4058 Chapter 58 Yellow jacket

Chapter 58 Jump in Time

Mat and Jeff started talking between them self Mike and I sat back having coffee listening to them rattle on Jeff Giggling leaning into me with Mat next to Mike.

“Mat remember Ronnie, what a trip he was that night we had all those pizzas they stole and Beer that was a night I never forget”

“What happen’ who’s Ronnie”

“Ronnie is George’s money maker on his pictures, he’s always with him”

“He’d hangs out with us sometimes when George was out of town”

“We’re all in the alley With Ronnie having our beers and smoken a few when Ronnie lit his third joint after what maybe three beers each already, so the thin joint was making its way around in our small circle just near the truck’s docking plate form where we sat so we could see anybody coming down the street, Well Won took such a big drag off it he started coughing bending over jerking back up we all looked over at him seeing foaming beer coming out his nose, when he went to wipe it off he forgot he had the beer in his hand and smacked himself in the face, we were all laughing so hard watching him trying to function to what he did and wiping the blood and beer snot off at the same time looked up at me with his stoned red eyes, as he looked up the joint burnt his fingers, shaking his hand now with beer and snot going everywhere we all jumped back.

“That was so mess up that night we all got wasted”

“We did it was a wild night that night’ what ever happen to the pizza’s”

Both of them sat giggling back and forth rocking hitting each other wiping their nose’s looking at their hands shaking them around making like they were Won, Mike started Giggling along with me smiling watching them, how can you help but start with both of them laughing giggling it was catching like a hick ups one starts everyone starts.

“Tell us (Giggling) more”

“Really you want to hear about it”

“Sure we do right Mike”

“Keep going it’s just getting interesting” Mike: trying to tell them without laughing holding back’ smiling covering his mouth.

“You tell them about Sam, I got to go before I go right here”

“You better run”

“Tell them I’ll be right back I got to go”

“Hurry before you piss yourself”

Mat rush out the door not even closing it, feeling the cold chill roaming inside felt good cooling us off, Mike was all red in the face his cheeks rose color from Laughing so hard, getting up feeling flush myself, Jeff started in while I poured more coffee sitting back down taking it all in. he was already giggling, squinty-eyed and red in the face with anticipation of telling his story.

“Sam was another goofy kid in our alley he always was the one getting the weed from his brother telling everyone to meet in the alley by the old mill, he only came by to hang out with us on some weekends, this one weekend with Ronnie he brought Beer and Won even shown up bringing Pizza and Two bags of Chips, so Sam I told you Sam was his name, ok well he was there and trying to light his joint in the wind, it keep going out see so Sam turns from the wind and lit three matches sucking in all the sulfur making his eyes water “That’s some heavy shit man” he’d say passing it around, there was about six or more of us that night, he was so goofy looking his eyes got real wide you could see white all around them, Ronnie said his eyes were going to pop out at us”

“Sounds like it was fun”

“We went to the Moon and back, Mat said ask him” Hearing the door pointing to Mat coming inside stomping his bare feet.

“Here he is Mike ask him, did you make it to the outhouse”

“Just made it’ Ask me what”

“Jeff was saying you two went to the moon and back”

“Yea sure we flew up”

“You said we did”

“No you wanted to fly to the moon’ you were so high that night, just as bad as all of us were, you were so wasted you tried to get on a fire escape to go to the roof so you could fly to the moon”

“We didn’t go to the moon”

“No dumb Ass you were wasted so much you didn’t even see it was just a painting of a ladder on the wall, Hell it took you like two minutes just to come back with some gibberish sounds to a question”

“Sam said his arms were falling off and landed in the pizza”

“He was so wasted he even thought his hand was the pizza”

“I woke up next morning with a big head ache”

Jeff rubbing his head leaning into me Giggling again, Mat took the glass acting like he was going to throw it at him, taking a drink making a face warm thick milk, looking at the coffee pouring some in the glass.

“Ronnie help all of us get back to our alley”

“Yea stumbled carrying you back, his eyes were all red and glassy trying to walk straight on the sidewalk so no one would notice us”

“He did so how’d you get back”

“Helping Won he was to wasted to find his way back crashing next to you and the Spanish dude was helping the others from getting pinch by the cops trying to get them back, remember that little kid that was younger than you he was gone on one beer feel asleep right on the Pizza box with one hand in chip bag, We had to pull him back and he was out of it he was seven or something like that he was another run away but Marine Jack that own the ice cream place took him to the Cops, they sent him home he always was watching out for us too, that kid was too young for our streets anyway”

“Sounds like you two had a good time”

“We would always party in the alley after George took his modeling pictures and paid everyone, so we have extra cash, some of the boys had other things line up but Ronnie said we were too young for that stuff and keep us clear of it, telling the others to keep an eye on us if someone tried anything”

“Did anybody try anything with you or you!”

Both went silent looking at each other, Mat made a gripping face jumping upward in the seat, Jeff started giggling watching him.

“No we knew better than to cross Ronnie he’d beat our buts good”

“He beat you?”

“He got Jeff stealing in the store, grabbed him by the arm hauling him back in the alley dropping his pants and spanked his little ass so hard, it was cherry red he couldn’t sit down on it, poor little Jeff had to lay down on his side the whole night”

“He spank you too”

“So Jeff tell us about that”

“It was not that bad you don’t have to bring that up”

“Mat was in one of his moods and got in a car with a guy”

“What did the guy do” Mike reaching over at Mat.

“He didn’t do anything’ he didn’t”

“That’s it he didn’t have a chance to do anything four kids grabbed Mat and started hitting the guy till the cops shown up and they ran with Mat, and Ronnie came storming right in our alley with them holding him waiting, Ronnie took him over his knees, dropping his pants in front of everyone spanking him so hard it echo in the alley he was red too he was crying too”
“Bet you never went to a car again” Mat just looked up.

“No and my ass still hurts thinking about it”

“Good you learn a lesson now didn’t you” looking right at me with a smirk on his face.

“We both did’ Ronnie always seem to come out of nowhere”

“So this Ronnie watches over you two”

“Did Ronnie know about us”

“Yea he said we should talk to you”

“Why didn’t he talk to us”

“He said we needed to find you”

“Why did he want you to find us?”

“He said you came from money and it was our ticket out”

“Shawn’ I think we should have looked for him”

“He was keeping everyone away by the road telling the other kids to watch that no one came in by the trees, and come get him a soon as anyone tried”

“What would he have done if they did?”

“Ronnie had plenty of friends that could make things happen”

“They were all over town watching us with you”

“Mat why didn’t you come with Jeff when we meet him”

“Ronnie was watching you in the Barn with a few others” Jeff blurted out

“I was afraid’ but Ronnie told me he’d beat me so bad I won’t sit for a month, and better talk to you or else”

“I did what he told me that’s why I’m here with you”

“Did you want to come with us”

“Ronnie said we had to go with you before it was too late”

“Too late for what ?”

“You leaving us there”

We sat looking at each other sipping on cold coffee, watching Mat rubbing his cheeks, Jeff did the same jumping up both smiling at each other.

“What kinds of things could Ronnie have done?”

“He could call George and have the cops stop whatever was going on”

“Who was this George anyway?”

“Some big shot in town, the big building..town hall it said on the building, but we couldn’t go in there to see him, we meet someplace else for our modeling pictures and stuff, only Ronnie went in to see him in the building”

Mike raised his cup over for more coffee, Jeff quickly grabbed the pot pouring it watching the flow making sure it didn’t go over, looking down at mine filling it up, Mat took the sugar bag holding it for Mike.

“It’s getting late wonder how long that rival is”

“Some of them talk a long time”

“We going to leave Christmas”

“Yes Jeff and Faye will be going with us back to our time”

“What year”

“Nineteen ninety-six”

“Wow we going to jump in time like the comic books”

“What going to happen when we get there”

“Mat we talked about that”

“You still want to take me”

“Yes Mat you need a life”

“Me too”

“Jeff you want to stay here in the past”

“No; can’t see any TV in the stores or lights on the streets here”

“No TV, No Lights, No radio’s and No Pizza!”

“I could go for a Pizza right now” Mat giggling leaning to Mike

Mike reach over hugging him in his arms rubbing his hair, Mat started giggling, Jeff reach over hugging me, looking over to Mike just grinning at me, like he had a new puppy dog all his own, these two boy needed love so much and both of us were sucked right in, maybe a little bit more on Mike than me beside I had a little brother that always was asking question of why and how come this works that way or this way now its Mikes turn.

“Better get another log on before they get back”

“Good idea want anything to eat”


“No Pizza here dumb ass just Rolls”

“Bring em on”

“So you miss the alley Mat”

“Yes but not the getting sick part”

“Smoking them weeds will do it to you”

“It was more the Beer than the weed”

“Yea the weed sent you on a trip in space”

“You should know wall climber”

“Hey we still got cigarettes?”

“Jeff you want a cigarette?”

“No just wondering if we still had them”

“In the ship somewhere”

“Have a roll”

“Butter to Jeff see” Mat pushed the pan over

“That’s good stuff”

“Jeff would get into smoking weed good”

“No I didn’t’ I liked sweet smell in the air”

“You like the beer having burping contest back and forth”

“You know we sat with beer running down our chins drooling like dogs for water, smoking weed just feeling strange things around us and our voices seem more like they came from the end of the street before we heard them or seen them floating in the air by us”


Jeff looked at me and giggled and bumped his head into my shoulder, he was Giggling trying to make a burp sounds so much, then stopped sat straight up and ran to the door.

“Where you going”

“I’m gonn’a piss my pants”

“Must have been too much milk in his beer” Mike said holding Mat

“Right to much Beer Milk that’s a good one, Maybe he should try it”

“Don’t give him any ideas Mat”

“Mike I hear the car coming”

“Sounds like there back”

“You won’t tell them about the Beer will you?”

“No Mat it’s just between us”

“Let’s go see that car Mike”

“Come on Mat, least I can look at it again”

We stepped outside watching the car coming down the fence line pushing snow to one side making its own pathway, Jeff came running back stomping his feet off on the porch watching with us, Pa stopped the car at the porch, Everyone was covered in blankets holding them outward knocking the snow off getting out.

“You guy’s miss all the singing and praying”

“That ok we had plenty of singing here”

“We did”

“You and Mat did’ singing like country street birds”

“Mat what’s a country street bird?’

“We are dumb ass”

“Mat’ watch your mouth adults here”

“Sorry like you it slipped” Smiling up to Mike

Helping them on the snow covered porch steps, Sue headed inside holding the blanket around her going right to the stove, Faye and Lisa following right along shivering, Brian sent Chris inside to get warm, Pa sat in the seat looking at us.

“You want to ride around the field some get in” All excited

“Really Pa a ride in the car”

“Come on less you boys too cold to enjoy a little romping”

“I’ll stay this time you guys have fun now watch the bumps”

Brian stepping on the porch with a half grin watching us getting in, Mike picked up Mat setting him in the back seat quickly getting up front with Pa, Me and Jeff jumped in the back the seat, feeling the coldness of the seat right thru my jeans, jerking us back in the seat pa took off like he was going to a race track, good thing he didn’t take off with us in the buckboard we would have slide right out of it for sure., we must have driven around the field a few times sliding in the snow a few times feeling the snow just past us by the wheels, every few mounds he found just had to plow right thru them like it was a game to smash them out of the way making a new path; finely we got back to the house Pa was grinning ear to ear dirty face and all just like a little kid with his first toy in the snow. Me and the boys got out at the house Mike and Pa took the auto car around the barn hopefully they were putting that thing away.

“Good thing I pissed when I did”

“That were I’m heading you two go inside”

“Too much Coffee Beer far you”

“What’s Coffee beer”

“Funny shit head go inside before I spank you”

“I’m all yours come spank me”

“Mat would he spank us?”

“Come on get inside watch you’re swearing too”


2 Responses to “4058 Chapter 58 Yellow jacket”

  1. pat watson Says:

    glad to hear mike finally got to ride in the car, I”ll bet he was happier than a lark. for two boys being so young they shure did alot of wild things! ” but it was really funny in places. how did you come up with coffee beer? that would be different. good chapter pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      See i told you it would get better. Thank’s Pat.

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