4047 Chapter 47 Yellow jacket

Chapter 47 Aloneness

Sitting or at least trying to between all the noise the girls were making playing cards, after a quick check of the covers spotting one more stack looked like it was not open yet, unwrapping the small red and white string around the middle, short bundle of seven, all from 1940 three without stamps Free having only the post mark and Date, trying to open the back without ripping it as the old glue re-stuck the paper, ripped a few open more, placing the letters back in each still had one more but it was getting to dark, Faye and Lisa had one lamp light on a box, Mike still talking sitting on the floor with the boys and Brian, two lamps left picking up one walking back to the steps had to read the last letter.

I must admit I had to read it twice making out the guys handwriting was bad, worst than mine but at least my teachers cold read it, Maybe the guy didn’t have much schooling back in the 30’s, pen ink not quill ink with a feather but looked more like it, so he sent this one home, holding it closer to the lamp leading back to the wall.


Dear Charlie.

Received your letter today and I sure was very pleased, I’m also glad to hear that everyone’s back home is feeling fine, as for what I’m doing well I’m working everyday and will be for some time. Mom sent me two pairs of trunks and they sure will come in handy. I’m feeling fine the eats are the best and we can buy everything we need here and cigarettes are five cents a pack, I have plenty of everything so don’t send me anything and thanks a lot for wanting to send me cigarettes and such. Yes they are a great bunch of guys to bad you couldn’t join up well believe it or not I still didn’t have any beer here but I do intend to make up when I get the chance. I have been here since Jan the first and I sure like it at present I’m in Hawaii we get paid twice a month and have plenty of money on hand you see were not in dolitorniz where we used to spend it like water. I sure miss home and the farm, oh I meet a girl here and we had a grand time on my last liberty and went to the Ambassador Hotel had a grand dinner and danced to Freddy Martins music he isn’t so hot to look at. But his orchestra is good. The cocoanut grove is a lovely place. Boy did I have fun, don’t tell my wife. The mail I receive here is not censored but whatever I write or send is as for news from here hush hush, with my best regards to all say hello for me well take care of yourself write to me when ever you can from Hawaii Station for now. Yours truly  Michael granger.


What is dolitorniz anyway; again checking the front of the envelope Passed by Naval Censor, dated U.S. Jan 10 1940 NAVY, at least he wasn’t at Pear Harbor when it happen, must have been some where else the letter return address was out of San Francisco, thinking while reading after so many years why was he only a Private in the service, maybe too many bar fights or something after reading it the second time it could have knock me over I miss it the names Michael and Charlie ok they were brother so which one own this car upstairs.

Brian came over standing by the steps, looking down at the letter

“It was the younger brother, wondered myself, did the same thing”

“Both brother’s in the service what happen to the older brother?”

“I couldn’t fine anything”

“Maybe he’s still alive?”

“Might be or hook up with that gal he sure not living here”

“He had a wife to, didn’t say anything about having kids”

“Wonder if he got that beer” Brain Giggled out

“How’s Jeff and Mat doing?”

“Good both are talking about space travel with Mike”

Tying the letters backup tight setting them on the others.

“You know that boy needs a bath”

“He’ll have to wait till morning”

“No’ No way we can’t smell him all night”

“It’s dark out”

“It’s not cold out!”

“Ok let’s take him down and get him cleanup”


Taking the letters back to the ship, All three sitting at the consoled jabbing on more about comic books, stopping looking at Brain and me standing at the doorway, Brian picking up cloths and towel.

“Thought we were going to do that in the morning?”Mike said puzzled

“Can’t wait that long” Brian moving his head back and forth

“It’s time Mat” Calling out to him, he looked over face dropping slowly getting out of the seat lower his head like a turtle back in his shell walking over turning to Jeff “You coming” more pouting not sure

“Don’t worry they didn’t kill me” Jeff quickly said outward moving to him placing his arm around his shoulder as the two stepped out.

“We what?” Surprised he said that looking at him

“When you were taking me down’ I thought for sure you were going to kill me in the field so no one would know about you”

“See I told you he was scared” Brian said to Mike

“Come on let’s get you clean up so everyone not smelling you”

“The girls aren’t coming are they?” wide eyed looking at them getting up with the lamp.

“No just us’ no girls”

“I’ll stay this round” Mike said stretching.

“Better tell the girls we found an outhouse on the other side”

“They already found it”

“Better late than not at all”

“You ready boys”

“What do I need?”

“Just you, Brian’s already at the door waiting”

“What about my cloths”

“You’ll have clean ones”

“Ok if I take the cigarettes?”


“Mike said I couldn’t smoke inside”

“There is a lot of stuff very dry inside”

Walking across the field together seem like old times with Josh heading to the house together, Brain holding the light low to the ground making sure nothing was across our path, stopping at the stream Jeff sat down on the bank with Brian, Mat stood looking at the water turning looking at me his face was curling up scared more like he was crying slipping out of his shoes tape around the top on one with black tape, He stood and just like that started crying bring his hands up to his face, moving towards him I held him, he wrapped his arm around me so tight it must have been a long time scents anyone held this kid he trembled so.


“Shawn he ok?”

“He’s fine’ just needed someone to hold him”

“It’s ok Jeff he’s fine” Brain said bringing Jeff back sitting down

“It’s ok Mat I’m here and no one’s going to hurt you”

“It’s been so long”

Holding me tight sobbing in my chest, smiling so bad bearing with him, Brain and Jeff came over standing near watching now.

Brain said with his hand resting on Mat shoulder: “Mat we’re not going to hurt you’ you just need to wash some” Slowly he pull his head back looking up water filled his eyes with every wink.

“I ..don’t want to die”

“No’ No you’re not going to die come on now”

“I’ I “ The tears just came along with sobbing, pulling him back in holding him tight, Brian and Jeff stood back.

“He always been afraid of water” Jeff said out watching now he was starting to water, Brian got down on his needs in front of him holding him to him, looking back to me, Brian’s head moved back and forth.

“Ok come on now everything’s going to be fine maybe we can wait till light ok” Mat look up sobbing “I’ll go but don’t leave me please”

“I’ll go in with you ok?”


He just nodded wiping his tears away, Brian took Jeff over to the towel sitting with him, taking off my shoes, Mat stood watching removing his shirt still shaking, taking my pants off walking near the water feeling how cool it was “It’s not too bad little cold” Mat looked over at me standing up to my needs removing his pants walking down slowly, one foot touching the water pulling back.

“Little cold but it’s not deep”

Again touching the water slowly walking in carefully each step looking down at the ripples, Jeff walk down by the bank holding the soap, slowly I moved over taking it Mat stood just below his waist in water watching me, turning back to him handing him the soap, trembling hand taking it. One arm at a time before starting the rest of his body, hand full of water pulling upward rinsing off.

“Out now Clean?”

“You need to wash your hair don’t you?”

“Do I have to”

“Sit by the edge I’ll wash it” Slowly scooting the water to the edge sitting down in the water, moving behind him taking the soap mixing it with water and started washing his hair ”You need to get it wet so I can wash it” “dip my head in the water?”

“Got to get it wet Mat” “Ok” bending over between his legs coming back up slapping me with his hair dipping down my tee shirt, putting the bar in and rubbing soapy suds mixing feeling the grit.

“Ok rinse it out and flip it to the side this time”

Backing up just in case he flip it backwards “Ok Mat let’s get you dry”

“It’s colder out here than the water” Moving on the bank Brian standing with one towel, pointing over to Mat, Brain handed it to him.

Pulling my pants up seeing Brian drying his hair, Jeff standing holding the clothes for Mat, Mat looked at the pile with his hand outward palm upwards reach over picking up the underwear with a frown.

“Underwear”  “I don’t wear them” “You do now” Brian said tight lipped down at him, he took them slowly put them on pulling them past his bellybutton, Jeff started laughing out. “You put them on backwards”

Brian looked down smiling at him, He just looked at them and pulled them off one foot flying them away.

”Mat around here we wear them”

“But I don’t like them” broken voice looking up to Brian, Jeff back up, Mat throw both hands up to his face “Don’t hit me’ don’t hit me” Hollowing out, Rushing in one sneaker to him holding him to me

“It’s ok’ it’s ok”

“Sorry I was just..”

”It’s ok Brain I’ll help him”

“But I was trying to”

“It’s ok you and Jeff give us a few here”

“Ok will be right over there”

“Here’s the clothes”

“Thanks Jeff go with Brian ok?”

“Ok be over here Mat”

“Ok Mat it’s just you and me”

“I don’t want to get hit”

“No one’s going to hit you’ not me nor Brian”

He trembled in my arms sobbing, pulling him back looking at him, slowly he looked up, blonde hair almost blocking his eyes, moving it to one side seeing his tears, wiping them away with the towel.

“Think you should get some clothes on before you catch cold”

Reach down holding the pants in front of him, he just looked down at the underwear Jeff brought back laying next to the towel, reaching my hand around his leg to raise it, he move it upward slowly placing it inside the pants, pulling them up so he could stand on it with one arm on my shoulder placing the other in, Holding it up while I rolled the bottoms ups, again wiping the tears from his face this time using the underwear little dryer than the towel, he put on the tee shirt.


“You care about me?” Sobbing

“Yes I do’ we all do you with us now”

“No one will hurt be anymore?”

“No one as long as were around ok”

“I never had anybody care about me”

“Jeff care’s about you”

“We just looked out for each other”

“That’s caring”

“Can I hug you again”
“Yes come on” He held me tight placing his wet hair in my chest, my tee shirt seem to have just as much water if I went in the stream with it, backing up from me looking down “Should I put them on?”

“No when you’re ready” He walked over getting his shoes slipping into them and picking up his old clothes reaching in the pocket.

“Brain better turn the lamp off”

“It’s nice out here and quite too”

Mat walked over one hand holding his clothes and the other holding the cigarettes with matches behind the wrapper.

“Smoke?” Asking Brain and Jeff, Jeff reaches out for one; looking over to me stopping, Mat turn looking “Is it ok here?”

“Yes go ahead both of you it’s alright”

“You want one?”

“No I don’t smoke”


“No thank You and I’m sorry I got you upset”

“We are all ok and you care for me to?”

“Yes I care too, just trying to help you”

“Ok smoke”

“No go ahead”

“Sure it’s ok” Looking again at me just nodding back to him, Both sat down lighting up with one match smoking, watching them it was more to fit in with whoever they were with fitting in; neither one was really smoking more often taking a puff then blowing it out to watch the smoke form around.


Once they finished, We picked up the Towel and Underwear started walking, Mat stopped rushing back getting his clothes we waited.

“Almost forgot them”

“Don’t they smell good” Asking looking down.

”Real bad”

“Toss them over there”

“Toss them?”

“That’s were mine ended up over there for the birds”

With a smirk he toss them as hard as he could smiling walking back with us, he took my hand as we headed back till we at the barn door letting go.

“Better get out of that wet shirt”

“Hope we have more”

“We have more go change”

“Hey Shawn thank you for out their”

“It’s ok were all learning about ourselves lately”

“You sure know that’s true”

Looking in the sack plenty of tee shirts new in the package still, none lose opening it putting it on looking out the door way Mike standing watching, with one hand on the door rim.

“What’s up? Girls ok?”

“Were fine any trouble at the stream?”

“No he went right in”

“Then how’d you get wet?”

“From holding the wet towel back”

“Ok Shawn, becareful he’s not like Josh much older”

“Mat’s going to be fine just jumpy”

“Shawn they lived on the streets”

“Now they live here”

“So were taking them along?”

“Yes were ever we go or end up”

“Ok’ I can handle that can you?”

“I’ll handle anything at this point”

“Just be ready to take off tomorrow night”

“The sooner the better”

“Sooner before we end up with every kid in town”

“Ok I get it stop now”

“Ok boss”

“Dam it Mike I’m trying”

“Stop trying so hard”

“I’m not….”

Mike walk away before I could finish saying what I wanted to, just as well, looking over everyone sitting around the lamp slapping cards down. Putting on a long sleeve shirt a nip chill coming inside the barn walking over looking up to the stars and three quarters moon wondering what time it was, maybe around seven or eight; bending down seeing a little twig stepping outside placing it in the ground trying to see if I could tell what time it was by the ground, making a face not understanding how it suppose to work.

“Looks like someone did learn something at summer camp” Mike said out with a frown stepping forward looking at it, then up to the moon.

“Well what time is it Mike”

“What’s it look like if that was a watch”

“One hand hour can you tell?”

“That stick show you the hour”

“So it’s around three?”

“Now you stand over here then look at it”

“That’s what nine night time then?”

“See that wasn’t too hard”

“Why am I tired then?”

“Long day”

“What are we going to do about to night”

“Girls are taking the ship”

“And were where?”

“Right outside the door”

“What about the boys”

“With us also”

“We got enough blankets?”

“Plenty, the girls are already setting up everything”

“Good am’ ready to crash”

Both boys under one blanket already, Brian on the end near them both blankets rolled up for pillows and blankets bottom and top, room for two more on the other end.

“You want the inter or out Mike?”

“You go ahead inside I’ll take the outside after awhile”

“You’re not coming “

“Not tired right now”

Curling up next to Mat, rolling back over towards me smiled reaching over giving me a kiss on the cheek turning back over to Jeff, Surprised looking at him pulling the blanket up to his neck, resting back into the roll, making sure there was plenty of room for Mike, Looking outward towards the barn door he stood looking to the sky outside.


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