4060 Chapter 60 Yellow jacket

Chapter 60 The Last Night together

Enjoying our dinner company in the dining room, first time eating in the dining room as a family, Well almost like one Judge Bradley taking more than five persons good possibly eat, Sue didn’t mind him eating so much but he did over do it, everyone finished by his second plate.

Good thing it started snowing again sheriff Walter and Adam wanted to get back to town before getting snowed in, Brian and Mike helped bring up the wagons for them, We all stood on the porch thanking them for all the help on the paperwork and helping set the beds in place, all the wood we brought upstairs was set aside for later time, just wanting to get it inside ready. Pa and Brian looked forward to starting it before summer;

Lisa and Faye helped out with clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen up, rushing upstairs, Jeff and Mat were playing checkers on the kitchen table. Everyone had something to do after dinner and we also had chores getting the cows inside before they froze in the snow drifts,  Making sure all were in was a big job in itself the milking of cows still needed: Milking that wasn’t for Mike or I, we both placed extra hay in the stalls for the horses while they Milked them cows, Mike and I both headed to the house, snow had already cover up to the second step; standing near the end railing looking outwards watching the snow still coming down covering the wagon tracks from the judge and his friends heading back.

“Think will be able to get out in the morning”

“If it stops before morning”

“It sure coming down”

“Christmas eve and we’re not home”

“Home that’s if we still have one” Mike said brushing the snow off the railing

“Have one why not?”

“We changed things can’t you see that”

“How we’ve done everything that Brain said we would”

“Right even the boys”

“That’s what’s bothering you the boys”

“Can’t you see it, Things changed because we changed them”

“So what we have no future is that what you’re trying to tell me”

“Do you really think will get back”

“We have to Mike” Looking over at him seeing he was worried

“Ok if we do get back, how are we going to explain the boys”

“Mike I hadn’t thought about that something will come up”

“Taking them is one thing, how do we explain we’re they came from”

“Shit I hadn’t thought about that either”

“I’ve was thinking about it, No birth records or school records and no parents, how can we explain that one to our folks”

“Mike Let’s just worry about that later”

“Sure why not’ we still have to get home first”

Turning away looking out over the other rail towards the barn, Mike was just getting himself upset over something that hasn’t even happen yet, when we get back Dad will work something out besides he has a family lawyer on the side he’d always said just in case we needed one; That would be Uncle Ryan on my Moms side he works in the city as some sort of criminal lawyer but I’m sure he could handle two small street orphans, Every year Uncle Ryan shows up around Christmas last summer he stopped by a few times taking all of us out to dinner and Mike was invited with us. Wow mom panics every time I’m late for dinner she must have called him right away knowing her she wanted him to send out search parties for us, but knowing Dad he’ll stand with open arms to the boys, maybe Mike’s parents can’t take Mat but Dad will without any hesitation gee I’d have three brothers than.

“What are you smiling about”

“Just thinking”

“You want to get a cold’ let’s get inside”

“Last thing we need now is a cold”

“Come on will you”


Mike stood holding the door waiting, both of us went right in the kitchen next to the stove warming our hands over the top, Mat and Jeff sitting at the table, trying to wrap something hiding it “Don’t look” Jeff said a few times as we both tried to see what they were up too, Sue handing us empty cups just pointing to the coffee pot starting to steam “OK you can look now” Turning around looking at the two smiling holding their little wrapped boxes, both reaching over for fresh cookies, seems that’s all the eat is cookies, Joey would eat them all day long if Mom let him.

“Sit down you two”

“Thanks don’t want to interrupt the boys wrapping”

“There fine sit you two”

“What’s in them” Mike asked reaching over for one, Mat pulling it back towards him holding it away shaking his head no with a smile, Jeff sitting with crumbs dropping on the table, Mike brought the pot over pouring our coffee offering Sue some. “That’s ok you go ahead” Jeff push the sugar bag over to Mike, Raising his head looking at Jeff’s box “No it’s for Morning when were all together at the tree from Christmas” Sue chuckled.

“Wonder what’s taking so long with the cows”

“Milking” Mike quickly remarked.

Jeff perk up looking over at Sue nodding his head, both of us looked over and back at Jeff “We having Ice Cream when they come in”

“Ice Cream”

“They stop at a store”

“No we have to make it”

“Great if you don’t eat it all first”

“See that round thing”

Jeff pointing over near the sink looking over seeing this round wooden pail with a broom stick in the center, funny looking ice cream maker.

“We mix it with sugar and will have ice cream”

“No Cheese”

“Cheese no Ice Cream”

“You can help crank it”

“Sure will help you make it”

Mike nudged me pointing his finger at the sink, Looking around at the sink seeing a handle bent into a large pan, guess I was looking at the wrong thing, so many wired things around this old looking kitchen, wonder how they ever had time to do anything but repairing meals and cooking all day, seems more like canning and meal preparation took the time for the females of the house, making sure all meals were ready and on the table. Breakfast a small lunch and full dinner this was no throw it in the microwave and eat it, small pantry from the hallway holding their food supplies and canning jars, spices of every kind with all the smells that go with them as you walk by.

Brian and Pap came in with a large Milk can setting it by the sink, Jeff and Mat jump up trying to see inside as Pa took the metal round lid off.

“Ice Cream that’s Milk”

“We have to mix it before it makes Ice Cream”

“Mike would you hold the bucket for us”

“Sure pa Gott’a see how it made myself”

“Pour it slow Brian”

Both tilting the Milk pail filling the bucket, Mike sat the bucket on the table near Sue, Jeff and Mat already sitting on their knees leaning into it ready to mix the sugar and start cranking, Brian set the pail near the back door light enough for one person now, joining us at the table watching the boys cranking the handle. Sue poured out the coffee as we all watch them taking turns soon tiring out that left us three to finish the job, it took a long time cranking the handle getting harder as we moved it, Pa checking till it was ready. Turning the lid on the table Jeff and Mats fingers scooping it off, Bowls placed near it creamy thick white mixture, Brain rush to the bottom of the stairs calling the girls down, rushing back getting his seat before the girls took it, sitting having homemade ice cream was better than any store bought, heaps in every plate leaving an empty bucket.

After our little snack all of us went into the living-room sitting by the fireplace watching the candles flickering on the tree, a few boxes already placed under it, even the two boxes the boys brought in placing them under it. Brain sat un-easy looking back and forth at me and Mike, something was up Brian looked worried about something alright just by his overall actions, standing a few times then sat back down, Jeff and Mat rush out side to the outhouse, again he stood up moving towards the door, Brian waved us over to the door holding our coats, Jeff and Mat came rushing in stomping a few times before rushing inside by the fireplace, fallen snow on both heads brushing it off getting to the fireplace.

“What’s up Brian what’s going on”

“I need to talk to both of you”

“Dam now what’s going on”

“It’s what I brought with us”

“What did you bring’ from where?”

“Those boxes we brought”

“What about them”

“We put them on the steps”

“One I took to the other room”

“The one that was missing we brought in three”

“Well That one, it was for here and you two”

“What was in it”


“Money’ where’d you get Money from” Mike Excided

“John gave it to me”

“Why did he give you Money”

“Said it would come in handy”

“How much”

“Around fifty thousand and another ten thousand for you two”

Mike and I both looked at each other, slowly returning to Brian waiting.

“How did he get it”

“He didn’t say how just each package has dates to use it”

“Did you tell them about this yet”

“No I wanted to tell you two first to make sure it was ok”

“You know what you’re doing’ you do what you have to” Mike said out with a little harshness in his voice.

“Well let’s go look at it you two”

“I wanted to give it to them on Christmas, before you left”

“Ok that fine’ let’s go see this money you got” Mike quickly said out to him.

Brian leading the way to the kitchen taking the lantern we went into the dinning-room, setting the lantern on the table brighten up the whole room. Brian reached down under the china cabinet pulling the missing box out from under, standing up looking at both of us before placing it on the table, Mike looked at the box folded closed yanking the lid open, holding one side looking inside, his head dropped moving back and forth inside, turning bent over looking at me then over to Brian ready to duck just in case Mike started anything, Mike stood upward pointing it to me to look inside.

“A lot of Money in here”

“John said the bills dated nineteen sixty we’re yours to take back with you”

“You and John sure made a lot of plans together didn’t you?” Mike asking

“What about these other bills here” Asking before mike got an answer.

“They are dated because of the their size”

“Big bills’ they real” Surprised so big holding one bundle looking at them.

“Yes John said they were from an auction”

“Auction yea from when”

“He just said he got them cheap”

“Money of the past old dates too’ Man these are big”

“What this John tell you about us and this Money”

“These others are for us” Holding four large bundles handing one to Mike.

Mike reach over taking it looking around the gallon folded over baggie.

“That’s right all ten thousand dollars of it”

“Well Mike your five thousand dollars rich now”

“No were both rich now” Mike handed it back not even looking at me just staring at Brian holding the edge of the box.

“You’re mad about the money I didn’t tell you about it before”

“Why didn’t you when we were having the Ice cream together in town, seems you had the money then, and you had no problem spending it”

“Mike’ John said you might not want to take off, if you knew about it, he told me not to say anything till we got here on the farm”

“Why don’t you just keep all that money then for your little farm”

“Mike stop will you, Dam what’s wrong every time something good happen around us you want to mess it up”

“Tell you what you two can keep the money I don’t want it” Stepping back from the box, looking out the window.

“Brian’ maybe you better put it back for now”

“You know Brian you and John seemed to know a lot more than your telling us, why do I feel both of you had this conspiracy just to get you here, why is that did you two plan this whole thing, and you said before we leave here didn’t you and just where do we go after we leave here, you seem to have all the answers to everything lately so let’s have it what happens now”

Brian stood over the box looking at both of us, picking up the box placing it back under the cabinet, standing at the end of the table leaning on the back of the chair, Mike biting his lip turning whitish color.

“You two I’m sorry but you know as much about it as I do from here, you five left Christmas and we never seen you again, that’s all I or john knew, I can’t tell you anymore than that, so what can I say to you Mike I don’t have what you’re asking for I can’t get you back to your time only you can do that”

“Fine will be leaving in the morning, you can shove this farm for all I care about it, have a wonderful little life on the farm’ farmer Brian”

Mike bush him aside heading out the door, Brian stood looking at me his head down, I reach over to him with a pat on his sholder.

“Brian you’ll be fine and so will we don’t let him get to you, you have a wonderful life ahead of you so enjoy every day you can here”

“But I don’t want him mad like that, I just wanted to help you guys”

“I know you did, Mike’s sometimes gets on his high horse and go’es off you of all person should have seen that by now”

“He does get modd’y now and then”

“Ok Come on let’s see what the others are up to”

“What about the Money”

“Better wait till we gone so you can explain it to them”

“But your’s don’t you want it”

“You know maybe will take some just in case we need it later”

“Just make sure you take it please”

“Ok Brian, maybe will have to sing with them”

Taking the lantern back to the kitchen before going into the living-room hearing them singing along Christmas songs, Mike was sitting on the sofa being quite just watching them, after a few songs Sue bringing in eggnog along with cookies, it was getting late the girls wanted to spend the night upstairs in the new room but would have to wait a few days till they could air it out more, staying in the living-room blankets spread out for them and the boys, Mike took the chair, giving Brian the whole couch, Everyone made the run outside quickly getting warm before jumping under the covers.  Sitting back in the chair holding the blanket up looking around at everyone our last night together, it didn’t seem any different than any other night Mike already sleeping that took no time, We went thru a lot together as a group I’ll miss them but look forward to getting home and spending more time with my own family at Christmas.

Next Chapter 61 Flying Christmas Star., Coming up next due to length of space we have to go one more chapter, this is for all you readers so were not letting you down. The McAlester and kids all have Christmas together working out their differences for one last time before heading off into the unknown channels of space hoping to return home. Thanks’ again for following along with Yellow Jacket Part Two will start up in July so keep looking for it soon to be staring a new adventure in time. Will


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