4042 Chapter 42 Yellow jacket

Chapter 42. Dark Skies

Following the cloud line across the sky heading North, away from the water just in case we started heading downward, soon the clouds dissipated seeing land just below us, no Fighter planes that we could see anyway.

“Think we went back enough?” Brian Asked.

“Maybe haven’t seen anything below that looks old”

Mike remarked lifting upward over the consoled downward

“How old are we looking for?”

“Around the turn of the century” Brian quickly said

“It’s still dark out” Mike sitting back down

“Can we find a place to land” Lisa asked moving to the front

“Now’ we just got in the air” Mike said looking back

“Sure why not” Brian responded lowering the ship

Lisa standing behind my seat, Faye and Chris right up joining all of us looking outward, something was different trying to pinpoint what I was sensing it wasn’t so much missing Josh, no it was something else, looking over one by one it was the way we were breathing shallow and we all seem tired, Chris went back and curled up on the blankets, Faye turn around seeing him.

“It’s been a long night I’m going to rest awhile to”

“What’s that sound?” Lisa asked.

“Look Out!” Mike jerk to one side in the seat.

“What The Hell was That?” Lisa asked.

“That was a Big Bird” Brian wide eyed said.

“Bird that big” Lisa came right back with surprised.

“Lights to the Left guys” Brian raised head looking over.

“When do birds fly at night?” Lisa asked holding to seat.

“Well it hit us, bet it splatter all over the ship” Mike chuckled.

“Gross, that’s sick”

“Na’ thinks all the feathers went air born”


“We didn’t hit it’ it ran into us”

Moving lower more to the lights, just ahead seeing one large building Brian already spotted it heading over towards it, Slowing down getting a good look at it some sort of warehouse building with tall dark windows, only able to see a few dim lights among  a lot of building below us all dark not even a street light anywhere, cars park in front of the buildings then a dim light heading down a roadway it was a car alright he must be using six volt battery or flash lights for headlights.

“Hey look at the cars moving in the street”

“Why don’t they have headlights on?”

“See any humans moving”

“No just us”

“Why is it so Dark”

“Don’t get too low”

“Move this thing away from this warehouse!”

“Did you see something?”

“It’s a feeling that’s all”

“Feeling what?”

“Something’s down there and not friendly”

bring the ship pass the warehouse nearing the center of the house’s in rows one after the other about fourteen rows of two story houses, cars parked on the streets and no driveways, even the houses were all dark, Mike pointed to one house with a light on the second floor slowing down to get a look.

“One light in this whole town?” Mike said looking at both of us

“Maybe everyone’s sleeping” Brian saying Raising his shoulders

“Sleeping my foot” Mike turns to him with his smirk look

“Look’ that light’ someone inside”

“Can you see?” Asking before Mike fell over looking out

“It’s a flashlight” Mike said sitting back

“Flashing something at us Mike”

“It’s on and off too much” Brain said holding us still

“That’s some sort of code” Trying to read it

“Morse code I can read it” Mike raised up tapping his fingers on the consoled tap.. tap.tap.tap..

“What it saying?”

“Hold on”

“long, dot, dot, dot- long, long, long – long, long- long, long – dot, dot, dot – dot, dot, dot – – dot, long, long – dot, long- dot, long, dot – dot, dot, dot, dot – long, long, long – dot, dot, long – dot, dot dot ‘ Crap Bombs warehouse get out of here!”

“Holy crap Bomb’s”

“The light just went dark”

“Was it English?”

“Morse code”

“American then”

“Take us up out of here please!”

“Yea I’m not liking this much either”

Brian moved us right out of there over the houses and toward trees just on the outskirts of the town, we just made them out as the sky got bright with a ray of light, looking bent heads all three of us looked up glad it wasn’t a plane heading right for us, thankfully it was the moon cresting a small bit thru the clouds above, following over the trees increasing our speed looking for anything that even look like something.

“It’s way too dark out to be up here” Brian said turning to us

“See any opening”

“No but first one were heading for it”

“Ok just don’t push that peddle to hard”

“No not till we know where we are”

“Mike you’re the one who can tell time at night!”

“No’ not when we don’t have any stars above us!”

“No I get it” Brain said and stopped. Mike and I both looked over to him just looking outward.

“What?” Mike said.

“The Morse code and Stars, Boy Scout”

“Boy Scout?” Mike said frowning at him

“Sure how else would you know all that stuff?”

“Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts Both of us”

“Oh’ You Too Shawn?”

“Yep Good old Scouts best part was the Camping”

“Right Shawn the only reason you went was to get away from your little brother and Sister”

“No I learn a lot of things too”

“How come you can’t tell what time it is?”

“No Stars”

“Bull’ You never could get what stars were what”

“I know a few”

“What North Star”

“It’s the bright one”

“OK’ you two opening just ahead of us”

Looking out we could see an opening alright just ahead of us was a blinking red light, slowly Brian raised us above it see a town or city just ahead street lights blinking red and Green, House’s and store fronts light up signs even a few cars rolling along below us.

“This looks a lot better”

“Sure Does”

“Even seems brighter”

“Look over to your right guys”


Just to our right not that far making night seem more of day breaking casing towards the sky around the trees, more aware the trees were more mountains than trees, seeing this a few times as we drove at night back home coming into town.

“One bright city and look over here” Brian pointed down.


“Looks that way and all lights inside”

“Car’s coming and going”

“Look for a sight”

“I see a Large Farm or something”

“Looks like a cluster of trees”

“One small clearing to the left side”

“I see it”

“What do you think?”

“Check it out”

What look like a large building was an old brown barn, slowly we lower near it checking out the area, sitting halfway on a hill as we came around the lower side a large door leading inside, it was dark inside overgrown weeds in front, abandon from what we could see, looking at each other.

“What do you think?”

“Another Barn!”

“Got any better ideas?”

“No just check it out”

“Get closer”

“Rock walls”


“The bottom is made of rocks”

“Ok not to close”

“Where’s that flashlight”

“Right here”

“Be right back”

“Mike be-careful”

Lisa and the others stood watching mike rushing to the opening, flashlight shining back and forth around the barn and door way, He stood pointing the light inside then went inside.

“Where is he?”

“Give him a minute”

“Why do we seem to find only barns?”

“Good cover at least”

“Look he’s moving the boards”

“Guess were going in”

“Must be ok”

Mike waving us to go in, along with moving the flashlight back and forth. watching both sides passing the stones and beams above us beaming back from our beacon this time we had plenty of room above and both sides to enter.

“That’s good put her down” Mike rushing to the ships door.

“Down it is” Brian reached over waving a few lights.

“Here we go again, more cob webs” Lisa said leading over.

“Were down everyone”

“Smooth landing”

“Well” Brian said looking back to the door.

“It’s clear, no sign of anybody” Mike stood one hand on the doorway looking inside shining the flashlight around.

“We need to cover this ship as soon as possible”

“Did you see the beacon?” Asking Mike

“It was lit but very dim”

“Did it go out?”

“Yep it’s off”

“So who wants to go look around?”

“What about covering it up?”

“Why were inside”

“No one’s around here that’s for sure”

“Did you see anything when we came in”

“Just a few cars, couldn’t make out what they were”

“Look about the early 50’s style that I could see”

“It’s warm here also”

“Think were still in Florida”

“No we headed north”

“We could be anywhere”

“The trees were green”

“No palm trees either”

All three of us walking around looking at the barn, While the girls staying close to each other, Chris in hand following them, Mike spotted a stair case shinning the light on it, headed for it looking dust particles in the air from the light shining off the large cob web across the steps, Mike first step brought up more dust leaving his foot print clearing the way, staying right behind him reaching the second floor, Mike moved the light around inside the large open area just in front of us, Standing outside of a wire gate door, empty Chicken’s boxes along the wall just below dust covered windows. Mike looking over a table stacked egg baskets.

“See any Chicken’s” Brian asked.

“Just Feather’s no eggs” Looking back at him.

“Great No egg breakfast in the morning”

“Let’s get back downstairs”

“Will see more in the morning” Mike said tossing the baskets.

Back down the girls already back in the ship sitting having a soda, blankets spread out across the floor Mike first in taking a soda sitting next to Lisa, Faye scooted over with Chris giving us room to sit down also holding sodas for us.

“So what you fine up there?” Lisa asked.

“Empty” Brian said sitting down with Chris.

“This looks like it was for Chicken’s” Taking the soda.

“Any up there?”

“No, it’s been empty a long time”

“So any idea where we are now?” Lisa asked downing the soda.

“Nope, will find out soon enough” Mike said pulling the blanket up over both of them.

“Were not in Florida anymore that’s for sure”

“So where are we?” Lisa asked looking down at Mike resting his head on her shoulder.

“Northern part of the state’s”

“What state”

“We don’t know yet dam’ how many times we got to go over this, we don’t know ok”

“Got it’”


“You ok Mike?” Watching him sitting upward to the wall.

“Why because she’s asking a stupid question over and over”

“Ok’ get some rest and will check in out later”

“Later I’m wide awake now”

“You would be”

“With all the question your asking could wake the dead”

Mike got up heading to the door setting his bottle down by the door. Getting up myself also being wide awake’ Mike looked back at me with a nod to follow.

“Get some rest I’ll see what’s bothering him”

“Go will get some sleep’ see you later” Lisa said pulling the blanket up and over herself along with Chris, Brian and Faye curled up under the other blanket, Joining Mike standing by the door looking out to the field in the mist damp covered air.


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