4044 Chapter 44 Yellow jacket

Chapter 44.  Jukebox and Ice Cream

Deciding on all of us going into town as a group might be better than two going, slowly to the edge of the trees looking outward among the traffic going by, following the roadway to the traffic light were we could cross safely, Brian held Chris across setting her down on the sidewalk she followed the girls looking in the windows as we walk among the locales, wouldn’t you know some lady with a small hat and long dress holding a brown grocery bag would have to stop the girls talking to them, only a few feet from them turning back before they said to much about us.

“Young Girls should look like young ladies not tom boys”

Lisa quick responded with both hands on her hips looking at her “Lady mind you own dam business”

“You must be little hellions”

“Why don’t you just go shopping like a good wife”

“I never!”

“Really bet your husband would like to know what you been doing, while he’s working”

“Lisa’ try being civil”

“This old bag started it”

The lady stood back looking at all of us then down to Chris, who just looked up with her tong out”

“Chris that’s not nice” Brian said stopping her.

“You better get home’ I’ll tell your parents”

“Good luck you lady”

“Sorry Lady”

“Maybe you should teach your sister some manners”

“Thank you’ can we go now?”

“I’m not stopping you”

“Lady you’re the one who stopped us”

“Be gone” She raised her head holding in her brown bag walking away, Lisa and Faye started giggling, we all started in laughing, our first contact and it had to be someone like that, she turn looking at us all laughing together.

“You need to be more careful”

“Careful that old lady started it”

“Let’s go”

“Hey look an Ice Cream Pallor”

“Ice cream anyone?”


“What now?”

“Money’ don’t we need money”

“They won’t give it to us”

“I’ve got Money”

“Wait Brian”

“I’ve got it don’t worry”

Everyone rush inside looking at the large display, ice cream flavors marked on the glass only, the young man stood in a white apron his head moving back and forth among us waiting for someone to say something.

“You have cones?”

“One or two scoops”

“One you got French vanilla”

“French no’ just what’s posted”

“Not much here”

“More than most have”

“Ok one scoop of Chocolate”

“Me two’ one scoop”

“Soft or hard”


“Cone soft or hard”

“Better make them soft”

Mike sat down at the table waiting, Reaching over giving Brian a tug on his arm, he looked over then pulled out a few bills from his pocket showing me the date, 1935 Five dollar bill on top a few more under it then gave me a wink moving to the glass, Faye and Chris took the cones to the tables see them go by with small cherries on top also.

“What do you want Mike?” Brian asked.

“Regular cone good”

“Well Shawn’ you going to get one?

“Ok’ Vanilla looks good on hard cone”

“Mike soft or hard?”

“Hard and Chocolate”

“Here you go Two Chocolates”

“He wants Vanilla on a hard cone”

“Coming right up”

“Shawn see the old Juke box”

Turning looking at it standing by the back wall big as day with two big birds on the yellow front above a lot of chrome they must have taken from an old car around here, large glass top lights going around the top and sides, two red lights in the center next to the selection lists nice old Juke box and Wurlitzer, I heard of these but nothing like this not even a record showing; just metal stacks on the left maybe the records were in some sort of sleeve inside, big arm no records on the mat.

Brian join me handing me two coins, and the cone with a cherry slowly moving downward, one big lick getting it before it dropped off. What was I gon’na do with these looking over to the slot, only 25c 10c 5c. placing both quarters in the slot giving me at least ten songs now, lights started around looking down at the list below, what type of songs where these with my finger running up and down.

Stopping at Pushing the Buttons for Frankie Laine Cry of the wild Goose,  Perez Prado Mambo Number 5, Rosemary Clooney Come O-A My House, Bill Haley and his Comets Crazy Man Crazy, Frank Sinatra I’ve got the World on a string, Tony Bennett Rags to riches, Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin’, Kar Star Come On-a My House, Chattanooga Choo-Choo and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrew sisters, spotting to late dads Song In The Mood by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra that one Dad played only when he wanted to dance with mom late at night. Wild Goose already started watching the record being retrieved and set on the turn table was something all its own.

Walking back they were all looking at me stepping on the black tiles not the white to the table, sitting down finishing my cone.

“You found a few”

“Just a couple”

“Soda Jerk said it was a 41 Wurlitzer Model 850”

“Don’t call him a Jerk, he’s coming over”

“That’s what they where call back here”

“Coke everyone, My name is Ervin?”

“What no Pepsi?” Mike surprised looking up.

“Sorry just Coke a Cola”

“Ok’ Ervin Coke all around for us” Brian handed him a Five.
“Be right back”

“Mambo Shawn?”

“Sounded good”

“So Brian you got Cash”

“So from John”

“What did you to talk about”

“Dates and stuff”

“So he gave you money for this date?”

“No but he said we might need older bills”

“How many old bills”

“Just fives with 1935 date”

“Mike you still got the other bills”

“Yep in the ship”

Ervin came back holding a tray with glasses and straws placing them around the table, leaving the change looking down at three buffalo nickels and quarter on top of singles, smiling wiping a few spots from ice cream taking the old napkins giving us new ones and went back to the counter helping two more customers.

“Look no ice”

“Cold soda and no Ice”

“I’ve got the world on a string what kind of song you push?”


“No shit”

“They only have oldies here”

“Ok old timer”

“We’re all old timers now”

“Look at the calendar behind the counter”

“August 1953”

Sitting drinking our sodas to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Tapping our feet along with a few others around us, one couple got up and started dancing right in the middle swinging around bouncing around right with the song, Ervin stood behind the counter taping on the case, as soon as the song ended they sat down finishing their Sundays, Ervin came over asking if we wanted refill’s, we had plenty, Lisa and Faye went to the restroom only one in the back area.

“Thank You Ervin” Brian said handing him the folded Singles.

“That has a really good sound” Mike remarked getting up.

“Glade you liked it, you all have a good day now”

Ervin cleared the table took the try back behind the counter, Faye and Lisa meet us outside, before we started down the sidewalk Ervin came running out.

“Wait’ wait a Minute”

Turning looking at him holding the bill’s.

“Something wrong?”

“You gave me too much”

“You worked hard and you got a good tip”


“Was it to little?”

“No but this is way too much”

“What’ No its fine’ it’s yours thank you”

“But I have” Brian cut him off “ Thank You Ervin you have a good day now” Brian turn and we all walk on looking in store windows at the new stuff for spring sales.

“Shawn’ did you see the front of that jukebox”

“The Birds”

“Did you see birds Color Change?”

“That was cool”

“When you ever see anything like that”

“Only on TV”

“Look Five and Dime Store” Lisa said out opening the door.

“Lisa you going in” Mike asked stopping.

“Why not might find something”

“Right what do you need?”

“Don’t know yet tell we look”

“Leave it to Women”

“Come on let’s follow them”

We all looked around the store see all kinds of stuff rows and rows of items every type of trinket you could see they had it for cheap, Faye pickup a pink head band handing one to Lisa and Bright Blue one to Chris, Chris placed it in her hair tilting back and forth in front of a small mirror. “Can we get these?”

“If you want them” Brian said waiting at the end of the isle with Mike and Me waiting on them, At the register the lady looked at all three and said 35 cents, Brian gave her two quarters getting the change; walking across the road heading back, it was nice to see Chris starting to feel more herself not a boy, even Faye helped brushed her hair before we left.

Walking past a few kids along the sidewalk, they just looked at us not saying anything nor did we quickly passing them, couldn’t help notice two boys squatting down near trash cans in the alleyway smoking cuffing them as we walk by, on the side walk.

“We got much more to go” Brian asked

“Not much more just ahead our pathway”

“Good if those boys weren’t in the alley I was headed there”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“Ice Cream and Soda plus all this walking”

“Me too” Lisa said hurry forward“

”Tree path to the right” Mike hollered out”

Rushing for the trees not even looking back, Mike and I both walking but checking behind making sure no one seen us or them going in, One boy was walking a ways back but we didn’t think he was following us Mike pointed back from his waist at the boy stopping looking around watching four cars go by us.

“Think he’s following us?”

“Looks that way”

“We better wait and see”

“The others are out of sight already”

“Look he stopped and looking across the street”

“I don’t see anything over there”

“Maybe you better go worn the others”

“Ok I’ll be right back”

Rushing in just as Brian headed back out. “What’s up?”

“Some boy following us”

“I’ll go see you take the others back”

“Where are they?”

“Waiting by the fence”

Brian hurried back to Mike, following the path to the fence, no Girls checking up and down the fence line not seeing them across the field just seeing all of them going inside, so much for waiting rushing back to Mike and Brian.

He stood talking to Mike and Brian by the time I got back, looking not much older than ten or eleven thin built with blue cutoff jeans and army tee shirt, Mike had both hands in his pockets standing next to Brian giving him something.

“What’s up and who are you?” asking moving next to Mike

“Easy Shawn’ he’s just asked for spare cash”

The boy looked over at me, his eyes all red blood shot, brown hair that needed cut waving on his shoulders, arms dirty even had a smell of old trash, backing up slowly from Brian.

“It’s ok here a little cash to help”

“Thank You” He said taking the bill looking at all of us very scared, jumpy scared eyes moving all over.

“What do you need it for?”

“I was following you because you looked like rich kids from the other part of town, and hoping you might help me out a little”

“Help with Money”

“He only asked for any change we could spare”


“It’s ok Jeff he get’s weird around others” Brian said looking over at me with a tight lip, Mike was doing the same both at me.

“No I Don’t”

“Jeff this is Shawn’ he’s ok once you get to know him”

He held out his hand, moving in looking at his dirty hand while placing the dollar in his pocket waiting, taking his hand cold gritty feeling shaking it, wiping it off on my back pocket without him seeing me, Brian and Mike shook his hand also.

“Cigarette I have a few here” trying to pull the wrinkled Red pack from his tight pocket.

“None of us smoke”

“Maybe I can help you find something”

“Maybe later, will see you in town later ok” Brian responding before Mike or I could say anything.

“Sure thanks again’ for the food money”

“Jeff you live in the streets?”

“What you live on the street?” Asking just as he was turning away, he turn back looking at me his head lowered, holding his wrinkled pack in hand.

“I’ve lived on the street for over a year”

“How do you’ Never mind I don’t want to know”

“I’ll be going now Thanks again” red colored eyes looked up.

“See You around Jeff”

Jeff turn heading towards town, stopping lighting a cigarette looking back with a wave, bouncing as he walked.

“So you gave that kid money”

“It’s only a dollar”

“What if we needed that dollar”

“He needed it for food”

“Right he’s going for cigarettes not food”

“Maybe so but we still gave him a little”

“What else did he want?”

“He’s said we looked like well to do with our new threads”

“Come on lets’ get back”

Mike leading along the path, Brian and I both following.

“What is that smell”


“Nature my ass that stinks”

“Ice cream and Soda Mix”

“Something Die in you?”

“Come on before you pass out”

“No one’s gotta follow us that’s for sure’ you’ll gas them first”


2 Responses to “4044 Chapter 44 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    boy!! that is going back in time, I remember all of those things. the jukebox was in the resterant, that mom worked at . we would go to dinner at times at get to hear it play as they didnt have music other wise. and the ice creme cones they were the best, not like what you get now. every thing was good back then!! 10 cent bottles of soda. 5 cent coffee. life seemed easier then, but i was just a kid. hope the boys fine more adventure, and a way to get the ship going. for the way home! I enjoy the memories. always pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      Thank again Pat, Did i hit the high note this time going back in time..The good old day’s so long ago, what a great time it was for some, this has hit a note bring back the past good or bad everyone still remembers some part. Glade you like it Always Will

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