4062 Chapter 62 Yellow jacket

Chapter 62 Strange Town


Gliding along the light blue sky watching below us white clouds drifting behind so peaceful, yet so much emptiness not seeing anything around no land below just crewing at a low speed no hurry to get anywhere but to find home, the clouds were clearing just ahead, everyone looking onward Jeff resting his head on the back of my seat watching over, Mat stood between Mike and Faye rocking back and forth on his hands to their chairs watching along in his own world dreaming of some exciding when we land, How did we get in this mess it seemed like weeks being gone and missing home hopefully this was it we be home, the clouds cleared we could see the earth below everything looked small below us trees and more trees at least we hadn’t gone to some other planet in outer space, that thought had crossed my mind a few times before just wondering how they could easy track our ship bringing us all to their planet, or even a base they had somewhere in the ground that no one knew about, how could we escape let alone what would they do to us make us zombies or worst they might have us for food, to many SiFi moves make you think of all kinds of things that can happen, we know they were real we seen them how are they any different from us, all we know is they have a base underground and fly ships, what is there purpose here what do they want and why did they take kids and not adults’ just young kids, what if they didn’t find me and Mike in the woods then we could have been found and taken back to camp everything would have been fine.


“Shawn Wait Up” Mike hurry past the trees just behind me

I could hear somebody just on the other side knowing deep inside he was calling out our names rushing pushing branches aside each one dropping snow from it just in front or on me, again I could hear him calling out, they found us hurry up” Yelling back to Mike to hurry pushing thru faster “Over Here’ Were here, Mike hurry they found us” suddenly a light just went by in front of me tears already coming down I was so glad to hear that motor wanting to get home “Hold up Shawn” Looking back Mike just coming thru the trees his head raised up hearing the motor also “Hurry Shawn stop them before they leave us here” Turning back rushing past the trees seeing the headlight waving my arms at the snowmobile, The man looked up rushing over to me “You ok son” “Yes my friend is here to””Thank god you boys are ok” Here he comes now” Mike rush out knocking the snow off rushing over “Boy am I glad to see you” Mike said holding his hand outward I just stood there like a little kid crying just glad to be found the Man open the small roll unfolding blankets for both of us standing next to the skimobile getting warm from its motor “Shawn you ok “ “Just fine now” You boys are going to be fine we got help coming” Looking up tears almost frozen on my face smiling at him, while he rub my blanket holding both of us “How about some hot coffee boy’s”


Both of us took turns sipping on his coffee waiting sitting on the seat while the man talked on the Radio a few looking back at us folding his map after giving direction to someone on the other end only hearing bits and pieces of what was said over the engine” Shawn someone wants to talk to you” “Me” “Your Dad here just push the side to talk to him” Taking the mike trying not to start crying again ”Dad’ you there Dad” “Shawn you ok Son””Yea Dad””We Were all Worried Son”” Were ok Dad””You’ll be back here soon they sent someone to come get you”

“Ok Dad’ Dad””I’m here””Dad I so sorry””It’s ok Son will see you soon your Mom and Joey are waiting along with your Jamie””Ok Dad””Is Mike there’ his Dad wants to talk to him also””He’s right here Dad I’ll put him on””Ok I love you Son””Me too Dad here’s Mike” Handing the mike to Mike Wiping my tears away on the blanket watching him “Mike you ok””Yea Da were fine out here little cold but were not hurt””Good son me and your Mother were worry and can’t wait to see you a soon as they get back””Me to Da is Mom mad?”” No just was worried that all””So I guess I’m in big trouble now””Let’s get you safe and not think about that ok””Ok Da tell Mom I miss her” “Ok we have to go they need to used this unit so will see you soon ok””Ok Da bye”


“Shawn man what is it your crying” Mike worried looking over opening looking upward seeing only blue sky in front feeling a hand on my shoulder looking back it was Jeffrey crying looking at me glancing over at Faye and Mike then up to Mat, wiping the tear off my eye with a thumb and chin gasping  with a sniffle.

“It was a dream I must have dozed off”

“Some dream Man you had us all going there”

“Why are you crying Jeff”

“You were crying and I felt bad and it just started”

“I’m fine ok Jeff, anything down there?”

“Trees and a few openings”

“We seen a bunch of large Cows”

“Buffalo’s not Cows”

“You seen Buffalo’s”

“Yea must have been a hundred of them running”

“Mike did we go back or forward?”

“Looks like it’s still hard to say right now”

“Want to take it down?”

“Why not let’s do it everybody ready”


Moving along slowly heading down seeing our shadow on the ground just ahead of us something like an upside down boat dragging across the field of open plains, maybe we did go back in time that would put us in Indian times with the Buffalo’s they seen earlier, Just what we need a Indian shooting arrows at us, nothing around here just fields open land “What’s that” Jeff was pointing forward pushing his head looking out “Look what he found will you” Sitting out in the middle of the field Buffalos herd grazing glancing up not even running from us passing them along following a path in the field some sort of trail maybe it was old wagon tracks from a cattle drive heading west they would be fun to ride the western style cattle drive, there it was a town just ahead of us and a road way with street signs out in the middle of nowhere” Do you see the town” Jeff asking getting all excited with Mat even Faye looked surprised slowing down no cars on the road it look deserted alright maybe this was a ghost town we could land and no one would know were here.


“What do you think we should check it out”

“We got to get on the ground soon you two”

“Ok Faye were going down”

“Better keep your eyes open”

“What do look for”

“Anything that moves down there”

“Don’t see any horses or cowboys”

“It looks empty like a ghost town”

“Wow our own Ghost town”

“Easy guys look for a place to land it behind one of the building”

“Cool man a Ghost town can we look around”

“After we check it out ok”

“Over there behind that building looks good you two” Faye pointed to a large building just near the stable barn, If Donna was here she would have run up opening the doors for us”

“What me to open the door” Mat asked

“No not right away let’s get down first this time”


Looking down the street no tracks of any kind but we past a road before that was paved this had to be a ghost town park attraction, even if it looked empty right now, Mike moved us over the building turning looking at the back side it was a prop set not a town at all.

“Why they cut these buildings up”

“It’s a Mock town”

“What’s that”

“A Town build for filming”

“Cool were going to be in the movies”

“Dum ass no ones here”


“Look over here a lean two we could fit”

“We just might”

Moving over still not seeing anything checking the building with a knod we slowly enter the building setting down hearing the bottom expanding it legs outward, we stopped Mat jump over waiting by the door ready looking back excited with Jeff waiting for us, Slowly the lights went out on the counsel, Mike gave Mat a nod to open it, heat wave about knock us all over rushing in, Dust filter our air standing looking outward, Faye lean out looking with Mike leaning looking the other way holding the boys from getting out running around.

”Ok you two just stay by us we look around together is that clear”

“Ok can we look now”

“Mike anything”

“No it look’s empty but just keep alert”

“They have electricity here” Faye said pointing to wire’s hanging

“Good maybe they have a phone too”

“Let’s go take a look”

“Keep quiet till we know what were up against”

“Ok let’s go then”

“Jeff you stay with me you to Mat”

“Mike you check the right will check on the left”

“Good will meet back here in say five”

“Ok you two stay close”


Jeff and Mat stayed close by looking at everything, opening a door of one small building looking inside it couldn’t have been but fifteen feet long and maybe the same deep windows in the front showing the street, the boys looked around the room sitting on chairs jumping around feeling everything inside it was a prop of the western town Store boxes on the shelf that Mat already check finding empty and hollow cans placing them right back, Jeff pick up apples and potatoes making that little face of surprise they were plastic and no real, Everything inside looked real alright but nothing we could use that I could see right off looking out at the other buildings in the town wooden walkways in front of each before the next store front, this was neat but knowing it had to have an office somewhere maybe Mike and Faye found it already waiting for us.

“Ok you two let’s see what the other two found before we go checking some more”

“Do we have to”

“Yes will look around but we need to get back”

“Ok but I want to check out the Bar”

“Saloon That sound cool a blast can we can we”

“Ok but let’s check with the others first”

Hurrying back not seeing a sol around, Mike and Faye standing waving to us, hoping they found a phone rush to towards them.

“We found a store filled with stuff”

“Yea it was all fake stuff”

“Even had Plastic fruit”

“Boxes that were empty on all the shelves”

Mike and Faye stood looking down at them two talking away, Mike looked up smiling at me he found something good if the boys would just shut up and let them talk”

“Ok you we found a store two”

“You did was it fake to”

“No it’s the real deal”

“Any food”

“A lot inside even drinks“

Looking at them they didn’t bring anything back with them”How come your empty handed them?”

“It’s locked”

“Great, did you see a phone”

Yeap right near the front door”

“Just break the lock we’ve done it before”

“You two broke locks”

“Yea there easy”

“Mat can get inside any building”

“ok but you have to be quite”

“Did you see anybody?

“No but we don’t want anyone to hear us either”

“Come on show us where it is”

Mike and Faye lead the way to the store, we stood taking turns looking inside, Mat examining the paddle lock, moving it back and forth a few times, then look to the roof area, we all looked up not seeing anything back to Mat and Jeff, Lifting it upward seeing the bottom before letting it drop back standing back giving it a look over.

“Well can you open it or what”

“Yea I can I need something”

“What do you need a hack saw”

“No that would show we were inside I need a clip pin”

“Where you going to fine this clip pin?”

“I saw one in the store before”

“Want me to go get it for him”

“Jeff just go and come right back no stopping”

“Ok I’ll get it”

Jeff took off before Mike could say another word, Mat look around the roof line again he was looking for something following the power lines to the side box, walking over to it standing looking at it I stood behind him trying to check it out no meter just wiring.

“What are you looking for”

“The alarm system”


“They don’t have an alarm why that”

“Maybe they don’t need it”

“That’s dumb no alarm how they going to know when someone breaks in and steals their stuff”

“So now what! here comes Jeff”

“Jeff you got it”

Jeff holding out his had showing two paper clips, Mat took both unfolding them straight leaving one loop on each walk over to the paddle lock waving his hands  to each side for everyone to step aside

“Let a master to open a little lock boys”

“Right with that”

Mat stood placing both inside wiggling around a few times anmd dam if it didn’t pop open, he just smiled pulling it off handing it to Mike, Mike just looked Dum faced he did it so fast, Faye turn the knob Mat stopped her looking at the door again “Wait not yet” He stood leaning into the window looking sideways up and around” Ha there it is”

“What is it” The alarm little old style but it’s here”

“Now what do we do”

“Just give me a second will get in, Jeff bend the clip like I showed you to do” Jeff folded it around and down making some sort of why looking form handing it to Mat slowly moving it into the side opening the door, looking at the little box with the why clip sticking in it the Kid did it he got us inside he a regular thief alright.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    great new chapter,I especally like the part where he is dreaming! it still has alot of adventure, who knew that jeff was such a good lock picker, can’t wait to see what is in that room!! how did you think of a goast town? pat

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