4031 Chapter 31 Yellow jacket

Chapter 31. What Year.

My eyes Open into a room so strange from my own room, no Joey to wake me first thing in the morning wanting his breakfast cereal and juice, slowly adjusting looking over my shoulder, Joey just next to the edge, Mike all bundled in next with only his head sticking out, the light was still on between the beds, carefully not disturbing them looking for those flip flops must have left them in the other room last night, Down the hallway Barefooted on cold wooden floors looking in passing the other bedroom seeing both beds empty they must be up already. Hearing them talking in the kitchen while brushing back my hair looking in the mirror, looking more sleepy even the tee shirt was wrinkled.

“Morning’ cooking?”

“Morning you sleep ok last night” Doc asked sipping coffee.

“Good real good, Mike and Josh are still sleeping”

“Have a seat” Doc pulled the chair out for me. Smelling the Bacon before sitting down at the table, looking at the girls seemed right at home with May making scramble eggs.

“Coffee or Juice?”  May asked holding a Cup.

“Coffee sounds and smells good”

May brought over the cup setting it down with a spoon giving me a smile turning back to the stove, Feeling the cups rim while adding sugar trying not to make too much noise with the spoon. Doc looking thru the newspaper, being just able to see the date December 24,1968 great Christmas eve already, glancing around into the livingroom were someone last night set up a small tree on the table, that tree wasn’t there last night, we must have been more relaxed or over tired, sure beats the ship seats.

“How’s Josh this Morning?” Doc asked looking over his glasses.

“He still sleeping, he seems ok”

“He’ll be find you did a good job stitching it up”

“Thanks Doc’ I just did what had to be done”

“You did a great job better than most Doctors”

“I had to stop it from bleeding”

“It was a bad cut and you did do real well”

“So you two have been looking for us?”

“It’s been years now”

“I’m still not clear on a few things’ Doc”

“After you have some breakfast will talk some more, and I’d like to know more about your ship” Doc said setting his glasses aside with the paper, Lisa pulled out the chair next to me sitting down with jug of orange juice along with plates, silverware on top, Looking over to Faye holding the pan while May scooped them out into a large bowl, Faye brought them to the table and started pouring juice in glasses before sitting down.

“Go ahead have your breakfast” Doc said Folding the paper with his glasses making room for May to set down bringing in a plate of toast already cut in half, now mom would cut them every once in a while but not all the time, fluffy yellow eggs with steam coming off them was all it was going to take for me to jump right into them, Faye passing the bowel to me not taking all of them just some I think I could have eaten all them passing over to May, reaching over taking only a few slices of thick beacon we don’t see that at our table only those skinny things.

Josh awoke just as I finished off the plate coming right over resting on my side looking at everyone still wiping the sleep from his eyes, May poured a glass of juice handing it to him.

“What some eggs and bacon?”

“No” Josh remarked scooting on my lap sideways.

“Did you hear about Apollo 8 and the moon?” Lisa asked.

“Yesterday’s paper” I just had to give her a smirk look.

“No on the TV news reports”

“They landed right” thrilled right back to her.

“No just going around the moon”

“Josh why don’t you try some toast?”

“Toast?” Trying not to bump his arm into me.

“You’ll like it”

Reaching down off my plate Josh bite right in the center, just like Joey always did must be a kids way of eating bread, slowly leaving the crust setting it back on the plate looking at the eggs.

“What to try a few?”

No he shook his head back taking the juice, May just sat watching him while drinking her coffee looking over all of us, Mike and Brian both came in and the girls were done getting up so they could sit down, Chris just behind them standing next to Josh, May held her arms out for him and went right to her, Lisa and Fay took the dirty dishes placing clean ones down, Mike was first digging right in then handed it to Brian.

May took a few spoon full for Chris sitting in her lap, Josh watch Chris eat a few rising his head with every bite.

“Josh they are good”

“What are they?”

“Scramble eggs” Putting a few on my fork, he just open his mouth like a baby would, no face expression just let it sit for a second then one chew and another.

“More” He turn in my lap sitting more towards the table, taking the fork trying to hold it steady lifting a few from the plate, everyone sat watching him six fork’s later, we were all impressed he could now eat more than just crackers I just hoped they didn’t come back up.

“Brian how old are you now?” May asked looking across at him.

“Eleven but I’ll be twelve in August”

“Eleven and you boys are how old?”

Mike jumped right in” twelve same as Shawn”

“Such young ages to be going thru so much”

“What do you mean so much?” Mike asked.

“Chris is seven now” Brian said taking more juice.

“So Josh you must be around seven also” May Asked.

Josh looked back at me, I just nodded my head.

“Me seven too”

“May you said so much’ what did you mean by that” Mike asking while pouring orange juice waiting for an answer.

“Doc will talk to you boys” May said letting Chris sit in the set picking up the empties, Mike sat looking over at me, drinking my coffee, Josh got off sitting with Chris.

Lisa came in “News reports on again about Apollo 8”

“Apollo 8” Mike snickered.

“Yea Mike it’s orbiting the moon”

“The Moon what happen to Mars?”

“That hasn’t happen yet its 1968”

“What happen to 1996 Our Mar’s Mission?”

Mike quickly looked around, Doc was looking in and May just stood looking at him holding the pot of coffee.

“Coffee smells good can I have some too” Mike trying to ride over his words with coffee. It worked too.

“Sure you can, Brian you want some” May asked taking two cups off the counter bringing them in, pouring them with mine last, Lisa went back in to the other room, with Faye in front of the small Black and white TV, No color maybe they were showing playbacks from the moon glancing over, Doc sitting back not reading the paper just watching TV.

“Jeans look like they fit you boys”

“That was a shock seeing cloths”

“I knew you were about twelve”

“How long did you know” Mike said tilting his head looking at her over his shoulder standing behind him.

“Josh why don’t you and Christy go into the livingroom”

“Ok we watch the box?”

“That’s right go ahead now”

Both quickly slid off the chair into the livingroom sitting on the couch together, Faye sat up with them, Doc came in standing next to May, I offered her my seat, they both sat down.

“You called Chris’ Christy?” Brian said sitting upward looking at both of them. May just looked at doc.

“We don’t know how to answer some of your question”

“Somehow were here in your time”

“That ship you have no one can see it” Doc asked.

“No’ it’s covered well”

“Can you fix it?”

“Doc we don’t know what’s wrong with it yet”

“Well maybe I can help you Boys with that”

“We could use a Doctor to fix it”

“I don’t know about flying ships”

“But you’re a Doctor”

“Yes A Pediatrician Doctor”

“Not a regular Doctor?”

“I work with children in a hospital”

“Hospital here in town?”

“No I work in Pennsylvania”

“That’s were where from” Brian quickly responded.

Talk about shocking someone Brian looked like he just got a jolt from lighting, his head snapping back so fast.

“May you knew we were coming, how long ago?” Asking her quickly before Mike jumped in with his questions how and why.

“A very long time”

“We just got here yesterday”

“Did you know it was this year?”

“The News paper”

“But if you and Doc helped us won’t that change everything”

“We didn’t Disappear Shawn” Mike snapped right in.

“No so how do we get back?”

“That I can’t tell you”

“Doc can you explain anything to the Boys?” May asked.

“I’ll try, It was a long time ago when I meet Brian, he and I hit it off pretty good matter of fact he was the one who introduced us before the war, I was studying to become a doctor back then”

“This Brian here?” Mike giggled with a smile.

“I believe he is the one, at that may be a slit bit young now”

“Gee Brian how do you feel you haven’t aged any?”

“Thanks’ I shocked that’s all”

“Boys it was so long ago, what some twenty years now”

“That was WW2 Doc”

“Now we have Vietnam war in China”

“Doc it’s a peace action not a war!”

“Shawn” Mike again snapped back.

“Sorry Doc in our time that’s what we called it”

“Your time’ In the Future from now”

“It’s a bad war Doc but it will be over soon”

“Do we go back to our time Doc” Mike asking now leaning on the table just waiting for the news that we get back.

Doc looked over to May that look didn’t look to good to me, Mike looked over to me what could I say the hair was already rising on my arms, thinking about it. “Don’t we get back?” I asked.

“We don’t know if you got back, Brian only told us about being here now at this year and this house”

“But what about us?” Mike asking again.

Brian and Chris somehow went back farther in time, what happen to the others did we all make it home, could we get back did we get back, Mom’s heart would be broken so much let alone Joey and who would he pick on if I wasn’t there, I miss home already, turning from them trying hard not to cry thinking about home and my room what’s going to happen to us now.

“Shawn you ok?”

“Yea Doc I’m just wondering what happens to us now?”

“Mike you ok Son?” He just knotted his head, I knew he was thinking the same thing I was but he didn’t have a brother or sister so it would be hard on both of his folks, Brian just sitting back not saying anything he must be off thinking about his past life just knowing his folks are alive, he did try to call them but hung up the phone before anybody pickup.

“If Chris and I went back then what about them?”

“Brian did everything to make sure you were all safe”

“What did he do” Brian asked leaning on the table.

“We followed everything he wrote down”

“When did he Wright it’ What year was it?”

“Just after” May interrupted him, “When he was a young boy”

“What year did he do it?”

“May, We’ have to tell them!”

“Brian had wrote a noted in 1917 that this year at Christmas we needed to fine you with a newspaper”

We were just sitting there taking in everything, looking over Faye and Lisa stood by the doorway also, Mike didn’t say anything just let Brian keep asking them getting better results, May held Doc hand the whole time.

“1917’ That’s some eighty years ago, But you two aren’t”

“No we are in our late 50’s”

“So what happen to me then?”

May just started to cry Doc held her close, Brian got up walking over to her holding her, she looked up and reach for him holding him to her, Doc patted him on the back, Lisa walked over to Mike with Faye standing looking on waving her over to me she rush over we all hugged around the table as the Boys watch the TV.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    I really enjoyed the stories. waiting paiently for the next chapter. pw

    • yellowjac Says:

      Thanks Pat Hope you enjoy the Next Chapter also. Will

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