4046 Chapter 46 Yellow jacket

Chapter 46  Jack’s Special

Everyone was starting to get hungry, having a group decision it was determined all of us would go into town including Jeff who was more surprised. Nothing like a group of kid walking in town together passers by giving us a once over as we move aside for them. Reaching the alleyway looking down Jeff stopped looking around from the sidewalk, smelling the trash lingering in the air strong.

“Jeff you’re not gon’na run?” Mike asked ready to grab him.

“No just looking” Surprised looking back

“Did you forget something?”

“I have nothing but a box”

“Jeff want to look I’ll go with you” Asking unsure of him

“No let’s just go”

“Come on let’s get some dinner” Mike relaxed standing next to Jeff.

We all stood watching him even Brian moved in closer ready to retrieve Jeff, looking up at all of us started walking lowing his head to the sidewalk following alongside Mike.

Jack’s coffee House fine food; Lisa pointed to the sign, before anybody said anything Lisa already open the door walking inside, returning just as fast “They got a tables or Booths”

“Good busy inside?” Brian asked moving to the door looking in.

“Not real busy looks ok”

“Let’s go get some dinner” Brian said rushing inside.

The waitress pointed to a Large Booth near the front, Brian nodded pointing to it, Chris scooted in towards the back with both girls next to her, Brian sat on the end, Mike motions to Jeff to scoot in next too Chris, we both sat down Mike got the end seat.

Our waitress Sandy brought over glasses of water setting them around the table, stopping at Jeff with a squint in her eye.

“Got a special tonight, your folks with you?”

“No were on our own tonight” Brian quickly remarked”

She looked around stopping at Jeff.

”I know you! Clean up some too”

Jeff quickly cowering in the seat, patting his leg with a smile bringing him to sit back up saying “It’s ok your with us now”

“You look human; I’ve never seen you look so good”

” We’ve just adopted him” Looking up to her.

Surprised look, wiping the water off her hands on the black smock

“He needed somebody’ he’s been loafing around here for quite awhile” “We’re all adopted here” Mike saying tilting his head to her, Sandy nodded with a little half smile back.

“Your parents must be good people”

“We like them a whole lot”

“Wish more folks could adopted around here”

“We’re only here a few days then heading home”

“Where’s home honey”

“The big Apple New”

“Never been there that I recall”

“It’s in New York everyone calls it Big Apple now”

“I’ve been there once and seen the statue of liberty”

“Things have change a lot”

“It’s was long ago, hard times back then”

“You didn’t say what the special was” Lisa quickly said outward.

“I didn’t well bless my sole’ Jack’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes’ gravy” “Any good?” “Jack’s cooking ok’ not like home cooking”

”Can you give us a few minutes Sandy”

“Sure Cola all around or milk for the young one”

“Milk? you got coffee?”

“Coffee of course we have coffee it’s a coffee house”


Mike pointed around stopping at Chris with a smirk then to Jeff.

”Well what do you want coffee, cola or milk?”

“Cola ok” Jeff saying broken voice

“Three coffees, three sodas and Milk it is”

“Ok be right back’ Soda’s’ menus are just behind you”

“This looks like a nice place to eat”

“It’s not like Mays cooking!”

“Wonder how there doing”

“We won’t know for another fifteen years”

Everyone started laughing; smiling at each other even Jeff started not even knowing why just following along, Sandy came over with silverware, two comic books with blue crayons bouncing smiling at us.

“Must have been a good one?”

“It’s was at that more than anyone knows”

“What was it? I love a good laughing now and then”

We all looked at Mike, putting him on the spot surprised.

“What if a ship from another world stop by here and ask for the special?” “Jack’s special he’d fall over dead”

“See even aliens gotta eat so what would they ask for?”


“Jack’s special what else would they know”

“Let’s hope we don’t see any green alien men”

“Dinner’s coming right up that’s a good one”

Sandy started laughing heading back to the kitchen, we heard a few laughing in the rear, one guy stuck his head out the swinging door looking outward; moving aside for Sandy holding a few plates, returning for the rest, steaming hot with dark brown gravy on everything.


“Good come back”

“Had to think of something quick”

“Carrots anybody” Brain asked pushing his aside.

“It’s not bad needs salt”

Looking over to Jeff clenched hand holding the fork, stabbing the meat bending closed to the plate eating, he needed some manners to learn but not right now, looking over at the girls watching him shaking my head no, we were all about finished Sandy brought two glasses of Milk handing one to Jeff and Chris.

“Better have some milk its good for you, more Cola and Coffee” Looking around gathering the plates.

“Coffee sounds good”

“Soda anyone?” Sandy eyes raised smiling at Mike

“Sure thank you”

“No need to thank me that’s why I’m here”

“You do a good job Sandy!”

“Why Thank You’ I don’t get many complements’ around here”

“The Meatloaf wasn’t bad”

“Glade you like it, how about some cake or pie?”

“Anybody cake or pie?”  Only getting no’s from everyone

“Guess it was filling”

“Big meal”

“Be right back with the coffee and Colas”


Brian paid the bill and left her a nice tip, finding ourselves back in front of the alley Jeff looking downward his friend was sitting next to the trash can looking up at us.

“You should say something to him” Brian said

Jeff looked at all of us; reaching in my pocket pulling out the chesterfields handing them to him he just looked at them.

“It’s ok they might be a little old”

“Why would you give them to me?”

“You we’re out”

“But I”

“Its ok’ say hello to your friend”

We could feel the air coming out of trash, hearing every sound from the buildings air conditioner just above metal trash cans, wash bucket with mop just outside the back door smelling of grease wash from a floor just dumped in the alley. Sitting just a short way from it, we stayed on the sidewalk waiting, Jeff slowly walked down looking back seeing us not following him, standing for a few before squatting down talking handing him the cigarettes.

Another hard luck case sitting by the trash, he was about the same age as Jeff brownish hair skinny as a rail, most likely from trash food, talking a long few minutes before he came back to the sidewalk.

“Can we go” his head lowered sad he was leaving his friend

“Everything ok”

“He’s ok and thanks for the cigarettes”

“You gave them to him?”

“He needed them more than I did” looking up to me more red eyed

“Does your friend sleep in a box to?

“We always sleep with each other, safer that way”

“What’s he going to do now?”

“He doesn’t know”

“Mike’ Brain”

“Ok’ Shawn let’s check him out”

“His name is Mat”

“Well come on Jeff we’re altogether”


All of us walk down the smelly alley standing over him, looking up from his brownish cigarette hanging on his lips, just as dirty looking as Jeff was, Moving in closer to him, glanced up with red colored eyes moving around.

“Mat this is them that helped me” Jeff said standing inbetween us

“They give you the threads?”

“Mat would you like to come with us?” Asking him’ trying hard not to sneeze from the lingering smells waiting.

Mat looked up and around at the others dropping an ash on his pants brushing it off, turning looking over to a box resting on its side near the trash can, slowly getting up walking over to the box pulling out a small gray bag, standing for a second looking back at us without saying anything just looking, Jeff went right over to him, both started walking outward, Jeff nodding his head walking with him, heading out of the alley and headed for the trees, Jeff and Mat following along with the girls talking as we walked, stopping at the tree path checking out around us. No cars or anybody following this time.

“This is it Jeff, Mat you still want to come with us?”

“Do I have to get in the cold water too?”

“Maybe tomorrow will put up with you for one night”

“I don’t have clothes” looking down at his dirty clothes

“Well take care of that don’t worry” raised eyebrows

“Do you have room for me?” both cheeked raised looking upward

“Will make room” smiling at him waving him on

“Well Shawn you did it again, one minute you don’t want anybody and next you inviting another, you are just so gullible” Mike smiling ear to ear looking over and back a few times

“Thanks’ we can’t just leave him now could we?”

“Ok looks like he’ll be ok”

“What’s going to happen when he see it?” surprised looking over

“Be ready for anything”

Coming across the field everything quite except all the talking behind us, Jeff rush up alongside with a more broken voice “I didn’t tell him about what’s inside”

“We quest that one already”

“What’s he gonn’a do run Jeff?”

“No has no place, other than the streets”

“Will stop at the door before he goes in and tell him”

“Ok I’ll bring him up”

“He’s fine there coming right up”

“This I just got to see” Lisa said stopping looking at us fore turned around looking at them in front of the barn, Everyone stopped Mat looked up holding his gray sack, looking behind him then back at us “We here?”

“Yes we’re here Mat”

“What’s the matter?”

“We have to tell you something before you go inside”

“Did you rob a bank or kill someone that’s why you’re hiding out?”

“No we didn’t kill anybody or rob any bank it’s something weirder”

“I’ve seen a lot of things nothing can surprise me”

“That’s what we all thought”

“What’s inside?”

“A Ship”

“I’ve seen plenty of ships”

“Not like this one”

“How’d you get it here?”

“We kind’a flew it here”

“Right you flew it here”

“Really Mat we flew in”

“A plane you flew a plane in here”

“Not exactly a plane”

“What you have wings or something”

“Frisky bugger isn’t he” Brian said while the others were giggling including Jeff, Moving inside Mat following with Jeff and Me.

Jeff stopped one foot inside looking at the ship his eyes got wide

“Is that real?”

“Yes it’s real alright and it fly’s too”

“Where did you get this’ this is all-some”

“Well Shawn it’s not going to be bad after all”

“Jeff your friend likes it”

“He buys all those space comic books”

“Want to see the inside Mat?” Brian asked.

Brian along with Mike took him inside, Jeff followed along more intransitive than anything. Staying outside with the girls, Faye grabbed the playing cards sitting on the ground with Lisa and Chris, with only one good place to sit down at was the steps, picking up the letters looking at the covers.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    It was nice that you could help jennifer and her parents , with the help they needed and the two boys in the story! not every one is willing, most look the other way.. at least shawn and the group have caring hearts. hope their adventure wont have too many obstecales.can’t wait to see what they thought of the ship. always pat

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