want a ride?”

“Where yah heading”

“To the beach in town”

“Sure’ we could use a ride”

“Yea man little it’s too hot to be walking’ Jump in”

“Thanks man”

Brian opening the side door holding his Flip Flop getting in first, Scooting over the shaggy Blue carpet almost matching the vans color as Mike quickly jumped in next to him closing the door, just missing two surf boards as the door open all the way, looking out between the front seats as they pulled back onto the roadway.

“So how far is it from here?”

“It’s about six miles, you going to the beach”

“No we got to get a shell from town”

“A shell”

“Yea it broke and we got to find another one”

“Yea well there’s a Sea shell like stand in town”

“Big shells like this”

“Sure they got all kinds”

“So you two going to the beach”

“We’re going to hit a few waves”


“There’s a few good ones still out there”

“I’m Hank and he’s Jocko”

“This is Brian and I’m Mike”

“Cool’ little breezy but good waves’

“Is it always hot?”

“Na it’s cooling down, this time in the year”

“But the waves are great”

“It’s December” Mike asking trying to see if it is.

“True and You two look like you’ve been to the beach already”

“We had a lot of beach this past week”

“Lot of tourists hanging about”

“Look’ watch them waves’ Surfers here too”

Watching out the front window towards the beaches waves pounding the shore, each wave had surfers on them as we slowed down to watch them fall into crashing down waves one after the other, before beach houses blocked our view, most of the them sitting back from the roadway on our right side till we started heading into town.

Stores line both sides as we drove slowly into town only passing two traffic lights looking outward seeing all the tourist one by one with their white shorts and white shoes towels wrapped around on their shoulders looking in windows, before he started pulling over slow down pulling in front of a large shell store.

“Thanks’ we really appreciate the lift” Mike said moving back towards the door, Brian already getting out.

“Yea’ maybe will see you two later on the beach”

“Yea’ Maybe’ will see yea”

“Gotta catch a wave guys later”

“Later, Hank and Jocko Thanks’ again”

Jocko Holding up a peace sign out the window as they drove away heading to the beach, Mike Peace sign him back, standing in front looking at benches of fresh oranges and coconuts with netting draping around the backside with small shells and floating balls hanging, the side of the door had shells and coconuts, smelling an orange before putting it back down.

“Wow you sure no how to talk like them”

“Maybe’ Shawn and I both live near a beach”

“So you know about this stuff then”

“We mostly fish not surf”

“Back home we only see vegetables and watermelons and big pumpkins on buck boards sure not shells or oranges or for that matter anything as big as these waters, maybe a lake or two”

“Where the hell are you from anyway?”

“Pennsylvania why”

“Man your scary”

“How do you mean Scary?” Pulling back looking at Mike.

“Hold on Your not Scary’ more strange ok”

“Ok and I think you’re a little strange too”

“You’re not a Pennsylvania Thee and Thou Quaker are you?

“No but we have a lot of them around our town”

“Ok’ let’s try and find this shell Ok?”

“We and Thee”

“Come on”

Brian stood looking over at the Shells pointing them out to Mike.

“Ok I see them’ let’s fine it” Mike slowly walking looking down at the oranges passing the front door looking in the glass door see it open just a little, both stood in front back and forth checking the shells over, Brian pick up a few and Mike checking the size trying to compare it to one of the same size and color; looking up at the doorway hearing it open, Standing looking down at them holding the door open stood a skinny guy with a goatee and apron wrapped around his waist just watching them, Mike being more caution picking up another checking the size, Brian holding the broken pieces still not a match, he was still standing looking at them Mike giving him a glance up a few times, he was more interested in what Brian was doing with the shells.

“That’s our broken coral’ we’re looking for one just like it”

“Ok you got money to pay for it’

“Yea we have money for it”

“It cost cash money’ you got cash?”

“Sure we have cash”

“You better have cash I don’t take cards”

“I said we had money, now you have this type of shell?”

“Just below that shelf you’ll find that type”

“Well thank You Sir”

Wiping his hand on his apron before reaching over picking up a large orange from the pile with a bounce in his hand and a little smirk on his growly looking face he remarked slowly pealing it. “You boy’s see anything like it yet”

“We’re looking for one just like this!” Brian said holding it up. “That’s a red coral’ better try over here.”

Pointing down under the oranges more on the other side. They both looked under the orange shelf thru coral with the red and pinkish colors some bigger and very dirty, the man finished off his orange throwing the remember in the street then went back inside setting a create to hold the door open, as they wading thru the boxes coral after coral glancing upward over the boxes, Mike could see he was on the phone, talking in a low voice while picking his head up trying to keep his eyes on them.

“I don’t like that guy”

“What about one of these?”

“No, too small”

“Here’ look at this one!”

“That’s it!”

Matching both shells they were the same size and pink inside just what they needed, both of them all excited, as the man stepped out with a frown watching them.

“We found it”

“That’s good”

“How much you asking “

That’s a conch shell”

“ok so how much”

“It’s around Ten dollars”

“Sure and how much are those?” Pointing to the top shelf.

“About the same”

“Fine here” Mike pulled out a few bills snapping out a ten handing it to him” with a smile remarking back “You got a bag for this here conch shell so we don’t drop it Please”

“Sure I’ll get you a bag’ wait here”

“Mike’ We found the right one”

“We got it Brian and will fix the ship and be out‘ta here”

“Here’s your bag and a few papers to wrap it up so you don’t break it going home boys”

“Thank you sir’ it’s been a real good day today”

“You have a good day boys”

Brian carefully wrapping it tightly, placing it inside the bag with the broken shell, walking back down the street looking in windows most closed, still the tourist were looking at them as they walked along.

“What do they keep looking at us for?”

“Maybe they never seen kids wearing jeans before”

“That’s funny”

“Hey look a small cafe”

“I could use something to drink”

“Let’s check it out”

Mike open the door pulling it outward letting Brian go first, slowly looking around the room sitting at the counter plenty of seats open as the booths were all taken, round red seats with small back rest swiveling back and forth as the waitress came up, an older lady with hair hanging to her shoulders Handing them a menu, with a smirk on her face, her name tag to one side Flo in bold letters on her pink blouse.

“You Boys want to have something here”

“Well that’s why we stopped in”

Real snotty remarking back. “Can you read!”


“The sign on the door” Pointing back. Both turn looking at it and right back to her? Mike raising his shoulders as to say what?

“You got to button your shirts boys’ no bare chest here!”

“What” Buttoning up the few open buttons and looking at her with a smile to please her watching each button with a smile.

“That’s better would you like Coffee or Cola”

“Got any Orange pop?”

“Orange Soda we have”

“That’s it will have two and maybe something to eat”

“They have eggs and bacon special”

“Think we should Mike?”

Mike looked over as Brian set the shell on the counter, handing her back the menu nodding his head yes.

“How you want them cooked?”

“Like cooked not runny would be good”

“Over hard and what else would you like”

“What comes with it?”

“Toast and Fried potato wedges”

“Ok’ can we get our drinks’ first”

“Right away just hold your britches”

She walk away placing the slip on the side window for the cook in the back room just looking out not saying anything to her, Brian turned in the seat looking around the room setting his eyes on a couple sitting in the second booth from the rear, giving them another look before getting Mikes attention away from the waitress. “Mike look over at that second booth” Mike taking a quick look over at them, seeing them as the man raised his head looking right up at Mike and Brian both quickly turn back to the counter just as the waitress set the orange drinks down.

“This looks like Juice not orange soda”

“Its Orange Juice that’s what you asked for”

“No we asked for Soda”

She picked them back up and headed back to the counter, Mike looking back to the old couple again as the Man got up and walk over getting the waitress attrition talking to her as she made the sodas stopping holding them looking at use then knotted to the man as he walk back sitting down in the booth the other person was the lady looking on before turning back to him.

“Mike maybe we should just go”

“No let’s get our food and drinks and will go”

“Ok’ seem like they aren’t too friendly around here”

“Just relax will have some food and head back”

Returning with two orange soda’s, her eyes looking back and forth as she set them down, reaching under the counter pulling out two sets of silverware wrapped in a napkin placing each in front of them, to one side.

“Would you boys like a hot corn muffin”

“Muffin what about our eggs?”

“They’re coming right up’ anything you want just ask ok”

“Ok if we need anything thanks”

“What’s with her she changed her tone”

“Something the guy said to her”

“I need to use the rest room be right back”

Brian slowly walk by the couple to the back room, Mike sitting looking at a few others at the counter eating and having coffee not saying much as the waitress filled there cups looking over at the cook waiting on the meals, as soon as the plates it the shelf she took them setting them down, not saying anything taking Brian’s drink and refilling it.

“Enjoy your breakfast” placing ketchup bottle next to the plate, Brian walk back giving the couple a quick look as he went by, sitting looking at the eggs and toast side of fried potato’s steaming. “Look’s good hot food too” with a glance over to Mike picking up his silverware, Mike already halfway done.

It was starting to fill up as they finish their plates off wiping the egg juice up with toast, Mike looked over at the couple again trying not to stare at them quickly turning back to Brian.

“That’s the ones that dropped off the boxes”

“That’s them all right I got a good look at them and its them alright, what are we going to do now, should we talk to them?”

No’ we need to get out of here”

“So you boy’s like anything else?”

“No just the check Please”

“It’s on the house you have a good day”

“What’ we have money to pay for it”

“No it’s all been taking care of”

“Who paying for it?”

“Do you want anything to go?”

“To Go?”

“Yes to take with you to the beach?”

“Beach no’ no will pay for it”

“It’s all paid for”

Everyone was looking at them now, Brian taking the bag trying to get Mike to hurry and stop arguing with her so they could just get out of there and get back.

“Ok’ we don’t need anything more thanks just the same”

“Ok you boys be careful on the beach now”

“Ok’ ok”

Mike placed two dollars on the counter, leaving trying not to look at everyone watching them, walking down the sidewalk passing the Black Cadillac as they walk by it giving it a look over, Brian look behind not seeing anybody following them with only a few walking on the sidewalk mostly looking in store windows.

“That’s the same car right”

“Yep’ that’s the same one and those two in the café were the ones that dropped those boxes of food and these clothes”

“Mike’ if he’s a Doctor then maybe”

“Stop’ we don’t need a Doctor’ he’s better alright”

“But maybe we should ask him”

“Sure and say what?”

“Just he needs a Doctor”

“Just go up and ask him”

“What if he’s gotten worst?”

“I don’t know’ let’s just get back” Mike remarked looking back at the car as they walked along.

After two blocks almost to the main roadway, Mike looked up at the sign Hospital with an arrow pointing down another road, He stopped and looked around, Brian turned around asking “ Mike did we come this way or did we come from that road?”

“I’m not sure”

“We got to ask someone where the road is”

“The gas station right there we past it see it” Pointing down the roadway at the small Joe’s service station.

Both hurry to reach the service station, standing across the street from it watching the cars getting gas, Brian pointing to a billboard showing the beach along with swimmer just four miles ahead. Both looked at each other then looked around the area trying to see if they could remember anything.

“That station I don’t recall Mike”

“No it’s not the same one”

“So what are we going to do now?”

“Find the right one”

“Station guy should know the right road”

“Ok’ we’ll ask him”

Slowly crossing the street waiting on traffic, Going inside the garage to the front room, no one inside the room just a desk and shelf’s of auto supplies one shelf had model race cars in a row, they stood looking out waiting on the guy to come in, door swinging open the man walk in “ Hi boy’s be with you in a minute have a seat” picking up a small can walking back outside, Mike and Brian sat down on the small sofa near the desk, watching out the window for him to return.

Garage door open with a young man wiping off his hands his name on his shirt Willy, walking towards them an right out the front door to the other guy, both talking then he return with a three soda’s handing Mike and Brian each one as he walk in sitting behind the desk looking over to them. “Ok’ what you selling” Looking down at the bag drinking his soda, Mike looked at the bag then back at him.

“Where not selling anything, we just wanted to know were the main road was” setting his bottle on the desk. Willy sat upward with a big grin on his face then smiled at Mike.

“Jim thought you were selling stuff’ sorry about that were you going”

“Were trying to find the road we came in on around here”

“Wow’ what end did you come in from?”

“We rode in with our friends who surf”

“Mike it was six miles to town the sign said”

“Ok’ you were on Georgia road”

“Along the shore road”

“Sure that’s the only one with that sign’ you walking?”

“Were getting use to it”

“I can see you’ve already gotten to much Sun”

“We have to get back to our friends house”

“Use the phone and call them to pick you guys up”

“He doesn’t have a phone”

“No Phone, must be a summer house”

“I think he only uses it sometimes”

“That’s the shore house’s so how you going to get there?”

“We have to walk back”

“What about your friends surfing”

“No they gon’na be a long time”

“The waves are big this season”

“They love to surf”

“Ok if you want a ride, I’ll be taking a car out that way”

“Sure”  “Better than walking guy’s”

“Ok’ if it’s not a bother”

“Give me a few and will head out, drink your soda’s and will go”

“Thanks for the soda’s Willy”

“Could I make a call?”

“Sure it’s right by the door”

“Brian who you gon’na call?”

“My Folks”

Willy left the two sitting on the sofa, Mike sat watching Brian holding the phone dialing a few numbers standing looking at the phone with his back towards him, Placing the handle back on and walked to the garage area. Mike quickly followed just behind him as Willy drove up in a Blue Service Truck,

“Come on Brian our rides here” “You want the window?”

“You can sit by the window” “Ready Boys”

They drove off heading out of town; Brian sitting by the window watching the water shore along the roadway, Mike looked over a few times without saying anything to him turning back watching the road for the house.


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