4055 Chapter 55 Yellow jacket

Chapter 55  Endured and Betrayed


Looking to the doorway, both boys stood inside; Mat held his hand taking the boots off before both came in standing next to me.

“We can’t tell you what happen it’s hard no one asked about us before” Mat holding Jeff, I reach over taking both to me, Mike and Sue got up joining in standing a few minutes, Faye and Chris started crying coming over, Sue reach out and held them to her, Mike raised his hand to Lisa she rush over embracing him. What a mess we were Mat crying while I held him, Jeff holding on to me not wanting to move. Mat pulled himself together some standing looking at me wiping his tears away trying to say something, before crying again, his eyes went closed slowly raising his head looking at Mike then back to me, before he started talking.

“Jeff won’t say anything without me being here”

“You can stay with him’ we all want to know what happen to you”

“I can’t tell you with the girls here” Mat looked over to them and back

“Why not” The look Mat gave said it wasn’t for them to hear, Lisa seeing his eyes roll up and down reaching over rubbing his arm “I understand we can go in the other room”

“I can’t tell you” sobbing looking up to her

“It’s ok you can tell them will go it’s ok, it’s ok take it easy”

“Can Sue stay here with us Mat’ is that ok” Jeff asking

“Yes it’s ok’… Sue will you stay with us”

“Yes Child I’m here for all of you” Wiping her tears on her apron, Mat rush to her arms holding her, Lisa, Chris and Faye left the room talking to each other, Jeff sat down staying close to me while Mike moved over near Sue.

“Jeff you can tell them about us”

Jeff started crying again looking up at me, pushing his hair back looking into his watering blue eyes so filled with hurt before he could even start talking.

“He beat me all the time I had to run away”

“Jeff I told you no one will harm you ever”

“But he might fine us”

“No Jeff not here or anywhere”

Sue held onto Mat; handing him a napkin to blow his nose, a few sobbing before Jeff started talking looking at all of us, wiping his tears away letting it out after taking a deep breath his head lowered. telling about when he was smaller before he left, how his father would come home looking for him while his mother was working and telling him it was all his fault after they had him while beating him with a belt; every time he came home smelling like the bar, most of the time he could hide under the bed without being found then at times he would always get dragged out and hit; no matter how much he screamed out no one came to help him, sometimes he could hide under the sink holding the door shut till morning.

Stopping him a few times he was crying so much bring it all back to him trying to tell us holding on to me; Sue was crying holding her apron wiping her own tears away, we all sat with him a good while, looking down the hallway I could see the door was open Lisa and Faye could hear us in the kitchen.

Jeff started talking again getting hold of himself; the last night he came home he started beating his mother in the kitchen blocking his sink, he tried to stop him but was thrown into the table and fell into the wall, when he woke up he seen his mother laying on the floor all bloody, calling her and calling her she lifted her head and told him to run and never come back so he did and keep running.


Finding he could hide in big trucks when they parked buy the stores, mostly in the trailers when they left them open, once he hid underneath hanging on to a large tire till it stopped, but it was too cold so he would just fine the open ones and stay until they stopped, then he would jumped off before they found him trying to find something to eat, but after a few days with the trucks and not able to fine much food he was sick; then Mat found him laying in the alleyway bring him food and washing him, giving him medicine,  Mat told him he was in bad shape and took a few weeks to get him better but his back still had the scars and not to ever take his shirt off around anybody or they would know about us and never tell anybody about it.

“Few people could endure what you two have, you’re my brother and I’m proud to have you for a brother, Mat loves you just as a Brother and Mike wants to help he does, Sue and Pa want to help all of us too, everyone wants to be loved and cared for, you two endured so much more than any of us here”

“But Mat you didn’t tell them”

“Ok I can now, they should know everything”

“God help them” Sue said holding Mat to her, Jeff held me tight and Mike stayed with Mat and Sue waiting to hear what was next once they both stopped crying and sobbing.

“Mat can you tell us what happen to you”

“I shouldn’t you won’t want me anymore”

“What ever happen were here for you”

“But it was wrong”

“Mat we all care about you please tell us” Mike asking

“But you don’t know what we’ve done”

“I’ll take you home with me to my family”

“Family you have parents that care like here”

“Yes and Shawn and Jeff will live right across the street”

“God bless you” Sue said holding my hand crying embracing both

“You won’t get mad at me promise”

“No spit it out its time to let go”

Hearing the door open Sue looked up it was Brain and Pa coming in, Pa setting the pail down in the hall seeing the girls standing crying in the doorway, looking back see us in the kitchen rushing in to Sue

“What’s wrong what in god’s name happen”

Brian quickly picking up Chris holding her, Lisa and Faye huddled in the hallway with Brian trying to wipe Chris’s tears away, all four came in standing watching Sue and Pa.

“It’s the boy’s telling us what has happen to them before”

“Maybe we should all sit down” Pa said kneeling down with Sue.

Mat moved over to Mike sitting down everyone sat down waiting on Pa and Sue, he sat down next to her holding her hand looking around the table.

“What has happen here that has troubled all of you”

“Pa we all have been finding out about Mat and Jeff”

“Why were the girls in the other room?”

“Mat was afraid”

“Land sake’s child what has happen to you to make you so afraid”

“I’ll tell you but don’t get mad at me” Stared crying again Mike held him

“Mat it’s ok take it easy”

“Child tell us what has gone on with you”

“But the Girls, I’ll” Inbetween sobbing and holding Mike Mat started talking everyone sat just listening.

Mat told everyone about how he was abused by his mother and step father when they had weekend partys have to be in the same room with a bunch of couples rolling around having sex partys he couln’d take being part of that every weekend sometimes during the week having a few older kids at night over so he ran away on his seventh birthday while they were partying in the bedroom, finding out the only way to make money to get food was mostly having his photo taking when one guy was in town, sometimes twice a month in a room with other boys doing thing to each other, but it was only so they could buy food and medicine they needed, hoping it didn’t change balling in Mikes arms asking him if he still wanting him as a brother or Jeff thinking the worst of him, Mike could only hug him more with his own tears falling.

Faye stayed closed to both of them, How they could survive all this time and no one asked them or tried to help them was sad, Pa got up walked over to him Mat burring his head hoping not to get hit, “easy child easy it’s all right now” reaching down reassuring him, Lisa started talking about her past and being from foster parents that only were in it for the money from the state as a forester child making her do all the work, thanking that they never tried anything with her; Faye was upset inbetween her tears started saying was from a loving family that would do anything for her back home and she just got lost in the woods then somehow she just couldn’t recall much more about her past only ending up in the cave, not knowing what happen while she was there only starting to remember things after we found her.

Brain then took his turn talking about his mother and Father having a car accident and both of them sitting at the funerals, before going to stay with some relatives they never knew, finding out about Doc and May helping us get here; between all the crying and hurting everyone was feeling, Pa and Sue sat listening to it all like our minister from church reassuring everything will be all right now, we were in good hands brought to them to care for use, just as the May and Doc and everyone that help us get here. Pa said in a soft voice, Maybe we were to change things in a strange way, maybe it was suppose to happen this way, everyone had hard time talking before everything came out, before each relaxed and everyone felt not so much sorry but heartbroken.

We talked about Donna and Josh, how I feared leaving him but knowing deep down he was loved so much and would be well taking care of being so young, how much I missed my sister and little brother, my parents were doing what they could with three kids to make us all happy. Mike started talking how his Mother and Father love him very much hoping to give him a brother only couldn’t have any more children, they tried adoption but was turn down due to his job hours and amount of money he made spending it on luxury’s and get up and go trips, when he could have put it away for the future.

Sue and Pa sat embracing each one of us loving us as their own, Sue talk a little about losing her children her first was to yellow fever and she had twins that die falling off the buckboard, Pa had to make their own coffins for each and they were buried out by the apple trees the kids love to play on, Pa sat holding her hand not saying much mostly being with her; she wanted all of us to stay but deep down Pa and Sue understood why we had to try and get home to our own families.

“Brain and Chris will stay here with you and Pa if you want them”

“What about the other’s” Pa asking

“They will be staying here if its ok Pa”

“Pa they want to stay with us” Sue started crying again.

“If it’s ok Sue Pa can I stay” Lisa asked

“My child you’re all welcome to stay” breaking in tears with Lisa,

Mat looked up to Mike “What about us I want to stay with Jeff and you”

“You can Mat”

“Jeff I should have told you about Christmas”

“That’s ok You saved me you know”

“We saved each other”

“I can’t stay I want to go home” Faye said crying Mike reach over pulling her in to him holding her looking around.

“Ok will try and get you home”

“Pa will love all of you’ God bless you”

Jeff looked up at Pa “What about that Tree pa do we still get one?”

“Yes Jeffery we still get a tree”

“Pa is there anything we can do to make it easier on both of you”

“You all have done what the Man upstairs wanted you to do; I cannot ask any more of you or him then what he has given this day, we can only thank you and him for all he has done by saving you youngens and Ma and Me”

“We can help you with the chores till it’s time”

“Maybe we can go fine that tree together”

“Christmas is a holiday not a man”

“I’ll explain Christmas to you’ come on Jeff”

“We’re not going now are we”

“Just to fine that tree with Pa’ Right Pa”

“Come on let us find a tree”

“Need to fine my shoes first”

Mike smiled at him what else could you do; we found his shoes and a jacket for him, holding him was a warm feeling’ we were going home together.


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