4051 Chapter 51 Yellow jacket

Chapter 51 Flakes of Snow

Mike walking outside, Brian already halfway to the barn.

Pa’ and Brian were talking just inside as we came in Pa just pointed over to the side. Looking over a Shovel and Rake resting by a large wooden bucket Mike took the rake holding it looking inside one stall, taking the shovel standing looking in at horse crap with hay smelling making our nose curl some.

“Put it in here and you have to empty it outside’ Got to put fresh hay afterward” Pa saying walking by us with Brian following along, Mike step on the end bring the rake towards him grabbing it looking over the small wall inside making a frown squishing his noise from the smell, taking the wide shovel stepping inside scraping a small pile to get a scoop, holding it Mike brought up the wooden wheel barrel resting it by the door slowly walking around the straw mix to the side resting the rake on the wall.

“Clean this and all the rest”

“We said we’d help”

“Yea help not do everything”

“How many stalls do we have to clean?”

“Let’s check it out”

Mike and I both started checking stalls needing cleaned out, birds flying back across the top sections open only in the middle, just before the back door wooden ladders against the stalls towards the top sections rails on each sides, hay piled inside one larger box stall near the back door, just inside one pitch fork placed in the hay.

We both stood looking out the door towards a few horses glazing on the ground not far from us, moving outward resting our feet watching them Mike trying to get there attention, one Black horse just raising his head looking over just returning to grazing moving along with nine other horses, one brown horse we watched trying to pull leaves from a tree snapping the branch back making it run back to the other horses. Looking back at the barn outside painted red three doors leading inside, its high pitch roof rounded off to both sides, I’ve seen this type on TV once were they hid a semi inside after stealing it for its contents inside later being caught and the good guys always winning in the end of the movies. We both headed back inside Mike went right back to the first stall looking at the floor.

“Rake and Shove this shit my foot”

“There ten stalls that need done”

“It stinks and smelly in here”

“Its horse crap Mike”

“Well No Shit Shawn”

“You helping or am I doing it by myself”

“I ‘am helping”

Getting back to the shovel starting to shovel it into the wheel barrel, Mike came in started raking in a pile, “Dam I stepped in it” Mike said outward leaning back trying clean it off, watching him trying hard not to laugh shaking his foot around trying to get it to just fall off, pawing at the straw like a horse just getting more on, standing back leading on the shovel just couldn’t hold it any longer laughing so hard it was hurting.

“Funny hu’ wait till you step in it”

“Was it hot or cold”

“You want to fine out fast”

“Scrape it on the wall board”

Mumbling under his breath scraping back and forth on the board, trying hard not to watch him grabbing the wheel barrel taking it outside dumping on the pile not far from the barn, Mike stood at the door smiling at me returning holding the handles looking up at him, Pointing to the field turning seeing the Large hay stacks not sure which one we crashed the ship into.

“Good thing there’s a lot of them”

“How are we going to fine the right one?”

“It’s the fourth one down on the left”

“Want to go check it out?”

“No let’s get this shit clean first”

“You want the rake this time”

“Will take turns so you can step in it too”

“Gee just what I always wanted to do thanks”

“Smart ass Come on let’s get it done”

Hurry getting it clean up with fresh hay placed down, we  did take turns taking it outside the rear door near the hay stall bring back fresh hay, the last stall finished. looking outward at the horses before heading back out the front not seeing Brian or Pa, Scraping our feet on the wheel barrel and shovel was easier than the wall getting most of it out of our sneakers, clean a lot off still some inside the groves mixed with dirt, heading out towards the fence feeling the chilled air we needed to get out coats, it was ok as long as we were inside sweating some.

Before climbing over the gate hearing cows mooing and Brian talking with Pa heading towards us, we both moved over waiting on the fence to where they were heading with the cows gathering around a large feed bin, Brain waved walking over pulling a few boards to one side just a few post away from us turning waiting on Pa to walk thru before returning them.

“Need something from the hay do ya” Pa said brushing his shirt off.

“Our coats and a few other things”

“Hook up the buggy and will fetch em”

“The Buggy”

“Yep’ less you want to carry it up”

“Buggy sounds good”

“Mike’ coming” Brian said turning seeing we were already behind him, giving one last look at the cows gathering together.

Not even stopping to check the stalls stopping taking a leather strap from one post heading right out the back door, following right behind looking at the old wagons, Pa pointed to one near the Barn, shorter with a small roof covering over two leather covered seats, Pa and Brian set the Leather over the rails, Mike and I watch having no idea what to help with, Pa finished strapping the two rails waiting on Brian returning with a large black horse, leading it backwards stopping inside the rails both hooked up the straps and walked the horse outward stopping in front of the door handing the rains to Brian.

“You sure Pa”

“You can handle it I’ll be in the house”

“I’ll be careful” Brian said outward to Pa started back thru the barn.

Brian climbed up seating looking down at us two just watching him.

“You’ coming”

“He’s not taking us”

“No I’ am”

“You know how to handle this”

“Learn last summer on a farm camp”

“Where’s he going now?” Mike asked getting in the rear seat.

“Pa’s Got a few things get done still”

“You’re starting to sound like him now”

“It’s all farm here”

“It’s is big out here”

“Two hundred acres Spread”

“Spread, Brian”

“Great isn’t it”

“No it’s a lot of work”

Slowing entering the Hay field Brian staying within the ruts across the field, handling the rains like he done it all his life, slowing down next to our hay stack seeing the door still open relived, on the left side hay falling onto the wheels keeping the horse steady, Mike step over having to slide inside only a foot higher than the seat, checking everything inside before bringing three boxes over, pulling them across on the seat leaving room for him to get back over, all three took the whole seat, Mike set the crate back, he was thinking clear covering the door with a blanket pulling hay down over before climbing over the boxes to the front seat, Brian scooted over giving us plenty of room, with a snap of the reins we headed around the Hay heading back.

“Snow coming look at the sky” Brian said pointing upward, bending down looking from the roof canapé; Darken clouds blocking the Sun rays a few small flakes fallen as taller trees moved with the winds chilling air.

”What do we do now?“

”Done all the chores already”

”So what do you do afterwards on a farm?”

“Have dinner then gather the cows”

“Why gather the cows you just feed them”

“Pa said a few have to be milked later”


“That was cow’s Milk’ grosses”

“Right’ that was some off’al tasting milk!”

“Fresh milk, give me regular D-Milk any day”

“Here you go’ take the boxes inside I’ll be right in”

“Where you going”

“Put the horse back.”

“Don’t take all day”

“You need any help with the horse”

“No I got it you two go ahead”

Mike jumped down grabbing the end box turning handing it to me, reaching for the next pulling both over and off setting them on the porch next to mine, Brian held the buggy still till it was clear walking it right inside the barn; Mike sat down on the steps looking to the sky, sitting next to him checking the flakes coming down.

“This was some hard work we did”

“I’m feeling Muscles I didn’t know existed”

“You have Muscles”

“Little Humor Mike”

“Just a little mine are just as sore”

“Worst than raking leaves”

“What a Day hu guys” Brain said smiling walking back

“You can keep this Farmer Brown stuff”

“This is living you two” smiling looking around

“Maybe for you it is not for me”

“Give it time’ you’ll change you mine”

“No’ I won’t I like living in the future”

“What do you suppose Mat said to them?” jumping in before they got into an argument, Mike turn looking at me moving his head back and forth tighten up “Shawn if that boy” Making a fist biting his lip getting mad

“We better go see if he said anything” getting up looking down mike making a fist biting at his lip “I’ll beat him so bad”

“Mike stop right there’ Jeff does not need to see you angry”

Brian walked around us opening the door “Brain wait up” Mike already taking the two small boxes so I would have to take the heavy one, holding his not saying anything mostly biting at his lip stomping on the porch heading in, Mat and Jeff were both in the livingroom sitting on the couch with a large bowl between them giving me a wave as I went by, setting my boxes on the steps heading upstairs on top of the other two resting it on the upper step and the boxes. Entering the kitchen smelling the wood stove sitting down with Mike and Brian already sitting looking over to Pa just walking in the back door with his hands full of logs for the stove, Brian jumped up helping him place them next to the stove, both sat down while Sue brought over cups setting them down in front of us, Pa already had a cup steaming, Sue brought over a tall blue Metal pot pouring it out slowly in each cup walking around us.

“Coffee boys heard you like it”

“Thanks’ could use it about now” Mike said feeling his lip checking his finger for blood, not see any looked up, making a frown just looking back at him.

“Did the boys behave ok Sue?” asking moving the cup closer for her

“They were very good helpers in here”

“What are they doing now?”

“Placing corn on string”

“What corn on string” Mikes eyes squinting

“And the Girls where are they?”

“In the other room enjoying them self’s”

“Did any of them talk about us” Mike asking watching above his eyebrows

“Some girl talk that’s all”

“Did Mat?”

“He’s a little boy asking boy stuff”

“Did he ask a lot?”

“Just a few don’t be so worried now”

“Great’ Any chance of sugar” Mike asking holding the cup looking inside

“Right in the bag in front of you dear’ey”

Sitting sipping on the hot coffee, it sure didn’t taste like coffee more burnt bean tasting than coffee I was use too, dark black no amount of milk would even change that color, Mike also made a face taking his first sip both eyes wide looking at it rolling them over to me smiling back, another spoon of sugar Mike tried but I don’t really think that was going to help any.

“Mike how’s your coffee!” Just had to bust on him

“Fine good Coffee it is” Nodding his head at me smiling back

“So Pa your done early today” Sue surprised saying

“Had plenty of help today”

“Right’ so what do you do here at night?

”Done all the chores already”

”So what do you do afterwards?”

”Never been done this early before have to think”

“Just Milk a few cows right Pa”

“Yep that’s all fer today”

Mat and Jeff came rushing in holding a popcorn in their arms “Look we done popcorn” moving behind us showing Sue and Pa then set them on the table, both sat on the end stretching it out showing how long it was.

“Looks really nice what’s it for “Mike asking

“”We put it on a tree”

“What tree?”

“One Pa’s said he’d get”

“Pa did you tell them about the tree?”

“No reckon I miss that”

“We putting it up tonight?”

“Not tonight early morning so you can pick it out”

“Pa we have to get going”

“Not tonight have to wait till the snow lets up”

“It’s not snowing yet”

“Better look outside young man”

Mat and Jeff ran to the back door looking out jumping up to see outside

“It’s snowing come look snow it’s snowing”

Mike and I both got up looking out the window; snow was coming down heavy covering the ground, so thick we could just see the fence.

Jeff and Mat went to tell the girls, we sat back down Pa lowering his coffee cup looking at us “Boy’s you’ll have to stay here awhile looks like”

“But we have to get home”

“Not in this storm”

“Storm it’s just snow”

“Heard it was going to be a big one”

“How big”

“Have to see in th’ee morning”

“Pa what about the cows”

“They come in on their own”

“The Horse are still outside”

“Well take a stroll and bring them in”

“Pa will get them in Right Mike’ Shawn” Brian being insistent

“Sure Pa will get them in for you no problem”

“Don’t want you getting cold now”

“We got our jacket”

“If you want you can”

“Yes Pa will get the Milk too”

“Why thank you boys”

Brian moved to the front getting the jackets handing them to us, taking a heavy shirt draping it over his shoulder heading out before we could even get ours on, Mike hurrying outside almost slipping on the steps rushing to the barn me right behind him, Brian pulling the doors open rushing out the back door before Mike caught up with him rushing the horses in, Mike just got out of the way, closing the doors as the each went into stalls by them self’s, hearing cows mooing inside Brian waving us to follow him, Mike jumping down from the door.

“Wait up Brian dam it” Brian stopped turning around waiting on Mike and Me.

“Look Farmer boy’ we have no idea what you told that man but we can’t stay here got it” Mike getting upset ready for a fight undoing his jacket

“You can leave whenever you want not me or Chris were staying here with them this is our home now”

“Just what about us did you forget we all came together”

“No you have gotten us here and you’ll take off again”

“Wait a second here how much about us do you know anyway”

Brian stood looking back and forth between, rising his head to mooing ready to leave without a response to him turning back to the walkway.

“What about Josh’ Brian what happen to him anyway?” asking him harshly now I was getting upset he knew what was going to happen we both wanted answers, Mike snapped looking to me and right back to Brian.

“Look you two everything’s fine you’ll get back”

Mike stomped his foot” What happen to Josh”

“I don’t know because we didn’t go back”

“You mean he was or wasn’t ok” asking him moving towards him

“Dam Brian we could have brought him with us” Mike holding out his arm to me stopping me from getting to close being so mad we left him behind

“No you two he never made this trip” Raising his voice to us

“Is he ok now?” “We left he was fine” “And Now Brian”

“Look he didn’t make it before so we left him and travel here”

“But he’s alive now right”

“Yes you two saved him or rather Doc Blair did”

“What’s going to happen now you seem to have all the answers?”

“The two Boys we pick up Jeff and Mat” “What about them now”

“Hold on They take off with you two and Faye”

“What Lisa stays here”

“Yes I don’t even know that you made it back to your time”

Mike stood back looking at the floor his eyes closed, standing thinking we might get back but when and what about my family, Mom, Dad and Joey even my sister they must miss me because I’m missing them so much right now feeling lost away from them everything about them it was family, Mike is getting worse every day snappy and quick tempered.

“So we could still be out there jumping around in time somewhere”

“Mike I don’t know” Brian started watering down his face looking at us

“Ok Brian’ we are just as scared here as you are”

“I’m sorry but we had to know what’s going on Brian”

“I can’t help you after all you’ve done for us”

“Ok Mike that’s enough”

“Sure welcome to nineteen hundreds”

“Brian you ok’”

“I’m ok but I feel like I owe you two so much”

“You told us what we needed to know that better than not knowing”

“So the Boy’s go with us Shawn’ maybe we both have brothers now”

“Yea kind’a cool Jeff and Mat brothers”

“Alright let’s get to them dam mooing cows”

Walking into the end part seeing cows line up along the wall one door open, Brian quickly closing it checking outside for any strays lingering before closing it, picking up a bucket handing it to Mike.

“What you think I’m going to pull on those things”

“It’s no big deal”

“No no not me that’s gross”

“Were do you think Milk comes from”

“I’m not drinking it anymore”

“Come on Mike just pull down and Milk see”

“You pull it then I’ll watch”

Brian turn smiling at me sitting on the small stool milking as he was in the next to me with another squirt.. squirt, every squirt Mike cringed.


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