4040 Chapter 40 Yellow jacket

Chapter 40. Cold feet


Feet dangling over the side watching the small fish below swimming around in small schools, waves just scared them away looking up another big fishing boat heading out, Mike Sat holding his pole just waiting for his bobber to drop. Looking towards it only bobbing with the waves slowly he was reeling in. “Think we can still get some fries” all excised reeling in faster Mike said out. Following along Fries sounded good after sitting here without anything even biting, both of us made are way across the broken beams back to our bikes, we didn’t catch any placing our poles across the handle bars and off to get some fries.

Mike pulled out into the road before I could even say anything stopping him it was too late, Bang’ Brakes squealed on the pavement he landed in front of the car; throwing my bike down rushing over to him. Hearing the car door I looked up see the young man with his hand over his mouth looking down at him seeing what he just did, he just stood over us, Mike just laid on the pavement not moving blood was all around him.

“Mike’ Mike You ok’ Mike”, he wasn’t responding to me just laying in his own blood, kneeling over him not moving a few more came rushing over but not helping him just looking at us, “Somebody please help” was all I could say looking up at them, Hearing the sirens’ coming quickly; Finely the ambulance showed up, Two men rush over taking his arm I moved back giving them some room watching, One paramedic just look up then looked over to me moving his head back and forth no it can’t be; felling a hand on my shoulder calling my name still looking hoping he’d wake up and say something anything just that he was ok anything I was so scared watching the paramedic’s placing wires and other things on him not even looking behind, again shaking my arm then he spoke my name louder “Shawn’ Shawn”


My eyes open looking around everything was dark around me, Josh sitting shaking my arm I was so taking back my heart was racing then it me it was only a dream, looking right over to the other bed, Mike was sound asleep.

“What’s wrong Josh?”

“You were moving around so much you knocked me out of the bed and my belly here hurting” He was holding his belly, quickly getting out of bed taking him into the kitchen. Just the stove light was on not enough light to see much; turning on the overhead light, he sat down in the chair still holding his belly in pain, getting him a glass of milk hopefully it could settle his stomach a little, Mom would always give us a glass of milk when we ate too much and with all he ate that was just possibility what he was feeling.

Slowly he was drinking the milk; Looking up from the table standing in his robe was Doc.

“Everything ok here?”

“He had a stomach ache Doc”

“How you feeling?”

“Belly hurts” rubbing his belly.

“Milk making it feel better?”

Josh nodded yes holding the glass.

Doc felt his forehead, and sat down next to him feeling his belly.

“Hurt a little here?”

“Here” Pointing to the middle more.

“Little too much food looks like”

“He going to be ok Doc?”

“He’ll be fine I’ll give him some pepto bismol that will help”

Doc said with a quick winking eye towards me getting up opening a cabinet over the refrigerator, pulling down a small bottle, with a spoon pouring it; Josh just watch him bring the spoon towards him backing up.

“It’s ok it will make your tummy feel better”

“That stuff?”

“It’s good and bright Pink see!”

Josh open his mouth and closed his eyes, Doc placed the spoon inside tilting it upward, Josh held his mouth open after he removed the spoon.

“Ok you can swallow it”

With a big gulp it was gone, Eyes looking at both of us.

“Good more?” Licking his lips, smiling to Doc.

“No this is for your tummy only” Doc said with a smile.

“Can I go back to bed?”

“Of course go ahead”

“You won’t push me out?”

“No Go ahead I’ll be right in”

Josh hugged Doc and Me and rush to the bedroom.

“You look like you had a ruff night?”

“Little just a bad dream that’s all”

“You boy’s cool enough”

“Yes it’s cool the fans going”

“Ok’ you had a long day so try and get some sleep”

“Ok Doc I’ll see you in the Morning”

“I’ll get the light’s you go on to bed now son”

“Thanks’ Doc Night”

“Night Son”

What is that smell I could smell eggs and Bacon cooking waking me up, the sun shining into the room, Josh wasn’t in bed nor was Mike, walking out to the kitchen Doc sitting with Josh and Mike, Lisa and Faye were helping May cooking breakfast.

“Good Morning hear you had a bad dream last night” Mike said.

“Yea it was about you and French Fries”

“Me and French Fries”

“That’s right and look before you cross a street next time your riding your bike!”

“Must have been a good dream” Mike said with a smile.

“No it wasn’t”

“Oh’ what happen?”

“Never mine, How’s your Tummy?”

“Ok better Doc Fixed it”

“Morning Shawn” May said turning placing a cup of coffee in front of me. “Morning sorry”

“It’s ok we all have bad dreams that seem so real”

“It was a bad one”

“What happen’ What happen’ tell us” Faye said all excited.

“Coffee’s good thank you”

“Well what happen?” Faye asked.

“I forgot ok’”

“All right breakfast is ready” May said, not a second to soon.

Scrambled eggs with ham, placing some on each plate, Faye sat down next to me; Lisa sat next to Mike at least both girls sat on folding chairs, Josh was on his book in-between Doc and May, we all finished, May had to wipe Josh’s face from milk spilling, they were both helping him and in actuality caring for him so I knew deep down he would be in good hands with them, today was the day we must leave’ no more one more day it has to be today, Mike sat looking over at me in-between each bite he knew I was upset with the dream and he wondered about it, we always talked about dreams on the pier.


Standing outside the barn just looking at the door, this was it we were going tonight as soon as it was dark, no one said anything but I could feel inside a loss maybe it was just jitters or something like it, sure we would all miss them but we must get home or take Brian and Chris back to were ever they are suppose to be; then will get back home and be with our family, Dad going to be so mad he’ll ground me for a month, Mom will be ok as long as I’m ok’ always saying be careful with traffic’ maybe the dream was in a way a reminder, slowly walking into the barn Mike had the cover off inside with boxes.

“How many boxes are we taking?”

“Just a few’ look we got plenty of food too”

“Were just going to drop them off and go home”


“No Mike we’re going home!”

“I know’ ok’ man are you getting prissy”

“Maybe I want to leave but”

“Ok I get it”

“No’ can’t you see what this is doing”

“What’ this is an adventurer”

“Thanks’ this is one I don’t like”

“Ok so well be going soon”

“As soon as it’s dark”

“Good everything’s ready here”

Looking out the front doors to the driveway, cob webs and hay dust, our bales of hay we sat on having our first sandwich and cold soda seem like we just got here and so much has happen, Donna still hasn’t showed up, hearing the girls playing bad mitten with Chris and Josh outside, moving over to the side window watching them they were so happy together.

Doc and May sitting near the tree watching them play, maybe we should have a talk again maybe they want to stay here with them, just telling me they want to try and get back because I’m now in charge why me, this is hard thing even for me who could I ask Doc no John well he’s home with his family and May she’s been there right along to help us so much’ it’s gonn’a be hard to say goodbye to them being like grandparents not like our family that we’ve only seen three times in the last six years.

“So what’s going on in that head of yours” Mike asked.

“Thinking maybe we should talk about leaving”

“Come on’ This is something we have to do”

“Now you want to go”

“Of course’ I want to get home too”

“But what if we don’t?”

“That’s not going to happen I know how to run the controls”

“To bring us home and them all back home?”

“I can do it’ we both have to do it”

“Alright then tonight were leaving”

“Just keep that thought’ come on”

Mike headed outside, following just behind him watching everyone, May looked over wow she is so nice I’ll miss her, walking over to them May held out her arms again holding her tightly she rub my back side with her warm hand.

“Everything’s going to be fine’ your all tensed up just relax here with us for a little bit” “Ok” Feeling I wanted to cry in her arms again feeling a hurt or loss, mom would always hold me the same way rubbing my back side to side slowly making me feel better even if I failed something in school.


Hearing a car pulling in the driveway turning looking around, John’s station wagon, Faye and Lisa dropping the mittens went right over to the wagon, Mike pick one up started playing with Boys and Brian. John only Brought Margret with him that was ok with me Cody he was a hand full.

“Hello John Didn’t expect to see you here today”

“Hi Dad’ Mom”

“Everything ok at home?”

“Yes Mom everything’s fine I wanted to talk to the boys”

“You want something cold”

“Not right now maybe a little later”

“Ok pull up a chair”

John sat down looking over to me, I just stay next to may standing next to her chair, watching the others all playing together giggling and just enjoying running around hitting that little red dot sending it flying out of reach making Brian and Mike rush for it, both boys were near the net mostly playing moving it up and down with each hit the girls took trying to trap it.

“Shawn you run into any trouble when you came in”


“When you first came here anybody maybe seen you?”

“No not’ wait yes we saw a police car and buzzed it”

“What happen?”

“He took off”

“And what did you do next”

“We followed the beach to here”

John sat their looking around at the others and back.

“What’s up son you got something we need to hear” Doc asked.

“Dad it was on the news about a Flying object spotted near the water the other night by a bunch of boaters”

“Oh yea we did buzz a boat that was so funny”

“Must have been you scared them”

“What did the news say?” Doc asked, moving to the edge of the seat holding his cold drink.

“They only said it was big and seen the aliens”

“Wow real aliens”

“I think they were talking about you” May said chuckling.

“Did they relay see you?”

“Maybe I don’t recall”

“Ok stop’ John”

“Ma if they spotted them they might be looking more now”

“We can’t leave tonight?”

“Yes you can leave but it has to be dark”

“Around 7:30 tonight” Doc said. Sitting back.

John sat back in the chair, Margret came over with Faye asking if they could play in the house for awhile, John said ok and the girls all went inside, Josh and Chris came over sitting down on the ground, both all sweaty and dirty from the sand.

“You two look like you were having a good time”

“It’s fun smacking that thing”

“You like that game?”

“They want to play some board game inside”

“The girls are playing in the house”

“Can we go watch them?”

“Just behave”


Both took off running to the house, running under the net Mike and Brian stopping watching them go by, Brian pickup the mittens and placed them near the net, Mike and Brian both came over pulling up a chair.

“You two had a workout”

“That we did” Brian said wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Anybody want cold drinks I’ll get them” Mike asking.

“Your running’ I’ll have one” Brian quickly said.

“Just bring out some for you guys” May said getting up.

“Where you going Mom”

“Inside to let you men talk”

“You can stay”

“I’ll be in the house getting lunch ready”

“Lunch?” Mike said outward.

“We just ate” Brain remarked.

“Got something special to make”

Mike and May went into the house, taken Mays seat still warm wood, sitting back relaxing checking the trees only seeing a few birds in and out of the tall palm trees a few clouds in the sky some were dark maybe rain I hope not, feeling a cold drop on my arm looking over Mike standing holding a dripping soda can.

“Gee day dreaming again” Mike said.

“No just looking at the clouds above”

“Weather should be a little cloudy tonight”

“Any rain?”

“No just cloudy and cool”

“It’s a real nice day already”

“Did you see the splash down”

“We seen some of it last night”

“Just like you said in the Atlantic”

John looked over to Mike pointing his finger at him with a smile.

“Wow you remembered”

“I’ve got a question for you boys”

“What kind of question”

“That ship you have do you know what makes it fly?”

“Something underneath”

“Did you see what it look like”

“Me and Brian did it’s some sort of round can like thing”

“Is it hard to get at”

“No we can show you”


“Doc is it ok?” I asked looking over as everyone was getting up.

Everyone stopped looking back at Doc waiting.

“It’s ok as long as we don’t touch it”

“No Dad I just want to see it”

“That’s ok just be careful all of you”


John followed them in and around the backside, John and Mike hurried under the ship, We stood around looking at the hay bales and empty boxes stacked in the corner. They both came out John had his little note pad writing and drawing a diagram of it flipping the pages writing so fast of everything he seen, moving back around to the inside all three went in checking the consoled over without it lights on. Brian and Mike explaining everything and how it worked, Doc and I just walk back and forth till we both went outside letting them talk among themselves.


“Shawn you don’t want to leave do you”

“No Doc I like it here I really do”

“You know that you have to leave”

“I know Doc’ but I’m scared”

“I’m sure you are it’s real hard on a boy your age”

“I just hope I don’t mess everything up”

“You’ll do fine Son”

“Thanks’ Doc”

We both went inside the house, Sitting at the table may brought over some napkins for the sodas, Reaching over handing Doc a Bowl, inside dried fruit looked like pineapple and banana slices. We both sat chopping down on them not bad, at all Josh and Chris were watching the TV sitting on the floor.


2 Responses to “4040 Chapter 40 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    wow!!! what a way too get peoples attention; I was on the end of my chair as to what happened!! thank goodness every thing turned out finel “whew” it is getting more intense with each new chapter, but thats a good thing. ive been telling people at work about your stories, hope they check them out. waitng patiently for the next chapter, always pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      Again I’m off and running. Here we go in to another year.. Hang in with it a few more to come.

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