4033 Chapter 33 Yellow jacket

Chapter 33. The black bag.

John and Doc were talking at first about repairs that had to be done to the house before they came down, seems the last vacationer’s left it tore up some, John had to drive over a few times making sure the repairs were done. he brought up the barn saying the Hay was almost all sold this year, that’s what the sign was on the front lawn not a for sale sign for the house but Hay For Sale. Doc said everything was working fine and they did a good job repairing it trying to change the subject.

Brian leaning back on the chair almost falling over backwards.

“Four legs on it!” Doc said.

John just chuckled watching him sitting back upward.

“So You Boy’s want to go to the Beach Fire tonight?”

“Will talk about that later!” Doc said outward.

“It will be great for the kids’ seeing the beach fire at night”

“We sold a lot of hay this year” John said looking over to Mike almost spilling his juice over.

“Careful don’t spill that on this table cloth’ it’s Mom’s best”

“It’s ok John” May said.

“Don’t want you getting upset’ after all you just got here”

“It’s fine!” May said checking the table if he did spill it.

”Why did you put it on the table’ anyway?”

“Because I wanted too!” May said outward harshly her lips tight and giving him squinted eyes, Mom’s have that stride they all seem to do it, Mike got up from the table.

“You don’t have to leave on my account” John said.

“Just getting some air” Mike said taking his glass to the sink.

“I’ll go with him keep him company”

“We both will, so you can talk”

“ok’ Boy’s stay close by” May said padding my hand.

“Talk about touchy kids”

“That’s enough John” Doc said outward.

“You don’t have to help poor kids out anymore!”

“You knew this day was coming”

“It was always talk’ we never thought it would happen”

“Now you know’ and will do whatever it takes to help them”

The three of us stood at the kitchen door hearing them, Mike walked outside, I wanted to stay and find out more about what they knew about us, but Brian nudged me to go with them, we walked out to the orange tree.

“That’s that we got to get out of here!”

“How the ships not working yet”

“We got to get that part and fix it”

“Doc said he would fix it”

“John’s not happy with us being here”

“That’s not his call”

“Brian can you fix it?”

“I don’t know if I can”

“Look” Mike motion back to the house.,

Josh, Chris and the Girls were coming out May right behind them even the Boy Cody, Josh was playing with.

“You guy’s ok?” Faye asked.

“We’re fine but we got to leave”

“Please Please don’t go it will be ok” May said tears in her eyes.

“We put so much on you two already with your family”

“You’re my family too Brian”

“May we don’t belong here we have to get back” Mike said.

“once we get the part fixed we have to go” I said outward trying to stand as Josh was holding me tightly around the waist.

“Doc will fix it’ just give him a little time”

“We don’t have a little time”

“Just John’s not happy with us here”

“I want to go with you!” Josh said holding on to me.

“It’s ok we’re not going to leave you here” Mike busted out looking at all of us bunched together, Cody next to May.

“Grandma why can’t they stay here with us?”

“They have to go home dear”

“But Christmas, what about Santa?”

Everyone just looked down at him, how do you tell a seven year old about Santa finding us, Lisa quickly said out “He knows were everyone is like when they visit somebody in another state, just like your Grandma and Grandfather are he for Christmas.

“So he knows if you go somewhere how to fine you”

“Yes he always knows”

“We didn’t mean to bust up your holiday!”

“No’ No we knew this before this house was ever built”

“What that we would ruin everything for you and Doc”

“You never ruin anything’ you’re alive all of you”

“You and Doc have change so much, how do we know what will happen to us from here, maybe we disappear or something”

“You’ll be fine’ please come back inside”

“What about John and Doc?”

“Doc will handle him”

May held out her arms and we all gather into her holding each other in a big circle, may just looked into all our faces holding each one close making everyone feel wanted she held Brian more so not wanting to let go, holding his hand and Cody’s on our way back to the house.

Doc and John stood in the kitchen looking at the part from the hardware store as we walked in likely the girls went right by them into the livingroom Josh and Cody followed them, Brian stood right in front of John “We’ll you got anything you want to say to us?” John looked up from the part looking at us then to May without taking his eyes off her “I’m sorry boy’s I was out of line and I’ll help you if you let me”

“That’s real nice of you John” May said outward with a little nod of her head to him.

“What do you think Doc is it fixable?” Mike asked.

“We can fix it’ he knows how to make it work”

“What can we do to help you fix it”

“I’ll Need a welder to make it work”

“We don’t have one of them here”

“No but we have electricity”

“How’s that going to weld it?”

“You’ll see’ we can do it right here on the counter”

“You won’t burn it will you”

“No Mom will just use the sink part”

“I’ll keep the other’s company in the other room”

She went into the other room joining them watching the TV.

John set the parts on the counter, picking up the broken one as we stood watching him lift it sideways looking down it then turn it upside down, before taking a butter knife to it pulling the broken part out, padding the inside with a paper towel.

“Got your Tool’s Dad?” “Sure hold on” Doc went into the livingroom and came back with a his black bag the same one he use before, I never seen one in real life only on the western show’s hell I didn’t even know they still made them for Doctors, maybe they did here in this time Doctors still made house calls, He pull a few things out and work on it Mike and Brian stood in the dining room looking over the counter watching everything he was doing, I had a good view just next to Doc.

“Anybody seen an extension cord around?”

“I saw one in the hall” Mike said rushing to go get it, Bring it back in handing it to him, he cut the end off’ splitting the wire down having two long ends with copper, twisting each end.

“Ok Shawn you want to plug it in when I say to’ but you got to unplug it just as quick’ think you can do that?”

“Sure just plug it in and unplug it when you say to”

“You going to zap it?”

“Right both part’s will arc right inside”

“That won’t break the glass?”

“No it’s ….to quick an arc”

“Is it safe?”

“Ok guy’s let’s let him work”

“ok Plug it in”

Two quick blue flames came around the white sink.

“Unplug”  “Out!” “Look at that boy’s just like new again”

We stood looking in the sink at the globe all back together other than the broken clear part on the end. John clean the tools putting them back in the bag, removing the part looking at the bottom again.

“This looks like it slides right in to contact it source”

“What about the globe, can that be fixed?”

“Yea we just put a little plastic wrap over it”

“That’s going to work?”

“Sure we just harden it”

John took plastic wrap folding it a few times over the broken section then heated it with a thin gas lighter flicking it over and over, we watch it get hard sinking right into the broken area.

“That should do it”

“That was cool” Brian said, all excided.

“So when do you want to put in on?”

“What about now?”

“It’s still light out”

“You boy’s don’t mind me looking at your ship do you?”

“You fix the part’ I think we can let you see it”

“Here I thought Dad brought his old Chevy down”

Doc raised his head stopping him “You didn’t go in the barn did you” “No just looked in the window’ thought you got that old 46 Chevy and parked it in there!”

“No it’s still home, but will get it here soon”

“This is like the Movie Planet of the Apes’ only they went to the future not the present like you have”

“I seen that old Movie” Brian said outward.

“They made two more after that one”

“Wow you got to tell me what happens”

“What about here now’ while its light?”

“Ok’ wait I rather my kids not see it”

“I’ll talk to your Mom’ you guys go I’ll be right in”

John handed it to Mike as Brian and Him were talking all the way to the Barn, once inside he stood back looking at the cover, slowly we pulled it back and down watching his head rise and lowering looking inside, slowly walking near it.

“Go ahead it won’t bite you” Brian said out with a laughter tone. Mike about feel over the bale of hay watching him walk around the ship, he was lost for words just staring at everything even the front window looking for a seam or something.

“This is so unreal to see something so real and it fly’s”

“That’s what we hope it will still do” Brian said placing the ladder next to the ship, I held the part for Brian while watching inside the ship at John feeling the seats. “Up here Shawn” Handing the part up Brian putting it back in place. I couldn’t help thinking what if the lights came on inside while he’s in there, he’ll piss his pant’s for sure. Now Mike’s out on the hay bales making chimp sounds and there goes Brian what a bunch of monkeys around here. The side door open just in time it was Doc maybe he could bring them back to earth.

“How’s it looking guy’s” Doc asked looking inside the ship at John, holding a soda bottle looking at the bottom.

“That’s from here not from the future” Mike said outward.

“Anything in here from the future?”

“The ship”

“This fly’s up in space like the NASA astronauts now?”

“Yea and it’s no science-fiction it’s real”

“Dad did you see this thing?”

“Yes I already looked it over”

“Look the board over here it’s lighting up or something!”

We all scrambled looking inside, Doc stood at the door John was trying hard to look at all the lights blinking on and off excided.

“Shawn you better get the kid quick” Brain hollered down.

“Houston we have power” Mike said looking in.

Brain jumped off the roof looking inside just as the walls started lighting up again with something we could not grasp, seeing them I slid out of the flip flops and ran out as quickly as I could to the house, rushing inside. “Josh we need you right away” “Everything ok?”

“Yea fine’ but we need him only”

I didn’t wait as soon as we got to the kitchen I pick him up and ran to the Barn, likely the door was still open bringing him right to the door. He walk inside over to john and reach over passing a few lights then they turn off in pairs, the wall was still light, we all looked at the wall Doc head was going back and forth at every letter or sign, John just frozen holding the backside of the chair, Josh walk over to the wall pointing at a round disc cone shape.  “This where I come from”

We just looked at each other and right back to Josh moving his head around at each one of us.

“That shape is where you’re from?”

“That the dark we ver at” “Josh is that were we came from?”

He nodded his head yes, Mike looked over at me, now we knew where home was, all we have to do is make it go back.

“It went out” John said trying to get out the doorway.

Doc went over to him sitting on the hay bales, he was scared and socked more than I’ve ever seen anybody before, Doc sat talking with him telling him everything was going to be fine, he started talking about a science fiction movie he watch about space exploration of the unknown that happen in 2001 space odyssey, remembering my dad playing that record while reading saying you have to feel the tension.

Maybe I should have watched that movie somehow it might have helped us get back but just knowing somehow everything we’re doing might only get Brian and Chris back to a further time some fifty years ago not even to our present time in 1996 or for that matter even return them to 1975 and what about the girls what becomes of us, we can leave as soon as its dark as long as no one chicken’s out and wants to stay here of course Mike in his glory exploring, but deep down he’s worried just not showing it right now when it hits him I’ll be there to get him thru it just like always.

“Why everyone sad looking?”

“Because where leaving soon Josh”

“O’ now”

“Maybe tonight” “We can’t see the fire?”

“The Beach Fire he wants’ to see it”

“But what about” “Shawn will talk about it”

“Mike” “Let it stand right now” Mike was firm getting the cover end waiting on Me to help him, Doc and John came over we covered the ship back up making sure everything was covered then headed back to the house, giving Josh a piggyback ride back after all he didn’t have time to put on those flip flops that were too big for him anyway.


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