4056 Chapter 56 Yellow jacket

Chapter 56  The Living-room Tree

Mat followed us into the living-room finding his shoes trying to pull up his pants without the end going into the shoe, Mike rolled them up for him Mat reach around holding him; Mike just glanced over to us, Faye folded up the blanket setting it on the couch sitting down next to it.

“You ok”

“I just want to go home”

“We all do, will be leaving soon”

“You won’t leave me here will you”

“No of course not will try and get you back”

“Faye well get you home” Mike kneeling with Mat looking up to her

“Us five our leaving right” Mat asking

“Yes just us”

“Pa said it was Sunday” Jeff said waiting

“It’s Sunday”

“They go to Church every Sunday”

“That’s today”

“What about the tree”

“Will get you your tree, Pa say anything to you, about going to Church”

“No, I never been to one”

“No’ I don’t like them either”

“Mat we can understand why you don’t like them”

“Pa’s coming”

Looking to the door Pa standing looking in buttoning up his jacket

“You about ready to fine that tree”

“We’re ready Pa, don’t you have Church Today?”

“Sure do, sure the lord will understand”

“But Pa”

“No being here’ that’s important to them youngens”

“We can get a tree anytime Pa”

“Were not getting our tree”

“Jeff stop will get a tree”

“Jeffery will get the tree; Brian’s getting the buckboard ready”

“Brian getting it?”

“What about Lisa and Chris”

“They will stay here helping Ma with Meals”

“Faye you coming with us”

“Can I Pa is it ok if I come along”

“Of course it’s ok, here’s Brian now with the wagon”

We followed a rut headed out past the fence line heading towards large Pine trees, stopping just on the outside of them, looking at all the trees.

“Jeffery fine a good one now”

“So many how will I know what one”

“You’ll know when you find it”

“Jeff’ look this one’s got cones on it”

“Mike don’t you go looking inside”


“Don’t go inside the last time you wanted to go see what’s inside we ended up in a cave”

“Don’t think any cave’s here”

“Just stay out here”

“OK fine”

“We found one Pa come look”

“Ok let’s get us a tree”

“You got a chain saw Pa”

“Got the saw in the back”

“That’s a two man bow-saw“

“Pa’ the tree”

“Coming right along”

“Mike stay close by”

“I will let’s just get the tree”

“Wow that’s a big tree boys”

“Can we have it”

“Little big but we can trim it down”

“That’s things almost twenty feet high”

“Brian would ya get the buckboard and will hook a rope to it”

“You going to pull it out”

“No Will bring it down on the buckboard”

“Pa we can help cuter down”

“Better we do it together faster that way”

“Jeff ‘Mat stand back”

“Is it a good one Pa”

“What they call a blue spruce pine”

“Pine needles and cones sap next”

Pa took most of the cutting making it fall into the buckboard, hanging over the end before trimming almost another ten foot off it, We all helped tieing it down good the end cap hanging off the back as the boys ran around playing in the snow, We were ready to head back when Pa stopped and stirred at the trees titling his head back and forth trying to listen

“Boys’ Boys hush now come over here stay by the buckboard”

“What is it”

“Is he back for us”

“No Faye relax were ok”

“Hand me the Rife Brian”

We all frozen waiting to see what was heading out of the trees towards us, Mike ready to hit it with a branch, Faye and The boys stayed by the horse coming him down, Pa brought the rife upwards pointing it at the tree opening waiting, Two eye slowly made way to the opening an eight point large Buck deer looked out before running out of sight.

“Did you see the size of his rack”

“That was a big deer”

“Will let him be he’s just looking”

“Ok to head home”

“Let’s get the trees home before it’s too late”

“Too late it’s still morning”

“More snow coming feel it in the air”

Sue showing Lisa how to roll dough for biscuits,

“I always thought they came in a tube”

“No we make them from scratch”

“We just had a tube and placed them on a pan in the oven”

“Ready made Biscuits”

“Back where we came from”

“Sound like you misses home”

“No I like it just fine here”

Unhooking the rope from the Buckboard, Giving him a hand pulling it halfway off, Pa started roping around it wrapping the large branches tight to the trunk moving upward to the top.

“Why you tying it up?” Brain Asked.

“Only way to get it inside’ you two grab the top”

Looking at the door and back at the tree, Mike raised his arms we never seen this done before it wasn’t that big of a tree, Jeff and Mat went running inside to tell them about the tree.

“Best if we move a few things inside to setter up”

“Ok Pa I’ll get it” Brian rushing inside leaving the door open.

“You boy’s gonn’a give me a hand here”

“Sure thing Pa, Top or bottom”

“You boy’s take the top”

Mike jump in the buckboard holding the top, As soon a s Pa started moving we both garbed what we could following inside to the livingroom, Brian already with Faye moved the chair to one side; Resting the tree next to the Dutch doors Pa released the rope letting the branches fill the lower tree parts outward it was a big filling up the corner area just shy of the ceiling.

“What a nice tree!” Sue remarked with a smile.

“It sure is, what about a pan?” asking Pa he just looked over.

“A what?”

“A pan for the bottom”

“What do you need that for?”

“It stops the needles from drying up too fast”

“We could give it a try”

“Where’s an old Pan?”

“Try an old milking pail” Brian said; sitting down next to Lisa.

“Come out to the barn, I’ll show you” Pa said in a soft tone; Stunned at Pa’s tone in voice Mike and I both followed him out to the barn.

Just above the feed stall hung pans from the beams; Pa reach up taking down a few checking for holes after four pails, found one in good shape handing it to me.  “How’s this one?”

“That’ll do it, the trunk should just fit inside”

“You’ll stay for a little while?”

“Pa we…” Pa interrupted him before he could finish.

“You think about it son’ your all welcome to stay”

“Pa, it wouldn’t be fair to my parents or the others”

Pa stood looking out the door towards the haystacks, we both looked out seeing the ground covered with snow no track left to show we were near it.

“S’pose you’re right, Will that star thing go in the air?”

Surprised almost dropping the pail looking up at Pa, Mike raised his eyes looking at him; I just stood holding the pail as it dropped hitting my knee.

“We have a Star ship Cool” Mike said with a big grin taking the pail.

“Relax boys no one knows about the star falling just us”

“Pa we have family up north of here”

“Sue and I talk it over and if we can help you get home will do our best to get you their if you like”

“Thanks Pa for all you two have done, only will have to be going soon’ just after Christmas and will have to go”

“Will you be leaving in that star?”

“Yes Pa, The star you call it will fly into space again”

Pa scratched his head before we headed to the house.

“Well you think on it’ you’ll be missed around here”

”We’ll miss you too, Pa”

”If you change your mind, you all can stay”

”Thanks Pa, I’ll tell the others tonight”

Placing the tree inside the pail; Tree branches now just touching the ceiling, Brian brought in from the kitchen the water pail filled with water; Pa scooted the tree more in center of the doors placing small wood inside it to hold it steady. Brian moved a few branches bending down with a jug filling the tree with fresh water, everyone stood back looking at the tree, Sue held a blanket handing it to Lisa, Jeff and Mat both helping place it under the tree moving the lower branches.

”Well, let’s get something to place on this beautiful tree”

”What, do you put on a tree in the house?” Jeff asked.

“All Kinds of things to brighten it up”

“But why do you cover a tree it has green branches?”

”Jeff, you don’t cover up the tree you make it flashy”

Sue rubbed his head with a big grin looking up wards to Pa sitting down in his chair with a smile, while Mat started gigging getting Mike to join in next thing looking around everyone was giggling.

“What so funny I just don’t know why you cover it”

“Come on in the kitchen, I’ll show you” Sue said; turning slowly walking

Jeff and Mat along with Chris followed her in the kitchen, sitting down waiting for them to come back in, Brian trimmed a few branches off the bottom taking them outside, saying he was going to put the buckboard away Lisa went out with him. Pa moved to the edge of his chair, breaking the silence in the room.

”You’re all more than welcome to stay, not just for Christmas but for however long you might want to stay with us for as long you like”

The breaking the talk coming in Chris holding a large bowl of Pop Corn,

”Look’y here, what you got their Chris?”

”String for Pop Corn too”

”Well, that looks like fun” Pa said; helping Chris with the big bowl of popcorn, sitting down just in front of him, Jeff and Mat both came in sitting down holding Thread and needles already to poke the corn, inbetween eating some along with Chris and Pa. Sue brought in a small box filled with little red candles along with some little gold trays.

Jeff reached over holding the string towards us showing how he could pass it right throw without it coming off more stabbing the corn. Lisa and Faye holding a Paper chain the boys worked on before showing us how long it was just as tall as they were, Pa and Brian helped placing the little candles on the branches so they would not fall off the ends holding the candles just to the outside area of the branches, feeling they were having so much fun why both them nudging Mike to go outside.

“Will be back in a few just going outside”

“Ok’ bring in a few logs on your way back”

“Ok will get them”

Leaving them to finish it we both went outside standing on the porch leaning on the rail looking down to the hay stacks.

“What are we going to do?”

“They make you feel so guilty wanting to leave here”

“That’s what I mean Mike’ How are we going to leave”

“We just Do!”

“What about the others”

“Dam Shawn’ how many times do we have to go over this we take the boys with us, and where out of here, come on” Mike step off the porch heading to the fence, staying right with him walking in the snow.

“That just it’ the boys our getting to like it here”

“Sure look where they came from”

“I’m just not sure about taking them”

“Make up your mind will you’ Take them or leave them”

Stomping the snow down we headed towards the haystack, looking over ours with snow covering most of it watching the steam rise from the top as the sun heated the straw, brushing wet hay from the opening, Mike pop his head up looking inside.

“Give me a boost”

“See anything”

“Yea dark in here”

“What do you think went wrong with it”

“I’m looking alright give me a second”

“Ok just asking”

Mike standing up pulling the hay from the top; checking the beacon light dropping wet hay over the sides.

“How’s it look Mike”

“Black covered in something”

“Can you see what it is”

“Yea’ Dam Birds guts”


“Some bird splatter all over the top”

“What kind”

“A Dam bird’ how the hell do I know what kind it was”

“Sorry Mike don’t get so jumpy”

“It’s working’ It’s Blinking”

“The lights are on inside too”

Sliding back inside wiping his hands off rushing over to the consoled and waved a few lights making everything go dark, even the beacon stopped reflecting off the ground, picking up a shirt bending around and back to the top placing it over the beacon getting down with a big smile, I smile back holding my hand up, Mike returned tapping my finger tips with a smile.

“We got it going”

“Good that’s one less thing now”

“I’ll put some hay over it till were ready”

“Good idea better block the door good too”

“See anybody around”

“No all clear”

Pulling the blanket down pushing straw around and down most sticking to it, jumping down, we both stood looking at the hay stack smiling at each other.

“Ok now were ready to go”

“Just got to tell the others”

“Shawn the boy’s our going with us that’s that”

“Let’s get the wood and go in”

Picking up three logs each excited; walking in setting them down next to the fire place, Jeff ran over hugging me.

“Like the tree we decorated it see”

“Look’s really nice”

“You boys come have a seat and look at the tree”

“Ok Pa”

Mike and I both sat down on the couch, Mat and Jeff sat with us looking at the tree.


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