4029 Chapter 29 Yellow jacket

Chapter 29. Orange Drink Soda

Watching tree shadows on the ground moving with the sun.

Lisa and Faye sat with the boy’s playing cards; I had my share of cards after the fourth game, standing another watch at the roadway waiting on the two to return hopefully before dark. Just as the shadows crossed the driveway a Tow Truck pulled in, watching it thinking it was just turning around, when it just keep coming inwards stopping next to the house.

“We got a truck out here”

They all stopped looking over, with a quick wave they rush to the ship out of sight only Lisa came up looking with me, we both watch as the door open, wow it was them getting back.

” It’s Mike and Brian” Lisa said outward standing right up looking out the window. “Get down we don’t know who’s with them yet” Lisa quickly ducked down as the others rushing up to look out.

“This is Doc. Blair’s house, don’t see their car”

“Thanks for the ride Willy” Mike said outward already getting out, but heard what he said looking back thru as Brian scooted over getting out, Mike slowly closing the door while hanging over the window rim quickly handing the Shell to Brian.

“Sure thing boys”

“You know Doc. Blair?” Mike with his dumfounded look on his face leading inside now more curious.

“Sure’ Doc and May come down every year for the winter”

“Every winter and stay here?“

“Past four years now’ don’t see the Car’ they must be out”

“They said they had a few earns to run”

“May and Doc have been saying you guys were coming”

“They what?” Mike almost banging his head on the door frame.

“Watch your head there, waiting for their Grandkids.

“Doc and May?”

“So You must be their grandkids”

“That we are me and Brian here”

“Where’s the other’s inside?”

“The Others?”

“May said she had three Granddaughters and Four Grandsons” “O’ yea inside or they went with them”

“Well boy’s got to get that car, I’ll see you later have a good Christmas and see you in town”

“Thanks’ again Willy for the ride”

“Anytime just call if you need anything”

“Ok will do that’ you have a good Christmas also”

Willy slowly back out the driveway, waving to him driving off, All we could do was wait till they got inside both of them were standing in the driveway right in plain sight, now they start walking letting anyone going by to see them in the driveway, come on guy get out of the main view.

”What where they doing?”


“Brian’s holding something’ it’s a bag” Chris said looking between the boards with Josh.

“We can see’ keep your voice down”

“What are they talking about out there?”

“Hurry up you two” Like they were going to hear me, stopping again talking looking at the house, they better come in here.

“What are we going to tell the other about Doc and May?”

“Leave it to me I’ll tell Shawn first”

“Better you than Me, he’s your friend”

“Some car Willy had more like a truck”

“Yea’ he must have gotten a call to pick one up out this way”

“Well at least we got a ride here”

“Beats the hell out of walking”

“Look there looking out the windows”

Holding the door waiting, Brian holding up the Paper bag for everyone to see as I open the door, Mike just behind him

Like it didn’t matter who seen him, he only glanced up at me walking right by, turning looking as I shut the door a little too hard. “Wow you two you scared us getting out of that truck”

“We got the shell didn’t we!” Mike snip back.

Everyone was looking as Brian pulled it from the bag holding it up, everyone had to feel it, it’s a shell what’s the big deal over a shell to feel it, all of them touching it.

“Ok’ let’s try it everyone” Brian said walking towards the ship.

Following along to the ship rear, Brian sitting down ready to get under when Josh and Chris wanted to feel the pink inside one more time, standing next to Mike watching them like it was gold in a big pot they just found under a rainbow. Mike keep looking over at me something more was up I could just feel it, pulling Mike back from them seeing him biting his lower lip, he only did that when he was nervous, I better find out what happen before he bite his lip open and starts bleeding.

“Who was that in the truck?”

“Willy from the gas station”

“Gas station?”

“Sure he gave us a ride back”

“You were gone a long time”

“Was everything here ok?”

“No one stopped by”

“Good’ so we got the Shell and will leave!”

“What about Donna?” Mike stopped biting looking around seeing it was just us standing near the end.

“Let’s hope she makes it back before we go”

“We can’t just leave her here ‘Mike’ ” remarking right back, seeing him tighten up, he was trying hard not to look at me more keeping his eyes to the ground. Reaching out taking his shirt stopping him, he just looked up at me his head dropped low then came up, with a quick glance over the ship then back.

“What happen in town Mike?”

“We have to leave! As soon as we can!”

“Tell me what’s going on”

“I’ll tell you later”

“No’ What’ happen in town what happen and don’t say nothing I can see something happen to both of you”

“Nothing Bad Happen, we got to leave as soon as we can”

Waving his hand back and forth moving away from me joining with the others, Brian was still under the ship, while the others sat on the hay bales watching, Mike bent down looking under the ship, I stood there like being left out in a ball game just waiting to be called back in.

“How’s it looking”

“Good it fit right inside, just like the old one”

“Someone want to go check if anything happen inside”

“I’ll go” Faye said outward rushing around the ship.

“We put this cover over it, maybe we should remove it?”

“No leave it on till were ready”

“Lights are on in the front”

“Guess we got the right Shell” Brian said smiling backing sliding outward, brushing the dirt and hay off him all smiles, Mike stood straight up” Let’s get everything ready to go”

“We go back now?” Josh blurted out excided, bouncing on the hay, Chris rolling around with him.

“Ok’ you two stop with the hay throwing” Brian stopping Chris.

“Can we go home now?”

“Where do you want to go Josh?”

“With you’ not back with them Kolas”

“Where not going back to the cave’ that’s for sure”

“When are we going to leave?” Lisa asked.

“Tonight’ no one will see us in the dark”

“What about Donna?”

“We can’t wait for her we have to leave tonight” Mike spoke outward in a firm voice snapping his head to me, now I knew something was up and somehow had to get it out of him.

Everyone was silent just looking at Mike, he stood there looking down at everyone knowing he raised his voice, his eyes just wondered around at everyone, turning away and walk off.

“What happen in town Brian?”

“You better go talk to Him” Brian said sitting down next to Chris and Josh, brushing the hay off the boys, everyone was quite just looking back and forth between us.

“Look I’ll go ask him what happen’ if you don’t” Lisa said outward standing right up ready to go, now we were all looking at Brian hoping he tell us anything.

“I’ll find out’ just a second here’ you where both in town why can’t you tell us what happen, all of us should know what happen while you two were in town?”

“Yes it happen in town ok’ and on the way back but I told Mike’ I’d wait for him to tell you, so go ask him!”

“We really need to find out” Faye said outwards in a scared tone almost looking like she was going to cry again.

“Ok’ all of us should hear it’ where all in this together here”

They sat quite just looking at each other, that wasn’t going anywhere they were just to afraid to ask him, Brian wasn’t going to tell us about town so where’s Mike, looking around to the ship finding him standing by the side door just looking outward, turning his head as I was walking up on him.

“They know were here!”

“Sure the old people that dropped the stuff off”

“They’re not the only ones”

“What’ who knows were here”

“Seems that the old couple our well known around here and they talked about all of us coming here’ yes all of us!”

This took me back a step what was he saying they knew we were coming and expecting us, how would they know that.

“Hello Shawn’ Shawn’ The Blair’s that’s their name and that old man is a Doctor and his wife they own this house”

“Hey Mike‘ Shawn’ look here’s that car again” Brian hollered out from the front door, I turn looking down it was that same car, the big one from earlier, Mike just walk right to the front not even keeping low from the windows, along with everyone rushing looking outward.

It was the same car alright with two more right behind it stopping in the driveway, gee one car was bad but now we have three cars in the driveway. Where never going to get out of here at this rate, everyone was looking out trying to see what was going on.  Josh held my side with a slight tremble holding onto me, we could only watch what they were doing keeping out of sight from the windows. The older couples were talking with the others as they rushed bags into the house, returning only to bring more grocery bags inside, they must be staying with all that stuff, how are we going to get our ship out of here before they see us was all that I was thinking maybe we should just get in and make a dash for it getting out of here.

“What going on Mike”

“Looks like they’re staying in the house”

“What happen in town you better tell all of us”

Mike turn looking around at all of us waiting for him, everyone move in closer around him, biting again at his lip then wiped his mouth off giving another look outside.

“Ok I’ll tell you what happen”

“Something going on here, all these people” Lisa said outward.

“Keep your voices low we don’t want them out here” Brian quickly remarked holding Chris sitting down next to the door.

“So how we going to leave now” Lisa again blurted out.

“We can leave as soon as it’s dark” Mike jumped right back getting annoyed more not sure of how to handle it.

“What if they come out here before dark?” Lisa jump right in back to Mike.  “I don’t know ok!”

That was it I just had to stop both of them before it got hotter.

“Ok You two cool it lets see what they’re doing, we all have to know what you two already know”

“It’s the old couple they were in town and we seen them in a small restaurant, but they just sat watching us, then we asked for directions here and the Gas station that was Willy’ that gave us a ride out here, he just said they were expecting us to show up not just two of us’ but he said all of us, that’s what”

“All of us?”

“All of us here right now in this little barn”

“How would they know that?”

“Did you say something to someone in town?”

“No’ we were in the restaurant and the waitress was giving us a hard time, than the Doctor got up and spoke with her, when she came back with our order and soda, she changed her attitude and he paid for it”

“They didn’t talk to you or Brian”

“No we left and found the gas station and headed back”

“How were you going to pay for it?”

“That’s another thing, when we went back to the house with Josh there was a envelope on the sink”

Mike pulled the folded envelope from his back pocket unfolding it as we all watch him, facing it to me address to Brian Mike and Shawn on the front in blue ink, he stood holding it then pulled out cash inside with a note handing it to me, looking at the note Mike, Brian and Shawn here’s cash that you’ll need and phone number to call if you need anything at all don’t leave without calling please, the house phone is on just call, Then in bold letters. Doctor Blair and May, Yes a Doctor Call  !!.

We all looked at the letter, Brian name was on the front he just placed his finger over it a few times then handed it to Mike, taking it folding it back up putting it back in his pocket.

Taking turns looking out, everyone was quite; Mike was still upset just as all of us were left in the cold thinking what was our next move before they came out here and found us.

“So they know were here now what are we going to do?” I asked out mostly hoping Mike had a better plan working in his head.

“We leave just as fast out of here as we can” Mike jumped right in biting his lip trying not to show it looking out the window.

“But the letter said to call!”

“But there in the house now”

“How would they know about us anyway?” Lisa asked.

“Maybe they are the aliens waiting for us” Faye said outward.

“No they’re not aliens their people like us” Brian remarked holding Chris near him, Josh was rubbing his arm.

“What do we say to them?” again I asked.

“How do we know we can trust them” Lisa said outward pushing the hay around making more dust in the air.

“What about the ship, can we get it out without them seeing us”

“It’s ready, as soon as possible were out of here”

“Look there all coming outside again” Lisa said ducking down.

We all watch them get back in the cars, the old lady waved too us, one by one the cars pulled out, the caddy was the last one out the driveway. We keep low as they all left, we stayed by the door waiting and waiting with no cars in the driveway it was quite and only birds making sounds in the trees again.


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