4049 Chapter 49 Yellow jacket

Chapter 49 Hay Stack

Staying within the clouds formations making sure no other aircraft of any kind was around, Mat curiosity got up along with Jeff looking out the front staying behind me together, both boys more shocked than anything leaning forward, Mike looked over smiling at me.

“Think they never seen anything like this before”

“Wow in space just like the comics” Mat almost in my lap

“Not any comic, you’re in space”

“How high can we go’ the moon’ what planets?”

“Just earth for now ok?”

“Ok were in space Jeff” all excited

Glancing over to Jeff leaning over my right shoulder staring outward trying hard not to blink his eyes, Mike started giggling getting Brian’s attention.

“Guess they like being in space”

“Where we heading” Mike asking Brian while adjusting to give Mat more room to look out, leading on me feeling his hot breath down my neck.

Slowly moving thru the power white clouds looking below us as the sun reflecting off the ship, Yellow screen in front slowly turn with the sun, both boys watching intently leaning inward surprised.

“Look Land” Jeff quickly pointing downward

“Are those houses down there?” Mat trying to look squeezing leading over

“Yes houses and looks like crop fields” Mike said giggling again

Trying to move Mat back a little so I could get an arm free wasn’t easy but he moved not far just holding the back leaning in, I could still smell the soap on Mat better than that trash from the alley.

“Did we move in time or are we still here?” Lisa asking

“Got this feelings maybe we’re still here” Brian said hesitating

“Well where to anybody” Mike looking around at everyone

“How about the Moon?” Mat nodding yes

“Earth for now anyway”

“Somebody Name a state!”

“Like North would be nice” Faye quickly came out with.

“Yep, that good North Here we come” Brian said.

Suddenly the ship jerked downwards, Mike foot had slip off just as we were turning away from the sun in front of us, we started decreasing raptly downward faster and faster, Pulling and pushing as hard as we could getting it level before crashing into a large tree, pulling up just above taking out a few branches, faster an fast heading thru the sky, Jeff and Mat held on tight to the seat, Mike was able to bring us to an even speed but not before everything inside started changing colors inside.


Brian staring to Mike, getting control, Mat holding onto my arm from falling, Jeff holding on the wall and back of my chair closed eyes scared for sure.

“Jeff it’s ok you can open your eyes now”

“We still up here?”

“We’re ok we just scrapped a tree”

“That was a big tree’ Jeff did you see it?”

“Jeff open your eyes”


“It’s ok see where in the sky again”

Slowly opening his eyes looking at me, then over to Mat bring them right back to me starting to water, leaning into me trembling scared. Bringing my arm around him to me without resists holding tight starting to crying.

“He ok” Mat asked puzzled

“Just scared he’ll be fine”

“Shawn you put up with that?” Brain asked, Mike turn to him harshly

“Shawn’s little brother Joey is just as bad and Shawn here is the only one that could settle him down when he got out of hand’ got it”

“Relax I didn’t mean anything by it”

“Mike it’s ok I can handle it”

“He’s my little brother now too”

“Sorry just everything piling up around here”

“Just find us a place somewhere”

Everyone could hear him crying, holding reassuring him he was safe, Lisa and Faye picking up a few bottles that rolled over placing the boxes against the wall, Chris went back helping pick up returning to Brian, Mat stayed by my side Jeff if he could have would have been on my lap holding me.

Looking outward not seeing anything but blue sky a few clouds not far off our left side, hearing something underneath our feet we all looked to the floor, metal or something was clanging together the ship was slowing down our speed, Brian pushed on the peddles not doing anything with the clouds moving upward passed the screen window heading down.

“Here we go again’ everyone hold on” Brian hollered bracing himself

“What’s happening?”Faye holding Lisa, Chris ran back to them

“We’re going down”

“We’re going to crash!” Lisa tremble outward

“Push hard!” Mike trying to hold it steady still falling downward, Jeff holding on so tight crying sobbing on my side, Mat squeezing my other side holding between Mike and me drilling his head into my other side, both scared  as much as I was watching everything in front of the screen turning colors again, Falling faster towards the ground, Mike hurrying holding onto his seat with both hands pushing down, all three girls and boxes sliding across the floor just behind us, bright colors quickly jetted around the inside just as the ship even off.

Relieved looking around Chris had made it behind Brian, Mat scared bring his head up fingers gripping at the back seat, seeing around him both girls sitting holding the boxes in front of them looking up huddled together, Jeff wasn’t moving staying buried in my side trembling hard, holding him in tight looking back to the window outside water mist started running off the front screen, shades of colors, reds and blue stretching around a yellow glow within the ship in only a few seconds quickly over us, Pressure inside the ship was ear piercing strong, Mike releasing his foot off the floor pressure reducing inside, slowly the front window screen clear up with a yellow brownish tint to it.

“My ears”

“Everyone ok?” Brian asking looking back

“Wow, did you see that?” Faye sitting holding a blanket to her

“All the Neat’ colors around us” Mat said looking pointing outward

Looking back to the window brownish alright we were heading into a large area what looked like field of corn stocks.

“No’ Look out’ take it up”

“What’s that?” Brian pointed to the right.

“Were still going down brace your self’s!”

“Turn us to them quick”

A quick thump as the ship headed straight into one of many large haystacks, rushing all of us again towards the consoled with a bunt stop; our front screen window went to a darken color leaving it unable to see out.

We were down alright in one big haystack Jeff fell to the floor crying with both hands over his head, Mat was shoved inbetween Mike and Me laying looking up tears falling down his face closed eyes. Unable to move see Brian scrabbling over the seat rushing to the door pushing on the light without it opening, Lisa trying to move from across the other two, Brian on his knees licked his hand reaching to the fading wall lights next to the door, pushing hard down, relived the door started to open grabbing the door pulling back trying to open it more, quickly jumping back away from the door.

Straw rapidly filling the doorway into the ship, Brian trying to stop as much as he could easing up inside stopping as the door open wide. Mike hurry to move boxes from the floor checking making sure no one got hurt, Lisa rubbing her forehead pushing a hard plastic milk box to one side, Mat stood up by the back of my seat looking down at me with Jeff holding him to me sitting on the floor, this was worst than Josh or Joey he was so scared holding me tight sobbing so much, I could feel on his back the ridges from past beating whoever did this to him I wish I could have ten minuets’ with alone, Mike came over kneeling down next to Mat Checking out a small cut on his forehead then looked up to me.

“How is he” Rising my head Mike staring down then back to Mat reaching for him, Mat fell into his arms.

Lisa and Brian pushing straw outward allowing the sun to inside, Dusty air filled inside ship, Brian stuck his head outward quickly looking around the outside along with Lisa, Faye and Chris joining looking out.

“Looks like we crash in a hay stack”

“See anything out there?” Mike asking, Taking Mat with him to the door. Helping Jeff over to the door while wiping down his face mostly from sweat and tears, he was trying hard not to cry wiping the tears away keeping along across the boxes to the door, Lisa and Faye moved over letting us take a look, Brian already outside looking up at us from below.

“What do you see?” Mike said sliding down the hay

“A big open field’ Green grass with a few trees what else”

“Come on Everyone” Mike said walking with Brian around the large hay stack; Lisa and Faye sat down pushing them self’s outward sliding down helping Chris down.

Taking one of the plastic boxes setting it in the doorway just in case it closed, Mat stood looking down at them then just jumped out, Jeff was afraid to jump even if it was only four feet below us, Holding my hand we both sat down feet dangling over the side as they watch below, Jeff closed his eyes as we shoved off sliding down, holding him back before he went face first to the ground he open his eyes looking at the ground.

Looking around the large hay stack almost fourteen feet high covering the ship; Seeing outward just a little ways from us a wooden fence that went on and on around the field area we were in. In a distance not far from the hay bales across the fields we all could just make out a large white two-story house, orange and yellow leaves trees leading from it to the fences before coming into the field area.

“Wow, this is really nice” Lisa said; brushing the straw from her pants.

“It sure is looks like we’re here” Brain said outward

“Let’s stay here” Lisa remarked next to Brian holding his hand now.

“Check out the house, Shawn”

“Someone must live there”

“Look! Over here, guy’s, there’s a horse and buggy!” Faye quickly remarked.

“A What?” looking at horse leading across the field towards us.

“A Horse and Buggy no Shit!”


“What Buggy I said”

“What’s he doing?”

“Quite and watch”

“Looks like it’s coming inside this area”

“What do we do now?”

“We’ll talk to him”

“Looks like a Quacker” Mat looking up to me saying


“What’s with you he might be friendly”

“I’ll do the talking ok!” Brain said moving forward with Chris.

“Sure – Why not Brian” Mike said outward standing together watching him coming inside the field heading towards us, Jeff and Mat stood with me everyone just waited for the buggy to get closer.

Dressed in black suit with a matching hat; medium length beard slowly pulling up in front of us, Winnie from the horse making Jeff and Mat both squished next to me more as the wagon came to a stop, watching him reach down taking hold of a wooden handle Jeff turned away, looking down at him holding him with one arm watching the man in black pulling it upward stopping the wagon from moving forward, He was a tall man sitting looking at us tilting his head looking at the hay stack, his eyes moved slowly back looking at us as his head lowered one by one looking us over, Brian stepped forward to him with his hand upward, rubbing on his beard downward with one more look to the girls then reaching down shaking his Brian’s hand.

“How are you? Glad to meet you I’m Brian”

“Land sake’s, what brings ya’ out here? Ya’all lost?”

“No Sir. We had a little miss ship placement sort of”

“Misplaced you say?” glancing over us brushing his long beard again.

Mike stepped forward next to Brian “I’m Mike and we Sort of took a wrong turn and somehow ended up here”

Brushing down the beard again, what is this he got something stuck that won’t come off it’s a wonder he’s not pulling it off brushing it down so much, again he sits looking at us what’s he looking at anyway, now he’s looking out to the fields there’s nothing out there, looking back from the fields trying to see what he was looking at along with all of us he was now looking down at Brian, both girls trying now not to look up at him, Mat moved away from me walking right over to the Horse before I or Mike could stop him he was patting its side near harness by its neck, with the horse looking back Mat just raised his head looking at it still patting it.

“Well, Town has got to be a day’s ride from here”

“A day’s Ride?”

“Sure nuf. Where’s your horse’s?”

“Ran off or we would be ride don’t you think” Mike getting snippy

“Ran off you says!”

“Right, they Ran off in the woods!”

Sitting up straight up looking at Mike then over to Mat “He kind’a like yaw there fell’a” Mat looked back smiling, he did smiled somewhat back with his hand motion to the rear at us. “Well think you’d better come with me to the house, it’s getting cold out here for you with inappropriate wear’s on” raising his eyebrows looking at everyone again.

“We’re waiting for someone to pick us up” Mike quickly snapped back.

“They might at that’ Snows coming”

“Mike’ This is it” Brian looking over to Mike surprised

“But they’ll be looking for us here”

“I’m sure, as you say they’ll see the house”

“Maybe we should wait for them here”

“I think we better go with him Mike”

“Brian how do you know this is it?”

“I just do”
“Fine whatever you want to do then”

“The misses’ will fix ya’ up breakfast. Come on now, get in.”

Mike couldn’t say no, it was getting cold feeling the light breeze across the field standing talking, All of us made our way to the back of the wagon, Brian reach over setting the board down so all of us could get in, Helping Chris and Jeff climbing in, shivering more sitting higher with the breeze, looking upward Red and green blanket handing back to us, Brian quickly took it opening it up; bundle around it with the buggy slowly moving around the hay stack heading towards the house.

The chilled air was getting a lot colder as each pounding hoof and wheel crunching the dried leaves beneath us; within a few minutes stopping just alongside the house hearing the wooden creak stopping the wagon, he looked back at us bundled together.

“Ok’ ya’ all go inside now!”

“We’re are we?” Lisa asking getting out

“The misses will fix breakfast, might be hungry bout now”

Everyone stood by the rear looking at him, Faye and Lisa headed for the porch with Chris, Mat followed right behind them.

“Where you going?” Mike asked

“Gotta’ put the horse in the barn” Not even looking back driving off.

“Nice going Brian”

“Don’t you get it yet this is the place that they told us about”

“What place who told you?” Mat asking standing on the step looking at both of them, Jeff looked up at me puzzled; Brian looking over the house to the windows and back to the Porch mike just looked at the outer fields.

“What are we going to do now?” Lisa asking waiting

“What about the ship?” Looking at Mike then to Brian

“Quite” Mike quickly said looking to the door“

“The ship is covered’ Just don’t say anything about it Ok Brian?”

“Earth to Brian”

“This is Home”

“Not to friendly a person is he” Mike saying still looking at Brian off in his own little world holding his head up high to the large red barn.

“No he’ never even asked our names”

“Sure Nuf’ what is that”

“He’s a Quaker that’s the way they talk”

“Goody for them”

“Stop it you two” Brain turning around staring at both of us.

Bringing their attention to the doorway as all of them heard Foot step’s from inside walking towards them. Staring at the wooden door; top half glass panels with little lace currents, barely able to see thru, the door slowly opening an elderly lady in a long dress just covering her shoes holding the door open adjusting her apron looking among us.

“Well, come inside. – It’s a bit nippy out here this morning”

She moved to one side while she held the door open waiting on us to walk past her, pointing her finger ahead to the hallway we all walked down it hearing the wood beneath our feet echoing back with each footstep, at the end of the hallway we found our self’s in the large Kitchen area.


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