4059 Chapter 59 Yellow jacket

Chapter 59 McAlester’s Farm


Sitting in the kitchen trying to warm up after a winter wonderland ride in a fuller auto car romping thru the snow drifts, Pa was worst than a kid running up a hill to slide down on a cardboard box just to see how fast it would go,

Lisa was talking how the Revival went with Mike, for once he was listening, Faye and Chris exhausted went in the living room, Brain sitting with Pa going over Farm cows that best produce Milk and calves, both talking corn planting what fields would be best suited, Sue already made hot chocolate handing to the boys as they sat down in front of the stove warming cold feet. Sitting having my coffee with Sue watching everyone like a family gather around talking about the day events it was peaceful.

After awhile sitting talking having coffee and warm rolls, Mike and I both carried the boys in the livingroom laying them together near the fireplace, Mike smiled pushing Mats hair from his face; Opening his eyes rising up giving Mike a hug then laid back down pulling the blanket up, Faye and Chris already asleep just near them; Brian crashed on Pa’s chair, I sat in the other Chair letting Mike have the couch.


“Morning Suns up time to get up”

Who talking we just got to sleep “Mat go back to bed”

“Mike come on its morning”

“What Mat’ what do you want” Mike sitting up looking at him

“Its morning and we have to get things done”

“What things”

“The farm stuff, you know we have to help pa before we leave”

“It’s not Christmas”

“No it’s Christmas Eve Sue said”

“Ok’ I’ll be right in”

Mike sat up looking at me sitting looking out the window, with a big yon.

“Farming not for me’ No place around here for being modest Outhouse’ cold wet snow, good thing it’s the last day before we go”

“Better put shoes on”

“Yea” Mike stopped looking back from the door, holding his shoes for him walking over sitting down sliding inside them no socks untied stood back up swaying to the door, following right behind him we both felt the cold air opening the door making a beeline for the outhouse.

“I heard about this but never thought I’d ever be using it again!”

“Yea Mike’ book sheets for toilet paper”

“Like sand paper what did we eat”

“Don’t know but I’ll see you inside you smell”

“Great thanks”

“Just wad it a few times”

“I’ll get hemorrhoids for sure”

“Just think of it as a Leaf in the woods”

“More like using bark”

Not seeing anyone around the barn, I went inside sitting at the table with Sue with the boys, coffee cups filled already.

“Good morning” Sue said when I sat down.

“Good morning”

“Shawn, do you want a glass of juice?”

“Yes, please”

“Good cookies” Jeff said showing one to me

”The girls made them” Mat said not looking up

“Where is Brain and the Girls”

“They went into town be back soon”

“Town for what”

“Morning everyone” Mike said sitting down taking his coffee

“What’s up with you two”

Both boys looked over to Sue and back to me, Sue handed Mike and me Apple Juice, Something was up the boys were to quite, Sue sat down looking to the door like she was waiting for something to happen.

“Our you happy here?” Sue asked

“What are you driving at”

“The boys said you’ll be leaving in the morning”

“Yes that’s what we were planning on doing why what happen”

“Pa went in town for the sheriff”

“What” Mike and I both looked over at her Jeff and Mat looking at both of us, Mike head raised stopping setting his coffee down.

“Maybe we better be leaving before he gets here”

“No’ No it’s ok he just only to talk to you both”

“More like take us with him”

“Sure lock us all up that’s what they do”

“No he won’t take any of you with him”

“We want to go with you” Mat said rushing over to Mike starting to cry setting off Jeff rushing over to me dropping his cookie started crying, holding him letting him know I was here for him, We were both ready to leave getting up holding the boys, Sue stood right up holding her hands outward.


“Wait please Pa’s only getting the sheriff to sign papers so you can stay here, if you want to go you can’ but the others need papers so they can stay here all legal, they went in town to get beds and other thing that they need”

“Jeff you didn’t go with them”

“No we both stayed here we were afraid you would leave us”

“Yea you said we could go with you and see you’re ready to leave without us”

Mat said looking up to Mike holding him tightly, Mike reach down holding him inward just looking at Sue and back to me.

“Never will we leave you behind your our brothers”

“I love you” Jeff said looking up between crying sobbing

“Me too Jeff will be fine come on you two now stop crying”

“Can I still love you Mike my brother”

“Mike’ say something”

“Ok Sue’ will see what he says then we will be taking off”

“I understand just wait for them to get back everything will be as I said”

“Ok but if he tries to take any one of us will run”

“He won’t I promise you”

“Fine how long have they been gone?”

“About three hours “

“Three hours how far was town”

“They should be back anytime now”
We sat back down calming Mat and Jeff mostly both stayed close, Sue trying to ease the pressure placing more cookies and warm rolls on the table, Mike was looking around the room, I could tell what he was looking for something to defend himself with if he had to, Mat was staying right on his lap not sitting next to him, Jeff sat next to me trying to eat a roll watching me sipping on coffee even trying a little, Sue’s head rose up looking to the window nodding yes closing her eyes this was it Pa was back.


Mike and I both stood up both Boys stayed with us to the porch, Sue followed right behind waiting upset watching Pa and the wagon coming up by the fence two more wagons following just behind him, Lisa and Brian Leading the second wagon with three other men behind them pulling up to the porch, Pa just smiled dressed in all black looked more like he went to a church meeting than into town for beds tilting his hat ”Got the bed’s and the Judge”

“Where’s the sheriff you were going to bring” Mike asking

“He’s in the last wagon”

“Pa what’s he going to do”

“Let’s go inside and will talk”

“Were not staying here were leaving after we talk to him”

Watching both wagons pulling up side by side, Lisa and Brian all smiles getting down heading right inside with Pa, Jeff stayed with me on the porch watching the three men all dressed in black suits but one, that must be the sheriff he was a chubby guy in blue farmer coverall jeans and heavy wool jacket even a Brown western hat a real cowboy type from the old west.

“Hi Boys getting cold out coffee ready”

“Yea inside Sheriff”

“You Must be Shawn and…Jeffery”

“That’s us who are you”

“Fast aren’t ya”

“Like I said you the law”

“Something like that here in these’s parts”

“What you’re not the sheriff then”

“No son I’m the Judge with the papers and where are you from”

“We from another place” Jeff blurted out standing to my side

“I know that young man but where you come from?”

“We travelers were not staying we’re leaving”

“Jeff stop lets go inside see what they say”

“We leaving after”

“Looks that way come on its cold out here”

“Ok boys lets go inside’ McAlester’s’ will talk after some hot food”


He walk around Jeff and me heading right inside not even looking back, Jeff pointed to the field ready to run.

“No not yet just be ready ok”


Jeff held my side holding on my belt loop, everyone sitting around the Table except Mat and Mike staying near the door, just ready like we were.

“Shawn’ Mike this is Judge Bradley and this is Sheriff J.R. Walter”

“Boy’s I’m not here to take you with me so relax”

“The Sheriff here only to make everything legal like”

“Why two of you where’d the other guy go?”

“He’s helping take the beds up stairs”

Sue and Lisa set coffee and more hot rolls down with another tray of cookies, the Judge took a few cookies and dunking them in his coffee twisting his lip looking back at us, Mike stood still holding onto Mat.

Judge Bradley pulled papers from his jacket looking up to Brian.

“Mike’ Shawn’ just look these papers over give us the ok”

Both of us looked at each other what was going on here.


“You two have to look at them’ before we can sign them”

“But why do we have to look at them?”

“We need to ask you both a few questions before we do anything here”

“Why do we have to ok them?”

“It was their wishes that you look over everything“

“Who’s why should we say its ok or not?’

Judge Bradley looked up to Brain standing at the end next to Pa then holding his roll then tapped it on the papers  “Brian you said they needed to see everything first with an ok from them do you still what this done”

“Yes just wait don’t do anything with them yet let me talk to them”

Brian walked around the table over to us standing in front looking at both of us both, his eyes watering glassy, lowing his head then brought it up looking at both of us again back and forth started… “I said it to the Judge’ that you two got us this far so you should know what’s going to happen to us here and you two feel anything about us then it’s up to both of you right now here …….gasping…with a tear rolling down looking back and forth at us ..should say whether we should stay or go with you’ this has all been your doing that were here now it’s up to you two and only you to tell us what our future is’ ….wiping his tear off.. let me finish you both saved all our life’s that’s why you helped us for whatever reason it happen or whatever happen now it’s up to you two ..taking a deep swallow…will go with you to the ends of the earth if you want us to just look at the paper please Shawn’ Mike Please”


“But you all want to stay here’ why ask us?”

“It’s not up to us it’s up to you two” Lisa said in a broken voice now almost crying herself standing holding on with Sue looking over at us.

“Shawn’ we better look at them papers” Mike said moving forward

“Ok let’s see what you got”

Judge Bradley picked his rolls up off the papers setting the papers down to his left side picking up a roll dipping it in his coffee “Here you go look am over boys Rolls fresh and warm and sure our good Sue”


I could tell that Mike was enjoying the attention he was getting. I doubted he ever had any one ask him about what was best for them picking up the papers handing me three of them, Looking at Brian still wiping his tears away, it was a hard thing he just did making him more a man than I think anyone his age ever had to go thru giving the papers a once over checking them nodding my head yes Jeff standing looking up, looking over to Mike just thumbing thru with Mat holding on to him still looking to the door. It was a document form old type with a eagle on top wings open what you fine on old bounds even the boarder was a nice print blank spaces for names and just needed signed.

Be it known that Name…Date of birth.…is now Name here by legal Child of Mr. Harold McAlester and Mrs. Susan McAlester here by giving all custody vested by Judge Herzient P. Bradley of Lancaster Pennsylvania this date of December 24 1917 With Sheriff J.R. Walter witness.

“It’s one of their requirements for the law here boys got to be legal”

Tears still streamed down Brains’ face waiting, Brian loved working the farm asking all the questions helping Pa this was his home he knew it right away, he was told about it and here he was ready to give it up on our say so, Lisa was happy doing old fashion cooking from scratch, Chris was enjoying being a little girl now for the most part even if she had to wear pants under her dress beside she fell in love with all the farm animals.

Mike said ok handing the paperback to the Judge, everyone was silent except the Judge dipping his roll swishing it around, I looked down at Jeff hoping in one way he’d ask to stay somehow I think he knew I was waiting shaking his head no, I nodding down to him padding his back holding him in looking up at Brian, wiping his tears hoping to stay but willing to leave it all on our say so, that would only kill him in the end if he went with us, Mike looked over at me confused waiting along with everyone “Shawn problem?”

Jeff tugged me again, looking down at him his blue eyes and blond hair so young, a single tear rolled down his chin he feared I would leave him just looking at him, I was taken in by him to attached to let him stay here.

“Ok Brian, Lisa you know what this is saying what you’re in for all three of you Chris, and what about you Faye did you change your mine do you want to stay here or try and get home with us?”

“I want to go with you four home”

Jeff tugged me again rubbing his back holding him inward.

“Ok’ I see no reason why you three can’t stay here SO then sign them”

“Your names will now be McAlester”

“What about our real last names?”

“They will change, take a few and think about it”

“No I’ll sing it where”

“Just need your first name only’ right here and then I’ll sign it, Harold and Susan will sign it and your legal McAlester’s”

Brian sign the paper handing it to the Judge looking up “Thank You Shawn” rushing into me, Jeff got out of the way just in time Brian hugging me hard for a second I thought only for a split second he was going to kiss me just closing his eyes a few times of thanks watching his tear of joy not fear, Shaking my hand turning to Mike with a hand out, Lisa was hugged Mike and gave me one even bent down hugging the boys Lisa looking up from them “Thank You both I’ll always remember you”

“Maybe will see you when you’re older, Mike said looking down at Chris smiling, Brian smiled hugging her “Yes she will know for sure”

“Ok Chris sign here and put your birth date, Brian McAlester’s boy do you need to help your sister here with a name and birth?”

“Yes I help her fill it out”

“You fill it in and have her mark the paper ok”

“Ok thanks’ Judge”

“McAlester’s have a family now Sue you have children” Judge smiled.

Pa walked over shaking our hands rubbing Jeff’s hair “I’ll miss you boys”

“Will miss you to just take care of them pa”

“Treat them right we will’ Ok let’s get them beds upstairs”

“Judge’ Sheriff’ staying for Early Dinner?” Sue asking

“Why sure Dinner’ lets get them Children settled in”

“We got the wall boards to fer the walls”

Putting his arm over my shoulders felt good to have his affection, it was his warm side showing of joy now he had his family, standing on the porch looking at the wagons full of wood boards with Jeff and Mat helping Mike bringing boards inside. “Thank You Shawn it means a lot to us”

“You welcome Pa” watching the boys take the lower end up the stairs.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    “it was really sad,” but it worked nicely for everyone, now shawn, mike and the boys can go home. after christmas of corse. hope the next chapter is happier! pat

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