4041 Chapter 41 Yellow jacket

Chapter 41. Barn in darkness.

Everyone agreed for our last meal together was going to Flips by the Sea again; Taking only the Station Wagon this time all three adults sat up front, With three girls gabbing in the rear was getting to be a real headache, Josh and Chris were sitting on our laps luckily John hurry getting us here, We all bailed out getting a few looks mostly from long haired hippies sitting on the benches as we went inside. They were busy every seat around looked full, then the Waitress came over.

“Hey everyone looks like we need a table” Holding Menus and placemats looking around “Come on follow me” Around a few tables towards the back area, Two guys were clearing a table as soon as it was wiped off; we all jump into the long bench seats, Mike got the wall next to Brian, All the girls sat on one side scooting right in together, another table was pulled over with two chairs on the end. One guy brought back booster seats setting them up helping the boys up.

Doc and May sat on each side of the table, Placemats set down with crayons to draw, attraction to see in Florida.

“Birch beer for everyone?”

“Let will be fine”

“Be right back with your drinks”

“Platters and Hot Dogs or something else?”

“Hot Dogs and Clams”

“Clam Platter”

“Can we get some French Fries too” Mike asked.

“Only if you watch when you cross the road!” May quickly said.

Everyone was looking at Mike, nodding his head yes while looking over to me waiting.

“Fries right’ Mike?” grinning at him.

“Ok’ I’ll look just for you”

“We don’t need any bad dream during the night” Doc chuckled.

“Ok everyone here’s your drinks”

Holding a large disc in one hand while holding it still, passing them down frosted ice cold mugs.

“Looks like we’ll be having three of The Clam Platters and Flips Hot dogs for everyone”

“Better add a platter of fries also” John said looking up to her.

“Want curly or regular Fries”

“Regular ok” John pointing around the table checking.

“What else scallops’ one or two hot dogs”

“Two and yes scallops too”

“Mustard on the Dogs?”

“Defiantly and Ketchup for the Fries”

“Ok be right out with your order”

“Wow we have a couple of arties here’ looks nice guys”

Margret brought up alligators saying they were walking trees scaring the boys getting them upset before John stop her, May and Doc told them they were mostly around streams and in state parks, Music was on but so many were talking around us you couldn’t hear it to well, looking out the window along the ruff water rushing inward towards the shore line pulling the sand along the shore, a few surfer trying to ride the waves.

“Here’s some straws and extra napkins”

“Wow you been in the sun”

“They stayed out a little too long”

“Wait till it start’s peeling Ouch, might try some aloe”

“We have a few around the house”

“Fresh Aloe best”

“Heading to Disney over the weekend?”

“No not this year”

“It’s suppose to be a big New Years Fireworks”

“We were here for the fireworks”

“That was a manifestation show”

“UP’ your orders ready be right back, more drinks?”

“Refills all around”

The waitress rush to get our order, Josh lifted up his place mat showing everyone what he did, look more like marks over everything Chris following along same marks just different color.

“That’s good really good” May said keeping them seated.

“Here you go”

Setting down a stack of plates, John passing them down, May took the two smaller plates from the top for the boys, Lisa made room for the platters as they headed down the table, two more waitress helping one had three large pitchers of birch beer placing them on the table, along with two bottles of ketchup.

“Looks good”

“If you need anything just raise your arm”

“Ok thank you”

“Now this is how Hot Dogs should be Cooked” Mike said.

“Maybe you can tell your dad next time he cooks out”

“He always burns them and never splits them like this”

“Yea Mike and They are mouth watering too”

“My Dad just boil’s them” Margret said.

“Don’t here you complaining about them” John Said to her.

“Dad I like your Hot dogs but maybe you can grill them”

“Ok next time”

“Josh more fries” May asked.

“No like the dogs with catsup”

“Scallops’ anyone” John asked.

Brian took a few and so did the girls, Mike nor I took any, as the plate went around the table, Hot dogs must have been quarter ponders being so big and long, two was plenty filling.

We left Flips by the Sea as it was getting dark the sun was setting quickly, John parked away from the doors leaving the driveway clear, we all went inside the house gathering our things, Josh helped Chris gather up a few things then it hit the little guy hard crying realizing he wasn’t going with us rushing to May sitting at the table Crying in her arms. Chris quickly brought his stuff out and return to Josh, May held them close to her.

Faye and Lisa brought out the last of the Sacks, Margret helped looking around wishing she could go with us in the ship but her dad said she had to stay here for her sisters, everything set aside ready to go, John said he would open the doors when we were ready, the hardest part was coming to say goodbye.

“It’s Time Mike” Mike looked from the console seat, with a frown getting up; standing by the door looking around the barn next to me, we both looked over at Brian and John seating on the hay bales going over papers that John brought with him.

“Brian you ready?”

“Just have to put these inside and were ready” folding the papers placing them into a large envelope, he placed them on the console meeting us at the side door, not wanting to take the walk back inside knowing what was going to happen we all were walking real slow John open the door.

“This is your last chance if you want to stay”

“We have to go!” Brian said walking inside.

“John You know they landed in the Pacific Ocean” Mike said looking downward, knowing he told him wrong the other day.

“I know but you almost had the right Ocean” He said with a big grin to Mike they both got a chuckle out of it.

“Thanks so much for all you help” Mike said with his hand out, clasping grips then John hugged Mike, turning to me watching them he open his arms and I rush right to him like a big brother.

Staying next to him we walk inside; Josh rush over wet face looking up holding me tight, his body trembling having to pick him up holding him to me he bald on my shoulder.

“Why do you have to go” in-between his tears.

“We have to go home now”

“I want you to stay here”

“May and Doc will take good care of you”

“When will you be back?”

“Soon Will see you soon”



“Ok we can go see the Mouse then”

“That will be a lot of fun right”

“Everyone’s going home”

“Yes and will miss you”

“Me too”

Doc took Josh from me holding him, wanting to cry again holding back looking to May, both Girls saying good bye thanking them for everything they have done, Josh got down turning looking at me, luckily Chris was with May turning to Josh both of them went outside together, Mike stood shaking Doc hand before going to May her arms open holding him close, for a second there it sounded like he was crying, his head came up kissing her and without looking over to us he headed right outside with one hand to his face, not wanting to move looking over to Doc he help so much how could I do this to them and Josh water filled my eyes trying to focus Doc reach over holding me to him, tears just started rolling down. Brian stood by watching with John.

“It’s ok son you’ll be fine”

“Doc you’ve been so helpful”

“Come on now”

“Doc I’ll miss all of you”

“We’ll miss you too”

May came right over taking my hand, turning from Doc looking at her so sweet so loving and caring, burying myself into her.

“Come on now’ They need you more than ever to be strong” May said wiping the tears from my face.

“Come on Shawn we have a date in time” Brian said.

“Your right but you all have helped so much” trying to stop crying, wiping my face some.

“You’re the ones that helped us remember that always Shawn” Doc said giving me a big hug, feeling his heart beating as he held me like he was part of me also both beating fast.

Slowly looking up May smiling standing next to Doc moving away with my head low heading for the back door.

“Brian you take care of them when you get where you going”

Doc said. Brian knotted his head then embraced May both held each other,

“It you Brian I’ll miss you again”

“Thanks’ Chris I’ll try and do right this time”

“You just do what you have too”

“Ok you’re my little sister and like a mom now”

“Any last minute  advice?”

“Just be careful and do the best you can”

“Anything I didn’t do that I should have?”

“maybe when you’re in the service look around you”

“I’ll do that, beside’s I’ll need find Doc right”

With a grin From Doc and May They walk to the back door we all went out walking to the barn that seem like the longest walk I would ever have to take, John stayed by my side walking out.

John opening the big doors, standing near the ship looking down the driveway and back to May by the back door with Doc and Josh, Rushing over one more time saying goodbye giving May and Josh a kiss wiping off the tears before getting inside the ship, Seating down in between Mike and Brian the ship moved slowly backwards to the doors, Looking forward I could see Josh Crying as May held him tight waving to us, John Stood looking in at us holding the door as we hovered in the driveway.

“Thanks for everything” Faye and Lisa said waving out the door.

“Ok let’s get her up and home” Brian said moving the ship towards the road as the door slowly closing turning the ship away from them seeing only the power lines and cloudy sky ahead, passing over the power lines and headed straight outward towards the water climbing higher and higher moving along with the clouds, looking over Mike had a tear rolling down his chin he felt the loss to but wasn’t showing it to anybody, our bluish screen along with the moon in and out of the clouds.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Mike said with a breaking voice, turning quickly back to the screen window.

“Back to the Farm” Brian said pushing one peddle down.

“The Farm?” Mike asked.

“Yep were going back to that year”

“How many times do I cross this with?”

“Gold light six times should take us right there”

“Got It”

Mike waved his hand over the gold light six times; the ship did a little dance with our front screen turning orange.

“What was that?”

“I think we just hit a turbulent pocket”

“We dropped some”

“Look the water”

“Ok just take it up some”

“It’s raining out there”

“We see it”

“Let’s get above the clouds”


Before he could finish a bolt of lightning lit up the sky just in front of us, all three of us jerked back in the seats.

“That was close”

“Here we go again” Faye remarked outward.

“We can fly this thing’ Right guys?” Lisa asked.

“We can don’t worry just play your cards back there”

“How with you guys moving us all over back here”

“Just relax will be down in no time”

“That’s a big help”

“We got it covered you’ll see”

“Sure you do”

Above the rain clouds looking down at a bunch of cotton balls in a pile, all white tops while the moon cased over the tops, looking outward a few stars not many what they were having no idea at all besides that i didn’t think it was important to learn what stars were what, Mike knew all the stars of the zodiac, and he could even tell you what time it was by them.

“Hey Brian what we’re all those papers you were looking at” Mike asked looking over at them, then up to Brian.

“Roswell crashing and other stuff”

“Roswell that was back in 1950’s “

“1947 it was a alien space ship that crashed”

“Why did you get them?”

“John thought it would be interesting”

“It wasn’t this ship was it?”

“No it was an alien ship they pickup and covered up the story”

“Well at least it wasn’t us, being cutup like frogs”

“We talked about that movie Close encounters of the third kind”

“That was a good movie, all those lights blinking on top of Devils Tower Mountain, and those little aliens coming out”

“We seen the Star Track the Movie”

“That’s been on TV”

“No this is the Movie First contact”

“What about Independence Day that was way to cool”

“Guess I’ll miss seeing those movies”

“Yea that was in our time”

“From what John said we don’t have TV”

“No TV”

“Nope and only a few had Phones back then”

“And you want to go back there?”

“I have too”

“You don’t have to we can..” Brian Cutting me off in the middle.

“No we have to go back!”

“Ok’ don’t get mad at the copilot”

Sitting watching the sky as we slowly moved along what seem like hours even if we just got here, I keep thinking about how Josh might turn out maybe I’ll see him all ground in our time I could look him up, wonder if he would even remember us.

“Let’s take it down maybe the rain gone now” Mike said.

“Lower it is” Brian brought the nose down below the white clouds clearing into a night sky below.

“Look its clear”

“Wait’ look over there a plane”

“Look the light lit here what is that” Mike with raised voice.

“Josh what is this light?” saying out not thinking.

“He’s not here”

“What now?”

“He moving away from us”

“Go over to his right side away from him”

“Let’s get a little more speed to get by it”

“Air lines plane we must be to low”

“Ok’ Ok were past it”

“That was close”

“Look the light went out”

“So did that green glow around the screen”

“Wonder what it was?”

“Let’s just get moving someplace besides here” Brian said trying to turn the ship back in the direction we were heading.

“That was an Easter Air Lines plane I seen the tail emblem”

“Good now they will send up fighter planes after us”

“Get us down somewhere”

“On the ground”

“That’s better than being shot out of the sky”

“Push it a little’ wave your hand over that light Mike”

“I did it’s not working”

“What” We both looked over it wasn’t doing anything.

“Look land with an open field right there” Brian said again lower the noise towards it, slowly we were going downwards.

Just below sitting near trees we could see a few lights on inside a house keeping low but just looking at it again the screen seem clear with a bright whitish color now, looking to the house a few lights went out someone was in the window, we slowly lower the ship near looking to the house but staying above the trees.

“See anything out there?”

“No just keep it above the trees”

“Whoever in the house is watching us”

“Our they coming out”

“No’ were aliens to them”

“See anything around beside Palm trees”

“No’ let’s get above the clouds this doesn’t feel right”

“They might come out shooting at us or something”


3 Responses to “4041 Chapter 41 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    birch beer! I havent heard of that since i was a kid, how do you remember all the good stuff?im glad they are there way , but it sounds like they are in for another big adventure, espcially if they have to land, before they get to there destination! pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      Thank’s again Pat. Trying to make you happy in time…We all like the good old days’ But we sometimes forget so much, just one item can bring back so many good times with friends. Always Will

      • yellowjac Says:

        Another Chapter going down that road is getting there that makes us move on..Thank You Pat..Will

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