4038 Chapter38. Yellow jacket

Chapter 38. White Star

Time just seem to go so fast we had a nice Lunch egg salad sandwiches and chips, watch a little TV and we were off to John’s house, Josh and Chris sat in the front seat, while we sat in the back enjoying the ride along the beach road.

Doc and May talked as we drove along passing some nice homes with white three board fences, some even had horses running around and a few we slow down to see had large black Angus cows, Josh and Chris called out a few times getting heads up and a moo or two back, they chuckled at each one, Turning into a driveway with a large mailbox made to look like a colt standing resting his head on the box waiting for the mail man, it was so cute and look real, maybe it was a stuffed colt that passed away, but Doc said it was made out of plastic.

Doc had to go slow as the road was hard shell rock and mostly dirt avoiding the holes along the way, Mike was watching the road dust just behind rising up, good thing no one was following us they would have a car full of it, We pulled up next to the wagon, John and Cody were coming in from a field nearby.

We all got out looking around waiting on John hurrying to greet us, Standing by the fence just in front of the cars watching the Angus walking around, Josh and Chris trying to Moo at them without a reply back, May headed towards the house with the two boys following her, Doc rested one foot on the lower board enjoying the warmth of sun light, we stood with him watching the Angus cows mixing with a few horses grazing.

“Hey Doc I thought He didn’t like farms” Mike said.

“John likes Angus Beef cow’s not dairy cows”

“Boy they are a lot bigger”

“Plenty of good beef there!”

“No Jersey Milk cows?”

“No just these”

Mike and Brian started walking towards the house along the fence talking, I stayed with Doc waiting on John and Cody.

“Hi Dad’ see you made it” John said out ward moving in-between the cars towards us, Cody just following along looking around.

“When they going to do the road?”

“Still waiting, maybe this year, if they can get to it”

“It’s a real dust storm coming up here”

“Yea it’s hell on the cars”

“How’s the girls doing”

“Good we all had a nice time”

“Any problems?”

“No they were too busy playing board games”

“We had a talk this morning about all of this”

“So they going to stay awhile?”

“We don’t know yet”

John stood by the fence just next to me, looking back and forth between us, Mike had just walk up hearing him, John waiting to hear we would stay, Mike didn’t say anything just turn around moving down the fence towards the house.

“Give us a little more time” Saying out to him while watching Mike, John turn back to Doc.

“Now’s not a good time John!”

“I was just trying to help”

“Shawn I think you better check with Mike”

“Ok Doc’ “

Walking down near the end post, Mike stood holding out his hand towards one Brown horse coming over to him, white star on his fore head and two white feet, he smelt his hand a few times then let him slowly stroke his head, Jee he smile looking over to me slowly rubbing the white spot a few more times before the brown horse move along joining the rest in the field.

“Did you see that he let me pet him?”

“You never were around horses before?”

“No this is the first time I ever got to see one up close, and I was able to touch it, it was like petting a big dog”

“So you like this farm?”

“You like living in the city, look around this is great”

“Great Mike’ so that means you want to stay?”

“No’ I want to get back home, just like you”

“Ok’ I get it but try not to show it”

“I know they want us to stay, but we, well we should be thing about getting home, or should I say back to are time”

“Let’s make the best of this while were here ok”

“Sure whatever you say Shawn’ you ready to go inside?”

“That’s one big house”

“Way big, bet it was built back in the civil war”

“Maybe come on lets go check it out”

John and Doc were already on the porch sitting in large wooden chairs looking outward, wide long steps must have been eight or ten feet or more six steps to the porch, both side rails decorated with red garland wrapped around each following post to the roof.

Stopping looking outward at the open field and long fences it was beauty be on what any book could show, green grass and the trees so big growing outward just above your head, branches seemed like fallen logs over a creek you walk on, only they were still alive with green moss fern growing from them making it seem much larger, branches even growing upward from each reaching to the sky, leaves shinning golden green, just to the left area looking downwards toward a small pound of water, no birds just a few Angus getting a drink, glancing back to the right seeing among those trees hung a tire tied to a rope, this sure was a kid’s dream everything tempting even a small wooden bench seat to seat and watch or read under.

“Come on inside” Mike said leaning next to me looking outward.

“Do you see how big this place is?”

“I see it’ this is what I want someday”

“You like it too!”

“Wait till you see inside” Mike said with a gleaming smile.

“Bet it’s almost like out here”

“Better come on and see this place”

Being so engrossed in everything outside I never even heard Doc and John go inside, just as we got to the wooden screen door it open outward, Josh came rushing over with Cody showing me a small metal green tractor toy they were playing with.

“Santa left it for me” Josh excitedly said

“That’s really nice”

“And he got you something to”

“He did?”

“Come on it’s in that big room over here”

Josh taking my hand pulling me along, Mike and Cody following right behind, pine scents just filled the hallway air turning into the room, first thing seeing this large Pine tree all decorated in Christmas ornaments with open presents on a red blanket with gold trim under it,. Everything in the room was placed in or around pine branches with red poinsettias tied in gold ribbons.

Josh rushing over standing next to three boxes still wrapped pointing down at them seeing red bows and little tags. “Look see your name” Smiling Pointing Down at one Box, As I looked at it the name was Mike, The other box said Shawn, Cody quickly told him the other box was mine; Josh turn and pointed to it.

Everyone started coming into the room hearing Josh and Cody; Lisa dressed in a new bright colored Pant suit outfit showing it off before the others came in, Mike stood looking at her like she was in a magazine he keep under his mattress, she just keep flaunting it for him, Standing on the edge part of the fireplace.

Doc and May came in standing with Brian slowly eating a cookie looking over the boxes, Then the other Three girls came in all dressed in bright colors full of Christmas cheer, music played from the large counseled TV just in front of a large three pane window looking outward to the fields, two racks of records sitting on each side,. Everyone was watching as the three open the boxes, sitting on one of the two couches, Brian pulled out a nice cow hide skin jacket, Mike hesitated opening his waiting on me to open mine; we both ended up opening them together; we also got hide skin jackets.

“Thank You this is really nice” Mike said out trying it on.

“How did you ever fine them?” I asked saying checking the zipper on the lower part, each jacket having buttons also.

“You can close them either way buttons or zipper” John said helping Brian pull his tag’s off.

“Glade you like them, we thought you could use jackets”

John help taking our tags also.

“Dinner will be ready soon, More cookies in the kitchen” Linda said, picking up the empty wrappers going out of the room, May and the girls followed just behind, Josh and Cody sat on the floor playing with their tractors, John and Doc sat by the fireplace chairs watching them play. We both folded the jackets up setting them on the couch and decided to go check out the rest of the house with Brian and Margret leading the way.

“This is the dining room” Margret said.

“Wow it’s a big table; you must have a lot of company”

“We only use it when company comes over”

“This is Huge’ like a banquet table”

“We have dinner in the kitchen”

“What’s your Dad’ do anyway?” Mike asked checking the table.

“He works at some Travel program”

“Travel Program What type?”

“Air Travel or something like that come on cookies are ready”

Mike just looked over out the side of his eye at me before we headed into the kitchen, May and Linda sitting at the table rolling out doe and flower, Margret pickup the tray of cookies offering use some, Little Santa’s and Deer heads glazed over, Mike took a Santa as I did crunching into it, it was a good size kitchen almost as big as the dining room, just a lot warmer, Margret hurrying us along down another hall showing us her pink bedroom, making a special note to Mike, I think she likes him.

We looked around the rest of the house five bedrooms and two bathrooms; the only room with carpet was the livingroom all the floors where dark maple with trim that matched, coming back to the kitchen area, four pie plates with apple and cherry’s waiting for the tops before they were ready for the stove, May and Linda

Both at the stove every burner had pans cooking, the back door I spotted a flap, “Do you have a Dog?”

“How’d you know?” Margaret asked.

“The Doggy door” Pointing down to it.

“That’s for Meatloaf”

“For What?”

“Shawn He’s our Dog” Linda said chuckling

“That’s not a Name for a dog”

“He likes Meatloaf and the name stuck”

“Where is he?”

“He’ll be around soon”

“He’s not here?”

“No he like’s Helping our Nabors gather the cows up for feeding”

“Cow’s not Angus”

“We have a Dairy farm just down the way”

“You’ll meet him soon”

“ok’ What kind of dog is he”

“A big mush’ No he’s a Saint Bernard” Linda and May both chuckling stirring pans together.

Turning around Mike and Margaret disappeared looking down the hall not hearing them, only hearing Josh and Cody making Tractor sounds along with White Christmas playing.


2 Responses to “4038 Chapter38. Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    I enjoy reading your stories! and waiting for the next chapter, As i can go back into the past , and kind of have the adventure you write about. with the big family christmas and the cookie making! It does somtimes make people misty, as it makes them remember , what it was like. as the saying goes you cant go home again. but its nice to know , you can by reading one of your stories and sharing the adventure about the past and also about time travel. and hoping that shawn and mike do get to go back. hope when this story is over you have more to share, as I know your many fans would enjoy. always pat

  2. Will Says:

    Thank’s Pat. The Boy’s will like that, the Ship is ready for it’s next quest too, but one must stay behind as told before, we can go on but we must leave our hearts too judge what is best. Feeling the loss we must go on for today is just a beginning to our future as we try and fine our way home. Will

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