4032 Chapter 32 Yellow jacket

Chapter 32.  Blake’s  Hardware Store.

Moon mission coverage seem to be a big thing back then, after all they did have so much going on during the 60’s, little did they know what still lies ahead in 69, we soon found out that Brian died during the war in 1944 leaving five children and his wife to manage a Dairy farm in Pennsylvania, Doc was station overseas in Korea, But he didn’t talk about it just as quickly talking about his grown, children two boys and a girl; all grown and married having children of their own giving them eight Grandchildren.

Later that morning we did wonder out to the ship, Doc was looking at everything feeling the outside metal like it was a puppy wanting to be petted, tapping around on it maybe he was hoping he would hear a hear beat or something, lifting the tarp up he looked inside and surprised us he went inside standing up looking over the dash he was just mesmerized by the whole thing, it was messy inside maybe that’s what he was really looking at how messy we were, making his way back around to us checking underneath seeing the shell, Mike was checking it over with the broken shell for anything different.

“That’s the shell you got”

“Yea’ only the lights our working inside”

“Maybe you need to find something else”

“We don’t know anything about this ship Doc”

“What was the last thing you did before it stopped working?”

“It was doing ok till we came to a rest here”

“Then it just went dark?”

“No lights nothing “

He stood there holding the shell feeling the weight between them “Both seem to weigh the same even look the same” rubbing his chin handing it back to Mike taking it setting it inside the panel. “What about the cover, can we take it off”

“Sure we can uncover it” All of us together pulling it off, laying in the hay, it looked more like a rug rolled up that someone didn’t tie before putting it on the curb, with eight eyes not seeing anything other than dried dirt and hay.

Doc stood by the door feeling around the door frame, we just stood back watching him hoping he could find something that we missed, we looked everywhere he was looking even at the four curved post legs and some sort of triangle foot pad pulling that hay on. “Boy’s that globe on top” Doc pointed up to it. all three of us stood back looking, there it was our beckon light was broken near the front, Mike quickly with Brian rush over getting a ladder off the beam near the side door, quickly rushing back leaning it next to the door.

Brian went right up to the top moving the globe around one way then the other, watching him while standing next to Doc wondering did we hit something maybe when we came inside it hit the beam, looking back at the doors there it was the mark where it hit.

Brian was able to removed it with a large screw driver that Mike found mostly preying it off handing it down, Doc looked it over while we just stood there watching him examining it.

“No wires just a broken globe like disc” Doc said. moving it around every which way, nothing was falling out or even rattling inside and it didn’t look like anything other than a small silvery bulb resting inside.

“Can it be fixed Doc?”

“Just maybe we can fix it”

“How Doc”

“We might have to go into town”

“In town?”

“There’s a hardware store they should have parts for it”

“It’s not a car you just get parts for“

“No’ but they do have so many things’ we just might fine it”

“Hardware store, we have a lot of them at home”

“This one been around a long time”

“Jee’ they might have some old model A parts”

“Mostly anything you need they have it”

“Can we go with you Doc”

“Sure I wouldn’t feel right not asking you boys to come along”

“Did you see a burlap bag laying around”

“On the rail”

“We better put it in one”

Brian went around the ship coming back shaking it off, Holding it for Doc to place it inside. Just as it went inside he stopped still holding it. “Look here its radiant” Mike and I both looked over seeing it glowing low with a silver blue light around the burlap.

“What is it Doc?”

“You didn’t get any of this on you when you removed it did you?”

“No Doc” Brian checking his hands.

“It almost looks like mercury!”

“Mercury Doc”

“From a thermostat”

Folding the burlap around a few times setting it down on the hay bale, “We better put the cover back on Boys”

“Ok we can do that” Mike said.

All of us pulled it back over this time covering the door, Brian and Mike thru hay on it, before we all went back to the house.

The smell of fresh coffee was the first thing you could smell walking in, Fancy cups with little saucers sat on the table each having a spoon next to them, right in the middle sat a pound cake all sliced. The four of us sat down, May was coming right in just as we sat down, the boys and Lisa were playing a board game on the floor just in front of the TV.

“Well did you find anything Doc?”

“We found a broken globe”

“Yea” Doc spotted it on top”

“Well the Coffee ready” May unplugged the silver pot bringing it over pouring each cup slowly not to spill any on those fancy saucers with Boats and light houses around them, I just hoped she didn’t pull out the good china for us. Only time I saw good china was during the holidays mostly thanksgiving or Easter Mom always made it a feel like a real special moment.

“We have to go into town for a while”

“Going to Grant’s”

“No Blake’s Hardware”

“Your Son called”

“How’s is he”

“Good ‘He said it was snowing”

“Looks like we left just in time”

“We just missed it”

“So Doc’ When can we go into town?” Mike asked. Trying to hold the cup with two fingers in the hoop and his pinky resting on the bottom side, he really didn’t know how to hold a fancy cup.

“We can go after our coffee and cake”

“Great man do we need that globe”

Doc stopped his coffee cup looking over at Mike, Bet he felt that look bowing his head down, Brian already on his third cake, Finishing off the pound cake with Fresh perked coffee felt so much different than back home, we didn’t have little cakes during the day mostly it was a quick chip snack or pop tarts.

All four of us went into town riding in the Cadillac so much better than the van Mom drove us around in, this had a lot of room inside and no seat belts to hold you in one place. they sure don’t make them like this anymore, pulling into the hardware parking lot, Old Doc pulled right up near the door with no Handicap sign anywhere around. Brian sat up front with Doc, holding the bag.

Mike and I were just looking around at all the stuff hanging on the walls everything neat was hung in lines or rows, the isles where packed on every shelf and on the floor stacked allowing only one person at a time to walk thru. Doc and Brian stopped at the counter when we first went inside; Mike was looking at everything calling me over everytime seeing something strange.

“Boy’s we’re ready to go!” Doc was standing with Brian at the end of the isle watching us like kids in a candy store.

“Fine the part?”

“We got one’ look here” Brian said showing it to us.

“Wow’ that going to fit inside?”

“It’s a Thermostat dial gage”

“How’s it going to work?” Asking squinting.

Doc pulled the top back off showing us the little bulb inside lighting every time he moved it back and forth a few times.

“Doc that tube inside’ going to work?”

“It’s the closest thing to it”

“But it will work right Doc?”

“Well get it working, don’t you worry’ it will work”

Feeling excited that they found it, even if it was a lot smaller looking in that small dial, Doc said it would work at least he was going to try and get it working, I just hoped he could without having any more problems with that ship, Doc was driving what seem like was taking forever maybe that’s just the way you feel when you want to get something done always times drags on.

All around town everything had a Christmas theme of some sort most store windows had Manger’s with wise man while others had Santa Clause’s even the streets had garland across the wires not one sign saying merry xmas or Happy Holidays just Merry Christmas, well one I spotted said Happy New Year, pulling into the towns Gas station.

“Doc this is the station we got a ride from” Brian said all excited.

“We always come here for our gas and winter service”

“Hey’ Shawn look at those gas prices!” Mike said grinning.

“Wow that’s cheap” Seeing the low price on the sign; Dad would fill that wagon up a few times here without squawking about the price, after all he was always shopping around for a better deal even if he had to drive halfway across town to get a better price.

Mike started waving out the back window to the attendant not even asking how much to put in he just started filling the tank then he walk around with a squeegee washing the window clean, he stood pointing to the hood Doc said no thanks’, out the window to him. Gee we could sure use this back home now days we have to pump our own gas never mine the window, sitting just watching him work of course I was waiting for the old sales pitch of “Your oil down, You really need to fill it, put it in?” Nope he just closed the hood “Look’s Good” and headed right back to the rear just as another attendant came walking out from the shop waving, making his way right to Doc’s window.

Leaning down to the window; wiping his hands off in a rag.

“Hi Doc’ see you got your Grandkids with you”

“They arrived yesterday”

“Hi boy’s”

“Thanks for the ride Willy” Brian said: bending down looking up at him, “Your more than welcome anything for Doc here”

“Looks like a busy night around here”

“Everyone’s going to the beach for the Big Night Fire”

“Lot more this year seem like”

“Most from North this year, been pretty busy here”

“Heard they got snow back home?”

“Not much just ground cover, colder than usual”

“What do I owe you?” Doc asked the attendant standing next to the pump just behind Willy. “Twelve dollars even”

“Your son’ coming down this year?”

“No up north skiing” Doc handed the Man a Twenty.

Willy move aside letting him in as he pulled out a small bundle of bills from his pocket Doc said “You keep the change Thank You and Have a Merry Christmas” “Thank You Doc’ Merry Christmas to all of you Thank You again” He went back to the station front office, Willy just started talking as soon as he walk away right where he left off.  “Don’t miss that stuff, You should move down here all the time you and May, no snow here Doc”

“We been thinking about that we just might consider it, Gotta get back the missies is making Dinner early tonight and should get the boy’s back you have a Merry Christmas Now”

“Ok’ Doc say hi to May for me’ You Two have a Great Christmas Now with Your Grandkids all here, You’ boy’s be good to Doc and May now don’t give Them too much a hard time now”

“We Won’t You Have a Nice Christmas too” Mike quickly said out.

Of course I had to say something “Merry Christmas” well it was short but that guy just seem like he could talk all day, Doc slowly pulled out we just waved as we pulled into traffic.

“Doc that’s the billboard we were talking about to the beach”

Mike said: pointing it out to me trying to see it around him, ended up looking out the back window just seeing it before the stores block the view, Brian was asking about the local stores, next thing I could see out my side was the beach, small waves  rushing in along a few docks till it was brush blocking my view, Looking out the front so many house’s near the roadway and no cars parked in front of any of them they must have a rear entrants even still parking on the road would only make traffic slow down to get around them, of course they could park near the brush on the sand.

Wow there it was the house, just as he pulled in the driveway another car sitting just in front of the barn, great just what we need a car blocking our only way out, Doc pulled to the side out of the way “Doc who’s here?” Brian Asked: holding the bag tight.

“Don’t worry Boy’s it’s my Son”

“But he’s blocking the doors!”

“He won’t be here too long”

Mike went right to the barn looking in the window, turning back following. “It’s good’ can’t see anything”

Doc greeted him in the Kitchen with May, We just stood there not saying anything looking into the livingroom, More kids just what we need right now, sitting playing that same board game with the others, Josh and Chris playing with another kid just near the end of the couch, Brian was holding the bag in front. “Get what you needed there” May Asked Brian.

“We found something that should work”

“This is My Son John, John I like you to meet Brian, Mike and Shawn “

“Glade to meet you Boys Merry Christmas”

We all shook his hand, maybe he was trying to show how strong he was, the more he squeezed so did I till he let go “Good grip there” Right my hand might have been a little sore but dad always said a good grip was a good person, Doc took the bag setting it on the counter, May motion for all of us to the table, Josh rush right over hugging me with both arms around my waist, looking up smiling.

“You was gone a long time” Smiling back down at him rubbing his hair around a few times. ”We got the part!”

“Good we” He stopped looked around “They don’t know” Hugging me even more again. “Ok let him sit down awhile you can play some more” “Ok” He rush back into the livingroom sitting right down playing, May tapping the back side of a chair for me.

Everyone was already sitting around the table now we had extra chairs folding metal with brown cushions tied to the rails. The table was setup with Regular cups and glasses, a large pitcher of pink juice in the center, Doc was talking about Willy in town and the beach Party, Mike drinking pink juice, May held the coffee pot next to me turning the cup over she poured it then went over to Doc and John, Brian was pouring the juice sitting back just listing like me and Mike staying quite.


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