4052 Chapter 52 Yellow jacket

Chapter 52 Chicken Dinner


Mike stood watching us Milk the cows two buckets, placing down some extra hay for them, Mike helping with the hay only avoiding any piles left on the floor, he even carried one Milk pail back to the horse area.

“You two see the old car”

“Car here?”

“Yea it’s right over here”

Setting the pails down following Brain back outside, staying close to the barn reaching the end doorway near the back of the wagons Brain slid open the door stepping inside.

“Holy Shit Shawn’ look at this” Mike rushing inside past Brain.

Looking at this huge car sitting alongside a Green Tractor and plowing stuff, lined up near it, Mike was climbing inside asking “What type of car is this”

Brain smiling resting his foot on the runner board next to the door “Would you believe it’s a nineteen ten Fuller Touring automobile”

Mike gripping the steering wheel gave him a quick sly look back checking the dash; sitting upward one hand on a floor shift handle. “This is so cool”

Brian and I watched him smiling like he was a kid in a candy store for the first time, no doors to open and wheels so big they almost look like they had been taken from the Farm wagons outside an placed on it, long running boards so high you needed a step stool to get in, even the back seat raised up higher than the front seat; looking at its two brass headlights not up front but just next to the front entry doors, more like old post lamps from a street light in a village we visited once back in Connecticut.


“What did you call it Brain”

“A Fuller made in nineteen ten”

“Does it run?”

”Pa said it did”

“Not so backwards after all Mike”

“Why is it in here?”

“Pa said they only use it for church or going into town”

“Looks like Quakers our out”

“You wouldn’t see them driving this to church”

“Boy would I like to ride this down the by the beach” Mike said checking out the lamps jumping down; looking thru the side at the motor.

“Looks like a Model A Ford”

“Sure you want to leave Mike” Asking him gripping the rubber tire.

Mike came up from looking inside clearing at me, his big smile left faster than if he just got slapped in the face, turning walking over to the Tractor.

Brian bumped me with his thumb up towards the door, looking over to Mike standing by the wheel looking to the ground, sure I hit a nerve this time with him but not thinking before blurting it out, I knew better than to say anything at this point to him, Brian and me headed to the door looking back.

“Mike we’re heading back now” Brian said looking outside at the snow.

“Ok back to that Gross Milk” Mike said taking one last look at the car.

“The snows coming down pretty heavy”

“Good old snow, we left one storm to get another” Mike walking outside past me not even looking up. Brian Standing shaking from the cold

“I’ll get the door’ Where’s your jacket”

“Some where in the boxes”

“Think we better fine it for you”

Closing the door pushing the snow away with my foot clearing the way,

Sliding the door back rushing to the other door, Mike and Brian waiting inside for me shivering myself now brushing the snow off closing the door hearing the cows and horses turning rubbing my hands together, Brian started for the pails Mike took one both headed for the front door, snow already coming inside more than the back door.

Closing the door watching the snow move power type still easy to push, Mike and Brain already on the porch by time I got it shut, rush to the porch trying not to slide to much in sneakers, stomping most of it off before going inside,

Brain and Mike already went inside finding them in the kitchen near the stove getting warm moving right next to them rubbing hands over the top, Pa took one cover off in the front so we could see the fire inside warming up.

Jeff and Mat came rushing in sitting on their knees at the table near Pa watching him stuff a pipe, with a quick strike on his pants lighting a wooden match puffin the smoke outward, both boys watch the smoke rise.

Sue and Lisa were mixing something over by the sink; Faye came in wearing a dress sitting down at the table we all looked over than sat down looking to her, Sue brought over a few cups setting them down “Coffee almost ready”

“Faye nice dress” Brian said leaning sideways looking it over, She sat upwards showing us how it fit her. “You like it ?”

“It’s nice” “Sue helped make them for us”

“Really how come you have clothes”

“Not like this It’s a dress”

“Lady’s here ware dress” Pa said over to us thru the smoke

“This is nineteen eighteen almost”

“That’s right and Females wore Dress not pants”

“Both of you wearing dress’s now”

“All three of us”

“Yea where is Chris anyways?”

“In the other room”

“Why something happen?”

“No she just wanted rest awhile”

Sue turned around watching the boys with Pa, Handing each of them a spoon to lick off, Jeff and Mat quickly took them sitting back enjoying frosting.

“Pa maybe the boys would like to see upstairs”

“You fellers want to take a look upstairs?” Pa asking

“Upstairs what’s up there?”

“Rooms was working on a while back”

”What’s the upstairs look like?”

Pa stood up looking at us then over to Brian patting him on the shoulder saying:”It hasn’t been touched in years” Jeff wanted to join looking around upstairs but Sue stopped him saying more frosting dipping his spoon covering it taking and filling Mats also both sat back down licking away.

“Why not” Brian asked getting up from the table, Sue standing her head down turning away from us, something about upstairs upset her maybe because it wasn’t finished yet, Pa moved over to her “You sure”

“Yes it’s ok Pa” Sue said: Reaching over helping Lisa with a large pan.

Pa lead the way down the hall moving past the boxes we followed behind him upstairs, creaking light wood below our feet going up with no railing to hold on; unfinished like he said all the inside walls having beams diving into larger rooms having two or more windows to look out of, curtains hug in each window giving the allusion that they were used. Pa stood by one solid wall checking out the roof tapping on his pipe before placing in his pocket.

The three of us started looking around among the beams as the warmth stuffy dry air fill with crisscrossing cobwebs in-between, doorframes without doors just a bit creepy looking. Crossing Lathe boards were up on a few of the walls not completely, Mike and Brain looking thru the boards into the other rooms.  Pa walked around the beams into the first room staying near him hoping he would tell us why it wasn’t finished off yet knowing  in my heart something must have happen to stop, Pa tried to open the window slowly moving it just a little open.

”Little musty up here” Pa said: leaving the window cracked open.

Brian brushing the cobwebs aside walking thru the wall with Mike

”We can get the other windows”

”They’ve been closed a long time, long ago’ maybe another time”

“It’s no big thing we can get them open!”

“It’s better we left them closed for now with the snow and all”

Mike shrugged his shoulders moving along feeling with his palms the warm heat from the stove below, coming right through the floorboards keeping it nice and warm. Pa slowly walk around the beams to the next room, stood for a second then entered the next he said nothing as he look into each room nor did the we say anything just following and looking around each room after room till the last room.  Pa walked over to the fire place just to the right on the far wall; made of stone rock’s neatly placed making it squire front bottom of flat rocks cascading its wooded mantle sides in deep redwood, reaching to the mantle; Pa with his shirt pulled over his hand wiping the dust off it; brushing it on his pants and walk over to the side window.


Brian walked around the room stopping looking down a small stairway

”Where these stairs go’ Pa”

”Back down to the dining room, will take them down” Pa said: walking back over grinning at us “Little step here“ he started down the narrow set of stairs curving at the bottom, Pa with a tug on the stiff handle turned the knob the door seemed to be frozen closed. Placing his shoulder next to it he shoved while turning the knob knocking before he pushing it open.

Opening to a large room with double windows, white lace curtains hung tightly in the middle of the room amazed by a large oak table along with ten chairs around it, even a tablecloth to matching the doily pattern curtains.

“Wow look at this” Brian said exceeded looking at a tall china hutch with tall light blue glass colored doors; China dishes were stacked neatly inside it tall drinking glasses to the left. “If only I had been born in this time” Brian said rubbing the side of the cabinet, feeling the wood.

“This is great’ better than a museum” saying outward checking it with him.

“Why don’t you use it?” Mike asked.

“Where’s that door go? Brian quickly asked looking over to Pa holding onto one chair tightly, we all looked at him his drawn face told us this room hadn’t been used before.

“Our bedroom in their”

“Seems the upstairs never got finished, when you going to finish” Brian asking checking out the table texture.

“There was no need to finish it”

“Where’s your kids?” Mike remarked.

Brian glared at Mike, shaking his head back and forth.

Quickly turning looking up to Pa; again deep in thought just as he was up stairs maybe he didn’t hear him.

“Ma lost two little ones. Doc said she could not have any from then on”

“That’s why you didn’t finish the rooms how lame” Brian glared again at Mike

raising his shoulders up with a smirk.

“There’s no reason to finish them”

“Sorry to hear about your loss” Mike said softly.

“With such a big house, why didn’t you just adopt kids” asking him as he looked around the room just staring out the lacy currents.

“No one gives up their kin around here”

“But you said earlier, something about an orphanage”

“They took them some other place out west somewhere”

“So you never got any”

“We tried a few times”

Brian replied quickly back before Mike or I spoke out. ”There’s plenty of kids where I was, that’s looking for a good home some of them would even go to a bad one just to get off the streets”

Pa stood looking down at Brian with amazement.

Mike moved to the end of the room checking out another door.

“Where’s this one go”

“Living room and kitchen go ahead open it”

Pa waved him on, less than five feet inside another door.

“That’s the kitchen, the other for the living room”


We went into the living room standing next to the fireplace; Pa stepped outside on the porch with Brian following him.

“It’s a shame, all this and they’re by themselves”

“True, but we know Brian staying already”

“You’re right. I’ll watch what I say.”

Pa and Brian just entered closing the door behind them when Sue came in holding her apron saying outward “Dinners ready when you done”.

“You boys go ahead in the kitchen” Pa said, watching us leaving, Brian stopped waiting for them.

“Go ahead Brian, will be right along!” Sue said; she closed the door behind them, with her hands clutching onto her apron, quietly asked:

“What’s wrong Pa?”

“They’re something, aren’t they?”

“That they are, Pa”

“The Boy Brian said there were plenty of kids looking for places to stay like here, but no one wants them”

“That’s group place there from”

“Must be”

“We’ve never had so many at one sitting”

“It’s real nice having kids around”

“Think they’ll stay awhile?”

“Don’t know, but let’s hope they can Ma.”

“Well, come on’ Dinners getting cold, that’s if the group has not eaten them up by now”

Standing near the door hearing what they were saying just in case we had to leave fast, never knowing who to trust maybe they were different back in the theses days hurrying back to the kitchen sitting down with the others, Chris wearing a nice little dress next to Faye.

The kitchen table was all set up; plates neatly around along with tall yet empty glasses, Jeff, Mat and Chris hair untangle and combed back already seated at the table.  Waiting staring among two roasted chickens, big bowl of mashed potatoes, steam intertwining from each, off to one side was a large bowl of fresh green string beans, alongside a pitcher of Milk filling the table without any room to even place another plate.  Both came in looking at us waiting for them sitting down smiling at us.

”Everything Ok” Asking them breaking the silence.

”Everything’s fine. Why did you not start yet?”

”We were waiting for you two!”

Sitting next to Mat and Jeff just staring around the table, maybe they never seen so much food before, Looking over to Faye and Chris all dressed up hair combed out not straggly like it’s been, Brain sat next to Chris in her new dress so much change in amazement looking around even Mike was doing a double take.

“Are we going to eat or stare at each other?” Mat blurted out.

“Mat” Pa said harshly.

Quickly Mat turned to Pa wondering if he should have spoken so quickly, carefully brought up his hands with his head low watching his movements out of the corner of his eye trying not to look up.

“We thank Thee, for the bounty we are about to receive, thank thee for the company to join us.. One more thing and Mike”

Mike’s head came up looking at Pa questionably.“Yes?”

“Would you like to finish the blessing” slowly everyone raising their heads over at Mike this should be good coming from Mike of all people.

“Sure’ I’ll give the ah’ it a try!”

“Just say what you feel, Mike” Pa said looking over the table. Mike; with a quick glance around the table everyone bowing heads again waiting even I waiting wanting to hear this one from a non church going Mike, just a peak upward before he starting.

“Thank you for watching over us, seeing that we weren’t hurt on our voyage here, We’re all thankful and hope that it would last a little longer before we have to leave, oh Ya, Watch over Donna as she could use your help in her quest and amm What she felt might have or was better for her, and maybe guide her a little, one more thing… thank you for such fine people we’ve met along our journey back home… ‘Amen let’s eat”.

“That was some prayer Mike” Pa commented.

Having all I could do from bursting out laughing at him and his first thanks for food or anything for that matter, he knew how to respect others but never was asked before to say anything, Mike looked up over his eyebrows at me just giving his a smile and a nod back saying he did fine.

“What, It’ was a pray wasn’t it?” Mike replied; glaring up to me.

“Ok, who wants a leg?”  Sue asked.

“Harold, Chris and Jeff!”

Mat and Chris eyes open wide.

Pa stood up cutting the chickens, placing legs on Jeff and Chris’ Plates, fixing a good slice on another plate passing it down, Faye placed Potatoes and greens on each plate as it went by,

”Next!” Pa said; balancing a big piece on the fork and knife waiting for a Lisa to raise the plate up to him.

”I’ll take it, Mr. Harold!” I said getting what she called him; he looked over holding the plate upward then passed it along, returning Craving the chicken passing each plate down.

Pa said:”Well, looks like Mat you got my plate” Reaching over swopping plates giving him a large leg from the other chicken, Mat smiled back almost crying looking down at the leg. “Thank You” in a broken voice upward to Pa.

“Looks like everybody’s had a busy day today”

No one dared to start eating until everyone’s plate was loaded down with plenty of food, Pa. sat down.  Jeff picked up the fork looking at the chicken, his eyes moved back and forth at it then around to see how the others were eating, so he could copy them.

”You can pick the chicken up with your fingers like this, Jeffery” Pa said: holding up a leg biting into it. Jeff and Mat both quickly pickup the legs chewing on them, Both still having to use the forks with the greens and potatoes, mostly wearing the greens; Lisa poured out the milk, only half a glass, offering to pour the others holding glass’s up.

Not thinking Started drinking stopping before I swallowed it.

“You Ok?” Sue Asked.

Holding it in wanting to spit it out, Mike stopping looking at the glass remembering where it came from put it back on the table, quickly swallowed.

“Something wrong with the Milk”

“That was warm Milk” holding a frown back.

Pa took the pitcher smelling deep inside, Saying: “Just got it this morning?”

“Just not use to it’ sorry Pa”

Pa wiped his chin watching around the table making sure everyone enjoyed the food. He nodded to Ma and pushing his chair back from the table remarking to Ma. “That was a good meal you made their Ma’ see everyone like your cooking!” Ma with a big smile looking around the table then up to Pa as he walk behind her with a slight tap on the shoulder.

“Were you off to now?” Mike asked Pa.

“Just need to check on the cows before night fall”

All three of us quickly moved from the table following Pa outside, trying to meet up with him before he reached the barn.


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