4037 Chapter37 Yellowjacket

Chapter 37.   Traveling Fear

Everything so nice and neat even the beds were made, setting on the bed the neatly folded light blue shirt on top of blue jeans, with the new socks laying across the top, looking out the window palm fronds leafs blowing back and forth against the house, walking back around the bed to close the door; Mike came in and sat down on the other bed.

“Gon’na get some long pants on?”

“Better than shorts”

“See the sheets”

“What Sheets?”

“Over by the door”

“What Happen?”

“Cody last night sometime”

“I didn’t hear anything”

Flipping the pants out into the air a few times, still stiff as a board from the store, one leg at a time feeling they were cold inside next to my bare legs.

“No you were out of it”

“Who clean it up”

“Lisa and John”

“They say anything?”

Sitting on the bed in front of Mike stopping to untie the knot in the sneaker, my own fault talking not looking pulled the wrong way, Mike chuckled turning looking to the door.

“Hello’ Did they say anything to you?”

“No just everything was fine”

“Josh and Chris!”

“They were huddled on the side”

“Where was Brian last night?”

“Sound asleep even with the lights on”

“We had some day yesterday”

“So What are we doing now?”

“Looks like dinner and then” Mike just looking upward with his head downward, that drives me crazy when he does that.

“Yea Then’ were going to come back here and what?”

“What do you want’ Look around can you tell them”

“Ok’ but just a few days no more!”

“That’s that a few days then we will go!”

“You going to tell them?”

“No We both are”

“What if they don’t want us to leave?”

“Dam it Mike’ we have to get home” Razing my voice again a little too much we both looked at the door slowly opening.

“Shawn Honey you ok?” May asked. Standing in the doorway.

Mike got up and walk right by her, not saying anything lowing my head feeling we might not get back home for so reason, my eyes got all watery thinking looking up at May still standing there, slowly walking in. “You Ok’ You want to talk about it”

May came in sitting on the edge of the bed next to me rubbing by backside.

“I miss home so much”

“I know dear it must be so hard not being with family”

“My brother and Mom they must be worried”

“They all must miss you very much”

“May tell me do we go home?” Looking upward to her, couldn’t hold back a tear from rolling down my cheek.

“If I told you you’d get home would it make you feel better?”

“Do we or are we stuck here!”

May sat looking downward slowly her eyes raised up turning looking over at me, trying not to bite my lip holding back tears.

“You all do leave, if you didn’t I wouldn’t be here with you right now, Brian would never had save so many in the war”

“But we go back in time not forward!”

“I wish I could tell you that you made it back”

“But you and Brian stayed behind, like Donnas’ here or does she come back before we leave?”

“Donna’ No we never seen her after she left, Brian even said you guys went out looking for her, when you took Josh to the Hospital, again we change that, so maybe she’ll come by”

Sitting up next to her we both embraced, she handed me a small flowered hanky, wiping my eyes looking up to May her eyes all watery handing the hanky to her, she just pulled me into her again holding tight placing the hanky back in her dress pocket.

“You don’t know how much you and Mike have changed My life so much, Brian would have be so proud of you two, you saved us, from whatever it was that took all of us so long ago”

“But we got lost in the woods and he took us to”

“Yes but you two took us all out of there”

“Yea it was something’ we put up a good fight” Grinning to her.

“Brian only talked about some of what happen”

“You were so small and Josh’ hey what happen to him?”


“What happen?”

“Brian never said what happen to him after you two took him to the hospital, then returning without him”

“We left him here?” Another watery eye starting, May handed the hanky to me again trying hard not to feel so bad.

“He was hurt really bad, that’s why Brian insisted we find you”

“But we took care of him”

“He’s fine’ that’s what’s important now”

“But what do we do Now?”

“Give it another day, just try and relax, it will work out”

“Ok’ I’ll understand somehow it will work, I’ll talk to Mike”


Pulling me into her one more time, before leaving the room closing the door halfway, Sitting there wondering why we left Josh here and took off without him, thinking while again wiping the tears from my cheeks, How could we leave him here, we just left him here and took off he was the one kid I would never thing of leaving behind anywhere, again theses tears I’m older now why am I crying so much, wiping the tears away again maybe Brian must have felt it in the same way remembering so much about this time and house, but why did he insisted they fine us here, maybe it was for Josh after all May did marry a Doctor and they did fine us, another day wouldn’t be so hard and it was Christmas Morning we should make the best of it.

Christmas Marching band playing on the TV, May sitting with Brian and Chris watching it.

“Where’s Mike and Josh?”

“They went to the Barn with Doc”

“Everything ok out there?”

“Doc Asked you to Join them when you’re ready”

“Ok’ a’mm a-gon’na go and see what they’re doing”

Brian and Chris sat watching the band with May, everything was clean in the kitchen a few pans on the stove, four coffee mugs sitting by the coffee pot, Looking out the back door the barn door was closed no sign of them in the yard, walking over checking the driveway even the main road was quite, turning the knob slowly opening the door.

“Mike you in here?”

“We’re over here by the back side” Mike said out.

Josh came around smiling up taking my hand walking back to them, Mike was holding the shell with Doc, placing it in a box with hay not saying anything just followed them around to the door, Mike set the box inside the doorway.

“What’s with the shell?”

“Doc felt it best to remove it”

“Why?” I just knew they were going to try somehow to keep us here, maybe this was how they plan it, but Mike no, no.

“Brian said if the shell was removed the ship”

“Yea it won’t go!”

“Hold on young man’ Removing the shell will stop the ship from starting or going anywhere without you boys”

“Why would it do that?”

“What if we’re not here and someone’s finds it?”

“No one’s going to find it!”

“Brian said to remove it till we get back!” Josh said stomped his foot down getting me to look down at him dust rising from the floor, again he push the hay around.

“Josh stop’ stirring the dust”

“Doc I thought well…..it will be ok?”

“Yes Josh went over some lights with Mike inside before we took off the shell, will put it back on when you’re ready”

“Sorry’ I get a little jumpy”

“That you do get sometimes” Mike said pulling the cover down.

“Everything’s pretty much covered here” Mike said; wiping his hands off on clean pants legs, stepping back checking out the windows, than just looked at me and pointed to the ship.

“Looks good Doc’ Me and Shawn need to talk a little” pointing his finger and thumb at him and me, Doc looked down at Josh.

“Sure I’ll take Josh inside with me”

“We won’t be much longer here”

“Why you want me to go in?” Josh stood looking back and forth at both of us, Mike lower his head smiling “Will be right in.”

“But I’amm”

“Josh you come on inside and will get something cold to drink”

“Ok we be inside” Josh and Doc walk outside closing the side door, Mike walk over to the hay bales and sat down, so I just sat next to him looking to the front doors waiting.

“What’s going on with you?”

“They don’t want us to leave”

“That might be true’ they care about all of us”

“We already have homes and family“

“This has been a big step for everyone here”

“Not to point out”

“What this is 1968”

“It’s far more Mike”

“Everything going to be fine”

“That just it’ It’s not going to be just fine now”

“Ok’ Why Not Come on tell me?”

We sat looking at each other then I had to tell him, what was going to happen with everything around us, I can deal with this now hopefully without any tears let him cry for a change.

“What if I told you we stay here?”

“We leave here’ everything going to be fine”

“No We might leave here alright, but how many of us?”

“We all leave together”

“What about Donna and Brian now”

“Brian he has to come back with us!”

“That’s just it Mike Josh didn’t make it”

“What he fine”

“Maybe now he is, but before he wasn’t”

“Shawn’ stop it’ will go back”

“Josh never made it from the hospital and Donna never showed up, we left here yes and went back in time, Stop let me finish, We went back alright but no one knows if we made it back to our time and who went with us on the trip back”

“Done now?, Maybe we did change a few things”

“A Few Josh is better, so why would Brian say anything to help us again, and why should he theirs would be no reason to”

“He does right?”

Now you know what’s been bothering me you think about it, I’ll go inside while you put it all together like I have, see you in the house” I left him sitting on the hay only once looking back he just stared at the floor, stopping outside the door maybe I was to harsh on him, he had his family that loved him to, he was so insistent on leaving then just wanted to hang out with everyone.

“Shawn’ Shawn” Mike said outward rushing to the door, I turned his face was full of tears standing looking at me from the doorway, Rushing back to him we both went back inside, Mike looked up with that sad face tears rolling down; his arms open outward he needed reassurance, it hit him what I said why did I have to see him hurt now, was I being so cold to my best friend, he held me tight wiping his tears off his arm, we might have been getting older but we both still had feelings that hurt, we sat down again on the hay bales, I handed him Mays hanky he looked at it.

“It’s Mays hanky”

“Can we get home?”

“Let’s hope so Mike that all we can hope at this point”

“Brian must have thought about it for years before”

“He must have plan something”

“Chris is May so what happens to the Girls now?”

“Do you want to ask about them now?”

“Do You know?”

“No’ They weren’t brought up”

“Fine will go to dinner and in the morning will leave”

“Nice to have you back Mike”

“Will I kind ‘a got caught up in the now”

“We live in the future, just be-careful what you say”

“We don’t want to change anything more”

“True, But I Told John”

“Told John What?”

“About Disney here in Florida”

“Great’ did they start building back then?”

“He was interested some”

“Come on lets go inside’ coffee’s ready”

“ok’ don’t say anything about the tears”

“No’ I won’t wipe your face”

We both went back to the house sitting at the table, Doc and May already sitting, May started filling the cups before we sat down, Brian looked up setting Josh next to Chris coming in sitting down with us, Holding a soda.

“Brian you want to say something to them” Doc Said outward.

We both looked at Doc and Then to Brian moving his eyes back and forth between us, then stopping at May.

“It’s ok’ You tell them how you feel”

Brian took a deep breath “You guys have meant so much to me and Chris, and in some way I wanted to help you in a payback way, this is what I’ve gather together so far with everything that’s happen here, maybe I did something I shouldn’t have that might have change the way we are today’ this is nuts to me as well, I tried to help and looks like I might have mess things up for you two to return to your own time, I’m sorry guys”

Doc held him, as Mike and I sat knowing the same thing was bothering him, maybe everyone was feeling the same now, hope the girls are doing ok, maybe it hasn’t hit them yet.

“Brian maybe you did’ But Hey we’re all ok because of you”

“Yea Brian’ think of the bright side you can relive your time here now, with May and Doc as your Grand Parents”

“That would be funny”

“They can’t say you’re not related”

“What about you two?”

“Don’t worry will be just fine’ Right Shawn”

“Right’ will be fine”

Mike handed him the hanky, May perked up seeing it from Mike, she smiled to us sipping on coffee, Brian set the hanky down on the table and pick up his soda, trying to smile, well it was out now, we were in the year 1968 end of a year a new one starting, Josh was ok and everything was just going so peachy, it was almost noon, dinner around three, I can just imagine what John is doing checking on property in Daytona, makes me wonder what else they talked about beside space travel.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    the story is really getting intense, it keeps you wondering what happens next! thats good, it make you a very good writer. pat

  2. yellowjac Says:

    Thank’s again Pat your still with the story, Maybe it hits the heart a little to much lately with some reader’s. let me know what you think, it’s been a great adventure to write again. Got a Email from a reader that makes me wonder a little.. Always here Will

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