4030 Chapter 30 Yellow jacket

Chapter 30. Shocking News

Lisa started playing cards with Josh and Brian Chris sat watching drinking soda, Mike and I sat near the door lessening for anything outside, the only thing making any sounds were just birds chirping back and forth, every time they stopped we look outside.

“Mike’ they knew our names so who are they?”

“I don’t know but we have to get back”

“Back how”

“The kid has to know how to get us back”

“True he must know about the ship”

“He’s the only one who seems to know more about it than us”

“How do we fine out?”

“You’ you’re the one he’s taking to”

“Me’ but I don’t know what he’s like”

“He looks up to you”

“What do I say to him?”

“Make like you were talking to your brother”

“Sure that’s like asking a wall for information”

“You’re the only one that can reach inside that kid”

“Ok’ so we find out and then what?”

“We get out of here”

“What about the other’s”

“Will take them back with us”

“How are we going to explain them?”

Mike just wanted to get out of here before they came back, we both sat there waiting for darkness while watching the others sitting playing cards, Josh looked over a few times with a smile, Faye was inside the ship laying down.

Just when everything seemed quite around the birds stopped, we both looked out seeing the black car pulling into the driveway, watching them bringing more stuff inside, Mike just sat back down as I did not saying anything to the others letting them play cards.

“Mike’ what now?”

“I don’t know maybe they will leave before it gets dark”

“Let’s hope so”

“Should we tell the others?”

“No let them play”

Josh fell asleep on the hay leading on Lisa, Brian got up seeing the car and walk over just looking outward. “See their back”

“Inside again doing something”

“We are leaving tonight”

“As soon as its dark”

“Good, look the lady’s coming out”

“Now what?”

“She’s heading right for us”

“Great get the others into the ship”

“If she comes in will go right thru the doors”

“What in the ship”

“No will just walk out’ come on get them ready to go”

”That’s it dark or not were leaving about time too”

“Everyone get ready were leaving” Brian rush over grabbing what he could placing it inside the ship, everyone started grabbing everything laying around, Lisa taking the cooler, rushing around getting the cloths, There she was the older lady at the side door looking in, trying the door knob everyone just frozen watching the door.

“Brian will it make it out”

“Josh said’ yes so let’s go”

“See’ that kid knows how to fly it”

“Ok’ ok let’s get out of here”

“Better remove the beam”

“I’ll get it’ start the thing already!”

“What about the tarp?”

“It will fall right off”

She knocked on the door still trying to see inside, already shaking starting to sweat looking back with each knock on the door, standing at the doors holding the beam pulling on it just as fast as I could out, looking back seeing the lights flickering inside, another knock on the door, I’ll jump in just before we hit the doors, another knock on the door as I’m trying to remove the beam seeing the Doc walking right past me to the side door.

“Brian’ Please open the door!” … “Brian’ don’t go please”

Turning looking at the door my hair razing she’s calling Brian’ Looking to the ship Brian stuck his head out pulling the tarp back looking at the door, the ship wasn’t moving at all, it was quite outside but they were just outside the door, Doc was holding her next to him we all were watching them thru the dirty window.

“Kid’s we know you’re here’ please open the door” Doc said with a throbbing voice knocking on the door.

“Brian it’s me May” She said outward sadly between her tears.

“We got to let them in” Brian said stepping down.

“Brian who are they?” Mike trying to hold him back.

Brian slowly moved to the door, I just was frozen holding the beam, watching him walk right to the door unlocking it.

The door slowly open they both looked up at him, she wiped the tears off and smiled at him reaching her hand out. Brian stood looking at them holding his hand out to her, what was she to him he must know her why else would he open the door just when we were ready to leave, she’s hugging him now doc just standing there watching them looking over at everyone looking out from the ship, he looked down at me still holding the beam.

“It’s ok son you can put down the board” Doc stood looking around at the others, still in the ship “Which one of you is Jose?”

Mike step out holding back the boys, glancing down at me then up to Brian. “There’s no Jose here Mister”

Doc turn and looked back at May her head snapped up “No he has to be here Doc they are all here I see them”

“One of you has got to be Jose, that got hurt bad here!”

“That’s Josh!”  Brian said outward pointing to the ship, Josh stood behind Mike hiding his arm.

”Why do you want him?”

“His arm is badly infected” “No he’s fine we fix it already”

“Your name is” “Mike Marcus” “Ok I’m a Doctor”

“How did you know we were here?”

“It’s a long story son”

“Brian where’s your sister?” May asked wiping more tears off her face looking at them, Faye stood next to Lisa holding onto Chris, as Doc was moving slowly to the ship, stopping sitting down on the hay bales, May walk over with Brian not letting his hand go.

“All you kids need to come inside with us”

“Were fine right here”

“We have hot food and milk”

“We already ate”

“Please everyone I’m asking you all to come inside and get warm you don’t need to stay out here in the cold”

“You still haven’t told us how you knew we were here!”

“May you better say something”

“Doc how it’s Brian” She started breaking down crying holding Brian’s hand tighter to her, Doc looked over handing her his hanky. “Ok everyone this is May and she knew you were coming for a long time, please come inside so we can talk”

Everything just seem to stop around the barn, just looking at each other, Mike was the first one talking to Doc; One by one they came out of the ship Josh of course came right over to me holding on. After who was who to them we headed over to the house going right into the livingroom sitting down all the covers were taking off everything  it look so much different now, Doc sat in the big chair with his little black bag wanting to check Josh out but that kid was to afraid to move cowering to me, Lisa and Faye were off in the kitchen helping May, Brian sat on the couch talking with Doc about his family and how his parents had died in a car accident and they ended up with relatives’.

May and the girls brought in hot sandwiches and Milk setting them on the end tables; everyone sat down taking a plate as Brian and Mike were talking away about the trip to town even the ride they got from the beach surfers, Josh sat next to me in the chair just looking at the food not wanting it at all, but he did try a little milk making a smirk holding it in his mouth of course he wanted to spit it out than to swallow it.

Doc asked about his arm and how long it had been scents we change the bandage, looking down at Josh his bandage was dirty from playing before and it did need changing again, Doc telling him we did need to clean it and change the wrapping, he of course didn’t want to but Doc said he would be real careful, the three of us went into the kitchen as the others were still talking about the past, Doc pulled out a chair that I ended up sitting in with Josh on my lap as Doc removed the bandages on the table.

Cleaning around my fourteen stitches with a small stick, then cutting off the extra threads hanging while reassuring Josh it was fine, he squirmed a few times but let him work, telling me it was a good job stitching it together and asked if I wanted to be a Doctor, that was never going to happen, carefully putting a new wrapping on it then came the big one Doc said he needed to give him a shot with the needle, Josh’s eyes got so big looking at it pulling away wrapping his arms around me holding tightly, as Doc gave him the shot in the arm tears of fear mostly.

We sat at the table talking just after he stopped crying, Doc got him a soda and a plate of crackers, he must have been hungry eating all the crackers up but at least he was eating something; I told Doc about the pills Mike had and how they all seem to have taking them before we found them, he asked Mike about them and Mike gave them to him returning placing team in a small baggy. Never did see what he did with them from that point on, it was already dark outside we must have been inside a long time Faye feel asleep on the couch, Chris also feel asleep next to Faye.

May took the two girls to a bedroom, and we talked together in the livingroom seem May had knew we were coming a long time ago when she was a small girl, Brian felt funny talking with her as she said he was her Big brother, we were all shocked now knowing we had crossed a time line into the past for real.

Mike sat on the edge of the couch taking in everything she said still fishing for more asking her how she could remember so much wanting to know what happen and were they ended up, May sat with Doc slowly starting to cry looking over at us remarking it was Brian that would never let her forget that she needed to help us at this time and place.

Brain sat back holding Chris who was fast asleep, he looked at Chris asking is This you? She just nodded her head then looked at Doc saying it was you Brian who told me to find a Doctor to married, and Doc here knew I wanted to marry a Doctor at the time he was studying to become one and we got married soon after. You never gave up telling me about the house on the beach and how I was going to meet all of you and how much you needed a doctor you never said how the little one got cut only Mike and You Shawn had taking him to the Hospital, We sat there with our full attention to everything she was saying Josh had fallen asleep next to me and thankfully it was only us talking, we just sat taking it all in quietly to every word again she hit us with another big one as Doc stayed by her side, Finding out that Brian and Mike had gotten a ride by someone who beat them both up pretty badly before returning to the barn, a few days later and somehow the ship did get fixed but so much happen that Brian didn’t want to talk about it.

How we ever got out that she had no idea, only she waited so many years to see us as Brian had told her to do so many years ago, they found the house and bought it back in the forties just after it was built, spending the last six years coming just waiting for us to show up, the needle hairs raised on our arms while Mike sat lost for words for once, Brian had just sat back in a daze and me I just didn’t know what to say or how to ask anything so we sat for a little while longer, then Doc showed us to the bedroom carrying Josh placing him in the bed, Everyone had a long night I just laid down for a few minuets’ with Josh and was out like a light.


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