4050 Chapter 50 Yellow jacket

Chapter 50 Land Sake’s

Moving around the large wooden bench table together standing waiting on her following just behind us, Smelling wood burning from a large coal metal stove having two large pans steaming upward, A large pipe from the back bending into the wall, next to the stove a long counter maybe around fifteen feet or so Cabinets above the whole length, Real wood looked like knotty pine trim glass windows showing everything inside, can goods boxes, two shelves holding plates straight upward not laying down stacked on each other like home, maybe they were for showing off , Mom always had good china for company just like May had, I’ve seen these once before in old magazines white with Blue house’s printed on them.

“Go ahead sit down youngens what brings you to these parts?”

Pointing to the table as she moved over to the counter picking up a wooden spoon placing it in a large bowl, turning around holding it watching us all sit down; Brian slid in with Chris next to Him the Girls went to the other side; Mat looked up to me I just nodded to sit he quickly sat next to Mike with the Girls, Jeff sat down I sat on the end, we took up the whole table looking at each other trying to see what she was doing, moving back and forth like we weren’t even here, finishing off what she was doing turning around wiping her hands on her apron looking us over.

“I’m Mat. What’s your name?”

“Mat, you may call me Sue’ Looks like you got hurt!”

“It’s just a scratch fell in the” Mike stopped him before he said how he got hurt; she looked at Mike raising her head a little with a small frown.

“His jumping around” Mike quickly said outward.

Sue nodded her head turning around picking up the bowl placing it on the table, everyone sitting upward looking to see what was inside it.

“What’s’ your names you do have names?”

Brian looking around at all of us then stood up pointing at us “This is Lisa, Faye, Mike and Mat, Over here is Chris and Jeff with Shawn on the end I’m Brian”

“So what brings you out here?”

“We were trying to get home” Mike said sitting upward more in the seat

“Home you say do ya”

“Sort of we’re – – somewhat off track at the moment”

“And where might home be?” Sue asked; placing a hot steaming pot from the stove into a large deep sink carefully, giving us all a quick glance back picking up vibrations from Mike not saying where we were from, she turn just at the right moment seeing us looking at one another, with a little snicker to herself she move back to the end of the table, placing a burlap bag of flour on the table next to a bowl, returning to the counter picking up three wooden spoons holding them looking at the girls.

“You all eat hot cakes?”

“Sounds good to me” Brain said out.

“You look like you just might be hungry?”

“Don’t want to put you to any trouble’ Sue”

“It’s no trouble at all, I make Breakfast every morning”

“May we help!” Lisa asking; picking up a spoon

“Why I’d like that dear, your Lisa right”

“Yes Maim”

“How about you dear want to mix some?’

“Ok” Faye and Lisa watch her pour some flower in both bowels, getting a small bowl of eggs and something else off the counter, she reach down by the table picking up a small metal bucket setting it on the table standing looking at us watching.

“Just Mix it slowly in the bowls now”

“What can we do?” Brian asked

“Well you boys, should go on into the Living room for now”

Lisa and Faye eyes raised up looking at us surprised we were asked to leave the room, both girls chuckling giving us that girly look, breaking eggs into the bowels Mike got up With Brian, Standing with Jeff, Mat had his noise glued to the bowls. “You two boys can stay if you like to help out now” Setting two small bowels down on the table looking at Jeff and Mat, Jeff shaking his head no looking up to me, Mat sat right back down, reaching for the bowl with a bluish color mixing inside.

“Jeff you want to help them”

“No’ with you”

“That’s ok you go ahead will fine you something later dear-eey”

“He’s very shy”

“Bring him along Shawn!” Mike said under his breath of course we all could still hear every word, giving him a look back. “Mat”

“What” holding the bowl with a large spoon ready to dig into it stopping looking up to Mike than over to Jeff and me.

“Ok if I stay here?” Mat was asking looking right back up at Mike

“Yea it’s fine just behave”

“Thanks Brother”

Mike smiled giving a surprised look before walking down the hall following behind Brian and Me, Back down the hallway stopping just before the door outside, Brian open the door with a squeak from the hinge, entering the room; Walking right over to a fireplace standing looking back at us, Jeff and I both sat down on a long wooden box sitting next to him glancing around the room, Mike stood looking around the room before sitting down on a soft looking chair near the couch, Brian walked around looking before he plopped down stretching out long ways on the wooden arm couch, Mike quickly reached over knocking his feet off it.

Near the ceiling just about a foot below it on wooden shelves lined with small china items arranged mostly by size, old china dolls all different types of dress wear next standing outward bracing one doll up by the rear canapé from a wooden covered wagon, it’s faded cloth covering faded over the years from sitting so long, two carved horses in front, turning glancing at a large Turtle shell hanging over the doorway.

“Talk about some old stuff”

“My Grand Parents had stuff like this”

“Great we’re in a museum”

“It sure looks like some old stuff”

“What are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry so much will be fine”

“Sure maybe for you’ Brain”

“John told me all about this farm”

“John did’ how much did he tell you?”

“This is the farm”

“How do you know this is it”

“Just like he said it was”

“Sure what about us now”

“Look around its home”

“No Brian it’s not”

“Some ones coming hush you two”

“Good stuff Jeff’ you should have stayed we..”

“Mat did you say anything”


Hearing the outside door opening all of us looking to the hallway, Mat sat down near the fireplace next to Jeff, The Pa’ in black came in standing by the door looking in at us, again pulling the hairs down, rapping his boot a few times near the wall before coming in sitting down in the only chair open we just watching him sitting down.

“How’s the horse doing” Mat blurted out moving forward

“In the barn for the day”

“Barn’ you lock him up” sitting up straight giving him a smirk look

“No he’s having breakfast”

“When do you let him out”

“When he gets done he goes out himself”

“Where’s he go”

“Out in the field”

“So not lock up then”

“No No he can roam”

“Mat stop asking so many questions”

“It’s fine he wants to know about the horse”

“I like the horse what’s his name”


“Ford what that’s a cars name”

“Car what’s that”

“You know a car”

“Mat horse and buggy!” Mike saying raising his eyes looking at him, Mat turn back to Pa replying “I knew that, so what you’re a Quaker in that getup; never meet one before” His head snapped looking up at Mat before he said anything Mike quickly moved forward in the chair..“Mat enough’ sorry for his going on like that” “Ok I was just asking the man”

“You Boys been out long” Reaching over his side picking up a small box, placing it on his lap reaching back pulling out a checkered square board, setting it down on the floor placing the box on top, Mat moved over closer looking at the board and up to him along with Jeff watching what he was doing.

“You play”

“Play what”

“Checker boy checkers”

“What are checkers”

“I know can I play” Jeff standing up looking over Mat at the board as he leaned over opening the box, his fingers old wrinkled sore looking from working, red and Black round discs with no markings fell outward as the box turned over on the board, Jeff and Mat picking them up, Jeff pointed to the ends placing each one down, Mat followed along on the other side.

“How you play this game?”

“You don’t know much do ya?”

“I know all games just not this one” Mat said raising his eyes to him.

“I’ll show you’..you have to” Jeff started explaining the game while we sat watching them move one at a time, Sitting back in his chair looking around mostly at us, a few times during the game mostly looking to the door like he was waiting for Sue to come in and say something to him.

“Where ya boy’s say you were from?”

“Have you heard of Connecticut?” Mike looked over at him leaning forward in the chair; Brian sat upward resting back into the pillows

“Sure have. That’s a bit far from here”

“How far’ do you reckon it be pops?”

“Got to be at least fourteen days or more youngen!” Snapping’ right back with a high expression in his voice.

“Hey pop, what year is this?” Mike just as quick asked.

His tall head raised up looking at Mike his face got much tighter than its weather looking giving Mike a good looking over, brushing his beard before he could say anything we all turn hearing someone walking down the hall way, Mat move one checker then looked back, Sue was standing in the doorway.

“Breakfast is ready Pa, you boys come in now”

“What about our game” Mat asking looking up

“You can finish it later”

“Won’t someone take it “

“Mat’ leave it for now” Mike said abruptly looking upward to the tall man Standing from his chair looking down at Mat, Jeff moved over near Mike and Me waiting looking back; Mat still sitting on the floor.

“Let’s go have some breakfast; you can play checkers a little later”

Not happy about leaving the game Mat got up in front of him, we all went into the kitchen, Sue pointed to the bench again Mat rush sitting down next to Chris, Brian scooting in next to them resting his arms on the table,

Walking around us he walked to the end sitting in a chair looking down the table, Mike sat down next to Lisa and Jeff scooted in next to her, leaving the last part for me, One more empty chair was setup on the end must have been for Sue looking around the table plates and silverware little glasses, one small bowl looked like sour cream, skinny brown skinny bottle of darkness inside that must be maple syrup even if it seem like we just had breakfast not too long ago everyone seem hungry again, beside how could you refuse food like this.

Sue placing a big plate of steaming hot cakes in front of Pa’s place; looking over the steam mostly staring at Brian, sitting looking at the hot cakes, Sue sat down tapping Mikes arm, moving his arms back, Brian did the same watching her, sitting quietly at the table waiting for something we all looked at him sitting with his hands together, “a-hum“ head hung low, eyes closed but still looking upward.

”Something wrong with your hands” Mat asked.

”Prayer first,” not lifting his head just his eyes looking outward.

Mat and Chris looked across and down the table we all followed along bowing our head’s low; both followed along Mat eyes still wondering around the table stopping at the end from a strong harsh voice spoken outward; “ Thank thee for the food we’re about to have and thank you for seeing the horse is better we sure needed his help during the winter Amen”

Mat and Chris sat with their head’s hung low mostly looking at the marks in the table, not knowing he was done, even the sound of silver hitting a plate didn’t move earthier of their head’s up finding the marks interesting.

”Don’t say prayers much do ya?” with a stern voice to them, Mat and Chris slowly raised their heads looking around; Mike almost started laughing it was more funny watching them move a finger along the grains; having to boot Mike under the table smirking at him holding back myself and dam if Mat didn’t start right in again

“What’s wrong with the horse”


“You said horse is better what happen to him”

“Got a little colic last week”

“What’s that?’

“A sore tummy dear’ have some cakes now” Sue handing him a plate.

“Who’d you ask for thanks he’s ok”

You could have heard a pin drop in the room everyone stopped looking and just looked over to Mat even Jeff turn looking at him, hearing a thud at the end of the table Jeff scooted more to me dropping the fork on the table looking down at him we all hearing the plates rattling holding his fork upward fist wrapped around it on the table.

”Land Sake’s, Boy, Prayers, Ya don’t Know?”

“Pa! he’s a young boy Pa!” Sue in a very high voice; Stopping looking at her then placed the fork down looking over at all of us.

“Get up” Mike ready to take him outside away from the table trying to get him up holding his shirt ready to pull him outside.

”What I say?” Mat looked around trying to stay in wondering.

”He don’t know, any manner” Mike quickly answered.

”Sit back down’ Now’s not the time, ‘Pa” Sue said; tilting her head.

”Suppose you’re right?” Pa said.

Forking the pancakes; placing two per plate placing a spoon full of white butter on top passing them down to pass on. Mat sat down adjusting his shirt, glaring to Mike. Jeff gave me a little more room, watching the butter  melting running off to one side, Mat of course sat mostly looking at Mike ready to dig in as a plate was set down in front of him, Mike holding him back just looking at him, after the syrup ran the table once the Farmer or Pa started eating giving a wave with his hand to start everyone started right in.

Mat leaning into the plate ready to gulp it down. “Sit up and Eat’ you don’t need to lean into it” Mike said in a soft but firm voice to Mat pushing him with one arm back upwards from the table, tight eyed looking at Mike, taking the fork cutting a small section bring it to his lips waiting dripping the syrup from it looking over at Jeff sitting eating not hogging it down, getting some manners at least this time following along slowly eating.

Pa sat up straight finishing his plate getting very curious to us remarking;

”You asked before what year it was?”

”I did?” Brian said turning looking at him waiting

”Well, It’s still 1917’ for bout another week!”

”1917 for another week so it will be 1918”

Everyone sitting looking over to Brian lowering his head towards the plate

”What’s wrong?” Pa asked seeing all of us stopping looking at each other with a more surprise expression’s on our faces.

”Well, 1917 just kind’a took us back a little that’s all”

”Did you come from the house of corrections?”

“No were from all over”

“Ya are’ are ya”

“Sort of mix match here and there”

”What’s is corrections?” Jeff asked looking up to me sideways

“It’s a house where they send bad kids” Looking at him getting scared

“Were not bad” with both cheeks starting to raise.. both eyes watering up

“Jeff will be fine relax”

“But what going to happen to us” in more of a broken voice

“Nothing com down its ok”

Everyone was looking at Jeff leaning into me trying hard to hold back from crying, Holding him with me his head rested on my side.

“Mike’ say something will you”

“What we’re on our own and we’re trying to find a way home”

“You’re not from here I can see your clothing’s not what they would wear”

“MILK” Faye asked making a face surprised at the taste setting it back down, Pa’s quickly looked over at the glass then up to Brian.

“Jeff honey you ok” Sue asking leaning inward

“He very scared of getting hurt again”

“Who would hurt such a small boy”

“He was hurt by someone”

“Land sakes the boy’ you’re safe here no one will harm ya here”

“Brain’ tell him”

“What why we’re here”

“Don’t care why you’re here’ it’s to cold out for ye all to be running around in with this weather coming in gets mighty cold at night”

“What are you talking about”

“Outside it’s cold and might even get snow tonight”

“Snow but we just left”

“You won’t be going anywhere till it lets up some”

“Is it Snowing now?”

“Later today it will come in”

“Great snow, what else could happen”

What about the ship in the hay” Mat said out before anybody could stop him, Mike quickly grabbing him, Brian jumped up we were all ready to run getting out of there before they found out about us.

Pa and Sue looked at all of us Sue quickly stood up with both palms upward motioning to sit back down “Pa can take care of the hay just sit back down now” Mike holding Mats arm sitting him back down we all were looking at Pa

“So you need something from the hay stack you stuffed in it do ya”

“Yes we stuffed some of our belonging there”

“If you need them we can hook the buggy up and fetch them”


“We just have a few things”

“Our Coats will need” Brian quick with responses as we all sat quietly.

“Got to get some feeding done first than we can hook up the buggy”

“Pa maybe the boys can help you”

“Not too sure if them little hands can do work”

“Pa’ they want to help” Sue looking back and forth at us nodding yes

“You ever done farm work before?”

“Some, we can help you!”

“Recon you’re more than welcome to”

“That’s the least we can do for the breakfast, Pa”

“Us too?” Mat jumped out with pulling from Mike

“No, farming is for men not youngens work”

“But we can help with something, can’t we?”

“You might want to finish checkers”

Screeching the chair backwards getting up Pa walked over to Mike reaching down turning his hands over looking at his palms, with just a shrivel in his eye look over at me already having them turn up.


“Come on boys” Walking pass us and down the hallway, Mike looked down at Mat “You behave and stop asking so many questions try to behave will you”

“Ok I get it will play checkers ok”

“Jeff watch him” Mike said outward with Jeff nodding back,

Looking to the table the girls already picking up the plates helping Sue,

Faye trying to turn and push on the handle as there was no knobs for water.

”How do you get the water?”

”You have to pump it, dear”

”Pump it?”

”It doesn’t work any other way”

Lisa brought over the dishes setting them next to the sink, Sue moved around the table waving us on Jeff and Mat rushed into the livingroom just behind Mike dashing inside before he stopped them, Mike turn looking at me. “No Mike let’s just go” following just behind Mike walking outside, Brian already halfway to the barn.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    wow!! talk about going back in time! my grandmother had a farm just like that. she was”nt a quacker, but she had to pump the water and all the other things. she could tell some really good stories. life seemed alot simpler then, my uncle had a sink with a pump, my cousin and I even did the dishes that way. do you remember playing checkers and listening to the radeo, the lone ranger before going to bed? memories are fun at times. always pat

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