4034 Chapter 34 Yellow jacket

Chapter 34. Flips by the Sea

We no sooner got inside the door setting Josh down, he ran right around Doc and John into the livingroom saying outward “It works’ it works“ rushing over to Chris and Cody on the couch jumping up and down together, holding onto each other. Lisa and Faye along with Johns two girls Margret and Gloria that we were introduced to earlier at the table, also now jumping up all excided, everyone was so excited it made me wonder how much May told them about us while we were in town, Doc and May huddled around John, like they just came in from a great adventure in the outback. The three of us just stood there watching them looking back and forth among ourselves.

“What’s working Dad?” Gloria Asked.

“We fixed the part thingamajig they needed fixed”

“What Thingamajig Dad?”

“Our craft Project for a float” Faye interrupted.

“Yea Honey’ we needed to fixed for them” John said.

The girls were just as excided that it was fixed not even knowing what was fixed just following along with the excitement, Lucky May was already moving towards the boys jumping around.

“Ok boy’s no jumping on the couch”

“What about the Bound Fire John?” Doc Asked.

“That’s a little later near sunset”

“Looks like we got some time yet’ want to go get dinner?”

“Can we go to Flip’s by the sea?”Margret asked.

“May what do you say?”

“We’ll have to make a stop in town first!”

“What do you need Mom I’ll get it for you”

“No I need to pick up a few things, before tonight”

“But Mom’ most of the stores are closing early tonight”

“It’s still early! Grants should still be open”

“Most of them are closing around five”

“May’ you better get ready it’s almost four now”

“Dad what about Mom is she coming?”

“What about Santa we won’t miss him will we?” Cody asked outward with a worried look moving his head around at everyone just looking at him then over to John. Cody waited for him to answer. “Your Mom’s coming down and we won’t miss Santa’ he knows where you are!”   “When’s Mom coming?” “She said around four” “Ok but she’s coming” “Yes Cody she’s coming”

Mike nudge me back to the kitchen, I knew already what he was going to ask, moving away from all of them standing next to Mike by the counter, it must have been to close nudging me again to moved next to the back door.

“Look if they go out we can leave before they get back”

“I think they want all of us to go to the bound fire!”

“We need to get home too!”

“Hey you two looks like we’re going into town” Lisa said walking right up with Margret.

“Great!” Mike bursted out.

“It will be nice to see the Beach Fire!”

“Wow what about us leaving soon”

“We won’t be gone long and be back in plenty of time”

“You Guy’s aren’t leaving to night are you?”

“We have to leave tonight”

“Why it’s Christmas Eve”

“So who’s this?”

“You haven’t meet Margret!”

“No we were a little busy”

“I’ve’ heard about you two already!”

“That’s good’ we don’t know about you!”

“Gee he is touchy’ like you said!”

“It’s his age thing”

“Give me a break here”

“Well if my dad says we go to the beach we go!”

“Why is he God or something?”

Mike was getting touchy all of a sudden about everything, wanting to leave as soon as possible something must have triggered him wanting to leave so fast, Lisa stood leaning on the door frame giving me the look’s to say something to him.

“Ok you two stop it!”

“What about us?”

“We can go to the fire, and then we’ll come back and go”

“You guys are going back to New York tonight?”

“New York?”

“That’s what they told us”

“Good one Lisa!”

“What else did you tell them?”

“That’s what May told them not us!”

Mike looked over to me then back to her just in time before he could say anything harsh to her seeing Doc walking in towards us, John right behind him with all three boys.

“What’s going on here a little Pow Wow”

“More like who’s going to get the window seats Dad”

“Better get some shoes on’ That sands going to be mighty hot tonight” Doc said walking outside with John. The Boys ran back into the livingroom getting there flip flops, May and Gloria were placing dirty dishes on the counter, Faye was helping bringing in the glasses, All three boys went pass us like we weren’t even there, May turn and smiled at us, she was so happy maybe having so many kids around made her feel so happy.

“Gloria dear’ you Girls will ride with your Dad with the boys”

“All of us in the car?”

“No Just the three young boys and you girls”

“Ok Grandma’ Lisa you’re going with us”

“I never been on a beach fire”

“Well you’ll like it its really cool”

“We going to Flip’s?”

“Yes will have dinner and then go to the Bound Fire”

“Great Thanks’ Grandma”

“That’s ok Dear’ you and Gloria get the boys ready I need to talk to the others first, before we go”

“Ok Well be outside Grandma”

‘Why don’t you go have a seat I’ll be right in!”

“Ok May”

Mike stomped into the livingroom sitting on the couch, Faye and Lisa sat next to him, Brian and I stood by the TV waiting on May to finish, she folded the towel placing it on the counter, she looked out the window before coming in standing next to us.

“We haven’t told them anything other than your from New York and your here visiting during Christmas Break, John knows about your ship but he still puzzled after all the years we talked about this day coming and now it’s here, he’s not sure how to deal with it but he trying just like we are’ Please before anybody says anything your our Grandkids from the north and have to leave as soon as possible if anybody might asked you later, the girls don’t know who you are and its best we don’t tell them.”

“Ok May but what about the Bound Fire?”

“Yea how can we leave?”

“We’ll see that you get your ship out”


“Maybe you can stay till after Christmas you think about it”

“But May we have to get back to our time”

“You will just give it a little more time”

“Ok’ will see how it go’s tonight”

“Mike’ we can stay a little longer!”

Mike finely realized we were going to the beach fire and having dinner at flips sea food, sure he wasn’t happy now that the ship was running and being Christmas eve and all, Doc was standing outside the door as we all came out, handing Mike a key to lock the barn, that one look to doc was more reassuring the ship was safe to him rushing over locking the door, sitting in the back seat Mike showed us the key putting in right in his pocket not to lose it as we follow John’s station wagon into town passing the big billboard heading to the beach. Just before it was a bunch of stores and Grant’s as big as our home town grocery store.

Mom would always talk about this store as a kid growing up it was one of the largest stores next to S.S. Kresge’s that dad always said they had balloons you could pop and maybe you would get you banana spilt for a Penny, of course he said he never got that penny spilt but always got it at half price only one time he got it for a dime, Baskets in the parking lot the race was on the girls against the boys Brian leading the way, Doc and May followed behind Josh stayed with me and Mike not wanting to get inside it like Chris and Cody, John seemed a little quite walking with us watching them race stopping at the door waiting on us the Girls won that one.

Once inside it looked the same as any other store, Hell it even had a sit down restaurant as you walked in even a counter you could sit at near the front, so things really didn’t change that much over the years, Doc said he would wait at the counter for us maybe it was too much walking for him, I sure didn’t see any little cart to drive around for him at least that one thing they didn’t have back then.

May took the girls to the woman’s area we followed John over to the Boys section, shorts and underwear and sneaker for all of us, John had us try on the shorts socks and sneakers, they had high top and low cut we did choose the low cut less lacing up easy to slip on and off, I got to admit they were a little more comfortable than just jeans, We all keep the shorts on and Josh wore his snickers, with empty packages inside the basket next to our long jeans folded, looking around just waiting for was security to catch us and call the police for stealing but john said everything was fine we could wear them out.

Heading toward the front we meet the Girls all with shorts and colored blouses they even got slip-on type shoes showing them off to us as we stood in line, John paid for everything not taking any money from May, everything was put in paper bags not even plastic another thing they didn’t have one thing they were very friendly and helpful not like back home that was for sure.

Doc join us leaving placing everything in the trunk saying how nice we all looked and how sweet the girls looked.

Only one not dressed as a girl was Chris who instead wanted what Josh and Cody had, We only drove a few more block down the road to Flips Seafood by the Sea, so many hippies standing in line outside walkup, John found a table we could all sit down at while he and Doc went for the food, Music played outward from the stand not to load mostly the beach boys one song after the other it was live radio, Margret and Lisa brought back the drinks, Josh and Chris were watching the Seagulls eating French fires being thrown from another table.

They brought over four large platters of Clams and Fries with mustard Hot dogs stacked around two of the platters, Forgetting the Ketchup that John asked Gloria to go get, she brought back a basket tray filled, we all sat around the table enjoying every bite even Josh soaking the fries in Ketchup maybe a dip or two with the Hot Dog, with the small gust of cool wind our napkins would blow off the table, as they were gather just as quickly.

May sat next to Doc watching us eat with her joyous smile, that was so pleasing, relaxed sitting on cool cement benches inhaling rich salt air, while the Sun slowly lowering over the water rim, smelling Bound fire smoke coming in off the beach, everyone was starting to gather towards the beach, we even heard a Christmas song in-between the Beach Music, Cody and Josh had more Mustard and Ketchup on them than they ate, May washed it off wetting a napkin in her drink, all four girls cleared the table rushing to empty it near the stand.

We finality were going to the bound fire, walking across the street Doc and May holding the boys hands as we cross the street even thou only a few cars went by, sinking into the sand as we walk towards the Bound Fire everyone gathered around a few had signs saying Stop the War or Peace Love and unity, two guys in white dresses came over trying to say something to John he just sent them on their way away from us, everyone started singing together Christmas songs which we join in singing with them after all it was Christmas, May and Doc sat down in the sand we all join them sitting alongside watching and singing together even Josh was trying to sing maybe a word or two behind.

John joined us kids playing Frisbee keeping it even back and forth four guys against four girls we won they couldn’t run fast enough to get our Frisbees, while the boys played in the sand in front of Doc and May, ending the game we all sat down near the others watching the moon slowly rising upward, flickers of amber made way to the sky like little fire flies dancing in the air, May sat with Brian talking about what he had done in the past and how grateful she was for having a brother to help her grow up, Mike and I would listen to all the thing that happen over the years, Then John started talking about Space Ship as a boy looking up to the sky at night wondering if a ship would land.

John asked about the ship if we knew how it moved or what made it go, luckily we had no idea how it worked only that we just flue it, Electric magnetic force or atomic power maybe, Thankfully Doc told him to change the subject as a few were listening to him standing nearby, last thing we need is more people asking questions may asked if we had seen plenty as time was getting late, the moon did rise a bit while we played, Chris was falling asleep along with Cody on Mays lap, Josh had already feel asleep on Doc’s, We made our way back to the car’s and went home, Wouldn’t you know another car in the driveway.

Cody was the only one still sleeping as we parked Doc carried him into the house, Josh stayed with me and Mike helping John and Brian with the trunk bags, all the girls rushed inside, setting the bags down near the table, TV was on and the small tree lights were on blinking, a few boxes under the tree she must have brought with her, John hugged her introducing us’ she was surprised seeing so many in the house, May started making Coffee getting out cups and cake, Doc came out from the bedroom wanting to talk to me and Mike outside, I had a feeling he didn’t want us to leave or maybe ask if they could stay with them and we try and get back.


2 Responses to “4034 Chapter 34 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    I really like this last chapter, It has alot of happy moments and a alot of suspence. you kind of wonder, do they really get a chance to go back, or will doc and mays love of family keep them there. this is a great story. keep going

  2. Will Says:

    Thank You Pat It’s Coming along more now, The Chapters are getting more and more to everyone’s feeling’s towards the story, seems i just get it up and get emails, Thank You everyone working on next Chapter, It gets better. Will

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