4053 Chapter 53 Yellow jacket

Chapter 53  Fire Logs Crackling

All three of us quickly moved from the table following Pa outside, trying to meet up with him before he reached the barn. Sliding the door back better than two inches had fallen already covering the ground following in Pa’s big foot tracks mostly so snow didn’t get inside my sneakers, checking on the horses and Cows last making sure they had plenty of hay and water, a few knocked over the water with Brian replacing them, Pa stood by the open back door looking outward felling the wind, Pa turn looking at us wanting to say something holding back.

“Hey Pa how come you don’t drive the car“

“Automobile not the same as good horse and buggy”

“But all you do is drive”

“It scares the dickens out of the deer”

“You Hunt Pa” Brain asked

“Got a few rabbits the other day”

“Good eaten Meat on Rabbits”

“Kind’a like pheasants more”

“You hunt a lot”

“Every weekend after I feed the heard”

“What kind of gun you use”

“My old Henry forty-four Caliber”

“That’s a big gun, no Winchesters”

“Got one of them, mostly fer the deer”

We stood looking outward for a little longer almost seeing the sun going down even if we couldn’t see it with all the snow falling, Pa slid the door back heading for the front door stopping looking above us, we all heard birds chipper on the rafters settling in getting dark inside.

“Hey Pa’ can I ask you a question” Brian walking with him, both stopped

“Why sure”

“If you could have kids would it matter their age?”

“Maybe you like to stay a peace” Pa saying moving his cheeks upward but not quite smiling just tilting his head a little to Brain

“Maybe Pa just maybe” Brain said smiling at Pa

“Brian we need to talk” Mike spoke outward getting both their attentions

“You boys maybe thinking about staying”

“Just a though Pa”

“We’d be honored to have you”

“Brain!” Mike getting mad biting on his lip

“OK Mike’”

“You talk it over’ I’ll go inside a piece”

Pa heading out the door “Close it good when you come in now”

“OK Pa will get it”

Mike watched Pa from the doorway heading to the house, turning back giving Brian a mean look ready to get in a big argument moving over to him, I quickly moved in staying next to Brian just in case I needed to stop Mike from hitting him showing how mad he was teeth biting down on his lower lip.

“Brian why did you ask him about kids”

“I want to stay here”

“You can stay but don’t include us”

“I was only trying to help”

“We just got here for crying out loud”

“Sorry’ but I wasn’t thinking”

“Well you put it in his head now”

“Mike he said he’d be honored to have us”

“Yea to help with the chores around here”

“No I think he and Sue want kids”

“Fine But ask first before you open that mouth of yours”

Mike getting flustered kicking the hay around, starting to sweat on his fore head, and behold blood down his lip, wiping it off looking over to me.

“OK Mike’ I think Brian got it now”

“You better’ before I”

“What you think you make the decisions now”

“Just’ do what you want”

“You two ready to go inside before we get snowed in”

“Mike’ Chris and I are staying and so is Lisa”

“What about us, what are we suppose to do’ you seem to know everything that going to happen around here”

Brian stood back looking in on a large brown horse head raising outward over the door rail, Brian reach up rubbing its noise turning back, Mike holding his hand to his lip. Taking in everything they were saying back and forth made me wondering now.

“Brian what about Jeff and Mat’ Did John say anything about them?”


“Well looks like you knew about them before we did” Mike said harshly

“I did”

“How much do you know”

“You two somehow left in the ship and were never heard from”

“What about Doc and May that never happen”

“No it never happen”

“So how did they know about us”

“It was all my fault, I thought I was helping”

“How what did you do?”

“You might not want to hear what I did”

“You better tell us or I’ll beat it out of you”

“Easy Mike”

Brian sat down in front of the stall, Mike sat down just in front of him, at least Mike won’t rush him sitting down waiting, he started talking about how after we left in the ship taking Faye and the boys with us just after Christmas, Sue and Pa asked if you would stay but you had to leave once the ship could run again.

Pa learn we came from another time and you from the future he was shocked some along with Sue both sat puzzled, we talked about it and decided they would adopted us three and we would grow up here, everything went well Chris and Lisa went to school in a small one room school house taking the buggy them self’s, Then it started snowing we all looked out at the hay stacked in the fields hoping you returned but everyday Pa went down checking after the second year you never showed.

We sat down talking again this time Chris talked about Josh a lot of how things happen in the cave with other kids and Faye also started remembering what happen to them, when Christmas came around our second time here it was all about you guys and we wondered if you made it back, only Pa asked about Josh being concern if we could have done anything for him, and we talk about it some then made letters address to May and Doc to be open in the future time on a date we found in the paper, remember that paper that got everyone upset, well from that paper we could track down the city and state with a year, so one of us would know what to do when the time came to open it,

Brian started crying trying to talk “all my life I had was here raised on this farm till the war, and even that might be changed now knowing I could be killed out there”

“I’m sorry you had to go thru that Brian I really am”

“That’s ok you guys help us so much”

“Gee Brian you helped Josh”

“Yea Brain’ you did help us in a way”

“You could have told us about the boys however”

“I didn’t want to stop it from happening”

“So were here till after Christmas”

“We better go inside before they come looking for us”

Mike helped Brian up giving him a hug, joining in before walking out together, stomping the snow down in our tracks.

Jeff open the door rushing to me holding me looking up, tears in his eyes he had been crying standing by the door waiting for us to return, Brain and Mike walked around us standing in the hall way.

“Jeff you ok”

“I thought you left”

“No’ not without you”

“I was so scared you left me here”

“Why you’re a good kid”

“No I ‘am no good”

He started bawling like a baby holding onto me tight all I could do was hold him moving over sitting with him on the steps, I just had to find out what happen to him, sitting on my lap holding him to me caring about him seem so real now feeling his hurt, being here for him was special alright he might have been a small kid, brutally beaten with several scars on his backside just discarded to live on his own in some alley street, finding whatever food he could in a trash can, sleeping under a cardboard box making me wanting to cry with him so young a boy what he must have endured.


“Nobody is going to hurt you here”

“He said if I ever let anybody see them he would kill me and I ran” sobbing

“You been on your own”

“Me and Mat over a year or more” inbetween sobbing getting it out

“How’ Who’ did this to you”

“I can’t tell you” sobbing pulling his head into me squeezing tightly

“No one will ever harm you Jeff”

“Can I stay with you please?”

“You don’t have to ask’ I ‘am here for you”

If he said he was eleven then this happen to him a few years ago placing him around nine years old, I’ll find out his name and track him down do the same thing to him if not more; I’ll turn him in so fast letting the inmates handle that guy. Jeff sobbing looking up wiping his blue eyes from tears reaching up kissing me on the cheek, I just pulled him inward holding him thinking of how Josh was so much younger and yet they were the same.

“Shawn everything alright” Sue asking standing in the doorway

“Yes we’re fine here will be right in”

“Ok’ hot apple pie is ready”

“Jeff apple pie”

“Ok but don’t say anything about”

“I won’t you’ll be my Brother ok”

“Right I’m Brother now’ I Love you”

“Me too”

“You don’t mine me saying that do you”

“No I love you little brother and I have a Brother back home too”

“How old is he” “about you’re age”

“When we get back will he like me?”

“Yes you two are the same”

“What about Mat what’s going to happen with him”

“Looks like he attaching himself to Mike”


“Come on let’s get some of that pie”

Entering the Kitchen everyone sitting looking back at us, Sue handen Jeff a wet Washcloth after he sat down, all the plates had pie no one started waiting on us, to join them, Pa looked up holding his fork with a nod to Sue he started to take a bite, Jeff sat up eyes looking all over at everyone placing some on the forks. “ahhhh” looking around again

“What what’s wrong” Asking Jeff, everyone looked over to Jeff confused looking at Pa and back around the table at all the forks

“No Prayers?” Jeff asked; Pa swollen his pie with a gulp

“No Jeffrey, we said them already”

“So we can eat the pie now?”

“Yes Jeffrey we eat now” Pa said with a grin from ear to ear.

Among the giggles and grins from us watching the two, Jeffery he called him got most of the giggles for sure; with gold and silver forks spoons hitting our steaming hot apples. Jeff and Mat even Chris had the spoons for their pie. Ma and Pa sat mostly watching us enjoying every bite.

After finishing off sitting back with full belly’s relaxing.

”Well, come on to the Living room boys”

Leading the way into the living room; Pa stopped Setting two logs inside the fireplace on kindling wood Brian already setup, Pa reach up handed him the tall wood match from the mantle, Jeff and Mat sat down with the checkers again while me and Mike sat on the couch, watching the two setting the screen in front before sitting down watching the flickering flames.

Within a short time our fire crackling watching it with a small woo with each good crackle from Jeff or Mat feeling the warmth of the room; after a short while Sue and the Girls came in Brian quickly sat on the Couch with us Chris, Lisa and Faye laying down on the rug just in front of the fireplace watching it crackle. Sue and Pa sitting resting in their chairs looking over us, slowly one by one barely keeping their eyes open, falling asleep the youngest asleep first on the rug next to Faye, Lisa and Brian playing checkers Mike almost sleeping trying to keep his eyes open, So peace full no TV or Radio just the fire crackling smelling the wood burning.

Sue nudged Pa, pointing to the Boys and Chris then over to Mike sleeping on the wooden arm rail, Quietly Sue and Pa got up carefully making around them on the floor, “Coffee “ Sue asked quickly, Pa placed a small log inside stirring around the coals looking over to me almost sleeping Brain and Lisa sat in the chairs.

Following them out closing the door behind me letting them sleep, Sue set the pot on the stove placing three cups on the table.  Jeff had awoken a short time later looking around the room noticing everyone asleep, not seeing me rush out of the room not making a sound to stir them, and slowly walking into the kitchen.

”Is it morning already?”

”No Jeffery, how’s your belly?”

”A little sore” Jeff sat next to me checking out Pa’s coffee.

”It’s still snowing outside” Pa said pointing to the window.

”Snow?” rubbing his tired eyes; holding his chin up with one hand and elbow on the table remarking trying to keep his eyes open looking upward.

“Jeff warm milk” Sue setting down a small glass; topping off our coffee before sitting down.

“Jeff – Saint Nickolas will be coming soon!”

”Who’s he?”

Pa and Sue looked up at each other ”You do not know?”

”Why does everyone ask me that”

”What Jeffery”

”Everyone says,’ You Don’t know!”

”Drink a little more and maybe go lay down for awhile”

”Ok” His eyes barely open looking over at me having coffee leaning on my side holding the glass. Sue reach around taking the glass before it fell over.

“I’ll take him in the other room” Carefully carrying him into the other room with the others; Sue following, placing him next to Mat and Chris, Sue placed a light blanket over top of them, We both covered the others, leaving the room standing at the French windows looking in and over them all asleep in the room before heading back to the Kitchen.


All you reader out there a special note to you..

Getting near the end of our story, this may go to Book Two! On and off I’ve been working on it along with Yellow jacket Manuscript form that was asked for maybe will just see Yellow jacket in a book after all, I want to thank all the writer’s in WordPress and WordPress for allowing me to go forth in my writing, with my true followers helping making my dream and this story come to a point where it is today. Thank You All Will


3 Responses to “4053 Chapter 53 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    so they go home after christmas !! If brian and chris were on the farm before and went to the future and new they were going, what will happen? for them not to repeat, it all again! It would be cool though, just keep having new people. I think book two would be great. Oh i like the car! always pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      Want to ride in an old car why. maybe we should take it for a spin, but we might have to go back in time like the boy’s did! we can only dream about time travel so much has past by us, We need a ship also. Thank’s Pat I’ll send the kids a ride in the next chapter for you. Will

  2. Millard Says:

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