4048 Chapter 48 Yellow jacket

Chapter 48 Marines to the Rescue

Rolling over lifting each heavy eyelid still dark inside beams above filled with broken webs strings hanging, focusing around boys sound asleep all covered up, turning looking to Mike, Just a blanket  mostly around my body keeping warm, with a quick glance to the barn door some light coming in mostly from the moon.

Pushing the blanket to one side, feet tangled in the bottom freeing them get up, got to go anyways, not seeing my sneakers in the darkness just walked bare foot to the door looking outward still no sign of Mike wonder where he went maybe upstairs sleeping in the car, I’ll just be a second to run out to the outhouse and back, taking a right to the steps there was Mike sound asleep leaning on the stone wall steps, shaking his arm he woke up looking at me adjusting his eyes barely keeping them open.

“Mike you better go get some rest”

“Sure you watch for awhile” staggering off into the barn

No time for the outhouse now had to go, relived heading back down the steps looking out to the field, ground hog was back along with a few of his friends running back and forth into the earth, hearing something koo’ing looking for the sound of the Morning dove, sitting on the post like a rooster waiting for the sun to rise, something slimy cross my foot looking down hopping to the brush, hope I don’t get any warts on my foot now, heading to the door ramming between my toes my clock stick, standing on one leg pulling it from the big toe hopping around trying to stay up.


Mike had taking the whole side even wrapping the blanket around himself, no room left so I sat on the ships doorway looking in on t5he girls and down at the boys leaning on the doorway looking at the barn door waiting for the sun to rise. Next thing hearing someone calling my name, opening my eyes looking outward it was Faye smiling at me, Blankets all pick up off the floor and nobody but Faye inside.

“Where’s is everyone?”


“Any coffee?”

“No, soda?”

“Na, I need coffee”

“Be outside” Faye said heading out

Stretching finding my sneakers no socks slipping in not tying them laces dragging, everyone standing and sitting on the steps.

“Sleep well” Mike asked smiling at me

“Sure sitting upward”

“You could have laid down next to me”

“You took over the whole thing”

“Ready to go”

“Go where?”

“In town for some breakfast”

“In town all of us”

“Why not”

“Don’t we have any food to cook”

“We can’t cook here to dry”

“Give me a few and I’ll be ready, Morning everyone” yawning at the same time walking back to the barn, Mat and Jeff right behind me.

“Where all going in town for breakfast”

“Good I’m starved”

“Brian and Mike said I could go with you”

“Why not”

“I like it here”

“Better than sleeping on the street?”

“We both been sleeping in the alley for over a year”

Jeff said sitting in the doorway, watching me tie the sneakers, looking at both of then rolled up jeans and tee shirt tucked inside, Mat with his taped shoe standing outward. got to get some shoes today for them.

“No wonder you’re both so skinny”

“Were skinny?”

“What do you eat in the morning?”

“What in the can after breakfast is over”

“Gross”moving past both of them following me back outside, Mike sitting chewing on grass like an old farmer on a tractor.

“Taste good?”

“Wet and juicy”

“Lisa and Faye are?”

“Waiting by the road already”

“Where’s Chris?”

“Brian took her down to the stream, he’ll be right up”

“Why the stream?”

“She got dirty playing in the dirt”

“Here they come can we go” Jeff asking

“Let’s go”

Meeting them at the post, Chris in clean clothes holding her dirty ones, Brian told her to set them down by the post will pick them up on the way back, Jeff and Mat stayed with us in town not even looking at the alley, more showing off than anything little birds following along, asking Brian if we had enough to get them some shoes at the 5 and 10 store, after breakfast we could stop in and fine them some, Jacks was open Lisa peaked in the window along with Faye both hands cuffed.

“Not busy at all can we go in?” Lisa asking hoping too

“Mike here or another place?” Brian asked

“Looks ok’ least they know us by now”

Faye open the door Both Jeff and Mat followed Lisa held Chris hand, Sandy was all smiles pointing to the same table, waiting on a table.

“They must have saved it for us”

“Mat you and Jeff inside to the back” Both not sure looking up to me and Mike, scooting in right next to Chris around the back side facing forward, Lisa next to Faye Mike sat with her, Brian scooted in giving me the end cap, little more room to move. Sandy gave a wave “Be right with you” heading off to the kitchen, Mat and Jeff started playing with the sugar jar before Mike reach over moving it away, Brian reach down moving the salt and pepper out of reach also.

Sandy happy go lucky smiling setting down our water; three glasses in one hand two in the other, I should try that sometime balancing three in my palm I’d drop them for sure, smiling looking over all of us stopping at Jeff and her head raised back pointing at both of them wagging it up and down smirking tilting her head, Looking to Mike.

“Yea we got him to now”

“They look like nice little boys now”

“Clean and I don’t smell” Mat remarked raising his head like a peacock

“Menus behind you three coffee’s to start with”

“Our folks will be here soon”

“Great love to meet them” she headed back.

“Mike why did you tell her that” Leaning over to him

“Better to let her think there with us”

“We got parents now too?”  Mat asked puzzled.

“No he had to tell her that” Jeff lower to his ear softly telling him

“Shawn hear that news?” Brian pointing to the speaker.

Listening to it something weather, crop dusting best in afternoon or early evening, then went on prices of bushel prices of potatoes, corn.

“Here you go brought three Milks for the young ones”

“Hey I don’t drink milk” Mat said harshly making a face, She pick the glass up backing up looking at him “Sorry sugar”

“Leave the Milk here” Saying outward looking up to her then over to Mat looking up surprised.

“Ok’ should I bring him a Cola?”

“No he’ll have the Milk”

“Cola’s no problem”

“No he’ll have the milk”

Mat sat back in the seat folding his arms in front of him, Mike just looked over at me and moved his head back and forth looking away.

“Looks like’s someone needs a good crack on the ass a few time with a good belt” One of the men said sitting with three other men in the next booth behind Mike. This got me so mad, snarling up I’ll set him straight right now

“Shawn’ sit down!” Mike said getting up slamming both hands on the table making silverware rattle everyone frozen watching him, walking over to the table placing both hands just as hard in front of them leaning on it, looking at them one at a time all of them just looked over to him.

“You want something boy” the same voice Mike snapped at him

“A.. I’m not a boy and we don’t need your remarks”

“That boy and you should both be horse whipped”

“That boy is my new brother you’re talking about”

“Look kid piss off before I clock you”

“Clock my ass watch what you say my Dad will tear you a new one”

“Your daddy to easy on you kids more baby wipes”

“He’ll be here any second now wait I’ll tell him what you said”

“Sure kid now piss off before I wipe the floor with you”

“You think so do you” moving aside hoping he would stand up

“Kid better go to your brother before I hurt you”

“Anytime your ready”

He started to get up looking down the tables sitting right back down, Mike waiting I could just see him now throwing that guy across the table not knowing what hit him, he might be small but I seen him throw a grown man over his shoulders in defense class before.

Sandy came out from the Kitchen with the guy who stuck his head out before at us, wearing an apron and tee shirt just ahead of Sandy pushing a chair in going by it, six foot big strong looking guy with a flat top hair cut ready for battle walking up, we all sat watching them Mike moved aside looking over at them just waiting to get into another scuff, hopefully not with this guy.

“Jack did you hear what the kid just said to me?”

“Frank looks like your finished here don’t you have plowing to do?” Standing wiping his hands in a towel, placing it on the table Sandy moved over to Mike trying to get him back to his seat.

This was one scary looking guy very deep voice with a U S M C tattoo on his arm along with a sideways Sword blood dripping off it.

“But Jack old friend the boy started it”

“The boy nothing you did with your mouth going on”

“All I said” “I heard you all the way in the kitchen”

“Ok’ We have a lot of plowing anyway today”

They started to pull from the booth picking up the check; Jack took it from him and let them out standing looking at him.

“Before you leave don’t you have something to say to these kids”

“What their kids”

“Sit back down and will wait on their father to get here”

Frank sat back down looking at the dirty dishes’ and over to Mike breathing heavily ready for anything to happen.

All our heads raised looking over, Jeff and Mat trying to hide in the booth; Mike Stood tall looking at them. One of them put his hat on, stopping at our table giving us a quick look over.

“Sorry kids he get’s like that every now and then” looking back at Frank before walking along the others outside., Jack stood straight up looking down at the man, Sandy moved Mike aside more, This guys going to reach down pull that guy up and wipe the floor with him seeing his muscles bulging all tight faced, slowly he got up Jack move a little letting him out.

“Well what are you going to do?”

“OK’ look sonny I ‘am sorry” frighten trying not to take his eyes off Jack, Frank look over to Mike holding his hand out then back to his side, Frank made no move to shake his hand.

“Please will you except my apology”

“You going to ask Mat also?” Snapping right back

He looked over the booth at them scooted down, “I very sorry I said that I didn’t really mean it ok kid” looking back at Jack blocking him, moving aside letting him out, reaching for the check Jack ripped it in half “I’ll pay for it Jack” “No not this time just go”

Walking out side not even looking back, his friends waited outside all of them walk away from the window.

Marine Jack turn to Mike this was it were all going to be thrown out.

“You young Man shouldn’t start something you cannot handle by yourself” “I was trying”

“I’m talking son, now sit down, have your breakfast sit!” in a firm forceful voice. “Yes sir” Mike sitting right down

“Sandy’ They need more coffee and Cola’s here better bring Orange Juice to for all of them”

“Ok Jack right on it”

“Scrambled eggs all around with sausages and home fries ok?”

“That’s fine with us”

“You Mat will drink the Milk right” Mat looked up nodding yes

“Good enjoy the breakfast”

“Thank You Jack” Mike said holding his hand out to him, he looked down slapping his right in hearing the echo they shook hands.

Mike felt it but didn’t show him, Jack turn walking back looking at a few customers, one gave him a thumbs up; Mike waving his hand moving all the fingers around looking at them with the other hand pointing to each finger as he moved them, Everyone grinning watching him even Mat and Jeff.

“I want that guy for a dad” Lisa said smiling looking down at the door

“Mike would you have tangle with him”

“No not that guy”

“Marine too”

“No wonder” Mike waving his hand

“What’s he going to do when he finds we don’t have parents coming?”

“We’re in trouble here”

“Let’s eat and worry about that after”

Sandy came down holding a tray of Orange Juice setting them down

“You guys ok here?”

“Were fine was that the owner?”

“Jack yes he’s one person not to mess with”

“We ok here or should we leave?”

“You better eat”

“Ok’ is Jack mad at us?”

“No Honey he’s been waiting for Frank to mouth off again”

“Guess we were to blame in a way”

“You’re all kids”

“He was rude”

Sandy smiled “Don’t you fret about it”

“Sandy order up!” Jack hollered from the back.

“Be right back kids”

Sandy quickly back; Scrambled eggs sausages and Potato fires even Buttered corn bread on the side, lot of food everyone finished everything, Mat still not touching the milk, Jeff hinted a few time to it trying to move it towards him, Sandy took the empty away filling our coffee heading back; Jeff looked up lowering his head reaching for the milk looking straight ahead., turning to see what got his attention it was Jack standing outside the door looking down.

Finishing it off without setting it down showing it was empty to him, he went back to his kitchen, and Sandy returned “Your folks never showed up for breakfast?”

“They must have been detained”

“Jack wants’ to see you in the back’ Mike right”

“Why” Mike asked looking to the door.

“Better go”

“He most likely wants to kick my ass now”

“He’s not that bad”

“Maybe you guys better head back”

“Not without you were not” Brian said getting mad now

“He just wants to talk to you nothing more honey”

“Ok I’ll see him”

“Mike want me to come with you?”

“No I’ll handle this ok”

Mike went to the door, Jack stood talking to him for short time returning sitting down with a long face, looking over to Mat and Jeff.

“What he say”

“Not much beside I told him our dad was in the army and we were heading out tonight for some undisclosed area again”
“So what he say to that”

“Sorry we were leaving and have a good trip”

“That’s it?”

“Yea ok’ let’s go”

“We didn’t get the bill yet”

“We won’t get one it’s on the house more a farewell parting”

“Brian you’ll leave a good tip right?”

“Ten ok Mike”

“Sounds ok to me”

“Brian do we still have enough for them”

“Got it covered”

Sandy wave as we left Mike nodding to Jack last one out the door, stopping by the 5 and 10 getting shoes and one bag of rubber bands the girls wanted for pony tails later, we headed back hearing tractors plowing fields along the way, stopping at the post everything looked clear we headed for the Barn, Mike waved me around the side near the outhouse, Looking past it seeing them plowing not far away.

“We have to leave right away”

“But it’s not dark yet”

“No matter we have to go”

“What’s going on”

“Jack said the Police were asking about us”

“How can we leave in day light”

“Jack said he followed us yesterday just after they were asking”

“Why would they ask Mike?”

“Were different and were not like them”

“Did he see the ship?”

“No but he said we better move on fast”

“Ok let’s do it”
“You sure you want to bring those boys”

“Yes Mike gotta be better than the streets”

“OK’ let’s roll or Fly”

Everyone waiting inside knowing we were up to something having a talk so soon getting back.

“So what is it you two?” Brian asked. everyone around the ship looking at both of us, Mike looked around the barn and back to them.

“We’re leaving now”

“Now Mike?”

“But we haven’t left in day light before” Lisa said out nervously

“Are we going with you? Jeff asked ready to cry

“Yes as soon as everything in we’re going”

“Took the red cooler out”

“What was wrong with it” Mike asked.

“To heavy and empty”

“Let’s go everyone”

Everyone rush around picking up stuff, placing it inside mostly our blankets and Soda bottles not open yet, Jeff and Mat sat next to Chris, Mike and Brian ready to go, checking outside.

“Coast clear”

The ship slowly came to life again blinking on top and lights flashing inside, moving it around heading to the door, jumping inside closing the door, Mat holding onto Faye and Jeff, both scared felling the ship was moving, passing the doors keeping it low outward to the field then noise up gunning it, pass the trees and into the sky again, the sun bright and shiny as we glided along higher into the clouds not even getting a last look back.


2 Responses to “4048 Chapter 48 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    glad to hear they are on their way again, maybe by taking jeff and max along they can find familys for them? on to new adventures! always pat

  2. yellowjac Says:

    The Farm landing what is just ahead may be the last stop for the boys, Brian is Home Now.

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