4043 Chapter 43 Yellow jacket

Chapter 43. Letter’s Home


Walking toward the fence post away from the barn, Mike stopped holding the top post with one hand, standing next to him.

“You Know we might not get back” Mike said.

“I know”

“What are we going to do?”

“Mike I don’t know”

“Why are we even here”

“Maybe were suppose to be here”

“For what?”

“Maybe we have to do something”

“Like what”

“Something that should be done”

“That’s no help”

“Were here for some reason right?”

“No were here because we wanted to go home”

“That’s not looking to good right now”

“No fooling”

“You want to check out the town?”

“Let’s go maybe we can find out where we are at least”

“Watch the Barb wire”


Crossing over the fence we headed for the lights in town, among the trees till we could see the town from the edge, street lights on poles along the road, sidewalks in front of the stores, even a bench to sit on, that look good we both headed for it sitting down looking up and down the roadway, a few cars went by us slowing down looking over but never stopped asking what we were doing, one that looked like a bar just up the street was busy with people coming and going mostly staggering outside with friends helping them in a car driving off.

“Looks like a busy night for some”

“Looks like they’re getting drunk”

“Want to check it out?”

“Let’s go check it out then”


Checking out the stores walking by, the streets for the most part seem quite other than then music’s coming from the bar; stopping at the window not seeing anything as it was darken behind the beer sign, Mike was just about to open the door when it open and a thin bearded man came out stopping looking at both of us he smiled eyes half open and walk on.

“Did you see anything inside?”


“Mike wait”

He was already opening the door going inside, follow right behind him we both stood looking in at the bar, a few turn and gave us a look then right back to drinking.

“You Boy’s want something?” The man behind the bar asked.

“Just checking the time”

“It’s 5:20am” standing holding a towel watching us.

“Thank You” Mike said quickly turning nudging me out.

“That was quick thinking”

“The smell alone could get someone drunk”

“It was strong”

“Why do they drink so early?”

“Maybe they’ve been here all night”

“Don’t they close?”

“Maybe not”

“What do we do now”

“Let’s look around a little more”

“Ok but let’s not go too far”

“Will cross and head back at the next block”

“Sounds good”

Finding our way back to the trees, with one quick look around making sure no one seen us we headed in reaching the ship Faye sitting in the doorway looking up.

“You two were gone awhile”

“We check out the town a little”

“What you fine”

“Just a bar that was open”

“Human’s or Alien’s”

“Human’s we didn’t leave the earth”

“How old”

“Now who asking question’s”

“We go way back in time?”

“No’ it looks maybe only a few years”

“So we still got some to go?”

“Looks that way”

“The sky is getting brighter”

“It’s almost morning here”

“Everyone sleeping inside”

“Mike you going to rest some?”

“No wide awake now”

“Me too”

“Well you two and me are all awake so now what?”

“What do we have for breakfast?”

“Fruits or instant oatmeal packs”

Faye held up the box, along with an apple and bananas

“Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal’ we’d need hot water”

“That’s out”

“We have the thermos with hot water!”

“Good get it and some bowls”

“We have plastic spoons two”


Faye brought out the thermos along with three bowls, Mike took the Thermos while Faye empty the packages into the bowls, he poured and I stirred them, we sat on the steps Faye sat on a few steps below us.

“That was Good now what?”

“Maybe we should look around now that it’s daylight”

“Let’s check outside”

“Can I come with you guys”

“Come on we can all go”

“I’ll put the Bowls by the ship”

“Let’s check it out”


Faye join us outside, stone steps leading to the top section following them looking around, mostly overgrown grass near the barn and over the pathway, one large door on rails, Mike and I push it back Faye went in first.

One large tarp over something in the middle a bunch of old boxes around it and cob webs all over the place, no one had been in here in a long time, Picking the canvas up to see what was under it, stunned pulling it over the hood roof.

“That’s some old timer”

“What is it?”

“It’s a car Faye”

“I can see that, what kind is it?”

“The Grill says Desoto”

“What year you think it is?”

“It’s old maybe around the Thirty’s”

“Looks pretty good for that year”

“Wonder why its park here”

Mike lifted the canvas pushing it on the roof, opening the driver’s door bending inwards, Faye right with him both jumped in seating looking around, Faye tap a few times on the Dash hearing the metal echo back, Mike held the steering wheel making like he was driving it, the wheel was way too big.

“Look at this inside it’s like new”

“Mike you shouldn’t be playing around with it”

“Why no one’s around”

“Mike it’s not right”

“No one’s coming to get it right away”

“Just don’t try and drive it”

“This big thing”

“Big or not don’t”


Moving away from them checking out the boxes, old cloths and papers from High school, Army poster and some old trophies for baseball, opening another box seeing wooden farm tractors and old metal trucks nothing real important.

“So what you fine anything good?”

“No just someone’s old toys and a few trophies”

“Big Toys”

“Back then they had big toys”

“How many of those little cars you got”

“Over a Hundred”

“Try getting that many of these”

“My room would be full for sure”

“Joey would love them”

“Shame we can’t take them back with us”

“Why not?”

“They belong to someone”

“You two see this” Faye held up a small yellow paper.

We both looked over, it was a telegram slip of some type, and Mike held it down trying to make out the old print stuck on it what looked like tape over the words.

”What’s it say?”

“Office 28 Jan 1945 won or something hold on here it is..6.45 lomdon something friorty who Priority from Air Mini..Deeppyy hold on Deeply Regret your son Private Granger has reported to have loss his life as the result of air operations on 14 December 1944..it goes on the air council express their pro  something Profound sympathy  his wife has been informed under secretary of sta  that’s all that’s here”

Mike grinned his teeth looking at the letter eyes open wide, tilting quickly to get the hair away from his eyes, we just looked at each other Mike handed me the Slip, Reaching down picking up a small bundle of letters bound in twine. Faye sat next to the box looking over some of the items inside.


“He must have gotten killed”

“Sounds like it”

“This must have been his car”

“What’s that” Faye Holding a book up.

“It’s a Ration Book it dated 1944-45 and this poster has Rosé the riveter” Faye holding it upward.

“I’ve seen that in our history book”

“Here’s a bunch of letter from overseas”

“Looks like all air mail see the lines on the outside”

“Only a few here”

“They say where?”

“I’m looking”

“Here’s an old pack of cigarettes not open” Faye held up.


“I feel like we open a casket or something”

“Creepy but cool”

“Only you could say cool Mike”

“It is look at all this stuff”

“It’s someone’s life here”

“It’s ours now”

“No’ it belongs here”


Sitting looking at the box of papers, I couldn’t help but think how short and brutal that telegram was sending a message that’s seemed so important to love ones, regret not sorry or missing in action no just loss his life, shoving the papers and other things back in the box looking up to Mike still reading some of the letters, Faye checking out a few boxes.

“Come on you two have a little respect for the dead”

“You should see what this guy wrote”

“Just take the letters and lets get back”

“Better cover the Desoto up, don’t want it getting dirty” Mike remarked with a smirk placing the letters in his back pocket.

Faye help place the canvas back, setting the boxes back where they were stack one on the other, we head back down closing the squeaking roller on the top as the large door latch closed, Faye had brought the Ration book and Poster, And yes I had to bring one truck just in-case we got back, having just a little something for Joey.

Crossing the opening barn boards; our little ship sat inside like it had been sitting just as long as that Desoto covered with dirt and cob webs, Not see anybody up walking to the ship setting the truck down inside, everyone still sound asleep all bundled up together, Mike went over sitting on the steps with Faye looking thru the letters.

Wondering back looking outside the door the field’s of grass slowly moving back and forth, no sign we came across bending any of it, outer fields had some old brown corn stocks bent over with age, turning looking over at the trees full of green leafs birds flying around, hearing something moving not far in the field looking back sitting upward two paws holding together, two little black eyes looking right at me not moving nor was I staying still watching the small ground hog moving up and down with the sun coming up from behind him going back into the ground.


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