4045 Chapter 45 Yellow jacket

Chapter 45. Alleyway Jeff

Sure enough it wasn’t too long after we got back, looking outside over the field, peace and quite a few clouds above clear blue sky no sign of the groundhog a few black birds, following them flying looking downward at the fence seeing that kid standing at the fence post, Turning around towards the ship Chris playing Truck driver in the dirt, Looking to the stairs Mike and Brian with the old letters.

“That kids back”

“Jeff?” Brian said setting the letters down on the step.

“Wonder why he followed us?” Mike asked getting up along Brian and the others to look out the door, standing watching him putting out his smoke on the post looking up to us.

“Maybe we should see what he wants”

“I’ll see what he wants” Mike stepped outside

“What he’s doing here?” Faye asked

“He most likely wants more money for cigarettes”

“That’s the boy from the alley we past” Lisa said looking out

“That’s him”

“Mike’ want me to go with you?” asking wanting to run him off

“No you’ll scare him”

“Me scare him na just get rid of him!”

“You coming Brian” Mike turn to Brian already heading out

“Right behind you”

Both headed right out in the open crossing the field, he raised his head with a wave, standing waiting on them, standing around the post seeing Mike reach down taking the wire; sure pull the wire up Mike, the boy was crawling thru talking to them while looking to us then back, Brian looked back all three walking up towards the barn.

“Who his he” Faye asking holding Chris

“One from the Alley, he followed us”

“What’s he want”

“Ask them” being aggravated they were bring him here

“Should we hide?”

“No” Giving her a hard look back

“Why they bring him here?”

“Will find out soon enough” Lisa said moving to the side

Backing away from the door letting them all walk in together, Mike looked over at me standing with a frown waiting for a reason why they brought him here.

“Relax he’s ok”

“What’s he want?” quickly remarking to him

“Everyone this is Jeff” Brian said bring him inside.

Standing with his head low next to Brian, Lisa move in closer looking him over with Faye, Slowly his head raised looking at us one at a time then seeing the ship both eyes glued to it.

“Yea it’s a space Ship” remarking harshly

“Jeff see we told you we weren’t from here” Mike started talking moving forward with Brian towards the ship.

“I thought you were kidding me”

“No we are from a different time”

“You’re from the future” stopping looking at everyone again

“Something like that”

“Would you like to see inside”

“Maybe I better not I’ll stay here”

“You’re afraid?”

“Are you from here or out there?”

“Earth’ do we look like aliens” Lisa said outward harsh tone

“Lisa’ give him a second to grasp everything”

“Aliens from earth give me a break” Lisa again harsh to him

“Can I sit down”

“Over by the steps or on the floor”

Jeff walking slowly past the ship with only a quick glance inside before sitting on the step, looking up to all of us now just staring at him, Chris moved in next to Brian rubbing her nose from his smell, Faye went back to the ship with Lisa returning holding a soda handing it to him, he reach out without hesitation with a nod opening the bottle.

“So why are you here?” Asking him in a ruff tone

“Just wanted to see where you came from”

“Well you know now”

“Look I had no idea about this” drinking the soda looking around the bottle back and forth.

“So now what are you going to do tell the others about us”

“They would never believe me” in a more scared voice

“So what are we going to do with you?”

“I won’t say anything swear I won’t”

“The problem is we can’t take that chance” Brian said outward

“What do we do with him Mike?” asking looking over to Mike

“Looks like we got one more lost sole”

“What” making a frown looking down at him

“Welcome to our world Jeff” Brian said grinning at him.

Mike raised his hands upward, looking at him holding that bottle half gone, his head dropped downward, Mike moved in touching his arm he jerk back dropping the soda looking up, “Don’t kill me” Mike pulled back standing puzzled everyone surprised watching him ball up burrowing his hands into his eyes nervous rocking back and forth next to the wall. Seeing him like that I had to jump in and do something.

“Mike backup”

“What the hell?”

“Give him some room, he’s been hurt”

“I’m not hurting him”

“Brian could you take the others back near the ship”

Brian looked up at me with a nod of his head, everyone just retreated to the ship, Mike stood near me looking at him, holding the rail leaning inward towards him, being negative seeing him brought me around to his feelings, all I could think of was Josh hurting so much stepping in.

“Jeff you ok, look buddy you need someone”

“Mike could you get him another soda??”

“Sure’ see what you can do”

“Jeff relax no ones gon’na harm you here”

His rocking eased moving his hand away looking up both eyes filled with tears exacting down his face washed the dirt aside in lines to his chin, Mike brought back the soda handing it to him, slowly taking it looking around us; finally gave way to opening the soda after a few seconds looking still unsure or maybe surprised.

“You going to Kill me!” in a broken grunted sound.

“No we like you, you can stay with us”

“I’m sorry I did that, just then but I” Stopping him “it’s ok were here for you all of us, no ones can harm you here”

“You really scared me” Looking to Mike

“Hey Jeff where all here for you too”

“Why would you help me?”

“Looks like you need a few friends”

“But I’ve been on the street so long”

“You don’t have to talk about it, try and relax ok?”

Jeff nodded his head trying to wipe his chin taking a drink, still shaking staying to the wall, slowly sitting upward.

“Will be right over there, when you’re ready”


Mike and I both walk away from him, Brian checking outside as we both walk up to him, The girls were inside the ship playing cards.

“Look’s like we got another one”

“He needs a lot of help”

“You sure change fast”

“He was just like Josh when he got hurt”

“Josh you miss him a lot don’t you”

“He grow on me”

“Think he grow on all of us, more so you Shawn”

“Shame we couldn’t bring him with us”

“He’s got a good home that’s what’s important”

“Shawn he’ll be just fine”

“What about this one?”

“We’ll have to work slowly with him”

“Better not ask to many question right away”

“No when he’s ready”

“Ok so you two what are we going to do now”

“How about finding a bath tub?”

“Without a doubt he needs one”

“Just hold your nose”

All three of us chuckled looking outward, Mike plugging his looking at us, Brian pointed outward towards the end field, looking out not seeing anybody, Mike frown looking at him “What”

“The end field has a stream not very big”

“How we going to get him in it?”

“I’ve got extra jeans and shirts”

“who’s telling him?”

“Shawn is”

“What me”

“You’re his new friend”

“You tell him he needs a bath”

“Here he comes”

Jeff walk up slowly stopping looking at us.

“I can go if you want”

“No you can stay with us, but you have to clean up some”

“This is all I have” Looking down at his clothes.

“We have some that will fit you”

“But why”

“There’s a stream not far from here”


“You need a bath real bad”

“Do I Smell or something”

“Yes you do!”

“Haven’t had a chance to”

“Will take care of that”

“I’ll get some soap and clean clothes for him”

“Tell them will be right back”

Gathering up the clothes and soap along with a towel headed down across the field to the stream, Jeff stood looking at the water slipping out of his lace less shoes no socks feeling the water pulling it back out.

“That’s cold”

“Here’s the soap” Brian handed out to him standing on the edge.

Pulling out squished Cigarettes and matches, along with a few coins, placing them on the ground. Slowly walking in clothes and all, turning looking at us waist deep taking off his tee shirt, throwing it to the edge, one hand washing his chest, we watch him shivering with each stroke of the soap and water.

Brain and Mike laid back looking to the clouds trying to see what they resembled, Jeff looked up at me slowly turning around taking his shorts off, almost falling over turning back holding them shivering before tossing them up, seeing scares on his back and arms, long been healed over trying not to stare watching him soaping up his hair the dirt stream out passing along his face till it was white from soap, sitting down in the water watching the soap clear as he rinsed it out.

“Think I’m clean now”

“You look a lot better now”

“Can I come out?”

Brian and Mike both sat back up looking at him standing on the edge.

“Here’s a towel better dry off” Mike moving to the edge.

Walking out drying off, I handed him underwear and long jeans, he looked at the underwear holding the towel in front of him, a single tear rolled from his eye looking at them before dropping the towel putting them on with Jeans, Mike handed him the tee shirt a little big but fit.

“You smell a lot better Jeff”

“Thanks for the clothes”

“Do you have any in town?”

“No just what I have or had on”

“Did you eat?”

“Got two hamburgers”

“No cigarettes?”

“No I was hungry”

“Sorry I thought you wanted cash for cigarettes”

“I didn’t get them yet”

“But he only gave you a dollar”

“Cigarettes are only 25 cents”

“That’s a shock”

“Come on lets head back”

“What about my Clothes?”

“Leave them for the crows”

Jeff pickup his smokes and change bundling up the towel and soap, all four of us headed back across the field, he wanted to smiled a few times but I had a feeling he somehow forgot how.

Entering the barn all three girls standing looking at Jeff, clean and no smell, Lisa handed him a comb Jeff looked down at it feeling his own hair still wet taking the comb pulling it thru like a rake in hard dirt

“I’ll do that for you if you like”


“Come on over here”

“Nice clean Clothes”

“Had to wash they said”

Watching Lisa and Faye holding back chuckling under their breath walking him back to the steps, Mike and Brian hung around the doorway with Chris, Watching them fuss over him I returned to Mike and Brian quickly moving around them going up the steps to the barn All three followed me.

“What’s up Shawn?”

“I just remembered something I saw inside”

“Brian you got to see this old car”

“That door’s hard to open push”


“Ok hold on”

Heading right over to the boxes moving them looking inside, that’s what I saw the chesterfields, more letters and a small blue box, picking up the box Lock but no key trying to open it, without it budging, Hearing Brian and Mike talking about how old it was, Chris spotted the wooden toys checking a few over, standing up placing the cigarettes in my pocket holding the box, seeing the cover half off the car moving over to them sitting inside Chris stood looking in.

“This is cool what a find”

“Think it runs”

“Guy’s we don’t need a car we have a ship”

“But we could drive around town”

“No that’s not a good idea”

“Your right again Shawn” Mike Snarling back

“Ok but it was cool thought anyway” Brian jump in saying

“Cover it and let’s get down stairs”

“Yes Sir boss man”

“You cover it were going back”


“Shawn wait up”


2 Responses to “4045 Chapter 45 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    making contact with jeff could help the team in many ways! the adventure of being in 1953 and helping shawn with his lose of josh. and more in the past stories. as they havent reached there finale destitnation, yet!! keep the adventure going, great stories. hey they might even get to drive the desoto that would be fun!! always pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      The alleyway only brings another soon to join the group, Wait tell he see the ship.and has to go in that stream to get clean cold cold water. The Adventure in 1953 brings on a few new things that they are shocked by sooner than expected..Hi Pat I’ll keep you going thinking…Will

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