4039 Chapter 39 Yellow jacket

Chapter 39. One more Day

Our hands clasping outward to the next person, John said a prayer before we started digging into everything, Josh sat with Cody and Chris at the table together not at a card table this time, Josh was giving a large book to sit on bringing him higher.

Christmas songs played on the radio everything looking more like something out of a holiday magazine page, Big smoked Ham and Large Turkey half carved, taking over the pine scented air, Candied Sweet potatoes steaming from the bowl, small Orange colored glasses filled with eggnog in front of each plate.

It was a nice dinner and the visit was good, meatloaf never did show up while we were there but that’s ok, last thing I could visualized is a big Saint Bernard slobbering around the table.

During dinner we found out more about John and his family moving here a few years back starting his own Travel Agency in the city booking flights to other parts of the world mostly for the older couples looking for adventure in retirement.

Ribbon Candy and nuts in-between after wards with a few games of rummy of course the girls won every game, we said our goodbyes and heading home before the traffic got too busy, Doc followed John’s Wagon with all four girls, Virginia stayed home with her mom; us boys enjoyed the big Cadillac more room, Chris sat up front over tired with May, Josh held his tractor, Cody bring along his.


In no time we were back home; Mike checked out the barn everything was still as we left it, Everyone helped bring the leftovers inside along with two apple pies, May started the coffee right up before even taking her coat off, John wanted to see the barn again after we had coffee and maybe some pie he hinted, The girls played monopoly in the livingroom, while the little ones played farmers in the bedroom, having coffee and warm pie.

“Shawn’ how much do you know about Josh and Chris?” Doc asked. Setting his coffee down, resting his hand on Mays hand.

“Good little kids I guess”

“What we’d like is for them to stay here!”

“What!” Taken by surprise.

“Wait a second’ Josh and Chris have to go with us” Mike jumped right in sitting upward looking at everyone.

“We’d like all of you to stay with us”

“You guys don’t know what can happen with that ship out there” John spoke out leaning on the table towards us.


“No’ No” I quickly said out getting all flustered.

“Mike’ Shawn think about this for a second, they need a lot of help to understand everything, both of them are around seven years old with no education, no parents we can give them a home here” Doc said out trying to plead with us.

“We can’t just leave them here”

“Will take good care of them, a home and Family”

“But we can take them back with us”

“Where to Back to your time” John said in anger.

“That’s right our time in 1996” Mike said getting upset more.

“You said before that we go back” I blurted outward mixing my words, trying to understand they wanted us to stay here.

“Yes but we don’t understand what happen” May said; sadly looking between us, Doc still rubbing her hand.

“Brian and the girls went back and we went back”

“Yes You’ went back but Josh never did!”

“What happen to him?” Mike asked.

“We never found out what happen to him” Doc said.

“So he could have been ok and made it back with us!”

“He never went with you!“

“But he’s ok now so can leave with us” I jumped right back.

“Maybe not’ maybe he was suppose to stay here” Mike said.

“Think what you’re saying Mike”

“We don’t know’ What’s happen” Doc said outward.

“What about the Girls what happen to them?”

“They…I don’t recall the girls staying” May said.

“Great what are we suppose to do then?”

Getting up from the table, Everyone was looking over to me, I wasn’t about to leave Josh here or anyone of us behind, not knowing what to say anymore rushing to the back door, all I could think about was getting in that ship and flying it out of here, walking around the yard trying not to cry I’d miss Josh if we left him, even thou we’ve only known him this short time he was like a brother now, how can I just leave him here I know they would take good care of him give him everything he needs.

“Hey buddy” Mike said standing near me.

“We can’t leave them”

“Ok’ will take him back with us ok?”

“He’s part of us now” Angry snapping back at Mike.

“What will your family say?”

“They’d take him in and adopted him”

“Look I know you care for him and want to do what’s right for all of us but..”

“And were taking him back with us!”

“Too what our time, this kid knows nothing about us”

“We can teach him”

“Teach him what!”

“We can get help for him”

“Wake up Shawn’ this is best for him”

“How can you say that”

“You’ll miss him yes, but he’s better off here”

“You say that like you know him”

“Do You?”

Having no answer walking away down the driveway to the road, looking down the road with my feelings being hurt sitting next to the mailbox leaning on a palm tree trying to control myself. He could play along with Joey keeping him busy and Mom would love him as her own, we just have to get back everything would be fine then. Mike was right about what they’d say, why is he sickly looking and what about his parents where are they, how can we tell them we found him in a cave taken by aliens.

“Shawn you ok?” May asked.

I looked up May stood holding her hand out, getting up I just fell into her, she held me tightly as we walked back to the house.

Sitting back down at the table just the two of us, No one seemed to be around the room, May handed me a soda looking up I could feel more hurt if we took him than left him here, May sat holding my hand in silent’s.

“How’s he doing Ma” John asked.

“Ok’ we need a few minutes’ right now”

“Ok will be outside if you need anything”

“Ok, Ask your father to come in”

“May you and Doc will take good care of him?”

“Yes we’ll love him as much as our own”

“Ok you take the kid’ but I want so much to take him home”

“You done a great job with him and he adores you”

“We’ll have to let him stay here”

“That’s up to you”

“It’s so hard, I’ve just grown attached to him”

“We know it’s a hard thing for you”

“Here’s Doc you tell him ok!”

“Ok’ Doc he can stay here with you and May if that’s ok”

“We’ll take good care of him”

“I know Doc, he’ll be happy here”

“John already said he’ll help out with him”

“Ok’ then he stays here’ I’ll tell him”

“We can talk to him if you like”

“No this is something I have to do”

“If you need us were here”

Cody and Josh were playing by the big tree in the back when I went outside, walking up by the girls who stopped playing badminton and watch me slowly walking towards the big tree, Cody stopped along with Josh who just looked up pushing dirt around with the tractor, Cody heard his dad call him over, Josh stopped playing jumping up holding me tight.


“They said I might have to stay here” Josh said looking up.

“You want to stay here?”

“It’s nice here’ look a tractor”

“It’s a nice Tractor”

“Would you stay with me?”

“No We have to get home as soon as we can”

“Then I better show Mike how to move the ship”

“So you want to stay?”

“It’s ok here”

“you like it here?”

“A Lot”

“Ok if you’re sure”

“So much to do here”

“Doc and May well take good care of you”

“My arms better”

“That’s good”

“I go show Mike”


Emptiness just came over me watching him run over to Mike and John by the barn, Feeling so bad tears just followed down my chin I was losing him and feeling it, next thing I felt was May standing right there with Doc we embraced again for a few moments before heading over to the barn.

John waited for us Telling Cody to go play with the girls for a little bit, We went inside Mike already inside with Josh waiting for Brian to place the shell back into its place, Lights lid up the dash as we stood watching from the doorway, Josh showed Mike what to do explaining every light even the ones not lit.

“What are those for?” Mike asked following along with Josh.

“So you can go home?”

“These four?”

“Yes and those two over there”

“Will it take us back home to our time?”

“Yes back just wave”

“What wave Josh were?”

“Watch round light here”

Everyone stopping watching what Josh was doing, John stood eyes wide but staying clear of the door, Mike followed his hand before just nodded he had it right, again he pointed to another one and wave over it the ship inside became gray color with the front window turning bluish color.

“Ok” Josh said looking at him with a frown waiting.

“Ok’ I got it”

Brain reach over tapping me on the shoulder, I looked over.

“He sure knows a lot about this ship”

“He’s showing him what it does”

“So he’s going to stay?”

“Looks that way”

“What about us Shawn?”

“You are going right?”

“If that’s ok with you”

“Why is everything have to be ok with me?”

“You’re the one who’s been in charge”

“In Charge of what”

“What we do”

“I’m just like you”

“No you’re the one now”

“Who says?”



“We all talked about it and you’re in charge”

“God you guys scare me”

Moving away from the ship and everyone standing at the door, shaking like a leaf, this is just too much how can I justify there lives were in my hands, what I might say could affect all of us now, why did they want me when Mike can make a better alternative to who stays and who goes I don’t want to be in charge of anything let someone else do it I just want to go home.  Doc and May went back outside John came over to me sitting next to me, I looked up a few times still numb, John sat not saying anything just waiting on me to start talking.

“It’s not that I don’t like it here”

“Relax everything’s going to be fine”

“How can it be look at them they want to stay don’t they?”

“That’s something you have to ask them”

“Why Me?”

“They feel you’re the one they should ask”

“You’re the adult here not me”

“But they look up to you”

“I don’t know what to say to them”

“It’s a hard thing you have to ask of them”

“What if they want to stay then what?”

“Your all welcome to stay”

“We have family also”

“It’s so hard I know but you have to do what you feel is best”

“I can’t ask them I just can’t do it”

“Maybe you want to take a few days to think it over?”

“A few days, then what a few more”

“Come on Shawn you’ll be alright just take your time”

“Time seem to be the only thing we’re doing”

“I’ll let you be so you can talk to Brian and Mike”

“Sure what they want to stay here now”

“I’ll be in the house if you like”

“No can’t you stay here with me”

“Ok’ I’m here with you”

Mike waved his hand over the lights darken the inside, Josh jumped out coming right over to us not saying anything he just stared down at the ground looking up a few times, then went and helped putting the cover back over the ship, All three came over sitting on the hay bales just in front of us.

“OK’ Shawn what do you say” Mike asked.

“What do you want to stay here or go home?”

“I ‘am with you whatever you decided”

“Mike I want to go home’ Please”

“Ok’ we go you just say when”

“We’re coming with you” Brian said reaching over.

“What about the girls do they want to stay here?”

“We talked about it and They want to try and get home to”

“We don’t know if we can get back’ don’t you see that”


“Mom and Dad love all of you and they would do anything to help you, anything but you’re the ones that have to say what you’d like to do, if you want to try and make it back all well and good, they only want to help no one knows what will happen only you can answer that in your choice”

“We all like it here but it’s not home”

“It’s up to you Shawn” Brian said.

“Look give it one more day and if you want to go I’ll help you”

“Just one more day?” Looking up to John.

“If you want’ you can stay as long as you need to”

“Come on lets go get some of that Pie before they eat it all” Mike said getting up.

Brian waited on me and John; slowly we went inside together, everyone around the table, Fresh coffee warm apple pie and ice cream, Josh sitting on the book, ice cream all over his face using a spoon enjoying every bite, having all I could do looking at him smiling eating and giggling along with Cody, everyone seem so happy together, sitting down May handed me a warm plate her smile eased the pressure off just like mom would do with just a simple smile knowing she cared and loved me.


2 Responses to “4039 Chapter 39 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    I just read the chapter! I can see that it would be hard to write, that would be a big decision to make , for a young teen even worse. But josh is getting along fine , he is finally eating and improving with family love! and shawn will be fine too, it will take time. but who knows maybe they will meet again some time in the future. you never know ; they could even go back again, they do have the ship!! but first they need to go home. your fingers will make it happen along with your imagination, look forward to the next chapter. I remember ribbon candy, it was sooo good! pat

  2. Will Says:

    Hi Pat Again you hit it on the head, I said it was a hard one to write, now you have read why, Sure do miss the good old days, Ribbon Candy and good old popcorn balls. Seems every year a lot is forgotten what use to be how sad, and a loss to so many. Always Will.

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