4035 Chapter 35 Yellow jacket

Chapter 35.  Dark side of the moon

Everyone going every which way putting things away Johns wife Linda was helping May getting cups and small plates placing them on the table, Doc was talking with John in the other room, Linda started slicing the large sheet cake into squares placing each on plates around the table. Checking around the room counting heads then looked up at Mike and Me waving us into the room, still waiting on Doc to come back, he was busy with John in the other room between watching breaking News waiting on the Apollo that should be coming in any second now, everyone was already glued to the TV sitting on the edge of the couch or near the TV set, Mike head already looking high at the cake moving in for the kill, May took in the coffee pot pouring a few cups, I sat down near the end so everyone could get around me without getting up this time.

“How you like it here in Florida?” Linda asked.

“It’s very different here and Hot” I said out sitting down.

“Looks like you got little sun already”

“Just a little bit, mostly from the beach” Replying looking at my arms more red than white, Mike looked over his arms nodding.

“You’ll burn here’ don’t stay outside more than you have to”

“No’ we’ve been staying inside a lot lately”

“Come on Cake’s ready everyone!”

“Doc’ wanted to talk to us when we came in”

“He can wait till after cake”

News caster watching the clock on the wall, waiting and trying to keep a straight face just in case they didn’t make it around the moon. “We’re still are awaiting for Apollo 8 to exit the dark side of the moon expecting to hear live as the ship comes around”  John and Doc came in with Faye and Gloria.

“Hey look we get to see it as it happen’ live” Mike blurted out.

“True’ wonder if they’ll show the splash down?”

“No’ not till later”

Doc somehow was able to get between us tapping both on the shoulders at the same remarking in a low voice “This is live TV for this year’ try to control what you’re saying!”

“Sorry Doc’ got a little carried away” Looking upward to him.

“We’ll talk after we eat if that’s ok with you two?”

“Sure Doc, Real sorry about that”

“That’s all right just be careful of the future”

Apollo 8 cleared the dark side of the moon, reporting live of course everyone was watching trying not to talk during the Breaking News, John was real excided watching Photo’s they were sending back live, showing the clock on the wall just after nine thirty, everyone watched them and slowly made way to the table, Doc trying to move chairs around making scrapping sounds on the floor. May scooting in next to Doc and Brian, Chris sat on Brains lap even thou we had plenty of chairs around now, following along Josh Join me resting on one leg.

We sat around the table having frosting Christmas tree and colored dots balls cake along with milk and coffee it was very sweet cake mouth watering fresh making you wanting to have more. Josh sat with me eating only the frosting. John between the TV and stuffing his third cake down, poured another cup and suck Mike right in again.

“So how’d you like that they made it to the moon’ now if we can get them back in one piece! In reorbit’ what do you think Mike will they make it back?”

“Just wait till they splash down in the Pacific Ocean”

“That’s when?”

“They splash down on the 28Th.”

Trying to get his attention with my foot hitting his leg, he looked over then to Doc, realizing what he said making another quick remark trying to cover it up being nervous.

“That’s what they were saying early on the TV!”

“John don’t look so puzzled” Linda said handing him his coffee.

“Come on Have some more cake”

Looking over he was puzzled alright he got what he asked for maybe now he won’t ask with everyone around.

“Looks like someone getting tired here” May said outward.

Everyone looked over to me and sure enough Josh had feel asleep resting on the table, Moving him around moving my leg a little sideways holding him so he didn’t fall off waking him.

“Maybe somebody should get some sleep” Doc said rubbing his back side as I pick him up from the table, he was over tired not wanting to move carrying him with Doc and Chris following into the bedroom, Chris quickly slipping in next to Cody pulling the blanket back, as I placed him down.

Doc helping taking his sneakers off, before he was covered Doc checked over the bandage, then brushed his hair back placing the covers over them.

“How’s it look Doc?”

“We’ll change it in the morning”

“He had a long day, but he ate today”

“That good, he’s eating without bring it back up”

“Maybe he getting use to the food now”

“I still have no idea what those pills are”

“Will they be alright here together?”

“Plenty of room looks like only one bed left”

“Brian can have it”

“You need to talk to Mike about what he’s saying”

“I will he gets carried away sometimes”

“We can talk in the morning if that’s ok?”

“That’s fine Morning it is”

The girls were back in the livingroom cleaning up the floor, John sat at the table with Mike talking more about space flight, hopefully he wasn’t saying too much, Linda was helping May with the dishes, Doc sat down and just gave me a nod to sit, The girls finished Asking Doc if we we’re all coming over for Christmas Dinner to their house.

“We don’t know if we can all come for dinner but will try”

“Dad can they all come over?” John looked up “Maybe”

“John’ you about ready?”

“Yes dear!” John got up from the table, standing next to Mike.

“So you going to be around a few days” John asked Mike.

“We just got here” Faye said outward, looking right at Mike.

“I don’t know maybe we could stay a little longer”

“Great so that’s that dinner at our house”

May smiled wiping her hands off, looking right at Brian then to Doc who slowly lower his eyes to her with a nod, getting up.

“John you could spend the night here”

“Dad we should get home ok”

“We have plenty of room for everyone”

Honey what do you say?”

“Daddy can us girls all sleep together?”

“Hold on’ it’s up to your Mother”

“Ma’ we should head home before Santa comes”

“You could leave after breakfast”

“You sure Ma’ we won’t be a problem”

“Your Family, You two can take the guest room”

Right away the girls started jumping around giggling and taking the card game into the room, Doc sat smiling and John sat right back down pouring another cup of coffee, May and Linda went into another room the Guest room, making me wonder just how many rooms this house had.

Mike and John went right back talking about space and electromagnectic effects that could happen, Then all of a sudden Doc started talking with them about the physiological effects that could cause burns or some temporary type of paralysis from being exposed to magnetic type space ozone layers when they return to earth; what is this science one o one, Back and forth my head went from John back to Doc then to Mike who would put his two cents in-between, then John got all of us.

“The observable universe that is more the distance as we can observe luminous objects, is still several billion light years in the radius, maybe you’re not following me, a light year is the distance the light travels in a year at a rate of 186,300 miles per second, and the sun is eight light minutes from earth. That’s why it took them so long to get a single back to earth”

All of us just looked at him, what planet was he on maybe too much SiFi TV, Doc looked over at me with a slight smirk and raised his shoulders upward, and then Mike just followed right in.

“But You would hear a Sonic boom when they broke the speed of light yet we heard no boom or even a sound in the space”

“True maybe you were going so fast it was behind you”

“That could be”

“I’ve watch Planet of the Apes and they went into the future”

“Look what he found at the end”

“That could happen even still”

“No it was just a Movie”

John got up to use the bathroom, Mike went to get a soda and check on Brian in the bedroom giving Doc a chance to have another slice of cake, handing me another also.

Doc turn to me “You know he’s been on this UFO Stuff for a long time every time a new movie comes out he and the kids have to go see it no matter how bad a movie they watch it”

“It sounds like he knows a lot about it”

“He did a lot of studying on Roswell”

“Great and here we are”

“That’s why he’s wants you to stick around a little longer”

“We can’t tell him anything we don’t know”

“Lucky for me I’ve watch other type movies”

“He gets going it’s hard to stop him sometimes”

May and Linda came in after checking with the girls already in settle down going to bed, Mike came in sitting down saying Brian feel asleep on the other bed already, and John went in the other room and he’ll be out in a second, May sat down Linda brought in the Coffee pot steam coming out the end.

“Fresh Coffee”

“Sure last one for me” Doc said holding his cup out.

She poured a few cups before sitting down; John came in and sat next to her checking out the cake.

“Looks like you’ve had plenty of Sugar for one night”

“That cake was good’ thank you for bringing it” May said.

“John said to bring something”

“It’s been a long day here”

“With all you have to do’ lest I can make Christmas Dinner for you, we have the room, maybe not so many chairs”

“Honey we can bring some home”

“Ok’ Will be ready around 3:00pm”

“3:00 good”

“The kids can open their presents and play for awhile”

“Dad did you pickup anything for them?”

“We already took care of that” May quickly said,

Mike looked over I wasn’t saying anything they already went overboard on clothes, shoes for us more than we needed.

“Shawn you and Mike can Sleep on the couches tonight”

“That’s fine with me”

“It’s getting late already almost midnight”

“Wow we’re the time go”

“It flies Dad in super speed”

“Ok finish up and let’s call it a night”

Mike and I both went into the livingroom, both couches already had blankets and pillows on them for us, when they did that I had no idea must have been so interested in the conversation we didn’t see them setting them up, even the tree lights were off everything seemed so peaceful and loving around us, May even gave both of us a kiss on the cheek before going to bed.

“See you in the Morning’ Good Night” Doc said turning the light off behind him going down the hall way, the door was open to the bedroom where I could see Josh and the boys sleeping peacefully, so if Josh woke up he could see I was right here.


2 Responses to “4035 Chapter 35 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    the story is getting more exciting with each new chapter, you cant wait until the next chapter is finished. but i know it takes time. it was great, keep going

    • yellowjac Says:

      Glade your hanging in there with it, Trying to get next Chapter ready but having car problems on paper work still been going back and forth so much. but I’m still working on reading everything from everyone out their Thank’s Pat..By Thurday will have it up..Will

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